Best Jewelry Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Jewelry Franchise of 2024


Know about Best Jewelry Franchise in India that has gained the highest popularity in recent year. The jewelry market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.93% in the next 3 years.

Currently, the revenue generated from this industry is close to US$76.77 billion and will rise in the coming years, as per reports.

This indicates it is time to start investing in one of the oldest businesses in this country which is a jewelry business.

To help you all, we have listed the ten Best Jewelry Franchises which you can choose to start your venture into the jewelry market.

This article will help you find and analyze the overall market and these 10 Jewelry Franchise in India, which are chosen on the basis of different criteria like revenue sharing, infra requirement, franchise fee & more.

Best Jewelry Franchise in India – Top 10 Jewelry Franchise for Business

Lets glance at list of Top 10 Jewelry Franchise in India

Si. No. Top Jewellery Franchise
1 PC Jewellers Franchise
2 Caratlane Franchise
3 Senco Gold Franchise
4 Bluestone Franchise
5 Ratna Mani jewellers Franchise
6 Birla Jewels Franchise
7 Tanishq Franchise
8 Zoniraz Franchise
9 Kathana Jewels Franchise
10 Gitanjali Jewels Franchise

People in India invest a lot of money in different forms of jewelry. Therefore, one can find a dedicated jewelry market  in each town.

Best Jewelry Franchise in IndiaHowever, not all of them mark high sales since people prefer visiting trusted brands. Therefore, a business owner should invest in the Jewelry Franchise, having decent popularity.

Amongst the top Ornaments Franchise in the country, some of the popular names are PC Jewellers, which has been recognized as one of the top brands in the jewelry industry.

Then there is Caratlane, one of the new-age yet most successful jewelry franchise businesses having a havoc online presence.

Then there is Senco Gold, one of the country’s oldest and most experienced jewelers, and others, which will be discussed in the below section of the article.

Now, this top 10 Jewelry Franchise Business has been picked after analyzing hundreds of jewelers in the country.

We have picked these ten due to their reasonable investment requirements, high revenue-sharing structure, and the kind of support facility they offer to the franchises.

PC Jewellers Franchise – Best Jewelry Franchise

PC Jewellers embarked on the journey of making the best jewelry for Indians since 2005. They are one of the most reputed jewelers across the country and have more than 80 stores in 66 different cities.

PC Jewellers Franchise LogoIt has its head office in Delhi, from where the journey started for this Best Jewelry Franchise in India.

PC Jewellers offer a master franchise opportunity for nine years for a franchise fee of Rs. 0. Yes, they do not charge a penny as a franchise fee.

However, as you can guess, the infrastructure cost is the main when it comes jewelry business. You need to invest a minimum of Rs. 5 crores to Rs. 10 crores for setting up the entire store, making the inventory and the collection and the raw material, machines and the store itself, and other amenities.

The revenue-sharing structure is variable. PC Jewelers franchises receive from 65% to 80% of the revenue generated at their franchise outlets.

The remaining 20% to 35% goes to the franchisor. If you check with the previous franchises, then they took around 1 to 4 years.

For the store of PC Jewellers, you need to rent or buy a space that is at least 600 to 1200 square feet in area.

Then you need to employ at least 3 to 8 employees and have a product display area, CCTV set up, air conditioners and billing counters, and other amenities.

The support facilities offered by PC Jewellers are marketing support and website support for online orders. Then there are client acquisition support and relationship management support as well.

PC jewellers also offer interior design support for your store. This helps the franchises design the store as required.

Caratlane Franchise – Top Jewelry Franchise

Caratlane is one of the new generation jewelry businesses that started in 2008 but made it to the Top 10 Ornaments Franchise in the past few years.

Caratlane Franchise LogoThis Brand has more than 14 franchise outlets in the country, and the franchise opportunity of Caratlane comes with a lifetime agreement.

The franchise fee they charge is Rs. 4 lakhs, while the infrastructure expenditure varies between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs.

