FOCO Franchise Model – Franchise Owned Company Operated Business


Check this space to know everything about FOCO Franchise Model. Franchising, if done right, is a perfect recipe to go ahead and set up the new business.

Franchise businesses operate under various formats and models and have their arena to lure new entrepreneurs into reaching out and opting for one of the best ones.

The FOCO franchise model for franchising is said to have many favorable and profitable outcomes, which makes this business model one of the popular franchises to opt for starting new businesses.

FOCO franchise model stands for Franchise owned company operating in one of the simplest terms allowing the investor to invest all the money, and the enterprise handles the rest.

The brand or company will include daily operations, providing workforce, raw materials, setting up interiors and packaging, etc.

The franchisee gets the percentage of the revenues earned and the minimum guarantee for signing up.

In addition, the investor also extracts the fixed percentage of the profit margins from the business.

FOCO Franchise Model - Franchise Owned Company Operated Business

Know about Franchise Business

Before we dig deeper into this model, know that we will state the franchisee’s owners by franchisees and the company or brands as the franchisor.

We will use these terms throughout the article. The franchisor has a profitable and successful business model, and the investor or franchisee has to invest in the business.

The first investment and then the set-up expenditure is said to be borne by the franchisee or the investor.

The enterprise belongs to the franchisee, and the company or franchises run the business operations. This is why the business model is known as Franchise owned and company-operated.

The franchisors take care of operational expenditures like staff salary, property rent, electricity, training, various other utilities, logistics, marketing, advertising, etc.

The franchisee must worry about the money they have to invest in a renowned brand and help expand the company.

The brand staff handles the regular operations. The model works quite well for both business parties and generates a great return on investment.

The FOCO franchise model is usually preferred by many investors who already have a regular source of income from different means.

What is FOCO Franchise Model?

FOCO Franchise Model is also known as Franchise Owned Company Operated Model.

The model ensures that your investment is risk-free for all your investors or partners, as the brand bears all the operation costs.

To maintain the perfect franchisor and franchisee relationship, even-handedness is required.

In the FOCO model, the franchisees do not have to spend on operations, and even capital expenditure is not allowed.

The franchisees opting for the FOCO model are promised a minimum guarantee for revenue sharing or, at times, a fixed profit percentage.

If you are entering the business world for the first time and do not have any prior experience, then FOCO model can be one of the best experiences for you.

As the brand manages the operations, the quality of products or services the store provides is great. People opt for the FOCO brand, as they perfectly provide their offerings.

All business responsibilities are divided between the franchisee and the franchisor. The franchisee is responsible for taking care of the revenue part, and the franchisor makes sure to keep a check on operations and logistics.

The FOCO franchise model is great for both parties and will reap great profits for them with time.

The brand reputation and name are standard, and the operations can be seen working out smoothly at the stores. When signing the contract, the franchisor provides a guarantee to the franchisee in terms of ROI.

The FOFO model is great to be opted for by the new ambassadors who are looking forward to making a great career ahead in any industry of their concern.

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Features of FOCO Business Model

Here are some of the key features of the FOCO franchise business model:


The FOCO franchise business model allows the franchisee to run their business while the company operates well.

It means that the investor has to provide a one-time lump sum amount which is always based on the location and other factors of the brand.

The franchisor in the FOCO franchise model handles all paperwork and legality for the money being provided by the franchises.

It allows the business to follow a professional approach for the Franchise and also takes up the everyday business running out of the new franchisees.

Profits Sharing

The FOFO model here offers the higher profits part to the investors. The model is perfect for people willing to invest all their efforts and time in extracting higher profits from the Franchise.

Running Expenditure

Here the primary benefit of running a FOCO franchise model is that the enterprise offers the Franchise with the investment option and nothing else.

So, the franchisee does not participate in daily business and operational activities. Since its inception, the FOCO model has been considered one of the best for daily working for investors and franchisers.


The various marketing activities are important to the company’s operating cycles. The FOCO model allows the franchisee to handle promotional and marketing activities.

Being involved in marketing activities for the cloud kitchen can help increase profit and sales.


Success in the long-term for any company depends upon the practical adaptability of the brand.

Franchises offer similar products or services, but the game is lost if the right skills are not implemented.

Therefore, the FOCO franchise model is successful, as the culture is never changed or dependent on the geographical location of the brand.

Example of a FOCO Franchise Brand: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the perfect example of the FOCO model, especially in the hospitality industry.

The brand all over the globe offers standardized packaging, using the same ingredients, menu, etc. These things ensure that all stores use the same procedures and deliver identical products at every outlet.

The franchise models for MacDonald’s are best at replicating the business models and maintaining transparency and optimization.

The McDonald’s Franchise bears all the initial investment costs while the brand looks after the operations part.

The raw material, interior, recipes, and trained staff, etc., are all provided by the Brand corporation, and thus, uniformity and quality standards are maintained throughout.

The segment has one of the finest examples, as Dr. Lal Pathlabs is a renowned pathological and diagnostic center.

The outlet follows the FOCO franchise model. The company provides all testing equipment and procedures and maintains standardization throughout the centers.

Also, the franchisees keep a keen eye that the outlet is run smoothly and bears all the initial cost.

Similarly, one of the other examples in the domain is Ferns and Petals, a well-known gift and flower delivery store that works quite well for the FOCO franchise model across India.

Ferns and Petal have more than 150 stores in 50 cities. Other examples of FOCO franchise models include Barista Cafe, Bistro57, Chroma, etc.

All of them are successfully running and making a mark in their sector.

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FOCO Franchise Model – Conclusion

We have tried to cover all aspects of the FOCO franchise model.

We hope it will allow you to make the right decision, especially if you look forward to investing in a franchise business.


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