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Every year you think that you will start something of your own and leave the ‘9 to 5’ lifestyle. You think about multiple business ideas. However, you still stick to your comfort zone and push the thing for next year.

And that ‘next year’ never comes. Right?

If you can relate to this, this article is just for you. You can start an online business if you have skills, i.e., writing, painting, marketing, PR, accounting, or anything else.

With your hard work, you can make it flourish as well. This pandemic has become a boon for online business entrepreneurs, and it is high time you should pursue what you want.

It would help if you had a solid business idea that could stand out, as the online space is full of competition. Here are 14 online business ideas from which you can start and make money.

Top 10 Online Business Ideas in India

Here are the list of Best Online Business Ideas in India –

Rank Online Business Ideas
1 Affiliate Marketing
2 Blogging
3 E-Commerce Business
4 Youtube Channel
5 Facebook Advertising
6 Online Teaching
7 Web Development Business
8 Consultation Business
9 Online News Channel
10 App Development

Affiliate Marketing – Best Online Business Idea

This is one of the easiest to start online businesses, and you can also make a handsome amount of money in it.

Best Online Business Idea in India - Top 10 Online Business IdeasAffiliate marketing is earning a commission by selling products and services of other companies. Most often, it is related to Amazon products.

You promote the products and get a commission if the product is sold using the link you provided. So, here your marketing skills and PR skills come into play.

You can become an Amazon Affiliate partner, and there are millions of products you can choose from to sell.

You can also promote other websites, products, and services apart from Amazon by directly connecting to the companies.

For this, you will need to have a loyal and large number of followers on multiple social media handles. You can also have blogs to promote the products or YouTube channels.

Blogging – Top Online Business Idea in India

How can we not talk about blogging which is like the first online business that comes to everyone’s mind, right? However, not everyone can be a blogger.

Though millions and billions of bloggers are around, hardly a few can cut. It may seem simple that you have to write.

However, bloggers don’t write. They inspire, educate, and promote different things through their writing.

If you have a knack for writing and are passionate about saying travel, finance, marketing, lifestyle, or anything under the sun, you can start your blog.

It would help if you were regular with uploading content on it. Generating blog revenue comes when your blog is a bit popular and has viewers above the threshold.

Then you can monetize your blog by using Google AdSense or selling space on your blog to direct clients who want to promote relatable products and services.

However, reaching that level takes a lot of sweat and patience. Just remember, information is readily available on the internet, but the way of presenting the same matters.

Be creative but keep it simple and engaging.

E-commerce Business – Top 10 Online Business Ideas

Youngsters, upper-middle-class, and affluent people were hooked to e-commerce sites, and this pandemic made middle-class people and older people aware of the benefit of online shopping.

To build a successful e-commerce business, you need to find a profitable market. For example, groceries can be one, lifestyle and home care, or health care products.

So, it would help if you found out which market can be most profitable. Then you need to select some products out of the same as you cannot sell everything.

There can be hundreds of vendors. So, narrow it down to a few most popular and in-demand products in the market. Compare the product prices with other similar products.

The product must be relatively inexpensive. Finally, you need to check whether the product has already reached its peak demand or not.

If it is already too popular in the market, then the demand will drop shortly. You need to choose products that haven’t touched their peaks yet.

It would help if you built an online store for selling all these products.

YouTube Channel – Best Digital Business Idea

Like blogging is not veteran; vlogging is the new kid in the arena. As videos reach more people and entice them easily, promoting, inspiring, and connecting with people via videos is easier.

YouTube is the most popular video platform, and you can use it for your business.

Again, like in blogging, you can provide information through your video channel, make videos of different creative things, and promote products and services.

Once and if your channel and videos become popular and you get a good amount of viewers and subscribers, you can monetize the channel.

YouTube starts paying the content creator after the threshold limit is met in terms of views/subscribers/ likes, and others.

The best part is that you can make a small investment to start this business. All you will need is a camera with video recording mode, or you can even do it on your phone, which has a high-megapixel camera.

The most important thing you will need is ideas. You can make money doing comedy videos or any entertainment videos.

The main motto is to become a famous face online and on social media so that you can influence millions.

Facebook Advertising – Top Digital Business Idea

If you are tech-savvy and at the same have marketing skills, the Facebook advertisement business can be beneficial for you as well.

While new-generation business owners are promoting their businesses online, there are still businesses that still need to be added to social media.

Social media has been playing a pivotal role in the advertisement industry today. So, if you have the skills to promote and advertise products and services, you can do it through Facebook for different clients.

