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In this article, we are discussing one of the most recognized Burger franchise i.e. Biggies Burger Franchise.

Here we will provide all the essential details regarding the brand and provide all other valuable information like the franchise investment, various types of support, infrastructure required by the franchisee, indicative revenue, and many more.

So, if you agree to go with the brand then follow information provided below related to Franchise of Biggies.

Biggies Burger Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

Line of Business


Unit / Shop Area

500-750 Sq. Ft.

Commission% / Revenue Sharing

90% – 100%

Total Investment

Rs.29 Lakh – Rs.30 Lakh

ROI Timeframe

24-30 Month

Biggies Burger Franchise Review & Ratings

Revenue Sharing

4.42 / 5

Franchise Fee & Infra Investment

4.37 / 5

Support & Training

4.31 / 5

ROI Timeframe

4.32 / 5

Brand Value

4.34 / 5

Overll Ratings

4.35 / 5

Star Ratings

The customer rating is the ultimate score teller of any brand and in that case, you can see that revealed in the Biggies Burger Franchise Review.

Now you should see that the brand secured an overall rating of 4.20 out of 5. On top of that, it got a star rating of 4 out of 5.

Therefore, you can understand that the brand has earned lots of appreciation. Therefore, it is a good idea to go with the brand.

Overview of Biggies Burger Franchise


Food & Beverage

Line of Business


Organization Type


Head Office



Biraja Prasad Raut

Founded In (year)


No. of Franchise Outlets


Master Franchise Model


Franchise Tenure

5 years

Franchise Location

All over India

Business Set-Up Time

45 Days

Franchise Commencement Year


Do you want to serve hot burgers, wraps, and rolls and earn some brand value like popular Biggies? If yes then it is time to explore a bit about Biggies Burger Franchise.

The brand came to light in the year 2011 and it is the invention of the prestigious owner Biraja Prasad Raut. Overall the company has 10 outlets.

The brand came up with the franchise idea in the year 2012 and 1 month is allotted as the setup time for the business.

Biggies Burger Franchise Investment & Fees

Franchise Fee

Rs.5.5 Lakh – Rs.6 Lakh

Infrastructure Investment

Rs.19 Lakh – Rs.20 Lakh

Inventory Value

Rs.3.5 Lakh – Rs.4 Lakh

The franchisee has to have clear know-how regarding the franchise investment he has to make.

And note that these are compulsory investments, they may not be hefty but are required to execute the business.

These investments mainly incorporate the cost of setting up the store, equipment, machine, etc. Keeping that in mind take a view of the cost charged by the franchisor.

According to the Biggies Burger Franchise Investment, this is a one-time investment. So follow the below points to know more on that –

  • The fee of the franchisee is approximately Rs. 6 lakh
  • The infrastructure investment amount varies from Rs. 30 lakh to 35 lakh.

Biggies Burger Franchise Commission / Revenue Sharing / Royalty





The franchisor will ask the franchisee to share a certain percentage of the revenue and that is because the franchisor allows the franchisee to use their identity and name.

Also, they help the franchisee to get their full support as well.

Thus as per the details of the Biggies Burger Franchise Commission, the majority percentage of revenue go to the franchisee which is 65 percent and the franchisor receives about 35 percent.

Biggies Burger Franchise ROI Details

In Years

24-30 Month

Biggies Burger burger has achieved lots of glare and that is because of its immense variety of cuisines. Therefore you can consider this as one of the growing industries.

Hence you can understand that having the franchise deal with this industry would be the best move because you can expect a great return from the investment.

To get the complete return on investment, the approximate timeline of Biggies Burger Franchise ROI is 2 years.

Master Franchise of Biggies Burger - Information

Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment


Commission% / Revenue Sharing


A master franchisee is a scheme that is mostly adopted by some of the franchisers.

As per the model, the franchisor can impose power on the franchisee and the franchisee, on the other hand, will get the full authority.

In that regard, you should know that Biggies Burger does have Master Franchise option but most of the information has not been disclosed by the Brand, except investment amount i.e. Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh.

Biggies Chicken Burger Franchise Infrastructure Requirement

Shop / Unit Area

500-750 Sq. Ft.

Employee Headcount

3 to 4

Kitchen Area


Sitting Area




CCTV Set-up


Computer / Internet Connectivity


Delivery Service


To develop a business in the food arena you need to make sure that you can afford the basic infrastructure.

Remember that if you go for Franchise of Biggies Burger you will see that this is a basic requirement. To be honest this is a genuine demand from the brand and they do not ask for anything extravagant.

But yes franchisee has to go for this to support their business –

  • The unit area of the shop should be 200 to 300 square feet.
  • The per headcount of the employee should be 10.
  • It is compulsory to have the sitting, kitchen area, air condition, CCTV set up, Internet connectivity, and delivery service.

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Support provided by Biggies Veg Burger Franchise

Menu Planning


Menu Pricing




Cooking Training


Food Presentation Training


Interior Design Support


Interior Development Support


Relationship Manager Support


Marketing Support

Partially Available

Monetary Support

Not Available

Business Management Software


Online Tie-up Support - Delivery


Website Support - For Order


Operation Manual


Training Manual


Franchise support is important and this mainly comes from the brand.

Like if you want to have the Biggies Burger Franchise Support, then you have to know what are the areas they like to cover so that you can manage the business easily.

Therefore go through the support in brief to have clue on that.

  • The franchisor helps you to plan the menu and decide the price for each menu.
  • They also support in deciding the interior design and decoration.
  • At the same time, the franchisor will teach you on cooking and presentation of the food
  • Other than that you can get support in terms of business management software, online tie-up, website support, operational and manual training support.

