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It is fairly tough for any outsider dessert to build a place on the Indian plates, which have long been prioritized for local Indian “Mithais or Sweets.”

Best Waffle Franchise in IndiaIndians have grown up eating Barfi, Ladoos, and Gulab Jamun. But with the exposure to foreign cultures, pastries, ice cream, and most notably, “waffles” are disrupting this tradition.

The sweet, light, and crunchy waffles have influenced millennials more over the past few years. This resulted in higher odds of winning for waffle franchises in India.

Warm and crunchy waffles have risen in demand, and buying the best waffle franchise makes sense. What are the top options? Read on.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Indian waffle franchises doing pretty well in this industry.

Best Waffle Franchise in India – Top 10 Waffle Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Waffle Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Belgian Street Franchise
2 Belgian Waffles Franchise
3 Waffle House Franchise
4 Waffle Point Franchise
5 Great Britian Waffle Franchise
6 Waffle Stories Franchise
7 The Waffle Co. Franchise
8 Belgian Waffle love Franchise
9 Waffle Express Franchise
10 Waffle Cart Franchise

After carefully researching the best option in the market, we have finally ended up with the best waffle franchise ready to be added to the list.

Each of these waffle businesses is doing well in the food sector. Most are operating as a café or restaurants, while others are forming their own unique identity by simply serving basic waffles.

But you can make selections as per your budget and areas of interest. Finding the best waffle franchise business is hard nowadays due to fierce competition.

However, the names above are one step ahead of the rest. Most brands already have a chain of outlets operating across the nation. So without further ado, let’s scout your best option.

The Belgian Street – Best Waffle Franchise in India

The Belgian Street, with its exquisite variety of waffles, is one of those hardworking businesses that has found success in these non-Indian delicacies.

The Belgian Street Franchise LogoThe brand gained fame for its premium-quality waffles served at relatively pocket-friendly pricing. Besides its principal food item, The Belgian Street even sells flavored cocktails, drinks, and different snacks to bring more sales into the business.

Set up in 2017, the company’s head office is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Belgian Street has six franchises, with more on the way.

You can also partner with The Belgian Street with an investment of Rs. 10–Rs. 15 lakh. A franchisee fee of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh are charged extra.

However, the brand does offer commissions and revenue sharing of approximately 90% to 100%. The profit margin for the business is 60%–65.

If you cannot afford such a large investment, you can begin with a 50-80 sq. ft. food cart and 100-150 sq. ft. of kitchen space at the kiosk. For all these reasons, Belgian Street is entitled to the title of “best waffle franchise in India.”

The franchise will manage social media presence and marketing tasks per its local market vision. Moreover, every franchise partner will provide active support and training in person.

Belgian Waffles – Top Waffle Franchise in India

Belgian Waffles is a flourishing company in the nation’s dessert market, with a franchise outlet network of over 350. The company has a track record of selling 45,500+ waffles daily.

Belgian Waffles Franchise LogoThis shows the rising popularity of Belgian waffles in India. The list of awards the brand has earned for its achievements is equal to the size of its network across the country.

A big credit goes to the wider variety; different flavors fused well with crunchy and juicy waffles, ruling the hearts of millennials the most.

As the top 10 waffle franchise, the brand serves some of the most popular delicacies, such as honey butter, strawberry, and almond choco waffles, in its classic category.

The chocolate variety of wafers caters to the emotional hunger of chocolate lovers. Apart from these, the brand has also launched some experimental dishes.

For example, the most notable is waffle cakes, beverages, and ice cream. The company was set up in 2015 and actively accepts franchise partners to support its business model. At an investment of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, you can partner with Belgian Waffles.

With this partnership, you will gain 95% of the commission exposure. You can also start with a kiosk (mall) for as little as Rs 8.5 lakhs.

Waffle House – Top 10 Waffle Franchise in India

Originally, Waffle House was an American restaurant chain with more than 2100 locations worldwide. Set up in 1955, the company has scaled itself to become a multinational corporation today.

Waffle House Franchise LogoThe brand featured in the Indian market in 2014 and has its head office in India; it is available in Mumbai.

Later in 2017, it commenced its franchise program. So far, the brand has scaled itself to over 25 franchise outlets in India.

But it is accepting applications from all over India as well. So feel free to acquire a Waffle House franchise regardless of which city you come from.

As the waffle franchise business in India is mushrooming, foreign companies are also witnessing a boom in their overall sales and revenue figures.

With an infrastructure investment of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, you can also acquire a Waffle House franchise in your city.

Waffle House’s revenue sharing with its franchise partner is 95%. When it comes to its catering, Waffle House follows a diverse business model.

It is a restaurant that draws sales from its waffle specialization. But apart from that, company catering also includes breakfast items, lunch cuisine, and dinner cuisine.

In short, by acquiring this franchise, you will benefit from the collective sales of other menu items served by Waffle House.

