Best Small Scale Business Idea in India – Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas of 2024


While most people want to start businesses independently, only some can start because of the required capital.

There is a preconceived notion that you will require lakhs and crores of rupees to start a business. Wait for a second; that’s a myth.

You can start your business with an even investment of Rs.50000 or less, making you a millionaire in the next five years.

There is no magic wand to do it, but your hard work and smart ideas to run the business. This article will discuss some businesses you can start with very little investment.

We will discuss the demand for the products or the services, investment requirements, and revenue you generate from these businesses.

Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas of 2024

Check out the Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India –

Si. No. Businesses
1 Dry Fruit Selling
2 Ginger Garlic Paste Making
3 T-Shirt Printing
4 School Uniforms Selling
5 Real Estate Broking
6 Food Truck
7 Gaming Parlour
8 Fitness Club
9 Tomato Ketchup Making
10 Door to Door Shipping

Dry Fruits Selling – Best Small Scale Business

Diwali just went by, and you must have sent packets of dry fruits as Diwali gifts to your friends and family members.

Best Small Scale Business Ideas in IndiaYes, dry fruits are the favorite of all – be it a young kid who likes to munch on the cashews or the veterans in your home who love the raisings on top of the pudding you prepare.

So, there is a demand for dry fruits in every household in the country. Dry fruits are tasty to munch on and have health benefits.

As a business, it is growing rapidly in India, be it at the wholesale level or retail. You can start selling dry fruits online or from your home as well.

You will need an investment at the beginning of Rs. 20000 approximately. Yes, it is this low, which you may not believe, but you can start with this low amount.

The profit you can make by selling dry fruits can be around Rs. 25000 – Rs. 35000 per month.

Your target customers can be baking shops, sweet shops, households on special occasions, catering services, etc.

Ginger Garlic Paste Making – Best Small Scale Business Idea

These two items, ginger an,d garlic, are used in every household across the globe and Asia. There are very few dishes in which these two are not used.

So, again, the demand for ginger and garlic paste is huge. The demand for ginger garlic paste is increasing as young people living alone either need to learn how to make the paste or need more time.

Similarly, even in family kitchens, using the paste saves much more time than using raw ginger and garlic and then making a paste.

You can find these two plants across the country. So, you can start in the state you are residing in. You can easily obtain the two raw ingredients.

You can start this business with a capital of Rs. 20000 to Rs. 25000, while the monthly profit can be around Rs. 35000 to Rs. 45000 and above.

T-shirt Printing – Top Small Scale Business

If you search online for t-shirts, especially printed t-shirts or t-shirts with captions, you will find new sites now and then.

This is because of the huge demand, especially amongst youngsters and young adults.

Though the highest demand is amongst the age group of 15 years to 28 years, there is also demand for kids and even for people of higher age.

This is because t-shirts are comfortable to wear. You can also wear them at home and outside. Moreover, the demand is growing because of the work-from-home culture.

No one must wear those tight-fitting formals at home to work on the same project. So, you can start this t-shirt printing and selling business with a mere investment of Rs. 40000.

All you will need is a stock of plain t-shirts; buy them as cheaply as you can, but do not compromise the quality. Expensive doesn’t mean good quality; keep that in mind.

Then you have to get the machinery, or you can give the contract to a t-shirt printing factory. Get the prints, but for that, you need to design them.

Make sure you know what is in demand, and print the t-shirts accordingly. Finally, you can sell them online by making a website. You can also physically sell them by mouth publicity.

School Uniforms Selling – Top Small Scale Business Idea

Due to pandemics, schools are closed, and this industry is badly hit. However, once the school and colleges open, this business can give you great profits without much thinking.

The investment required for this business is quite low as you will initially need one or a few sewing machines.

Once you get the order, you can take a bit of advance, buy the cloth with that and prepare the school dress. The best way to flourish this business is by tying up with schools and colleges.

Even tutorial centers, the big ones, have their uniform-like t-shirts with their logo. So, if you have sewing or design skills, you can start this business from home.

The first step is acquiring orders rather than investing in this business. You need to have contracts with multiple schools and other educational institutions to have their school dresses for the kids from your shop.

The initial investment can be around Rs. 10000 to Rs. 15000, and your profits can be around Rs. 50000 or more from each contract of, say, hundred pieces of uniforms.

Real Estate Broking – Top 10 Small Scale Business Idea

Real estate might have shocked you. How can you do a real estate business with such low investment? We are not talking about construction work but marketing them.

