Best Juice Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Lassi Franchise of 2024


This article will enlighten readers on the Best Juice & Lassi Franchise in India.

The rise of franchise ideas offering wholesome fast food and beverages has been encouraged by the movement toward a healthy lifestyle.

Franchises for juice and smoothie bars are also available. India has long been acknowledged as a major producer of juices due to the great variety of fruits that can be found there, including mangoes, grapes, papaya, apples, oranges, apricots, and bananas.

As a result, well-known global juice market giants and numerous local players are expanding their operations in India. The Juice & Smoothies Franchise sector is anticipated to produce the highest income in India.

Do you want to establish your own company there and work in its wealthy industry? If so, the following list will provide information about India’s top 10 Juice Franchises.

Best Lassi Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Juice Franchise Business Opportunity

Check out the list of Best Juice & Smoothie Franchise.

Si. No. Brands
1 Lassi Bae Franchise
2 Lassi Magic Franchise
3 Shake Busters Franchise
4 Drunken Monkey Franchise
5 Dessi Cuppa Franchise
6 Chhaswala Franchise
7 Rasna Buzz Franchise
8 Crazy Crush Franchise
9 Juice Lounge Franchise
10 Mukhwas Franchise

Juice bars are a great business option as they cater to a huge customer base. Many people avoid hard drinks and prefer juices and smoothies instead.

Best Juice Franchise in IndiaNumerous options for juice franchises are available to investors today. However, one should ensure to choose the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India that can help them earn a huge amount of revenue.

Business owners should study the requirements of all popular franchises to select the most feasible one among them.

Juices and Smoothies are no longer side beverages that people want to have once in a while. Nowadays, the health and the fitness-conscious public are ready to consume juice and smoothies once daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Professionals are looking forward to something that can help them be healthy and consists of fresh ingredients. Juices and smoothies quickly fit the setup and are readily available nearby too.

If you are looking forward to setting up your Juice & Smoothies Franchise, then you can look at the below-listed franchises and choose the one that is perfect for your budget.

The franchises listed below will help you make the right decision after knowing about the credentials related to the Top Juice Franchise Business in India.

Lassi Bae – Best Juice Franchise in India

One of the Best Juice Franchises in India, called Lassi Bae, specializes in serving amazing smoothies and juices.

Lassi Bae Franchise LogoThe company is owned by Mr. Varun Singh and was started in 2018. He entered the competitive food and beverage market to alter people’s opinions of smoothies and juices. In his journey, he got immense appreciation and success.

Trichy, where the company’s headquarters are located, saw the opening of the first store. Soon after it opened its doors for business, Lassi bae launched its first franchise site.

They currently have about 40 franchise locations spread across the entire country of India. Anyone can easily complete the processes needed to start a new Lassi Bae franchise store.

It would help if you invested at least twenty lakhs of rupees. The cost of the Franchise makes up about 500,000 rupees of this total. In a similar spirit, the sum that is still outstanding is what is regarded as the infrastructure investment.

You will be given five years of access to a franchise after making the required payment. You will also need to acquire a unit or shop to open the store.

The unit size may range from fifty to seven hundred fifty square feet, depending on the size of the Franchise you desire to operate.

Lassi Magic – Top Juice Franchise in India

Lassi Magic provides a wide range of high-quality fast drinks. In addition to lassi, they serve milkshakes, mocktails, faloodas, energy bowls, and much more.

Lassi Magic Franchise LogoThey even have hot badam milk on the menu. Sandwiches cooked at request, as well as hot chocolate fudge.

Lassi Magic’s research and development team constantly monitors the market while developing fresh concepts for trends and products.

Being at the number second in the Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India, Lassi Magic attracts a big crowd and serves delicious smoothies and juices.

The Franchise can provide you with ground-breaking returns on your investment because it has one of the highest revenue per square foot and is one of the models in the industry that is expanding at one of the fastest rates.

The bartenders at Lassi House can mix each cocktail in under a minute to ensure that consumers use the least amount of time and effort feasible. This helps maintain steady sales and increases customer satisfaction.

The franchise fees range from thirty to forty lakhs, and the commission sharing is 100%. Their marketing team constantly strives hard to deliver top-notch results in minimum time.

Their PR and design team works round the clock to make things feasible for the franchise owners and to reach far-flung areas.