The infrastructures for which the main investment is required include a 250 to 500 square feet store with 4-6 employees.

The Caratlane franchise outlet must have amenities like ACs, CCTVs, product display zone, and billing counters.

Caratlane shares 96% of the revenue that each franchise generates.

For instance, if you are a Caratlane franchise and generated Rs. 20 lakhs of revenue in a month, then you will get Rs. 19.20 lakhs out of the same while the reaming 4% goes to the Caratlane as the franchisor.

Given this revenue sharing and investment requirements, it takes around a year or so to break even.

Caratlane offers marketing support to franchises, inventory planning, product pricing, different offers, client interaction training, warranties, guarantees support, and website support to some extent for online presence and order generation.

Senco Gold Franchise – Best Ornaments Franchise

Senco Gols is one of the oldest jewelry businesses, starting in 1950 in Kolkata.

Senco Gold Franchise LogoThe head office of this Jewelry Franchise Business in India is still in Kolkata, but franchise outlets are over fifty, which are spread over the country.

To start this franchise, you would need Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 5 crores for investing in the infrastructure, while the franchise fee is negotiable, and you can decide the same with the company as per your business plan.

The revenue shared by Senco Gold with the franchises is 80%, while it retains 20% of the same.

The infrastructure you need to start a Senco gold franchise is a store with around 500 and above square feet of area.

The billing counter, product display area, CCTVs, ACs, and other amenities. Senco Gold offers interior design support for setting up the store as well.

Apart from interior designing, there is another support available, which you will get from the franchisor – Senco Gold.

These include business management support, website support, online tie-ups, offers for boosting sales, inventory planning, product pricing, and others.

Bluestone Franchise – Top Ornament Franchise

Bluestone is a new jewelry business that embarked on its journey in 2011 from Bangalore. It has its head office in the city of Bangalore at present, while the franchise outlets are across the nation.

Bluestone Franchise LogoThere are currently close to ten outlets, and they started the franchise business back in 2019 only and thus recognized as one of the Best Gemstone Franchise Businesses in India.

Bluestone is offering five years franchise for a franchise fee of Rs. 5 lakhs, while the expenditure towards setting up the franchise is between Rs. 1 crore and Rs. 2 crores.

The store needs to be at least 500 to 1000 square feet in the area where you have to keep a minimum of two to seven employees.

Franchise store must have billing counters, a product display area, and trial rooms are optional, and the delivery facility is also optional.

The store needs to be well decorated and have amenities for the customers’ comfort. The revenue shared by Bluestone with its franchises is 90%, while it retains 10% of the same.

This means if you generate revenue of Rs. 50 lakhs in a month, you will get Rs. 45 lakhs out of it.

This leads to breakeven for the franchises within 1 to 4 years. The time to recover the investment depends on the investment amount as well and also on the sales.

The support offered by Bluestone is inventory planning, product pricing, client acquisition support, client interaction training, relationship manager support, interior designing support, marketing support, and others.

Ratna Mani Jewellers Franchise – Best Jewellery Franchise in India

Ratna Man Jewellers is one of the Top Jewelry Franchise Brands of 2024, which was established in 2000 in Mumbai. It has its head office in this at present, and the franchises are in Telangana and Maharashtra.

Ratna Mani Jewellers Franchise LogoRatna Mani charges a fee of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs for providing franchise rights for 10 years and above.

The infrastructure cost varies from Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. The revenue they share with the franchisees is around 90% of the revenue they generate.

So, if you are a franchise of Ratna Mani Jewellers, and you generate Rs. 10 lakhs in a month as revenue, you will get around Rs. 9 lakhs out of the same.

In the given revenue sharing and investment requirements, the time to recover the investment is around a month, as the sales of this franchise are way too high.

The infrastructure you will need to set up the Ratna Mani franchise is a store of at least 300-400 square feet. Then there must be at least a few staff to take care of the customers.

The store must be fully air-conditioned and have CCTV surveillance for security purposes. The product display area and trial rooms are compulsory in Ratna Mani franchise stores.

