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Get to know about Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India here.

The number of women entrepreneurs in India has been rising drastically in recent times. Almost all industries are witnessing this rise of women business owners.

From healthcare to finance, women are breaking many stereotypes. Especially with different financial schemes for women entrepreneurs being introduced by the government, this change was inevitable.

If you are looking for a business opportunity in which you can grow along with the business and thrive, here are some small business ideas for women.

These businesses can be started with very little investment, and women of any age can start.

Top 10 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Check out this list of Top Business Ideas for Women in India –

Rank Business Ideas
1 Zumba Classes
2 Cloud Kitchen
3 Event Planner
4 Healthy Organic Food Shop
5 Security Services Products and Management
6 Food Home Delivery Services
7 Breakfast Joints
8 Travel Agency
9 Tutorial Classes
10 Day Care Services

These are the various Business Ideas that are highly profitable & recommended for the next 5 to 10 years as their market grows exponentially.

Now, let’s have a deep dive into each of these ideas & understand more about them.

Zumba Classes – Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Fitness is important for all. However, going for walks and slogging at the gym can be boring.

Best Business Ideas for Women EntrepreneursIf you are a fitness enthusiast and want to do something in this industry, you can twist the idea and start a Zumba class.

Zumba is a form of dance plus exercise that helps lose weight and remain fit. It is different from other exercises and is best for women.

You can start the classes in your locality by renting a room. The initial cost would include the room rent, room preparation to make it a Zumba studio, and marketing expenses.

These are direct investments which, if clubbed together, will be around Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakhs depending on the rent, deposit and others.

Given an average of 30 to 40 students, the monthly revenue you can generate will be around Rs. 35000 to Rs. 50000.

This can go up depending on the locality, facilities you are providing, and others.

Cloud Kitchen – Top Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Women are known for their cooking skills, but the sad part is many people think just a woman must cook.

However, if you are the one who cooks because you love doing it and also want to do something out of it, then here is a concept that is getting increasingly popular, and that is the cloud kitchen.

You have great recipes and cooking skills, you can encash them by selling your food online.

You can tie-up with the food delivery apps or have a personalized customer base of college-goers and office goers who will order daily.

This business would require an investment of around Rs. 50000 initially. However, if you want to expand it, you can invest more in creating your food delivery apps or appoint cooks and others.

The profit margin in this business is around 50% to 60%. Start your journey as an entrepreneur with Cloud Kitchen Franchise Business.

Cafes – Top 10 Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Coffee shops are the all-time favorite joints for all age groups. Cafes that serve great coffee at reasonable rates never go empty in general.

If you are a coffee connoisseur and want to do something relatable, you can plan to open a cozy coffee shop around the corner.

The place and ambiance of the café matter a lot. Make sure you keep it cozy, calm, with slow music and hot coffees with a low pocket pinch.

The initial investment for opening a café would be around Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs however, it depends on the rent or price of the place.

Then staffs you are hiring, machinery and others. The profit margin in this business can be, on average, around 40%.

It is very easy to Start a Cafe business, check out some of the Top Cafe Franchise & Become your Boss.

Salon – Best Ideas for Businesswomen in India

This is one of the most common yet relevant business ideas for women. A beauty salon is one of the all-time favorite businesses of women.

They want to keep them presentable, but they can make and motivate others to do so. You can open a beauty salon if you have the required skill set.

If you want to learn them first, you can also learn them from eminent stylists and open your salon.

You would need Rs. 200000 initially to start a basic salon and more if you want to decorate it more and have more facilities.

However, the revenue in this business is quite high, around 60% to 80%. You can hire 1-2 girls initially, and later as your business flourish, you can expand it.

You can also take bridal makeup contracts which can earn you good revenue during the wedding season.

Find out some of the Best Salon Franchise & start your business immediately.

Web and Graphic Designing – Top Ideas for Businesswomen in India

Do you have expertise in graphic or web designing? If yes, you can start your web designing or graphic designing business.