Not online Facebook, but it is about social media marketing services you can provide. Regular posts about products and related things influence people to check out those products and buy them.

So, it is a new-age thing, and this has quite a huge prospect at present. Moreover, this business also needs no investment as such.

All you will need is contacts, and you need to build a clientele and many ideas to promote their businesses.

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Online Teaching – Top 10 Digital Business Ideas

Covid has made all students stay inside the home. The schools are closed, colleges are shut, and even the tuition classes are shut.

However, the students still study, and the parents are more eager to make them do online classes. While online tuition is nothing new, it is the only medium of educating students in the present scenario.

So, If you have a knack for teaching or are passionate about teaching kids, this can be your full-time business opportunity.

For this, you would need nothing but a smartphone with an internet connection and obviously knowledge about the subjects and expertise for teaching.

You can get students online, and there are multiple websites for tutorial classes where students and teachers can find each other.

You can also get students locally by promoting your service in and around your area.

Web Development Business – Best Online Business in India

Digitalization is making its way into our lives. From a kid to 80 years old are using smartphones and checking things on google.

So, every business house and service provider wants a website for promoting their products and services. This depicts that the demand for Website development is huge.

It is growing rapidly as well. However, this country still has a scarcity of good website developers. If you have the skills, or you like designing, and have passion for the same, you can try your hands at this.

For a Website development business, you do not need a big office, and you can start it from your study table using your laptop.

There are multiple freelancing opportunities for web developers. You can also get long-term contracts, provided you give them quality service.

While the investment is almost nil, you can earn quite well in this business.

Consultation Businesses – Top Online Business in India

If you have in-depth knowledge in any field, you can start a consultation business. For instance, you have worked as a financial analyst for 10 years after college.

You have experience in choosing stocks and financial instruments for clients. You can provide consultation related to the same.

This can be done easily by having your website with all your details and services listed. It would help if you promoted yourself to get clients.

Moreover, being a part of an industry for years, you must already have connections to build the business. You can build your office and have staff after getting stable with the business.

You can start it online from your study only for the initial days. This business requires knowledge and expertise more than any monetary investment.

This is mainly suitable for people with years of experience in some field and now want to start something of their own.

Online News Channel – Top 10 Online Business in India

You can start an online news channel. Yes, this can be done with a nominal investment compared to a news agency.

You can gather local news or do interviews with celebrities. You can also prepare videos of top news for the day.

This can be done on YouTube or by creating your website.

App Development – Best Online Business Idea in India

Similar to Web development, App development is application development for businesses. While Websites are common, nowadays, business houses want their applications as well.

Applications make it easier for customers to check the new products and services and buy the ones they need.

It is easy to use from any smartphone, and payments are secured and hassle-free. For an App development business, you first need to learn the skill which is your initial investment.

You can get clients from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and locally as well.

Online Event Organizer

As everything is becoming digitalized, even seminars are now webinars, and events are done online, and you might laugh, but even online prayers are offered during festivals.

So, becoming an event planner online is not something very rare or scary. You can organize an entire event online, for instance, a webinar by some company.

You can take the contract for organizing the same. Your job will be to arrange for members, connect them with the company, mail them the date and details to join the webinar, help them book online seats, and do similar things.

For this, you will be able to charge the company a lump sum amount which will be your revenue. Again, there is no such monetary investment required here.

Your time and PR skills will be your biggest investment.

Online Recruitment Services

For recruitment services, you do not need to meet the person physically. Nowadays, interviews are taken on Skype, and offer letters are sent to Gmail.

So, you can take this advantage to start your recruiting agency online. You will need no investment for the same.

However, it would help if you had some degree in Human resource management, contacted business houses recruiting, and contacted the applicants.

It would help if you built contacts for running this business in the long term.

Selling Apparel Online

If you check Facebook, you can find multiple people selling different clothes on the Marketplace. They are of good quality and affordable too.

You can start online if you are into the same business, want to start selling the same business, or want to sell clothes from the vendor and promote them online.

On Facebook, you can promote and sell for free.

Create a Digital Course

This is similar to online teaching, but you do not teach individually here.

You have to develop a digital course that the students will purchase, and then you will send them videos and learning resources for completing the course.

Then you can also provide live classes for the same. You have to promote yourself first to get students for the course.

The investment will involve the website design for the course. Apart from that, you do not have to spend much.

Best Online Business Idea – Conclusion

Online businesses have already made its ways into our lives. Due to this pandemic, these are further getting the boost.

It is the right time to start online businesses as there is a huge demand in the market for the same and every sector.

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