From marketing support to website support, Ratna Mani offers it all to its franchises. They offer inventory planning and product pricing support too.

Then there is training for products, client interaction, and much more.

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Birla Jewels Franchise – Top Jewellery Franchise in India

Birla Jewels were founded in 2011 in Mumbai by Aryaman Vikram Birla, and it is one of the Top 10 Gemstone Franchise of 2024 for all the right reasons.

Birla Jewels Franchise LogoIt started its franchise business in the year of incorporation only, and now it has more than fifty franchises across the country.

Birla Jewels offer a lifetime franchise opportunity for a fee of Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. In contrast, the infrastructure cost for this franchise varies between Rs. 7 crores and Rs. 10 crores on average.

The revenue-sharing structure is pretty simple: the franchisee gets 90%, and the franchisor gets 10%. This helps the franchisees break even within 3 to 3.5 years.

The infrastructure for which you need to invest the above amount includes a store of at least 1200 square feet of area. Then you need to employ 3 to 5 employees in the store.

The store must have ACs, internet facilities, CCTVs, and billing counters. The product display zone goes without saying, as it has to be there.

Birla Jewels offer online tie-ups for franchises, warranty and guarantee support, training facilities, RM support, interior designing support, and more.

Tanishq Franchise – Top 10 Jewelry Franchise in India

This List of Jewelry Franchise Businesses has Tanishq as one of the most reputed jewelry franchises in the last 30 years.

Tanishq Franchise LogoIt was established in 1994 by Xerxes Desai in the city of Bengaluru, from where it has become a business where more than two hundred franchises are a part of across the country.

They offer franchises for a negotiable franchise fee while the infrastructure expenditure is around Rs. 1.5 crores to Rs. 3 crores.

Tanishq is one of the most popular and reputed jewelry brands, and this investment is quite justified. However, they share a little lower revenue share than most of the franchisors in this industry.

They share 75% of the revenue with the franchisee while they keep 25% to themselves. For the franchisees of Tanishq, it takes around 2-3 years to break even with this setup.

Tanishq franchise outlets need to be grand. So, the minimum area requirement for these outlets is 2000 square feet, and the average number of employees in the outlets should be around 5 and more.

The stores must be well equipped with all amenities like ACs, CCTVs, internet facilities, water purifiers, billing counters, and much more.

Tanishq offers all support facilities that you cannot even imagine. It offers monetary support to the franchises, which is rare in this business.

Then, there is full-fledged marketing support, warranties and guarantees support, business management software support, client acquisition and RM support, inventory support, and much more.

Zoniraz Franchise – Best Jewelry Franchise in India

In Delhi, Gujrat and Maharashtra, if you have to make an Ornaments Franchise Business Comparison, you need to include Zoniraz.

Zoniraz Franchise LogoThis jeweler is quite famous in this metropolitan city of the country, which has its head office in Alvar.

The franchise business started just three years back and has gained much traction in the market.

It offers franchise opportunities for a year for Rs. 10-15 lakhs, and the investment in the infrastructure usually varies between Rs. 1 crore and Rs. 2 crores.

The revenue the franchisees get is 90% which is at par with the industry standards. In this setup, the franchises usually break even within 1-1.5 years.

For the store you need to set up for the franchise, you would need at least 750-1000 square feet of area.

Then you need to design it with the franchisor’s help to make it well-suited for the customers of Zoniraz.

There must be a billing counter, product display zone, trial rooms, and basic amenities like ACs, CCTVs, and internet facilities.

Zoniraz offers online support for online order placement and delivery tie-ups with different courier businesses.

Then there is interior designing support offered to the franchises. On the customer acquisition and retention front, they offer RM and client acquisition support and train the franchisees on how to interact with the clients.

Kathana Jewels Franchise – Top Jewelry Franchise in India

Suppose you want to associate with one of the Best Gemstone franchises in India, then Kathana Jewels you can consider.