Shake Busters – Best Smoothies Franchise in India

The main products offered by the Shake Busters franchise are juices and smoothies. It started in 2017 in Gurgaon.

Shake Busters Franchise LogoShrom Budhraja is the founder of the business. It offers both standard and master options for franchise arrangements.

A franchise typically lasts for four years. An acceptable profit-sharing ratio is 90:10 in this case.

Candidates for a Shake Busters franchise must be at least 24 years old and in good financial standing. You must also possess a business degree and the necessary work experience.

It is essential to have all required documentation, such as proof of identity and residence, a franchise agreement, GST certification, a NOC of the shop, etc.

The store must have enough inventory. The Shake Busters company is dedicated to offering its franchisees top-notch support and training. As a result, there is a significant chance that it will be prosperous.

The Shake Busters has an investment fee for the brand is about 8-10 lakh, and space is about 100-200 sq ft. Here the profit margin is about 30%, and the royalty charged is about 10,000 per month.

If you want to be part of the health-conscious industry and Smoothies Franchise Business in India, Shake buster is a feasible option to start your own business.

Drunken Monkey – Top Smoothie Franchise in India

Samrat Reddy launched the first Drunken Monkey location in February 2016, and it became successful immediately.

Drunken Monkey Franchise LogoIn addition to coffee and tea, the company’s founder thinks smoothies are an underutilized yet incredibly healthy beverage that has the potential to do wonders in the future.

The company’s motto is based on this conviction. The main reason for the enthusiastic response that Drunken Monkey has received from its clientele is the nutrient-dense smoothies offered.

The business also thinks giving each location a serene, nostalgic atmosphere is important. Customers are urged to spend less time on their phones and more time having meaningful conversations with people.

They provide a huge selection of sugar-free smoothies with a special focus on the health advantages of consuming them.

Customers can choose from more than 170 different types of smoothies at Drunken Monkey. Additionally, customers can choose the fruits they would like the shop to use in the smoothies.

Interested parties currently have only one choice for the Franchise model offered by Drunken Monkey. An initial investment of between 20 and 30 lakhs of Indian rupees is required to begin a Drunken Monkey franchise (INR).

A Drunken Monkey franchise requires a minimum initial investment of about 5 lakh Indian rupees. Every franchise site is required to give the brand an annual royalty payment of 6% of its total sales.

Be a part of the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise Business in India and start your business with Drunken Monkey.

Dessi Cuppa – Best Lassi Franchise in India

Dessi Cuppa, with its headquarters in Hyderabad, started operating in 2015. Its name, Dessi Cuppa, is a local term used for a cup of drink. Any cup of beverage is referred to as a “cuppa.”

Dessi Cuppa Franchise LogoDesi, which means “anything from our homeland,” is a term used by South Asians who reside worldwide to describe both themselves and the food they consume.

Their drinks are delicious, especially in summer, when various drinks are readily accessible to provide comfort from the oppressive heat.

Being one of the Top Juice & Smoothies Franchise Brands of 2024, the brand is penetrating fast Indian markets and opening new shops now and then.

The most popular items sold at Dessi Cuppa are lassi, shakes, smoothies, cold coffee, juice, crushers, ice cream, and other desserts.

For a Dessi Cuppa shop, the initial investment varies from 10 to 20 lakh Indian Rupees (INR). The franchise partner is expected to pay a royalty charge of 5% of their monthly gross income. Brand charges 1 lakh as their fees,

For retailers, the company provides a comprehensive solution. The setup includes blenders, containers, a work table, wall tiles, a display freezer, a storage freezer, menu drawings, signboard printing, and fixings.

Additionally, they offer suggestions and counsel on managing inventories and help with branding and marketing initiatives.

The business completes the execution of a standard franchise agreement. The first 5-year term of the franchise agreement is renewable once.

The sales are expected to reach Rs.3 lakhs each month. An estimated 35% profit margin is expected.

Exclusive geographic rights are given to a person who buys a unit franchise from the business.

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Chaaswala – Top Lassi Franchise in India

Savitaben initiated Chaaswala, one of the well-known dairy stores headquartered in Ahmedabad. The store is famous for serving dairy products like Chaas, curd, smoothies, milk, and juices.

Chhaswala Franchise LogoChaaswala was started in 2015, and the goal was to serve high-quality and reasonably-priced dairy drinks. This is the reason why the Franchise is quite popular among Indian customers.

