Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Cloud Kitchen Franchise of 2024


Post-pandemic, the food industry is split into two. Some companies are still struggling for survival, and some have switched to tech-enabled networks and are profitable since the global lockdown.

Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in IndiaWe are talking about cloud kitchens modernizing the culture of how a restaurant sells and a consumer purchases a food item. The Indian cloud kitchen market is set to become a $2 billion business empire by 2024.

After all, the spurt in interest in the cloud kitchen business model has led to the launch of some of the Best cloud kitchen franchises across India.

This means investors afraid of parking their money in the food market have an excuse to rethink the decision.

When some notable Cloud Kitchen Franchises in India are rising, it makes sense to tap into the market segment. What are the best franchises in terms of investment? Take a look:

Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India – Top 10 Cloud Kitchen Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Dark Kitchen Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Faasos Franchise
2 WarmOven Franchise
3 Rolls Bowls Franchise
4 The Rolling Plate Franchise
5 Urban Singh Franchise
6 Vidli Cloud Kitchen Franchise
7 Kouzina Franchise
8 Gobblers Cloud Kitchen Franchise
9 Urban Vada Pav Franchise
10 Mr. Shawarma Franchise

We have compiled some of the best cloud kitchen franchise businesses in this list based on certain factors. The No.1 is their taste in food, mostly handled by chefs or cooks.

Company’s overall growth profile and, most notably, the food menu in which they want to progress. Though, most brands still need their menu item and operate as a conglomerate via multiple brands.

The revenue and investment expectations for the Cloud Kitchen franchise are also considered.

Compared to most others, these brands carry so much that it fits your plan for cloud kitchen investments. So, without further ado, let’s review them one by one.

Faasos – Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India

Launched in 2011, Faasos is one of the most successful online food ordering companies. Some folks call it the “Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India.” The company is run and managed by its founders, Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee.

Faasos Franchise LogoJaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee are the faces behind Rebel Foods, a cloud kitchen brand and the parent organization of FAASOS.

Rebel Foods operates 11 subsidiaries, including Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, and Oven Story. In 2022, the company generated Rs.800 crores in revenue, with more to come.

Through its subsidiary Faasos, Rebel provides food delivery, e.g., wraps, meals, and bowls, that are heavily enjoyed by millennials nowadays. Similarly, other brands of the Rebel specialize in the delivery of different food items.

Alone Faasos has over 160 kitchen outlets and is preparing to extend the chain further. Given the rising popularity of cloud kitchen businesses, if you are also ambitious to join Faasos, consider a few things.

The first is a unit or shop area of at least 500-800 square feet. A Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh infrastructure investment is also required.

In terms of benefits, the partner will receive a 95% commission or revenue sharing.

WarmOven – Top Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India

Another big name in the cloud kitchen territory that topped the list of the best birthday cake suppliers is WarmOven.

Warmoven Franchise LogoThe company brings innovation to the traditional kitchen cake supply business model. Not only cake supplies but other bakery and confectionary items from the company are equally popular.

Set up in 2019, WarmOven has become Bangalore’s most popular cake supplier.

With over 1.5 million timely deliveries of cakes and tonnes of good varieties at different price ranges, the brand is continuing to build a remarkable place in the industry.

Among the Top 10 Cloud Kitchen Franchises, WarmOven has an evergreen business model because birthdays are non-stop.

To date, the company caters to the dynamic needs of customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mangalore, and Chennai. It is about to extend its network to different cities in the country.

With its master franchise model, the company is all set to spread all over India. And luckily, it’s still on the radar of people interested in the business model.

At a mere Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh of investment capital, you can secure 80% to 90% of revenue generated through the franchisee.

Besides the minimum investment, a shop or unit area of 750–1000 sq ft will also be required.

Rolls & Bowls – Top 10 Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India

With ready-to-eat and convenient food items on the menu, Rolls & Bowls is not far from receiving praise for its innovative business model. The brand sells and provides online deliveries of rolls and bowls in a variety of culinary styles.

Rolls & Bowls Franchise LogoThe catchy branding activities and innovative product signal the success of Rolls & Bowls in the upcoming years.

It can be one of India’s most demanded Cloud Kitchen Franchise Businesses. The brand targets an urban lifestyle where people seek an instant eating alternative to save time.

The secret to Rolls & Bowls’ growing popularity is its home-style veg and spicy rolls. Bowls with rice and curries are served like a typical Indian meal. The company is also young enough.

Rolls & Bowls was founded by Archit Bhandula in 2019 and is gearing up to spread nationwide. The company currently has only 75 outlets, and its head office is in Indore.

Since Rolls & Bowls is in its early growth days, the company is offering 100% revenue sharing to aspiring, ambitious people to become Rolls & Bowls’ partners.

But to acquire the franchise, the partner must make an infrastructure investment of Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh.

However, master franchises with revenue sharing ranging from 80% to 90% are available. But it will invite a whopping Rs 20 lakh to Rs 30 lakh minimum investment.