Kathana Jewels Franchise LogoIt was founded in 2004 by Shilpa Gupta and Anirudh Gupta and currently has more than 30 franchises in the country.

It offers a lifetime franchise for a fee of Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. For the infrastructure, you need to spend another Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs.

On the other hand, you will receive around a share of 90% of the revenue with the franchisees, which is equal to the market standards.

According to this setup, it usually takes 2 to 3 years for the franchises to recover the investment they have put into the franchise and then generate profits.

To set up the Kathana Jewels franchise outlet, you need to have a store of at least 1200 square feet. It can be as big as 2500 square feet as well.

You need to employ staff, and there should always be at least five of them in the store. While the trial rooms are optional, you need other facilities for the customers, and the product display and billing counter go without saying.

Kathana Jewels offer a support facility that includes client acquisition support to some extent, RM support, inventory planning support, product pricing support, interior designing, and interior development.

Then there are also website and online tie-ups for online orders and delivery tracking support.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise – Best Jewels Franchise in India

Last but not least, of course, in this list of Top Jewelry Franchises in India, Gitanjali Jewels.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise LogoThe legacy of this jewelry business heads back to 1966 when Mehul Choksi founded the company in Mumbai. At present, it has around 200 franchises across the country.

Even after being such a huge brand with such a legacy, it offers three years of franchise rights only for Rs. 5 lakhs which is quite reasonable.

On the infrastructure, you need to invest another Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 2 crore, which will be the major initial investment, but this amount is also quite reasonable compared to the peers in the industry.

Gitanjali Jewels share one of the highest revenue, 96% share of the revenue with the franchisees while retaining just 4%. Thus, it takes only 1.5 years for the franchisees at the latest to break even.

The store for the Gitanjali Jewels franchise outlet can be built in a 500-5000 square feet area; it depends on how huge you want the store to be and your business plans.

Outlet must have adequate employees who align with the customer capacity of the store. The store must have internet facilities, CCTVs, ACs, and other amenities.

Gitanjali Jewels offer RM support, client acquisition support, client interaction training, marketing support, interior designing support, inventory planning, and more.

Apart from these Brands, there are few more jewel franchisees which are extremely popular & hugely expensive, you can check them out below.

Kalyan Jewellers – Top Jewelry Franchise in India

Kalyan Jewellers is a popular jewelry brand and one of the Top Jewelry Franchise in India. T. S. Kalyanaraman founded it in 1993, and the first outlet was opened in Thrissur.

Today, this jewelry store has around 16 outlets in different parts of the nation.

The one-time franchise fee is around ₹ 5 Lacs, and the infrastructural investment will range between ₹ 50 Lacs and 1 Crore.

Franchisee of Kalyan Jewellers has to share 4% of the total revenue earned by him. He will have to set up the outlet in 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. area and employ 6 to 10 staff members.

The store should have computers connected to the internet, a billing counter, jewelry display section, AC, and CCTV set-up.

Nakshatra Diamonds – Best Jewelry Franchise to Invest

Nakshatra Diamonds is counted among the Best Jewelry Franchise to Invest in.

It was founded by Prafulchandra Patel in 2011 and has over 200 stores across the nation at present.

Investors can get this franchise for 3 years with a one-time fee, and they will have to invest ₹ 70 Lacs to 3 Crores for infrastructural purposes.

A Nakshatra Diamonds franchise owner has to share 20% of the revenue earned with the franchisor.

They will have to own or rent an area of 500 to 1000 sq. ft. and employ 2 to 8 staff members to run the store.

Internet connectivity, product display area, billing counter, AC, and CCTV set-up are mandatory.

Gili – Top 10 Jewellery Franchise to Invest

Gili is a venture of Mumbai-based entrepreneur Dhanesh Vrajlal Sheth. It was founded in 1994 and currently has around 10 to 20 franchise outlets all over India.