Women are good with designs, they have creative ideas and blend in themselves. You can put the skills and talent together to start your venture.

It costs very minimal to start a web designing business. You can start this from home, using your laptop. You can get clients online.

The most important thing here is your skillset. If you can design a website well, you can build a loyal clientele, so your business will flourish.

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Handicrafts Business – Top 10 Ideas for Businesswomen in India

A section of people is always inclined to buy handicrafts to decorate their homes, offices, and other spaces.

Some women love wearing handmade jewelry pieces and carry hand-woven bags and other pieces of crafts. If you love making handicrafts, you have these people waiting for you.

All you need to do is market your products in the right place. You can start this business at a very low cost. The profit margin is good, around 40% to 50% in this business.

You can also make personalized gifts which are quite in demand these days. There are so many ideas for handicrafts that you can implement.

You can also explore the places which are known for handicrafts. You can source the items and sell them to your customers, keeping a profit percentage.

Designer Boutiques – Best Business Idea for Women Entrepreneurs in India

If you have designing skills and want to do something in the garments industry, opening a designer boutique can be a great option.

Women love to wear apparels that do not match with others. So, if you can create unique designs for your clients, you can win their hearts.

You can also design as per their preferences when they place orders. Opening a boutique will require an initial investment of Rs. 500000 and above.

You need to have your creation to showcase, or you can source it from different places too. You can create your label as well if you are designing the apparel.

The profit margin in this business is high, around 75% and above. It is very easy to Start your boutique by just owning any major Brands Top Clothing Franchise.

Event Planning – Top Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women are born organizers and good managers. They have these managing skills gifted by god. It is easy for them to work under pressure as their emotional strength is huge.

Event planning can be a good business option for many women. There is scope for doing something new in every event, managing many things, and organizing, which they are good at.

For starting this business, you would need contacts before investment. You need to create a name for yourself by doing small events and then try to bid for bigger ones.

The profit margin in this business is good. It is around 50% to 60% however, in the beginning, it may be lower. By contacts, we mean not only clients but also vendors.

It would help if you had vendors for everything like décor, lights, flowers, music, and everything else you would need for different events.

Elderly Care Center – Top 10 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

These days families are becoming nuclear, having no one to take care of the elders. In this scenario, every older people require care and support at some point or another.

You can open a center where you can benefit these elderly people and also provide employment to women who comes from backward societies.

You can offer elderly care services at a reasonable rate so that most households can afford them. This way, you can have a greater reach.

For this business also, you need to develop contacts. You need to recruit women who want to take care of patients and elderly people and not just do the work for money.

Here your recruitment skills are quite important. The revenue is generated in the form of the salary of the caregiver. You get your commission or share as per agreement with the caregiver.

Stock Trading – Best Business Ideas for Women in India

This may seem slightly different, but nowadays, women are interested in the share market and stock.

You can build a business if you have the skill set to pick the right stocks and invest in the right instruments.

You can start with your capital and gain expertise. Then you can look for clients who want to invest their money but do not have time to do it by themselves.

You can invest their money on their behalf and take a commission on the profits. This business has very high profit-making potential, given you can make the right choices most of the time.

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Schemes offered by Government to the Women Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the schemes that the Indian government offers via different baking and financial institutions for women entrepreneurs.

  • Stree Shakti Package: State Bank of India offers this scheme where loans are offered to women having 50% stakes in any business or more.
  • Cent – Kalyani Scheme: Central Bank of India has developed this scheme. You can avail of this if you are above 18 years of age.
  • Annapurna Scheme: You can avail of this loan if you are thinking of starting your cloud kitchen and food catering business. It is offered by SBI and Bhartiya Mahila Bank.

Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India – Conclusion

Women are now found in every sector and industry, whether in healthcare, beauty, garments, retail, finance, etc.

The participation is gaining momentum with the boost by the government in the form of different schemes for women entrepreneurs.

From the ten business ideas mentioned above, you can choose the one in which you feel confident and comfortable.

Many small to large-scale business ideas that a woman can start and flourish.

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