It is like becoming a real estate agent. This would cost you no money or very nominal if you want to register yourself as an agent on the real estate websites online and get leads from there.

Getting good property these days is often easier with a good brokerage house. While many just fools around with the customers, there is high demand for good agents who deal properly and understand the need of the customers.

This business runs on reputation, so you must build your network of property owners who want to sell or rent out their properties and other agents to get leads.

You can get customers from online sites or through mouth publicity. Suppose you deal in renting properties and cracked 4 deals in a month, and you can earn around Rs. 40000 to Rs. 80000 or above, considering the average rent is Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000.

So, without making any lump sum investment you can start earning this much every month. There is an opportunity to grow your business as well.

You can buy and sell properties on your own, and property investigation services you can provide, and many related services.

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Food Truck – Best Scall Scale Business in India

The food truck is a concept of the west implemented in India recently. There are few, but you can notice food trucks at popular places in big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, and others.

You can sell ready-to-eat food, or you can also sell vegetables and raw food items in your food truck. Yes, the investment here can be more if you do not have a current vehicle.

If you have, you must purchase the stock of items/ raw materials for cooking. However, if you prepare a good business plan, you can get a business loan to purchase the truck/ car to start your business.

The revenue that you can generate is around Rs. 50000 and above. It will depend on the amount of your sale and the value.

Some places where the food truck business can be welcomed with full heart are big residential complexes a little outside the city, then around schools and colleges, and even at office premises.

There are even franchises you can get for the food truck business. Many popular brands in the FMCG sector are making food trucks popular by giving away franchises.

However, buying a franchise can increase your initial investment.

Gaming Parlor – Top Small Scale Business in India

Kids love gaming parlors, and youngsters find it enchanting to hang out with friends here. Gaming parlors are quite in demand in metropolitan cities and also in towns.

While kids these days cannot enjoy outdoor games like before on the field or in the mud, a gaming parlor is where the parents take them for some time.

You can encash this trend and do business out of it if you have around Rs. 5 lakhs to invest. Yes, the investment is a bit high, but the monthly profit can be around Rs. 1.5 lakhs or higher.

You can expand this business as well. Many games are unavailable in India, but kids are hooked on them. You can help them play those games easily in your gaming parlor.

Fitness Club – Best Small Scale Business Idea to Start

The name may echo in your ears like too much investment is required, but if you know yoga, you can start a fitness club or yoga center on the rooftop of your home or rent out an apartment.

Yes, the initial investment would be the rent and deposit money for the property, which can be done with Rs.1 lakh in the most inexpensive cities like Mumbai.

Now you need very little investment to deck the place up for creating the ambiance. A few yoga mats are all you need to start with.

If you initially get ten people to start with and charge them Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per month, your earnings can be Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 per month.

So, subtracting the monthly rent, you can make quite a good amount. The charges you will levy can go up with the certificates and recognition you have.

If you are a trained yogi, you can even charge higher.

Tomato Ketchup Making – Top Small Scale Business to Start

You read that right; you can make a business from tomato ketchup. The initial investment can be as low as Rs.40000 while the monthly profit can be around Rs.25000.

Tomato ketchup is used in every household. The demand for this item has been decreasing for a while. However, there are very few players in the market.

At the same time, a recent study says that around 10% of the global production of tomato ketchup is taking place in India.

So, there is scope for this business in this country. We use ketchup with samosas, noodles, and fries and even use them as a replacement for tomatoes.

Your target customers can be any from households to food joints. You can prepare ketchup and tomato puree, which are also in demand.

Fresh tomato puree you can prepare and sell to different restaurants, fast food joints, and others.

Door to Door Shipping – Best Small Scale Business Idea in India

Door Shipping, in simple words, is a delivery business. You have first to build a team of 5-7 delivery agents.

Before that, you must contact different shipment companies that hire delivery agents. You can tie up with them and provide the workforce.

The initial investment can be around Rs.25000, and the monthly profit can be around Rs.60000 after 12 months of hard work, as you need a solid clientele base.

Online shopping is increasing like never before, and this pandemic has been a boon for the eCommerce industry. So, this is the perfect time to start your delivery business.

Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas – Conclusion

To conclude, there are hundreds of small business ideas which you can start with very low investment.

All you need to do is do a bit of market research and put in your hard work.

Having your own business can give you the freedom to work as per your whims and choices, and this country needs many more entrepreneurs who want to grow on their own.

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