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Education Franchise

This article gives clarity on the dilemma if it is a wise choice or not to start an education franchise for a business.

It discusses the perks and setbacks on starting an education based franchise and the necessary requirement needed to start the same.

Read through all the sections to know more and decide if you are willing to start an education franchise.

About Education Franchise

The education industry is in a boom since the past few years.

Education FranchiseThe education sector is mostly privatized and aims at opening more pre-school, schools and colleges affiliated to different boards to allow children to take benefit form the best of the lot.

The seeds of a well growing plant are always to be sown at an early age, and the same applies to a child.

For a better future prospective, giving him/her the benefit of good education at an early age is necessary.

For all these reasons, this industry has been booming and will continue to do so for long. Thus, being a part of an education based franchise will be a good way of profit making.

Moreover, you have multiple options to choose from based on your preferences on what kind of franchise you wish to start.

You can also select a franchise depending on franchise fees quoted by the franchiser and educational background requirement of the brand.

How to own an Education Franchise?

There are a wide variety of education franchise. Like franchise for pre-school, franchise for coaching classes, franchise for schools etc.

There are many terms laid down by the brand when it comes to starting a franchise so that symmetry is maintained within all the units, no matter at whichever place it is set up.

These terms are mainly on employing staff, having necessary infrastructure, having technology support to adapt modern techniques of learning and more.

With this in mind, if you wish to start an educational services franchise then the below steps should be followed.

  • Fill the franchise lead form on this page.
  • Select a suitable subscription plan
  • We will connect with you to understand your requirements and preferences
  • We can discuss the brands that fit within your criteria
  • We will help you connect with them
  • Thereafter, you may discuss the terms and conditions with them. Hold a few rounds of negotiations, if required.
  • Once terms are finalized, you will be required to submit some documents – this is discussed below
  • Thereafter, a franchise agreement will be drawn up which will be signed by both you as well as the brand
  • Thereafter, you can start your business

The education qualifications that one need to possess to start an education franchise differ from the type of franchise, but on an average are:

  • Completion of a graduation degree.
  • Possessing past experience in the education field.
  • Entrepreneurial skills to own an educational services franchise and see to its smooth working.

Alongside, the franchisee is also needed to submit documents that are maintained for record purpose. They are:

  • Identity proof of the franchisee
  • Asset proof or lease proof of the unit on which the franchise will be established.
  • NOC of the unit.

Why Own an Education Franchise?

The world of education is always growing i.e. it has a vast scope. It has varieties to choose from and these options will keep increasing with time.

Because of its demand from the public, it is seen to have an increasing horizon in the years to come.

It is one of a noble career to have, as it is entitled to shaping a child’s future. There are about 166 education based brands providing franchise.

The perks of owning an education franchise are mentioned below:

  • Parents are keen to send their children to a good school that can serve them a valuable and high paying job in the future. Thus, there is no way that the demand for education will decrease, rather it will always increase – hence an increasing trend in revenue is guaranteed
  • Educational institutes that have qualified and well experienced teachers are highly demanded. Hence, again a high revenue stream can be expected.
  • It customer segment is large comprising of all the students in the city.
  • The franchisee has constant support from the franchiser in all the segments that makes it easy for him/her to learn from the best.

These were all the perks entitled to by starting a franchise for educational services.

Educational Services Franchise – Conclusion

These were all the facts about starting an education franchise.

It is one of the best sectors to start a franchise in as education is an essential part of one’s life plus it will serve beneficial to any surrounding or locality of any city or state.

However, it come with a tad bit of responsibility as it is proportional to molding and shaping a child’s future.


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