Best Restaurant Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Restaurant Franchise of 2024


This article discusses the Best Restaurant Franchise available in India.

India is a land of foodies who love to taste various cuisines. People get here plenty of options for restaurants in every small and big city.

The growth story of the restaurant industry is set to be endless. Post-covid estimates reveal that the food-loving country is about to experience a massive demand for restaurant franchises in India.

After spending months inside during the global lockdown, India’s dining-out culture is gradually progressing like most other nations worldwide.

If you’re watching from the perspective of an investor or businessman, an opportunity to purchase the restaurant franchise has surfaced now.

After all, some restaurant brands are outperforming others in this niche. And it’s worthwhile to analyze them. Perhaps you will find your dream franchise.

Best Restaurant Franchise in India – Top 10 Restaurant Franchise for Business

List of the Best Restaurant Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Moti Mahal Franchise
2 Karim’s Franchise
3 Sankalp Restaurant Franchise
4 Urban Singh Franchise
5 The Yellow House Franchise
6 Kaka’s Kabad ‘n’ Chicken Franchise
7 Shanghai Restaurant Franchise
8 Garudaas Franchise
9 Mayur Thalis Franchise
10 Swaad Sagar Franchise

The restaurant business has a great future in a nation like India that houses billions of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Best Restaurant Franchise in IndiaTherefore, having the Best Franchise in India can create an unending scope for growth for business owners.

People looking forward to have their own business should opt for franchise of a popular restaurant.

As you can see, the list illustrates the top 10 brands that are offering us some of the most promising restaurant franchise opportunities. Each of these restaurants’ business models incorporates a unique selling proposition.

Based on it, they are forming their market, and the competitive benefit is transferred to each person engaged in its franchise network. Some of these Top 10 restaurant franchise businesses work awesomely with unique business ideas.

However, most are using a simple cuisine and minimizing the workload on the franchise partner. But some brands have a more standardized business ecosystem.

Consequently, franchise partners only take a little bit of time to grasp the business model given by the franchisor.

We will discuss in brief what these top 10 restaurants are and why you should own the Franchise of a particular brand given below.

Moti Mahal Franchise – Best Restaurant Franchise in India

Founded in 1920, Moti Mahal is one of the oldest restaurant brands in the nation.

Moti Mahal Restaurant Franchise LogoThe food company is credited with being one of the first to popularise Tandoori chicken, Butter chicken, and Dal makhani in Indian kitchens.

Moti Mahal began as a small but iconic presence in Delhi and has since grown into a multinational corporation.

Moti Mahal is proud to be ranked among the best restaurant franchises in India. It is mainly for this reason that, unlike other restaurant brands, Moti Mahal owns over ten franchise outlets.

Such as the food corporation, the proud owner of Golden Oven, Moti Mahal Tandoori, Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail, Food Trucks, and other franchise brands.

Each of these franchise brands caters to customers’ unique tastes and preferences. As such, some are vegetarian-specific, and some are non-vegetarian favorites.

It provides aspiring franchise partners with the flexibility to choose. You can even own more than one Franchise; it depends on your budget.

Folks with limited budgets can also start the Chaat Trail franchise, the China Trail franchise, or another low-budget model of Moti Mahal. Alternatively, you can launch an outlet in 1500–2000 sq. ft. of space.

A franchisee fee of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh may be charged for doing so. An investment in the infrastructure of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 70 lakh is also required.

Karim’s Franchise – Top Restaurant Franchise in India

Founded in 1950, Karim’s Restaurant has long been in talks for its Mughali servings.

Karim's Franchise LogoFor a long time now, the Restaurant has been winning the hearts of non-veg lovers and is passing the legacy of its delicious serving to generations.

Among the best restaurant franchise in India, Karim’s Restaurant deserves a good amount of focus.

With lots of historic tales connected with the establishment and progression of Karim’s, the brand is growing in popularity.

You only need to purchase Karim’s Franchise, and upon passing the other condition, your business dealing with the brand will begin generating some great returns.

At an investment of Rs 20 lakhs, you can launch Karim’s franchise unit in your city or town. The minimum area required for the successful establishment is 600 sq feet.

The Company’s head office is in Delhi, and it is looking forward to aspiring joiners from the Northern and Southern regions as per its strategic growth plan.

The restaurant brand will share its secret ingredients to prepare non-veg specials. Training and marketing support will also be offered to the franchise partners.

Sankalp Restaurant Franchise – Top 10 Restaurants in India

Sankalp restaurant is also an apt name on this list. It is a conglomerate of multiple franchise brands rather than a single brand.

