Best Work From Home Business – Top 10 WFH Business Ideas in India


The term “Work from home“ has become exceptionally popular in the times of Covid.

While work-from-home concepts have been present since time unknown, it has been glamourized during this pandemic.

Best Work from Home Business Ideas in IndiaHowever, this term not only means you do your job but can also include businesses. Moreover, many have multiple ideas and enthusiasm to start their own business but are unsure how they can materialize the same.

So, here in this article, you will read about 14 business ideas you can do from home. You can start these businesses with very little investment or capital.

We will discuss the market prospect of each of these businesses, how to start them, and other important details.

Best Work from Home Business Ideas in India

Here are the list of Top WFH Business Ideas which anyone with respective expertise can start in India –

Si. No. Business Ideas
1 Sell your Expertise
2 Sewing Classes
3 Sell Handloom Sarees
4 Sell Homemade Cakes
5 Cooking Classes
6 Affiliate Marketing
7 Pet Creche
8 Jewelry Making
9 Online Yoga or Fitness Instructor
10 Academic Writing Services
11 Home Tiffin Service
12 Candle Making Business
13 Customized T-Shirt Business
14 Open Bed & Breakfast Services

Sell your Expertise – Best WFH Business in India

The first and foremost business idea on our list is selling your expertise. If you have extensive experience in some industry for years, you can sell that expertise and build your own consultation business.

For instance, if you have worked in the human resource department and have wide experience, you can offer recruitment, human resource development, and training services to different companies.

You can do all these from your home in this age of digitalization. Similarly, you can have other expertise, like accounting, taxation, investments, PR, and anything else that can add value to any organization.

There is no monetary investment required to start this business. You need a website to connect with clients, which you can also open afterward.

Sewing Classes – Top WFH Business in India

Schools used sewing as an extracurricular activity. However, with time, sewing took a back seat, but people nowadays are again inclined towards learning sewing and designing.

You can start your sewing classes if you know different sewing techniques. This business can easily be done from your home. You can get local students.

The best part of providing sewing classes is that your students have no age limit. While a 15-year-old kid can learn, so is 50 year old.

The investment in starting this business is nil. You do not need to invest any amount as such. All you need to do is to get students.

Sell Handloom Sarees – Top 10 WFH Business in India

Handloom sarees are way too much in demand across the country and abroad. While the actual price the people who make these sarees take is very cheap, the retail prices for these sarees are too high.

This is because the intermediary or the showrooms keep a very high-profit margin. If you can travel a bit and source these sarees from the makers, you can buy them at very low prices and sell them at prices lower than the shops and showrooms.

This will get you more clients. Apart from going and selecting the sarees or the designs and placing the order with the makers of the sarees, everything else can be done from home.

The initial investment would be around Rs. 20000 to Rs. 30000. The profit margin can be 50% to 60% even if you sell the sarees to the end customers at half price as of local shops and showrooms.

Sell Homemade Cakes –  Best Work from Home Business in India

Homemade cakes are an all-time favorite of people across the globe. It is not just Christmas; there is demand for handmade cakes throughout the year.

However, with time the supply of the same has gone down. If you want to start something of your own in the food or bakery segment, you can bake cakes and pastries at home.

You can take party orders and bake customized cakes for the parties. These days, the demand for personalized cakes is too high.

For this business, you can make a small investment. You can start this business with an investment of Rs. 5000 or even less.

Cooking Classes – Top Work from Home Business in India

Cooking good food is becoming a hobby for many nowadays. To excel in the segment, one must learn to prepare new dishes, garnishing, and appropriate serving.

While some of us learn cooking from our mom, grandmom, father, and uncles, many also opt for cooking classes.

If you are good at cooking delicious food and have the knack for teaching people how to cook those good meals, you can start your cooking classes.

The investment requirement is nil or very nominal. At the same time, you can have great earning potential from the students.

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Affiliate Marketing – Top 10 Work from Home Business in India

Nowadays, people check reviews online before buying anything. If you have loyal subscribers to your YouTube channel, blog, or other vlogs, you can market products and earn commission on the sale.

Suppose you have 10 lakhs followers on Instagram. You can talk about an amazon product, describe how it changed your world and helped you, and relatable things.

Even if 100 people buy the product using the link you share, you can earn a commission. The more the number of people, the higher the commission amount.