Franchise of Biggies Burger - Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads


Local Advertisement


Digital Marketing

Occasionally Available

Television Advertisement

Not Available

Prints Advertisement

Not Available


Occasionally Available

The main mantra behind having a successful business is marketing. Proper marketing will glue customers to your brand and they will come to know more about the brand.

And prominent franchisor like Biggies Burger understands that in the best way. That is why they do offer compressive marketing support to the franchisee.

In that regard, if you go for the Biggies Burger Franchise, then you should follow the below details.

  • The franchiser will put up the ads both on the exterior and interior.
  • Next, the franchiser will allow you to advertise locally.
  • But the franchisor provides occasional print and digital advertisement.

Training provided by Biggies Nov-veg Burger Franchise

Regular Menu Training


Seasonal Menu Training


New Menu Training


Training Helpdesk


A well-trained franchisee will benefit the most compared to an untrained franchisee. That is why reputed fast food brands like Biggies Burger make sure that each of the franchisees receives detailed training.

And that would help them to carry out the business in a cohesive way. Therefore if you want to have the Franchise of Biggies Burger go through the below points in detail.

  • Training on the routine menus is offered.
  • The franchisor will provide length training on the seasonal menu.
  • Even training on the new menus are also given
  • The franchisor also takes the charge of training the help desk personnel.

Franchise for Biggies Burger - Food Products Offered

Indian / Mughlai Cuisine


Chinese Cuisine


Pizza / Italian Cuisine


Mexican Cuisine


Lebanese Cuisine


Thai Cuisine


Japanese Cuisine


Other International Cuisine


Burgers / Sandwiches / Fries


Idli / Dosa / South Indian


Chat / Samosa / Indian Fastfood


Rolls & Wraps




Pastery / Cakes / Bakery Items


ICE Cream / Frozen Yogurt


Juice / Smoothies


Coffee / Tea / Cafe


Beer / Wine / Alcohol


The cuisine is the real face of any brand that has set its foot in the food industry. In that regard, we would like to say that Biggies.

One of the cherished brands that came to light with a vision to serve hot burgers. Therefore read the Biggies Burger Franchise Review.

Once done check out that the brand excels in offering arrays of menus and the one that rules the list are the following.

  • Sandwiches
  • Fries
  • Burgers
  • Barbecues
  • Yogurt
  • Juice
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee
  • Tea

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Franchise of Biggies Chicken Burger - Revenue per Customer

Food Price( Approx Average for 2 persons)

Rs.200 - Rs.400

GST rate


Service Charge


The top-notch food brands like Biggies Burger follow their own set of charging policies.

In this case, you will see that the price for per head customers varies from Rs 200 to Rs 400. On top of that the brand charge a GST fee of 18 percent.

However, no service charge is demanded by the customers. Since, the brand gets very good footfalls & have very affordable pricing that means Biggies Burger Franchise Revenue is really good.

Franchisee Qualification required by Biggies Cheese Burger Franchise

Age Limit

24 Years

Business Experience


Academic Qualification


Eligibility criteria are maintained and it’s unique to different brands. And as a franchisee, you have to meet the eligibility criteria to make sure that the identity of the brand is honored.

But like if you check the Franchisee profile for Biggies Burger you will see that the criteria are lenient. So go through the following to get an idea of the eligibility terms.

  • The franchisee needs to be at least 24 years
  • He has to be a graduate and that is compulsory.
  • Finally, he needs to have earlier experience in this category of business.

Documents required by Biggies Burger Franchise

Franchise Agreement


Proprietor Aadhaar Copy


Proprietor Photo


Proprietor / Business PAN Copy


Business TAN Copy


GST Registration Certificate


Proprietor / Business Address Proof


Unit / Shop Address Proof


NOC of Unit / Shop


If you want to crack a deal with Biggies Burger Franchise Business, then you need to follow certain footsteps that are compiled in the section below –

  • Firstly you need to submit the documents like the Biggies Burger Bakery Franchise Agreement paper.
  • Then submit both the aadhaar and the passport-sized photograph.
  • Also, give the other documents such as the TAN copy of the business and the PAN copy of the businessman.
  • If you are done you can submit the rest of the evidence like the address detail of the shop as well as the No objection certificate.

How to start a Franchise for Biggies?

Are you considering to start Biggies Burger Franchise? If so then you have to follow the points that we have compiled in the section underneath –

  • First of all, fill up the lead form and then check out available plans.
  • Then do subscribe as per your requirement.
  • Once you are done with the subscription, the franchisor will let you contact the topmost brands.
  • Once the final deal is signed you can start finding the rented space.
  • In the meantime, the franchiser will offer you other marketing support and help in the advertisement as well.
  • Finally, you can move on to advertising the name of the franchiser.

Why start Biggies Burger Franchise?

Before joining hands with Biggies Burger you have to know what Biggies Burger Franchise Profit can offer you. So follow the rest of the points to have an idea of that.

  • The best one in the market that came up with the idea of grilled type burgers.
  • The franchisor made a cornerstone with these authentic ingredients.
  • One more thing the recipes are incredibly tasty
  • The price is ultimately affordable.

So you can understand that you can expect a great profit by collaborating with this brand.

Biggies Burger Franchise – Conclusion

Finally, we have concluded Biggy is a huge brand and it has created lots of fan support.

Therefore, you can understand Franchise for Biggies Burger is the most profitable brand and you can expect good fortune by tying up with the company.

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