Sankalp Restaurant Franchise LogoBut not all are operational in the food market. Some of the Sankalp restaurant franchise’s menu items are unique, targeting customers’ unique tastes and dining needs.

While some brands, such as Sankalp Packed Food and Sankalp Real Estate, operate under entirely different business models.

Still, it is the best restaurant franchise business in India to shake hands with because the brand has a well-established, capital-intensive profile in the market.

All these brands are currently operational under the Sankalp Group, founded in 1980 by Dr. Kailash Goenka.

Despite the brand’s multiple business models under different categories, its flagship business model still revolves around the food industry.

From south Indian, European, and North American specialties to some tasty fusions of delicacies, food brands under the Sankalp Group serve an astounding menu variety.

You can also acquire a Sankalp Group franchise for an investment of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. An additional infrastructure investment of Rs 1 crore is required.

The revenue sharing agreed on in the papers with franchise partners is 90% of the total revenue. The franchisor will only retain 10% of the revenue the business will make.

Urban Singh Franchise – Best Fine Dine Restaurant Franchise

Urban Singh is unarguably a great name on this list. Started in 2019, Urban Singh’s business model targets the appetite of fast-food cravers.

Urban Singh Franchise LogoThe brand’s menu carries fast food items in a variety that goes beyond just the basics. Such as the Urban Singh Burger line, which combines international and Desi flavors.

Instead of giving these delicacies a common name, Urban Singh tries to be more unique and creative, which becomes a USP for the brand to attract customers.

For example, some of its burger menu items have been named Shampy Singh, Sarpanch Sahab, Jamla Jaat, Burj Khalifa Burger, etc.

Non-veg varieties, in addition to veg varieties, occupy the burger range with appealing names. From a market perspective, this best restaurant franchise business in India might meet your expectation.

If the Urban Singh business model also influences you, go ahead. Urban Singh’s business model has already spawned 35+ franchise outlets.

The right to sell Urban Singh products and delicacies costs only Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs in franchise fees.

A small infrastructure investment of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh is also required as part of the franchise agreement. But compared to other brands, it is fairly decent.

The Yellow House Franchise – Top Fine Dine Restaurant Franchise

The Yellow House is a Jaipur-based startup founded in 2011 by Neetu Surana. Since its inception, the restaurant brand has made headlines for its robot services.

The Yellow House Franchise LogoThese robotic waiters don’t just serve delicious food on the customer’s table; they even become a source of customer retention at its dine-in restaurants.

Among the top 10 restaurant franchises of 2024, The Yellow House Kitchen is a truly innovative initiative, paving the way for a more advanced future for restaurants.

The Pink City of India origin company uses these robots to serve a variety of menu items. Such as Italian, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, Mexican, soups, Indian cuisine, and an outstanding fast-food variety here.

The franchisor is extending its distribution network with a broader vision. They are serving value, convenience, and tasty food varieties to customers. The total amount of responsibility will be enormous.

But active support is provided by the brand to franchise partners. After becoming Jaipur’s first robotic restaurant, The Yellow House Kitchen looks forward to becoming the first in more cities.

Since the brand launched its franchise program in 2020, only four franchise outlets have been operating in its network.

But if you’re interested in their business model, for an infrastructural investment of Rs 30 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs, you can acquire the brand’s franchise.

The revenue sharing to the franchisee is approx 90%, while profit from the business is 40% claimed by the brand.

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Kaka’s Kabab ‘n’ Chicken Franchise – Top 10 Fine Dine Restaurant Franchise

Kaka’s Kabab N’ Chicken might match your requirement if there’s a considerable demand for non-vegetarian eaters in your city or town.

Kaka's Kabab 'n' Chicken Franchise LogoIn the list of restaurant franchise businesses, it is one of the exclusive restaurants specializing in non-vegetarian delicacies. Mr. Laxmichand Keswani founded the restaurant brand in 1977 when he was only 16 years old.

Laxmichand’s family business backs the brand’s specialization in serving non-vegetarian cuisine in Rajasthan. Similarly, it makes Kaka’s Kabab N’ Kitchen a well-known name in Rajasthan.

Through its distribution network, Laxmichand’s found restaurant brand is taking the essence and flavors of its family-driven non-veg delicacies to other cities and states. In the exquisite menu variety, chicken is the mainstream ingredient.

But the franchise business model deserves a good amount of attention. The brand has well-illustrated its specialization, disclosing every metric of its business model.

Apart from non-veg, the brand has been entering into vegetarian segments. Franchisees can own and run Single Unit or Multi-Unit shops in their city.