Waffle Point – Best Waffle Franchise to Invest

With a simple business plan, Waffle Point is also not far from positioning itself among India’s best waffle franchise businesses. Set up in 2017, Waffle Point’s top menu item is the Waffle itself.

Waffle Point Franchise LogoThe company produces a variety of basic waffle cuisines that are widely enjoyed by folks at the restaurant. So far, the company has over ten franchise outlets near its Bangalore headquarters.

Most people are familiar with the Waffle Point name in Bangalore. But the brand and its delicious cuisines still need to be discovered by people in other cities.

This increases the franchise’s chances of success. If we talk about the main highlights of the franchise, you can start the franchise for Rs 7 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. The initiative will also require a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh respectively.

How much can you make? It depends more on your proficiency. The franchisor keeps only 10% of the profits; this leaves 90% of the total revenue to the franchise.

Anybody from all over India can join the franchise, and the franchisor will offer complete support. A shop or unit area of 200 to 500 square feet will also be needed for the franchise set-up.

Great Britain Waffle – Top Waffle Franchise to Invest

Great British Waffle is a nice catch if you want a brand representing foreign cultures. The signature menu item of the brand features European essence, which is the key retention factor for customers at The Great British Waffle Store.

Great Britian Waffle Franchise LogoThe top menu items served at this top waffle franchise brand in 2024 are waffles, waffle cakes, mini pancakes, hot beverages, and cold beverages.

The company has only sweet food items on its menu, so it relies on something other than the product-to-consumer business model. It even serves events and functions seeking catering facilities that want waffles specifically.

Because the Great Britain Waffle was only established in 2022, you may need clarification on its overall credibility. But we must remember that the company has built more than five franchise outlets within a year despite being new.

The company’s strong business model and attractive menu can be the reason. In short, you can trust Great British Waffle for its business model and sustainable growth.

If you can afford an investment of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh, the brand will accept you as a franchise partner.

There may be a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh or Rs 3 lakh. But the business deal will provide you with 90% revenue sharing, which is fairly noteworthy.

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Waffle Stories – Top 10 Waffle Franchise to Invest

Mini waffles, large waffles, and average-sized waffles, coupled with tonnes of sweet and sour flavors, are a unique specialty of Waffle Stories.

Waffle Stories Franchise LogoIn the list of the top 10 waffle franchises of 2024, Waffle Stories deserves the best introduction for its waffles because they have been customized and experimented with by the brand.

Its outlets are undoubtedly kids’ favorites. The brand even produces and supplies awesome treats for events like Valentine’s Day or random functions. Waffle Stories even claims zero waste of food items.

2014 is the founding year of Waffle Stories, and ever since then, it has extended its business chain to over ten franchise outlets.

Anyone interested in Waffle Stories’ sweet and delicious products can purchase a franchise for around Rs 10 to Rs 12 lakh in infrastructure.

As you join the company and acquire its franchise, you gain exposure to end-to-end franchisor support.

However, compared to other brands, you learn the overall business model of Waffle Stories through quick training.

After a short learning curve, you can launch the franchise in your city and start making profits in the lakhs from day one.

The franchise partner gets 90% of the total revenue generated by the franchise. The franchisor will keep only 10% of it.

Waffle House also charges a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.

The Waffle Co. – Best Waffle Franchise to buy

The Waffle Co has locations in almost every state in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

The Waffle Co Franchise LogoOver the past few years, the brand has grown exponentially. The brand has long had a positive image in the list of waffle franchise businesses.

In addition to its main food menu, the brand serves an incredible range of food and beverage products at its café.

The overall atmosphere of the café, however, draws people to the Waffle Co. The brand has worked hard to maintain its high profile standard in all its outlets.

The Waffle Co franchise offers comparable quality for an investment of approximately Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh.

Interested people will need to arrange a 200- to 500-square-foot shop area as well for the flexibility of operations.

All this is agreed to in exchange for a 90% commission to the franchise partner. This means the franchisor will access 1/10th of the revenue.

The franchise partner (you) will generate 9/10ths of the revenue. However, operational expenses might affect the profit margin, so make sure you have the calculation ready.

You can also approach the Waffle Co. executive if you have some questions and want the brand to answer them.

Belgian Waffle Love – Top Waffle Franchise to buy

If you are looking for a low-cost franchise that’s also easy to start, you may be interested in Belgian Waffle Love. Like its name, the franchise opportunity brought to you by the brand is also quite sweet and attractive.

Belgian Waffle Love Franchise LogoThe company, founded in 2019, manages its 10+ franchise outlets across the country from its headquarters in Visakhapatnam.

The company has grown to 10+ locations in less than two years. However, the lowest investment could be a factor here.

Before September 2022, the company offered its franchise for Rs 99,00 only. However, prices have recently risen.

Aspiring folks can start a partnership with Belgian Waffle for a mere Rs 2 lakh. The investment amount can also go up to Rs 12 lakh, depending on your appetite.