Gili is one of the Top 10 Jewelry Franchise to Invest in that offers a 5-years franchise for a one-time fee of ₹ 4 Lacs to 7 Lacs.

The infrastructural investment will sum up between ₹ 1 Crore and 3 Crores.

The franchisee needs to share 15% of the total revenue with this franchisor. He will require an area of 500 to 1000 sq. ft. and 2 to 6 employees to run his store.

The outlet should have a jewelry display area, a billing counter, computers with the internet facility, AC, and CCTV.

JewelSouk – Top 10 Jewels Franchise to buy

JewelSouk is a venture of Sudhirbhai Ambalal Mehta and is counted among the Top 10 Jewelry Franchise to buy.

Its first outlet was opened in Mumbai in 1989, and presently, the jewelry brand has around 12 franchise outlets across the nation.

The one-time franchise fee for 5 years is ₹ 1 Lac to 2 Lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 20 Lacs and 30 Lacs.

The franchisor takes 20% of the total revenue earned by a franchisee. Investors require a store of 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. and 3 to 7 staff members to get the franchise.

They will have to maintain computers, internet connectivity, AC, CCTV, a billing counter, and a product display section.

Asmi Diamond Jewellery – Best Jewellery Franchise

Asmi Diamond Jeweller is one of the Best Jewelry Franchise in India.

It was founded by Chetna Jayantilal Jhaveri, Dinesh Gopaldas Bhatia, and Sudhirbhai Ambalal Mehta in 2002 and presently has many franchise outlets worldwide nation.

The one-time franchise fee for 3 years is ₹ 3 Lacs to 10 Lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is ₹ 1 Crore to 2 Crores.

This franchisor claims 4% of the revenue earned by franchise outlet. Investors need to rent or own an area of 400 to 900 sq. ft. and appoint 6 to 10 staff members to set up this jewelry store.

Other requirements are computers with an internet connection, AC, CCTV, a billing counter, and a product display area.

Best Jewelry Franchise – Conclusion

So, suppose you are looking for the Best Jewelry Franchise.

In that case, we hope the information in this article can be helpful for you, and you can draw a definite conclusion about which jewelry franchise to go for and start your business.

FAQs on Best Jewel Franchise in India

Check out FAQs on some of the best jewellery franchise business.

What is Jewelry Franchise?

Jewelry Franchise is a business model offered by jewelry houses where one can buy franchise rights to sell the company’s products and earn a share of the revenue.

Which is the most successful Gemstone Franchise?

The most successful gemstone franchise, as per the number of franchise outlets, has to be Tanishq. It has over two hundred franchises.

How do I start my Jewelry Franchise?

To start your jewelry franchise, you first need to learn about jewelry and the different gems, gold, silver, and other metals and alloys used in making the jewels.

Then you can buy the franchise rights of the jewelry business that you think is right for you, set up the infrastructure, and start your business.

Are Jewelry & Gemstone Franchises profitable?

Indian jewelry is famous across the world, and it is also linked to the status symbol in the country. So, this business is here to stay as it has been growing strong since time unknown.

What is the monthly income in the Ornaments Franchise business?

The monthly income of the ornaments franchisees is usually around 90% of the revenue they generate in their franchise.

Which is the most profitable Gemstone Franchise?

The most profitable business in this jewelry industry has to be Caratlane, as it offers 96% of the revenue share to franchisees.

Which franchise is best for jewelry?

If you go by the popularity and revenue-sharing structure, the best jewelry franchise can be PC Jewellers, Gitanjali Jewels, Tanishq, and Caratlane.

How much investment is required to start Ornaments Franchise?

The average investment you would require to start your ornaments franchise is around Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 3 crores.

Which Gemstone Franchise is the cheapest in India?

Caratlane can be regarded as the cheapest franchise in the jewelry business as it charges only Rs. 4 lakhs for the franchise rights, while the infrastructure cost of this franchise is lower than others.

Which is the fastest-growing Jewelry Franchise?

Tanishq is the fastest-growing franchise, as it has the highest number of franchises.

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