Moreover, the Company’s cloud kitchen business model demonstrates that they are gearing up to be future-ready.

Support and training are issued to franchisee partners, and a strategic plan is shared.

Shanghai Restaurant Franchise – Best Restaurant Franchise to Invest

Shanghai Restaurant has been in the limelight of the Indian food market since 2011. Because unlike other food brands, Shanghai Restaurant’s menu features menu items of only pan-Asia.

Shanghai Franchise LogoYou can even run a restaurant franchise business comparison, and you will hardly find any brand serving Asian food varieties at the scale that Shanghai Restaurant serves.

Today, over 30+ franchise outlets are working under the Shanghai Restaurant distribution business. The Asian-inspired menu of Shanghai restaurants features both veg and non-veg delicacies.

And the good thing is that each preserves its authentic flavors, and without giving them any Indian fusion, they are served on the diner’s table. In doing so, the brand even prevents its reputation from being affected.

Similarly, not only Indians but many Asian ex-pats and tourists are becoming active customers of Shanghai Restaurant outlets across the nation. Against a franchisee fee of Rs 2 lakhs – Rs 5 lakhs, you can acquire the brand’s Franchise.

An additional Rs 15 lakhs – Rs 20 lakhs can go into the infra investment. The revenue sharing agreed on papers with franchisee partners is approx 90%.

Garudaas Franchise – Top Restaurant Franchise to Invest

Garudaas is one of the notable names on the list of the top 10 restaurant franchises. The restaurant company was founded in 2020. After its initial years of operation, it launched franchise programs in 2021.

Gurudas Franchise LogoSince its inception, the Company has hoped to expand its brand reputation through collaborative efforts by incorporating more people into its business model. And it’s worthwhile to purchase a Garudaas franchise, for sure.

The Company specializes in authentic Indian cuisines that native eaters love. Apart from that, the Tandoori fusion of the brand is also well-known.

In addition to desi delicacies, some exquisite Chinese feasts are served at Garudaas restaurant. Overall, the food brand attempts to satiate the appetites of eaters.

Garudaas head office sits in a small town in Karnataka, Attibele, and is looking forward to expanding its business footprints to other states, cities, and regions of the nation. So far, Garudaas has only two franchise outlets in its network.

Similarly, many great opportunities are vacant. For a franchise fee of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh, you can access the right to set up and launch a Garudaas franchise in India.

The amount needed for infrastructure investment ranges between Rs 50,000 and Rs 100,000, which is reasonable. However, the shop and store will be yours, but the business model will be Garudaas’.

Mayur Thalis Franchise – Best Restaurant Franchise to Buy

The top restaurant franchise brand of 2024, Mayur Thalis, is winning hearts through its Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines.

Mayur Thalis Franchise LogoThe restaurant chain was founded in 1974, but its franchise and distribution program began much later, in 2012.

You can acquire a Mayur Thalis franchise at an investment of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The floor area required to set up the franchise outlet is 300 square feet to 15 square feet.

The preferred areas are in the north. However, it would be even better if you were from the East or South.

Mayur Thalis, native Gujrati and Rajasthani delicacies, are famous in the nation’s west. Already, it has fewer outlets operating in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

When you submit your request to buy a Mayur Thalis franchise, you will be offered marketing support, ongoing operations support, promotion, and product support if you pass the due diligence process and meet the financial terms.

The brand is progressing gradually. But if you have ever tasted the delicious and royal flavors of Gujrat and Rajasthani delicacies, you can predict the outstanding growth pattern of the Company in the future.

The restaurant brand is gearing up to create monopolies in Gujarati and Rajasthani delicacies. In short, Mayur Thalis could be the best choice from an investment perspective.

Swaad Sagar Franchise – Top Restaurant Franchise to Buy

Swaad Sagar is well known for its authentic South Indian vegetarian delicacies. The restaurant brand has long mastered seducing eaters through its South Indian specialties.

Swaad Sagar Franchise LogoIn the list of top restaurant franchises in India, Swaad Sagar positions itself with pride. However, the overall business model of Swaad Sagar and its growth pattern is built around its distribution network.

The brand’s USP lies in its fast food chain, which is 100% natural and organically made. Swaad Sagar’s franchise business model includes fine dining, kiosk, and café options.

Aspiring members have the option to choose as per their budget and preferences.

While fine dining and café businesses require investments ranging from Rs 35 lakhs to Rs 65 lakhs or more, kiosk outlets can be established with an investment ranging from Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs.

The franchise partner must arrange the shop or unit area, except for the business model, for which special training and support are exclusively provided.