During the waffle franchise business comparison, we discovered that the broad product range of the brand is quite basic. There’s nothing too special.

Still, the brand beats the competition by bringing quality waffles at a fairly low price. As for profitability from the business model, the revenue figure is indeed 90% of what you make at The Belgian Waffle Love.

This leaves 10% of revenue for the wallet of the franchisor. But it still keeps the brand profitable and successful in the country.

Waffle Express – Top 10 Waffle Franchise to buy

Waffle Express is also a well-known name in the territory of waffles. You can buy the Waffle Express franchise for a maximum investment of Rs 10 lakhs or Rs 12 lakhs in infrastructure.

Waffle Express Franchise LogoLike other famous waffle brands, Waffle Express is also famous for its delectable, crispy, and juicy variety of wafers.

Chocolate, vanilla, dry fruits, strawberries, and organic fruits—there’s so much variety on the menus of Waffle Express.

Besides the basic waffles, the café even serves beverages to give customers a complete café-like experience, not just a simple waffle.

Apurva Ghaisas founded the company in 2019 and has since established 5+ outlets, which is quite impressive.

The Mumbai-based firm is looking forward to having more interesting folks come and contribute to the progression of Waffle Express.

However, it offers a 90% revenue-sharing option, making it the best waffle franchise in India. After all, who can pass up such a fantastic opportunity for a partnership with a huge earning potential?

However, ensure that the profit margin is after expenses are deducted.

Waffle Cart – Best Waffle Franchise in 2024

Waffle Cart is an exciting company on this list of the top waffle franchises in India. The brand is known for its simple menu and minimalistic business model.

Waffle Cart Franchise LogoWaffle Cart could be the best fit if you’re looking for a franchise that won’t confuse you too much with complex business activities.

The brand specializes in waffles only. Hence, it has a fair chance of working for you. Contact the firm, and they will explain all aspects of the franchise business model to you on the spot.

To run and manage this waffle franchise, it will only take you a unit or a shop area of 200 square feet to 500 square feet. However, it is important to consider the infrastructure investment that will be required.

The brand has a target of raising Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh in investment. If we talk about a commission, it is 90% for the franchise. The franchisor will keep only 10% of the total revenue.

The ROI timeframe is 12 to 24 months but can be adjusted per the mutual consent of both parties.

Waffle Cart rolled out its franchise program in 2016 and built 11 franchise outlets within a few years.

Best Waffle Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The list of the best waffle franchises ends here. Each of these franchise business models carries a unique trait while still working on the basic business idea of selling.

Waffles are the principal food item of these businesses. Still, under the shadow of it, they even try to sell other food items to customers to enable stability in their businesses.

In short, some are working on a restaurant model in addition to a basic café or waffle shop. If aspiring franchisees cannot afford a shop unit or a large initial investment, they can opt for a waffle cart or kiosk.

FAQs on Top Waffle Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Waffle Franchise Brands here –

What Exactly Is the Waffle Franchise?

Waffles are a quick meal or a sweet snack of European origin that has become popular in India recently.

The waffle franchise of brands allows aspiring investors to sell this sweat more to customers and earn good money.

Which is the most successful waffle franchise?

Waffle Point, Waffle House, and Belgian Waffles are the most successful waffle franchises, with tremendous growth potential. Other people also swear by Waffle Stories and The Waffle Co.

How Do I Start My Waffle Franchise?

You can start your waffle franchise by simply mastering the skills of waffle preparation. After that, you can legalize your business and launch it into the market.

Do marketing and attract franchise partners to come and invest in your business model.

Are waffle franchises profitable?

The Waffle Franchise is new to the Indian market. The light, crisp, juicy, and flavorful fruit has long been popular in the European market. Hence, it has a great chance to thrive in Asia as well.

What Is the Monthly Income in the Waffle Franchise Business?

A Waffle Franchise business’s monthly income can vary greatly. Most brands agree on 1:9 profit sharing. Therefore, whatever your franchise earns, you will get 90% of it.

Which is the most profitable waffle franchise?

Any waffle franchise that goes beyond the basic business model is the most profitable.

Waffles, for example, are a basic sweat snack, but some brands, such as Waffle Stories and Belgian Waffles, are experimental and have the greatest potential for profitability.

How Much Investment Is Required to Start a Waffle Franchise?

You can start with a mere Rs 1 lakh or Rs 2 lakh investment if you want to start small. Alternatively, you will have to acquire a unit, and the set-up cost will go from Rs 10 to Rs 12 lakh.

Which Waffle Franchise in India Is the Most Affordable?

Franchises like Belgian Street allow you to start selling its waffles through carts, which require a mere Rs 2 lakh in investment.

Hence, it is currently the cheapest option in India that you would like to go with.

Which Waffle Franchise Is Growing the Fastest?

Belgian Waffles, Waffle House, and Waffle Point are some of the fastest-growing waffle franchises in the nation.

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