Having the sixth spot in the Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise of 2024, the Chaaswala will successfully establish 200+ shops by 2022.

They have created an easy franchise procedure so applicants do not catch up with the complicated procedure and waste their time.

Anyone can purchase the Chaaswala franchise and choose among the two franchise models, i.e., FICO (franchisee-invested and company-operated) or FOFO (franchisee-owned and Franchise operated).

For the FICO, the franchise model will be priced at 70-90 lakhs, and the company will handle all the business-related activities. For the FOFO franchise model, the pricing ranges between 15-16 lakhs.

Also, the Franchise offers various unit owners a great return on investment and makes it a great prospect.

Rasna Buzz – Best Juice Franchise to Invest

Rasna Buzz is one of the establishments that is best known for being a mocktail bar and appeals to people of all age groups.

Rasna buzz Franchise LogoThe shop’s ambiance is such that people from all backgrounds feel welcome and nostalgic. The menu also comprised regional specialties for the customers.

The company’s “take a sip” tagline is a creative concept focusing on lifestyle coffees and mocktails.

Flaring, shaking, and swirling the drinks in front of clients creates excitement, and people like to taste and order these different kinds of juices and smoothies.

Having the seventh spot in the List of Juice & Smoothies Franchise Businesses, the Rasna Buzz is reaching out to far-flung areas and establishing its stores.

To open your own Rasna Buzz franchise, the price ranges from 15-20 lakhs per the business model rough estimation. Also, the service tax is accounted for at four lakhs.

To open the Franchise, the space required is 100 sq ft, and the franchise charges about 5% of royalty on sale.

Location plays a major role along with the quality of food and services, making any franchise a huge success.

Undoubtedly Rasna is the love of every child as they can associate their childhood with the drink, and now they do not need to wait as their nearby Rasna Buzz is serving their favorite drinks in varied flavors.

Crazy Crush – Top Juice Franchise to Invest

Starting in 2016, Crazy Crush is one of the most visited brands for Juice and Smoothies. They have their headquarters in Gujarat and host a big range of beverages in their store.

Crazy Crush Franchise LogoDhruv Sojitra started Crazy Crush from Ahmedabad and has established more than 20 stores around the country.

The company offers more than five years of franchise tenure to the new owners, and its huge variety of menus for juices and smoothies has something to offer everyone.

The franchise fees for setting up the store range from 10-12 lakhs and require 200 sq ft of space.

Juice & Smoothies, Franchise Business Comparison with other brands makes Crazy Crush a superior brand with a great foundation of quality-based juices and smoothies.

Crazy crush provides all necessary support in establishing new businesses in new cities and has been quite successful wherever they have been.

In the upcoming year, they plan to spread out in new cities and expand their business line.

Juice Lounge – Best Juice Franchise

Juice Lounge offers a creative, strong, and great retailing strategy for healthy beverages.

Juice Lounge Franchise LogoPeople nowadays have become quite health-conscious, and there is a growing requirement for healthier alternatives to fast food and sugar-based drinks.

Their menu consists of super boosters especially customized for sports and fitness enthusiasts. After Covid-19, their sales have grown by more than 20%.

As they are a part of the Best Juice Franchise in India, their enthusiasm and high-quality offering will help them spread their word in different states and cities.

The Juice Lounge is one of the best franchises, offering a big, nourishing, wholesome, and delicious menu.

The Juice Lounge was started in 2005 and is one of the first chains for healthy Juice bars. They are present in 50 cities in India and have also penetrated six nations abroad.

The company was founded by Mrs. Niti Agrawal and Mr. Manav Shital, and the family manages the entire business.

Juice Lounge always looks upon the location before granting franchise rights to the owners.

Mukhwas – Top Smoothie Franchise

Best known for its finest Juice and Smoothies, Mukhwas is one of the premium brands serving people.

Mukhwas Franchise LogoThey offer a huge range of juices and Smoothies and cater to all age groups by serving health-conscious drinks per their requirement.

Founded in 2018 and its headquarters in Ghaziabad, Mukhwas has already established ten outlets throughout the country.

Founded by Shalabh Chakravarti, Mukhwas serves as a store for offering innovative drinks and franchises to budding entrepreneurs.