Along with these 10 restaurant franchise brands, there are few more that you can look into. These are high end brands but they are also growing very fast.

Bhagat Tarachand – Top Restaurant Franchise in India

Founded by Mr. Prakash Chawla in 1970, Bhagat Tarachand is a Top Restaurant Franchise in India. It has 10 outlets in Mumbai and investors can set up a business within a month.

Bhagat Tarachand started its franchise partnership in 1990 and currently, its franchise fee is ₹ 150,000, and the infrastructural investment required is between ₹ 1 crore and 2 crores.

Franchisee owners need to share 35% of the total revenue made with the franchisor, and they can retain the rest 65%.

Investors should have an area of 500 to 2500 square feet and 7 to 15 employees for getting a franchise of Bhagat Tarachand. The franchise outlet should have a kitchen area, sitting area, CCTV, internet facilities, AC, and home delivery services.

Barbeque Nation – Top 10 Restaurant Franchise in India

Barbeque Nation is the second name in the list of the Top 10 Restaurant Franchise in India. It was founded by Mr. Sajid Dhanani in 2006 and currently has over 138 outlets all over the nation.

Business owners need to pay ₹ 2 lakhs as a franchise fee and invest ₹ 1 crore to 2 crores in infrastructure to get a franchise of this restaurant for nine years.

This franchisor takes 35% of the total profit made from every franchisee owners.

The latter should have 15 to 20 employees and 4000 to 5000 square feet of area for setting up the restaurant.

Franchisee owners should also set up a kitchen area, AC, internet connectivity, and provide home delivery services.

Falafels – Best Restaurant Franchise to Invest

Falafels is a venture of Mouni Kalra and is one of the Best Restaurant Franchise to Invest in. It was established in 2008 in Bangalore with 20 outlets across the nation at present.

Investors can get the franchise of this restaurant for five years by paying the franchise fees of ₹ 3 lacs. The infrastructure investment needed is between ₹ 20 lacs to ₹ 30 lacs.

Franchisee owners need to share 8% of the total revenue with Falafels. They should have an area of 100-500 sq. ft. and 3 to 4 employees.

Other compulsory requirements are kitchen area, AC, internet facility, CCYV, sitting space, and delivery service.

Bighdey Nawab – Top Restaurant Franchise to Invest

Founded by Mr. Santosh Kulkarni in 2009, Bighdey Nawab is a Top Restaurant Franchise to Invest in.

It has less than 10 outlets across the nation, and investors can get a franchise for 5 years for a franchise fee of ₹ 4 lacs to 5 lacs.

The infrastructural investment required for this restaurant is between ₹ 13 lacs and ₹ 21 lacs.

This franchisor claims 5% of the total revenue from the franchise owners. Investors need to own an area of 250-500 sq. ft. and have around 5 staff members to get the franchise of Bighdey Nawab.

They should also have a sitting area, a kitchen unit, AC, internet facility, CCTV, and delivery service.

Café Basilico – Top 10 Restaurant Franchise to Invest

Café Basilico ranks sixth among the Top 10 Restaurant Franchise to Invest. It is a venture of Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia and also offers a master franchise model.

The franchise fee is ₹ 15 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved with this restaurant is around ₹ 1 crore.

This franchisor claims 5% of the total revenue earned from its franchisees. Investors can get the franchise if they own around 250-500 sq. ft. area and employee 3 to 8 staff members.

Kitchen space, sitting area, CCTV, internet, AC, and delivery service are mandatory.

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo – Best Restaurant Franchise to buy

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo is an Ahmedabad-based private restaurant founded in 2014. It is one of the Best Restaurant Franchise in buy at present.

Investors can get this franchise for 5 years by paying between ₹ 75 Lakhs. Further, for infrastructure investment, one may have to spend around ₹ 20 Lakhs to ₹ 30 Lakhs.

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo claims a 6% share of the total revenue made by its franchisees. This franchisor also provides a master franchisee model to its franchisees.

To set up this restaurant, franchisee owners should have an area of 200-600 sq. ft. and approx. 5 employees.

They should also have a kitchen unit, sitting space, air conditioner, CCTV, internet facilities, and delivery services.

Khana Khazana – Top Restaurant Franchise to buy

Khana Khazana was founded in 2000 by top chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor in Mumbai. It has around 110 to 120 outlets all over India.

Investors can get the franchise of this restaurant for two years by paying ₹ 1 lac to the franchisor, and the infrastructural investment needed is between ₹ 10 lacs and 15 lacs.

Presently, Khana Khazana is a Top Restaurant Franchise to buy as it is immensely popular with food lovers.

