How to Promote a Franchise Business in India? – Online & Offline Techniques


In this article, you will know about various strategies & techniques to promote franchise business in India.

Marketing your franchise in varied locations in the local market can be quite challenging. It is true, especially when you are not using effective strategies per your franchise business model.

It’s all about consistency with Franchising which means you are not marketing a single business but multiple businesses, and it requires coherent advertising and branding.

Also, it is quite important that franchisors, along with the franchisees, follow a marketing plan and keep the brand activities consistent.

Marketing Strategies to Promote Franchise Business in India

What is Franchise Business Marketing or Advertising?

Franchise Business Marketing is known to be the right procedure for marketing your franchise to dedicated customers via digital and traditional marketing methods.

Marketing your franchise business can be more challenging than putting your single business on the market.

The reason behind this is in the former; you need to guarantee the guidelines and procedures should be consistent throughout the marketing strategy.

The franchisor here will be responsible for coordinating all of your marketing efforts in multiple locations and marketing platforms.

To achieve the best, you must develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your franchise to implement and market your brand thoroughly.

Before strategizing a Marketing Plan for Franchising, you must know the following:

Know your Industry

Marketing has always been a multi-level process; there are chances that you can be great at grabbing people’s attention but are not that good at making visitors contact you.

In this case, you will be wasting your precious time on future marketing efforts if people contact your website and do not provide your contact information.

Invest your time in building tools or campaigns that can be compelling, offering something to the audiences and exploring them with varied reasons to know you.

Always consider your Clients as your Next Franchisee

One of the great places to start marketing a franchise is to reach out to your clients. Many people love to shop from your brand, but they never know the business opportunity you tend to offer.

Especially for retail franchises, you must start your franchise marketing from your store itself. You can start the marketing by hanging an internal sign board to offer franchise opportunities.

The franchisees already working with you can spread the system to them and let them know how they can receive benefits.

This will not only increase your brand awareness but will establish your brand as well.

Now, lets understand various marketing strategies used today, to grow franchise businesses in India.

Strategies to Promote Franchise Business in India

Here are some of the best tactics that will allow you to promote franchise business in India.

Franchise Events & Expo

Franchise exhibitions and trade shows can sometimes be expensive to market and showcase your brand, but reaching and attending these events will help you spread your word.

The entry fees are usually reasonable; you must put in your effort and time. People attending these event shows offer networking opportunities to help find the right franchise or market your brand’s franchise.

Search Engine Optimization

It is one of the important marketing tools that is used widely for generating leads. Search engine optimization is the perfect way to generate 39% leads for franchisors.

It ensures that the clients searching for a business opportunity receive similar results, and their efforts never go to waste.

Search Engine Optimization allows the web page to rank higher in the search engines. The engaged traffic allows the promotion of sales, brand recognition, product awareness, etc.

There are some of the attributes that customers look at when they make their first purchase. You can also gain a lot of traffic, especially from local results and searches.

Social Media Marketing

As one of the franchisors, you must manage many locations so that customer care will be your priority. Social media is important for listening to clients’ queries and complaints.

Also, social listening is one of the powerful methods more than 60% of ventures use to establish their relationships with clients.

You can turn negative comments into positive ones to create a positive brand image in the market that will increase your reach, resulting in an incredible markup in the brand’s revenue.

SMM or Social media marketing consists of paid advertisements like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Also, these advertisements can allow you to create more brand awareness by using relevant hashtags.

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Email Marketing

It is one of the most expensive and effective methods on the list. Many marketers in consumer goods, retail, and e-commerce receive Rs.45 for every rupee spent on email marketing.

To use the method effectively for your business, you need to keep up with a central account for the brand having outlets in multiple locations.

This is one of the ways that the data is updated for every franchise at a single place and can create sub-accounts for varied purposes.

This way, any brand owner can have complete authority and control over their system.

For email marketing, you can have templates allowing your team to share from their accounts to their potential client inboxes.

Investing in customized email templates per your brand offering is a great idea. The email templates should be mobile-friendly and easy for different occasions and purposes.

Offline Advertisement

Print media comes to mind when people think of advertisements, but it is much more than that.

The advertising is related to any media that allow the investor to buy out the space in their domain to promote the marketing message.

It will include print advertising via newspapers, magazines, other printer formats, radio, TV, billboards, etc.

With the onset of technology and online platforms, postings on websites and search engines are also quite common.

Franchise advertisements have been around for the last decade, and nowadays, “CTA” or “Call to Action” is very different from those in the past.

Days are gone when advertisers used to ask customers to click on “Call Now,” nowadays, the CTA directs viewers to the franchise websites and allows them to engage and learn via email or call with the franchise’s dedicated department.

Also, franchisors are trying to create innovative advertising campaigns for all platforms to know their return on investment.

Digital PR

Digital Public relations are not very popular; if the platform is utilized at its best, it can be an effective marketing strategy.

Public relations consist of goodwill campaigns, sponsorships, press releases, etc.

They are excellent methods for marketing your brand in this internet age. As they allow you to spread your brand reach via digital methods like postings, guest blogging, etc.

Guest blogging relates to writing content for any other company’s web platform that can target your audiences.

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Promote Franchise Business – Conclusion

Now that you know how to market your franchise business. Try choosing the methods you tend to use and start working.

You can plan using all or a few strategies, and you need to know to keep your marketing and branding tactics consistent.


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