The Rolling Plate – Best Dark Kitchen Franchise to Invest

The Rolling Plate is a great example of a cloud kitchen business model. The reason behind the company’s continuous progress lies in its heavy reliance on technology and AIs.

The Rolling Plate Franchise LogoThe rolling plate isn’t an independently operating restaurant with a delivery-only system. Instead, it’s an initiative to provide local food businesses with a unique identity and branding benefit.

The company either opens its kitchen or allots existing food shops to its delivery boys. In short, it offers existing local food firms to join and become its franchise.

It is called innovative because no rental hassles or monthly expenses are associated with running a franchise. Only higher margins!

The company’s active support for marketing and scaling strategies is also appreciable. Because of all these good reasons, it gets the status of the best virtual kitchen franchise business in India.

The company’s overall growth profile depends entirely on its franchise. The Rolling Plate business model focuses on collective and collaborative growth. To summarize the figures on how much you make, it’s 90% of revenue sharing.

Individuals who do not own a food business must invest between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 8 lakh in infrastructure.

The company is accepting franchise partners from all over India. The head office of the company sits in Delhi.

Urban Singh – Top Dark Kitchen Franchise to Invest

Punjabi cuisine is always popular. People who eat much food live in India. Keeping this culture in mind, Urban Singh is progressing slowly but effectively in the Indian food industry.

Urban Singh Franchise LogoUrban Singh’s primary line of business is a typical restaurant. However, little information is available about how Urban Singh will scale its business or its business strategy.

But one thing is certain: Urban Singh will likely be the top dark kitchen franchise brand in 2024. The company was established in 2019 and has registered a domain name but has not made it public.

The private company, headquartered in Indore, currently manages its business foundation with only 35+ outlets. A master franchise is also available for a lifetime to early joiners.

The company was founded in 2019 and is still in its growth stage. The brand’s ask is Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for the franchise fee or investment. For the master franchise, the company’s asking price is Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh respectively.

A 400-500 square foot additional arrangement is also required. But the good news is that revenue sharing is set at 80% to 90%.

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Vidli Cloud Kitchen – Top 10 Virtual Kitchen Franchise to Invest

Video Cloud Kitchen is a subsidiary of Vidli Group. Among the top 10 cloud kitchen franchises of 2024, this company carries all the great possibilities needed to lead the future of the food industry.

Vidli Cloud Kitchen Franchise LogoBeing a cloud kitchen platform, the company has diversified brands. Some brands under the Vidli umbrella include Vah Malvan, Vah Maratha, Urban Dhaba, Kung Food, Vidli Vada, and Akbar’s Royal Mughal Kitchen.

However, these are only a few good names; the company has even more brands in its chain that keep adding more to the revenue and growth figures of Video Cloud Kitchen.

Anybody can start a business venture with Video Cloud Kitchen for an infrastructure investment of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.

A 200 to the 400-square-foot unit or shop area is also required. The investment will make you a Vidli Cloud Kitchen franchise partner. If we talk about the revenue figure, it approximates 90% of what you make from the franchise.

It is entirely up to you to create a distinctive brand for yourself. The company will provide you with marketing and delivery fleet facilities and other helpful sources to grow exponentially.

Founded in 2007, today’s Video Cloud Kitchen franchise outlets have grown to more than 50.

Kouzina – Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise to buy

With multiple attractive food brands in its chain, Kouzina Food Tech sets a great example of how the cloud kitchen business model operates.

Kouzina Franchise LogoThe company has over 500 virtual restaurants, with 80 cloud-delivered kitchens actively operational in 24 cities.

Kouzina’s head office is in Bangalore, where it oversees its business model and segments with tech-powered tools and solutions.

The company launched in 2013 with only a few partners. In 2018, the company opened its tenth location in Bangalore.

Stepped outside the kitchen and acquired KaatiZone, which directs the venture’s business model toward a cloud kitchen.

With the support of seed funding from global entrepreneurs, Kouzina finally made an appearance. Warm Oven, Indiana Burgers, Slurpy Shaker, Cupcake Bliss, Sunday every day, Burger UP, Dessert Zone, Momo Zone, and other premium food brands have been developed by the company.

In the list of cloud kitchen franchise businesses, Kouzina has established itself pretty well. Kouzina franchises can be purchased for between Rs.2 lakh and Rs.5 lakhs.

But it’s worth mentioning that the investment will provide you direct exposure to 80%–90% of revenue sharing.

It means the franchisor will keep only 10% to 20% of your profit. However, a shop area of 750–1000 sq. The foot is a must.

Gobbler’s Cloud Kitchen – Top Cloud Kitchen Franchise to buy

Gobblers’ Cloud Kitchen is the parent organization of Rolls & Bowls. But understand. Rolls & Bowls is an independently operated company by Gobblers.

Gobblers Cloud Kitchen Franchise LogoThe company is still progressive, aiming to launch more business units with a great network of franchise partners. The cloud kitchen franchise business comparison is relatively rough for now.

Its maximum revenue seems to come from its subsidiary, Rolls & Bowls, which is still profitable. Already, the company has over 53 outlets all over India.