Franchisee owners need to share 5% of the total revenue with the franchisor. They require an area of 350 to 500 sq. ft. and 5-6 staff members for setting up this restaurant.

Other mandatory requirements include a kitchen area, sitting space, delivery service, CCTV, internet, and AC.

The Butter Chicken – Top 10 Restaurant Franchise to buy

Established in 1950, The Butter Chicken is among the Top 10 Restaurant Franchise to buy. It was founded by Mr. Kundan Lal Gujral and at present has over 30 outlets across the nation.

The franchise fee for this restaurant is ₹ 10 lacs, and the infrastructural investment required is between ₹ 20 lacs and 50 lacs.

Franchisee owners will have to share 5% of the revenue with the franchisor. They require a space of 400 to 500 sq. ft. and 30 employees to set up The Butter Chicken.

Besides these, franchisees should also have a kitchen area, sitting space, internet facility, CCTV, AC, and delivery service.

Bhojohori Manna – Best Restaurant Franchise

Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee founded Bhojohori Manna in 2003, and today, it is one of the Best Restaurant Franchise in India. It has 12 outlets across the nation that serves the delicacies of Bengal.

Investors can get this franchise by paying around ₹ 2 lacs as the franchise fee. They will have to invest ₹ 10 lacs to 15 lacs in the infrastructure.

Bhojohori Manna takes 35% of the total revenue made by the franchisees. The latter should have an area of 1000 to 2500 sq. ft. and 15 to 25 staff members.

Other compulsory requirements are a kitchen unit, AC, sitting space, CCTV, delivery service, and internet connectivity.

Best Restaurant Franchise in India – Conclusion

Finally, the review of the best restaurant franchise business model ends here. The biggest credit goes to their unique business model, in any case.

In this food-loving country, these franchise brands are scaling quickly because they serve delicious varieties and provide value to customers.

Therefore, your success after acquiring the franchise outlet of any of the brands listed above will depend on how well you adapt to their business model. However, to avoid confusion over veg or non-veg selection, first, analyze the local consumer.

FAQs on Best Restaurant Franchise in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Restaurant Franchise Business Opportunities –

What is a restaurant franchise?

A restaurant franchise is a network distribution for a restaurant brand in which you purchase the right to use a restaurant’s brand reputation and products to earn consistent profits.

The franchisor will only grant you a restaurant franchise if you meet certain requirements.

Which is the most successful restaurant franchise?

Sankalp Restaurant, Moti Mahal, and Shanghai Restaurant are the most successful restaurant franchises.

On one side, Sankalp and Moti Mahal restaurants have been covering a big market with a wider outlet network; on the other, Shanghai Restaurant is ruling people’s hearts with its tasty pan-Asian delicacies.

How do I start my restaurant franchise?

You can start your restaurant franchise by simply establishing your business model first.

Upon researching the market and deciding on a menu and ideal pricing, you can start marketing your brand to franchisee partners so that they come and connect to contribute to your distribution network.

Are restaurant franchises profitable?

Restaurant franchises are profitable, for sure. Unlike a traditional restaurant, you will be offered a well-established business model.

All you need is to put in the required investment into your business, and the franchisor will provide overall training.

What is the monthly income in the restaurant franchise business?

The monthly income in the food business has long been a topic of discussion. But one thing is certain it is enormous.

Most franchise businesses make Rs 2 lakhs per month, while some are Rs 10 lakhs and above.

Which is the most profitable Restaurant Franchise?

Any restaurant franchise with a well-established business model is profitable until it passes the regulation, standardizes its business chain, and, most notably, keeps its franchisee profitable.

If they are profitable, the overall distribution network will grow exponentially.

Which Franchise is best for Restaurant?

FOFO’s business model, Franchise Owned Franchise Outlets, is doing well in the restaurant niche.

But Business Format Franchise is still a winner as it is popular in fast food, restaurants, and retail business.

How much investment is required to start a Restaurant Franchise?

On average, the minimum investment required to start a restaurant franchise is Rs 5 lakhs.

The maximum can even cross Rs 1 crore, depending on your interest in purchasing a master franchise.

Which Restaurant Franchise is the cheapest in India?

If you are looking for the cheapest restaurant franchise, you can go with Garudaas – the restaurant brand asks for investment is Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakhs only.

Urban Singh is also offering the cheapest Franchise at Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs of investment.

Which is the Fastest growing Restaurant Franchise?

The two fastest-growing restaurant franchises are Sankalp Restaurant and Moti Mahal.

Both brands are growing on their well-diversified business models, and due to their stabilized images, more and more franchise partners are connecting with them.

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