Pros and Cons of Investing in Franchise Business in India


This blog will discuss various Pros and Cons of Investing in a Franchise Business in India.

Buying a franchise can help you in starting any business instantly. While starting a new business comes with many uncertainties, having a franchise proves that a successful business model is already working for many.

But this never proves that buying a franchise in any domain can bring overnight success. Running your franchise is always hard work, as it can have pros and cons. You must follow a particular manual for operating the business.

To buy out your franchise, you need to know what you are doing. Here are the quick pros and cons for you to buying a franchise to start your own business.

Pros & Cons of Investing in Franchise Business in India

Pros Franchise Business or Benefits of Franchising

If you are having any business already in your mind, i.e. lacking in your nearby areas or you are admiring the idea of starting a company on your own and becoming a part of a well-known franchise.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a franchise which will help you in making the right decision:

Tried and Tested Business

Efforts are already made to launch the business idea, and research work is already completed. The services and products used or served are already tested and established.

It includes recognized trademarks and branding. Also, the franchisor can seek advice on the demographics and locations that can work best for their systems.

Higher likelihood of Success

Studies have shown that franchises have a higher success rate than independently-owned businesses.

This is due to the combination of the franchisor’s training, support, and established business model.

As a franchisee, you have a built-in advantage that can increase your chances of success.

Buying Power

Franchisees often benefit from the franchisor’s buying power. As the franchisor is an already established entity with an extensive network of businesses, it can better negotiate for resources and supplies, lowering operating costs for the franchisees.

Easier access to New Products and Services

Franchisees have the advantage of being first in line to receive new products and services from the franchisor. Early access to newly launched offerings can allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Access to Technology

Many franchises have developed technology and systems to help franchisees run their businesses more efficiently.

For example, a fast food franchise may have a system for ordering and tracking food inventory to help franchisees better manage their supplies and reduce waste.

Potential for Growth and Expansion

Franchisees have the opportunity to expand their business and grow their brand.

Many franchisors offer the opportunity for franchisees to open multiple locations, giving them the potential to increase their revenue and build a more significant business.

Access to Established Systems and Processes

Franchisors have already established systems and processes for their business model. It can save franchisees time and money compared to starting a business from scratch.

These systems can cover accounting, human resources, and supply chain management.

By using these established systems, franchisees can focus on running their business rather than spending time and resources developing their processes.

Skipping the Start-up Stage

For owning a business, one of the difficult stages in any start-up is to create a business plan, test products, conduct market research and then scale its offering.

But if you buy any franchise, you can skip these sections. The respective brand system is already tested and proven. And it is now up to you to apply for the system to market.

Ongoing Business Development

Franchisors often offer ongoing business development support to their franchisees, helping them grow and expand their business over time.

This support can include training, mentorship, and access to new products, services, and technologies.

Franchisees can benefit from this ongoing support, allowing them to stay current with industry trends and adapt to changing market conditions.

In all, buying out the franchise can be one of the best options for people having their own business as it offers critical benefits for the proven business model, training and support along with the growth and success potential.

This is why it is essential to consider all factors involved in making a decision.

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Cons of Franchise Business

Buying a franchise comes with its own set of drawbacks and issues. Not a single business model is found to be perfect, and it is pretty essential to know what you have to deal with if you are progressing ahead to buying your dream franchise:

Less Flexibility

Franchisees may not have complete control over their customer base. The franchisor may dictate the target market or demographic, limiting your ability to tailor your marketing efforts and attract a specific type of customer.

No Inputs

While a franchise can provide you with established systems, procedures, and training, it may also come with limitations on innovation and creativity.

Some franchisors may not be open to new ideas or changes suggested by franchisees, which can hinder your ability to adapt to changing market conditions and stay competitive.

Sharing Profits

With the franchisees, the royalty fees are attached for using the patented process and trademarks of the franchisors.

The fees should be paid regularly. Please look for any franchise option that does not require royalty payment.

Dependency on other Franchise Owners

If any other franchise is not performing well, the potential client can divert their attention and look for other businesses.

Renewal Opportunity

Many franchisors offer renewal rights only if the business is performing well. The status is always at their discretion. The franchise agreement plays a significant role here.

Prior notice is given for the requirements can include renewal fee payment, premises update, desire to extend ahead or upgrade franchise to the next level.

Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter how well you run the franchise or its efficiency; your business will always be tied up with the national franchise.

If there is any issue with the parent brand, it will affect your business. Any bad news can create bad publicity, and you can lose your business.

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Pros & Cons of Franchise Business – Conclusion

If you decide to buy the franchise, it will be the same as starting your own business.

It would help if you had a dedicated business plan, tools, and team and look for assistance for financing and other decisions.

The above-stated pros and cons predict an accurate picture of owning a franchise. Have a look before deciding on one for your future.


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