Pet Crèche – Best WFH Business Ideas

More people are keeping pets, especially dogs and cats. While having pets at home can be a good thing, when the owner is not there, it becomes a headache for them.

However, if you are a pet lover, you can encash this problem. You can both help those pet owners and earn some cash out of it.

Pet Crèche is where pet owners leave their fur babies when they are away as the owner of the crèche needs to take good care of the pets when they are with you.

Generally, pet crèche charges a lot in metropolitan cities. If you are opening one, you can keep doing it from home to keep the charges lower and attract more customers.

Jewelry Making – Top WFH Business Ideas

If you have that creative gene in you and want to do something in designing or jewelry making, you can start online jewelry-making classes for people interested in the same.

You can teach others and sell the jewelry you make by auctioning them online. Nowadays, unique designs and metal-based and stone jewelry pieces are in high demand.

The initial investment would be around Rs. 50000 or less. Whether you start making and selling pieces of jewelry or teach others to make pieces of jewelry, you can do it from your home.

Online Yoga classes / Fitness instructor – Top 10 WFH Business Ideas

People are again becoming health-conscious, returning to their roots, and especially after the pandemic, the need for fitness has increased drastically.

With the gyms closed most of the year, people are looking for yoga instructors to train them online. You can start taking classes online if you know yoga or have been a fitness instructor.

You can teach different yoga to your students using different online video applications. This will not cost you a penny except for the data charge, but you can earn whopping fees from individuals.

Academic Writing Services – Best Work from Home Business Ideas

You can encash your expertise if you love writing or are academically inclined. You can start writing the thesis, projects, and other tasks for students abroad.

Yes, there are multiple such opportunities that you can find online. You can find different academic writing projects on freelancing and career sites.

There you can connect and start taking assignments. You can fix your charges and get paid online after completing the projects.

This business is also completely working from the home business model. You can start this business with no investment and expand it further by hiring other writers under you when you have bulk orders.

Home Tiffin Service – Top Work from Home Business Ideas

In every city, especially in the metropolitan cities, where many people from other cities and states come for a job, they find it difficult to make food on their own.

Hence, they need the food of their choice. If you love cooking, you can open your own home tiffin business besides your other work.

You can start with a simple menu where you can include basic food items, and as your business grows, you can add new items so that your customers do not get bored.

For starting a home-delivery business, you would need around Rs. 40000 to Rs.50,000. The profit margin in this business is around 30% to 50%.

Candle-Making Business – Best WFH Business Ideas in India

Personalized Candles look beautiful when self and gifts to loved ones. Moreover, scented and designer candles are demanded in different industries, especially in the hotel industry.

This is the age of online business; you can start candle-making and selling business from home by selling your candles online.

Yes, you can make different types of candles and sell them online. The initial investment would be around Rs.20,000 or a bit more.

The profit margin can be high such as 70% or above.

Customized T-shirts Business – Top WFH Business Ideas in India

You can start your own t-shirt making/printing business. You can buy plain t-shirts and print them with a different quotation and sell them online.

This can also be done on an order basis. For instance, you create one website where you can showcase different designs that you can print on any t-shirt.

If any customer selects and orders one, you can print the same and send the t-shirt to them.

Here the initial investment would include the price of the printing machine, which is around Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000.

The remaining costs are very nominal. This business’s profit margin would be between 40% to 60% and above.

Open Bed and Breakfast Services

We have B&B services as a business option for you. If you have extra rooms in your house which remain unused, you can use them for B&B service.

Many people come to a city for work or to visit someone where they look for a homely environment and just a hotel room.

You can provide a cozy room with all modern-day amenities and a healthy assorted breakfast, which you can charge quite a good amount while your investment is quite low.

B&B is becoming increasingly famous these days, especially in metropolitan cities.

Conclusion – Best Work from Home Business Ideas in India

To start a business, you do not need a physical space or office, as everything can be done online and from home.

If you are planning something where you will handle everything in your business, you do not need to employ others, and you can start the business from home.

All the business ideas mentioned in the above sections are curated, keeping in mind the work from the home requirement.

This facilitates many people who have ideas but need the proper means to start a business.

All these ideas can be materialized with nominal investment and from your drawing room or the study itself.

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