The company offers two types of franchises. One of them is the master franchise, which allows an investment of 30-40 lakhs, and the other basic one requires 4-5 lakhs of investment to start through.

The key difference between the models is the sharing of the royalty percentages. The franchise tenure is about six years, and it took 30 days to set up a store.

If you are looking forward to establishing your Mukhwas Franchise, contact them for the documentation, fees, and other credentials to start asap.

Being at the last stop for Top Smoothie Franchise in India, Mukhwas is aiming high and aspires to climb high with time.

Along with these 10 amazing Juice brands, there are few popular Juice Franchise available below.

You can check them aswell, they are also providing franchise but to limited locations.

Cleanse High – Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India

Cleanse High is the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India and holds the top-most rank on this list of franchises.

It is a venture of Hyderabad-based entrepreneur Sindura Borra who started the first outlet in 2013. Currently, this juice bar has many outlets across the nation.

It also has a master franchise model. The investors can get the franchise by paying a one-time fee of ₹ 2 lacs to 4 lacs. The infrastructural investment ranges between ₹ 10 lacs and 20 lacs.

This franchisor claims revenue of 5% from the franchisee. Investors should own or rent an area of 250 to 500 sq. ft. and employ around 5 staff members to operate this juice bar.

Kitchen, AC, CCTV, internet connectivity and home delivery services are mandatory.

The London Shakes – Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India

The London Shakes is counted among the Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India. Ankit Jain founded this juice bar in 2009, and the first outlet was opened in Indore.

Presently, The London Shakes has over 230 franchise outlets all over the country. Investors will have to pay a one-time franchise fee of ₹ 3 lacs to get this franchise for a lifetime.

The infrastructural investment involved is 8 lacs. The franchisor takes 5% of the revenue earned by each franchisee.

Area for this juice station should be at least 150 sq. ft. and have around 3 staff members.

The London Shakes outlets should mandatorily have kitchen, CCTV, AC, internet connection, and home delivery services.

Juclear – Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise to Invest

Set up in 2018, Juclear is one of the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise to Invest in. It is only three-years old but has almost 10 franchise outlets.

Prudhvi Thatini and Kranthi Kumar Pasupuleti founded this juice bar, and it has the head office in Hyderabad.

The one-time franchise fee is ₹ 2 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 5 lacs and 10 lacs.

Juclear claims 5% of the total revenue from its franchise outlets. The juice bar can be opened in a small area of 80 to 200 sq. ft. with around 1 to 2 employees.

AC, CCTV, Internet connection, cooking space, and home delivery services are compulsory to run this franchise.

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Lassi Shop – Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise to Invest

Lassi Shop was founded by Abdul Kareem and Khaleel Ulla in 1986. It is the sixth rank holder among the Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise to Invest in.

This juice bar has over 500 franchise outlets across the nation. The franchisor offers a franchise for 3 to 5 years for a one-time fee of ₹ 2 lacs to 4 lacs.

Lassi Shop attracts an infrastructural investment of ₹ 10 lacs to 20 lacs. Franchisee will have to share 5% of the total revenue with the franchisor.

The former should own or rent an area of 150 to 200 sq. ft. and employ around 2 to 3 staff members to run a franchise outlet.

These outlets should mandatorily have a kitchen, AC, CCTV, home delivery services, and internet connection.

P:YO The Micro Juicery – Best Juice Franchise to buy

P:YO The Micro Juicery is one of the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise in buy. It was founded in 2018 by a Gurugram-based entrepreneur and presently has almost 10 outlets all over India.

Investors can get this franchise for 5 years by paying a one-time fee of ₹ 3 lacs. They will also have to invest around 10 lacs to 20 lacs to set up the infrastructure.

A franchise outlet of P:YO The Micro Juicery has to share 5% of its revenue with the franchisor.

This juice bar can be opened in an area of 250 to 300 sq. ft. with around 4 staff members.

Franchise owners have to maintain a kitchen, AC, CCTV, and an internet connection and provide home delivery services.

Smoothie Factory – Top Smoothies Franchise to buy

Smoothie Factory is a popular smoothie joint and is one of the Top Juice & Smoothies Franchise to buy. It was founded by James Villasana in 2013 and currently has around 10 outlets across India.

Investors can get the franchise of this smoothie shop for 5 years for a one-time fee of ₹ 5 lacs. They will also have to invest ₹ 10 lacs to 20 lacs for infrastructural purposes.