The company was founded in 2019 with a head office in Indore. You can also join the company for Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh in investment and become a franchisee.

The partnership will provide direct exposure to 90% to 100% commission. The franchisor keeps only 1% or 10% of the revenue you generate from the franchise.

The company provides you with pre-launch support, a training program, a menu for all seasons, and marketing and branding support as soon as you enter into a partnership with Gobblers’ Cloud Kitchen.

You will be warmly welcomed if you want to be a special investor in the company or want to enter a co-partnership.

Urban Vada Pav – Top 10 Cloud Kitchen Franchise to buy

The Urban Vada Pav franchise can be the best cloud kitchen franchise in India, mainly for Mumbaikars or Maharashtrians.

Urban Vada Pav Franchise LogoThe company’s specialty comprises snacks and heavy food items, of which Vada Pav is the most famous.

This specific food category also drives the brand’s identity. But in addition to that, its culinary range includes wraps, sandwiches, and crispy nuggets as well.

Urban Vada Pav lacks flexibility in food items and brand selection compared to other cloud kitchens. Still, you can spot dazzling growth potential in the franchise offered by Urban Vada Pav.

Thanks to the proactive support provided by the founders and team members. All franchise partners are assisted in identifying an ideal location to start a business. The assistance even covers management training, staff training, and recruitment activities.

More benefits are provided to prospective employees with 15-Day In-House Cook Support. It will even cover the regular supply of raw materials and packaging materials.

The company will make available the required tools and equipment and provide the requisite system software for pre- and post-launch support.

The best thing is that it will take as little as Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh to get started as a franchise of Urban Vada Pav.

The partnership will earn you a commission of 90% to 100% on the total revenue you generate for the company.

Mr. Shawarma – Best Virtual Kitchen Franchise in 2024

Another excellent option is Mr. Shawarma, India’s top virtual kitchen franchise. The brand must be your first choice if you want to start a business venture in the non-vegetarian category.

Mr. Shawarma Franchise LogoThe way the company has finely selected its menu items deserves much praise. It is fuss-free, so order placement is quite easy for customers.

The customer can begin with a base selection, a topping selection, or a selection for additional meals with the feast.

In short, customers will be creating custom shawarma, which makes the brand one of a kind in the territory.

And the best thing is that the company also provides others with the advantages of this unique business model. Become one of Mr. Shawarma’s franchise partners with an investment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

A shop or unit area of 200–600 sq ft will also be required to cater to customers’ dynamic requirements per Mr. Shawarma’s standards.

Talking about the profit, the franchisor will keep only 10% of what you make from the franchise.

Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The best Cloud Kitchen franchise alternatives list ends here, but not your journey. It is the starting line, so choose your favorite franchise in which you find vast potential and go ahead.

Bear in mind that each franchise has a particular ask for investment. Consider noting it in your calendar and integrating it into your budget.

Start only when you can afford it, and carry enough confidence and patience that you will make it a big success.

FAQs on Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise

Check out various FAQs on Best Cloud Kitchen Franchise Business in India here –

What is the Cloud Kitchen Franchise?

A “cloud kitchen” is a business model in which one company operates multiple food brands through a tech-enabled network.

Similarly, a cloud kitchen franchise is how these companies make this network and its extension possible.

Which is the most successful Cloud Kitchen franchise?

The numbers are huge, but some notable covers are Faasos, Sweet Truth, and Gobblers. Gobblers are the most appropriate example, having built many successful food brands under its umbrella.

How do I start my Cloud Kitchen franchise?

You can either start your cloud kitchen with tech adoption and digitalizing your food business’s ecosystem or buy a cloud kitchen franchise and benefit from a pre-established business model.

Are Cloud Kitchen franchises profitable?

Of course, they are. Post-pandemic, cloud kitchens are the future of the restaurant industry. They are growing at a CAGR of 22% per year.

Hence, diving and positioning yourself in the industry from today on is worthwhile.

What is the monthly income of the Cloud Kitchen franchise business?

Well, it is always uncertain. Cloud Kitchen’s franchise business normally works around 80% to 100% revenue sharing with the partner.

Similarly, the monthly income can vary from zero to lakhs to crores, depending on how successfully a business runs.

Which is the most profitable Cloud Kitchen franchise?

The most profitable cloud kitchen franchise is always in high demand. Its menu must be evergreen and shouldn’t be seasonal.

Quick-bite foods, such as rolls, wraps, and sandwiches, are always popular in this kitchen. There are multiple reasons to support this statement.

Which franchise is best for Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud kitchen companies always look for partners willing to trust their business model and fearlessly invest. Hence, such franchises are always best for them.

How much investment is required to start a Cloud Kitchen franchise?

Normally, a franchise can be purchased for Rs 2 lakh. However, depending on the company’s business model, it usually requires more than Rs 10 lakhs of investment.

Which is the fastest-growing Cloud Kitchen franchise?

Faasos and Gobblers are one of the fastest-growing cloud kitchen franchises in India. The rolling plate business model is also growing in popularity for its low investment and high margin.

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