The franchisor takes 5% of the total revenue made by each franchise outlet. Business owners require an area of 800 to 1000 sq. ft. and about 8 employees to run this smoothie joint.

A franchise outlet should provide home delivery services and have a kitchen, CCTV, AC, and internet facility.

Thick Shake Factory – Top 10 Juice Franchise to buy

Hyderabad-based business owner Mr.Yeshwanth Nag Mocherla founded Thick Shake Factory in 2013.

It is counted among the Top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise to buy with over 57 outlets across the nation.

Investors will have to pay a one-time fee of ₹ 2.6 lacs to get this franchise for 5 years. The infrastructural investment required is ₹ 25 lacs to 30 lacs.

The Thick Shake Factory franchisor claims 5% of its franchisee’s revenue. This juice and smoothie joint can be opened in an area of 200 to 400 sq. ft. with around 4 staff members.

Other requirements include a kitchen, AC, CCTV, internet connection, and home delivery services.

Juice Bars – Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise

Juice Bars is one of the Best Juice & Smoothies Franchise with more than 55 outlets in different cities.

Manav Shital and Niti Agrawal founded this joint in 2005 with the first outlet in New Delhi. It has a master franchise model and offers franchise for 3 years for a one-time fee of ₹ 3 lacs.

Additionally, business owners have to invest ₹ 5 lacs to 10 lacs to set up the infrastructure of this juice shop.

The franchisor takes a 4% share of the total revenue of the franchisees. A franchise outlet should be of area between 80 and 500 sq. ft. and have 1 to 3 staff members.

It should also have a kitchen, AC, CCTV, internet connection, and home delivery services.

Best Juice & Smoothie Franchise – Conclusion

Juice and smoothie joints have garnered immense popularity in the past few years.

Today, people are more inclined towards these joints as they maintain proper hygiene, unlike roadside juice stalls.

This article has highlighted numerous vital details related to the top 10 Juice & Smoothies Franchise to buy.

Investors can also check the detailed franchise requirement and support from each of these brands – this will help them take a better decision.

Hope this will help them in choosing the best Juice & Smoothies Franchise in India.

FAQs on Best Juice Franchise in India

Check out some of the most searched queries on Best Lassi Franchise Business.

What is the Juice & Smoothies Franchise?

A Juice & Smoothies Franchise is a business model that attracts clients to serve Juice & Smoothies.

The Franchise is known for paying loyalties on serving various varieties. Also, they had to submit the initial payment for working under the brand’s name.

Which is the most successful Lassi franchise?

Lassi bae, Lassi Magic, and Shake busters are some known franchises for Juice & Smoothies. They offer a wide variety and are quite famous among their customers.

How do I start my Juice & Smoothies Franchise?

You can start your Juice & Smoothies franchises by making your business model. Once you have sorted out your priorities, you can look for franchises suitable for your location and interest.

Is Juice franchise profitable?

Of Course, Juice & Smoothies are quite profitable. Nowadays, everyone looks for a liquid diet due to obesity issues.

In this scenario, the Juice & Smoothies franchise has emerged as one of the most profitable business scenarios for business owners.

How much money does a Juice & Smoothies owner make each month?

A Juice & Smoothies owner can make money depending on where he started his business.

If it is a place where there is too much rush or corporate house, the business can pick up easily. The owner can make a lakh-2 lakh easily every month.

Which is the most profitable Juice & Smoothies franchise?

It is hard to say which Juice & Smoothies franchise is more profitable than others. But in case you could penetrate the market and offer quality-based drinks to people.

They will love to visit you again and again and order from your store.

Which Franchise is best for Smoothies?

A franchise with a reputed name and a robust business model is best for the investors. Initially, the investment is high on maintenance, infrastructure, franchise fee, and staff salary.

But it will be good if you have routine customers and people start loving your creations. Set up your priorities before laying your hands on any franchise.

How much investment is required to start a Juice franchise?

The minimum investment required to start a Juice & Smoothies franchise is Rs 10 lakhs crores, and the maximum is Rs 80 lakhs or above.

Which is the fastest-growing lassi franchise?

Lassi Bae and Lassi Magic are the two fastest-growing franchises in Juice & Smoothies businesses. Both of them started not so long ago. But they are creating huge waves in the market.

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