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Know everything about Yes Securities Franchise Business Opportunity here.

Do you desire to work as a sub-broker or partner? Registering as Yes Securities Partner or authorized person can be the most profitable decision.

One of the best franchises at its financial game, Yes Securities is an integral part of the Yes Group.

This article can provide all relevant details of Yes Securities Sub Broker, aiding you in making the best investment decision.

Yes Securities Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

Line of Business

Sub Broker

Unit / Shop Area

150 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Commission% / Revenue Sharing

20% to 60%

Total Investment

Rs.10,000 - Rs.1,00,000

ROI Timeframe

2 Month

Yes Securities Sub Broker Review & Ratings by FranchiseByte

Revenue Sharing

3.64 / 5

Franchise Fee & Infra Investment

3.21 / 5

Support & Training

4.07 / 5

ROI Timeframe

3.85 / 5

Brand Value

3.96 / 5

Overall Ratings

3.75 / 5

Star Ratings

Overview of Yes Securities Sub Broker Franchise


Finance & Money

Business Line

Sub Broker

Organization Type


Head Office



Prasanth Prabhakaran -

Founded In (year)


No. of Franchise Outlets


Master Franchise Model

Not Available

Franchise Tenure


Franchise Location

All over India

Business Set-Up Time

15 days

Franchise Commencement Year


Prasanth Prabhakaran is the man behind the establishment of the Yes Securities Franchise.

He founded the franchise in 2013. It is the Yes Group’s subsidiary and has recently entered the stock market franchise industry.

The firm’s head office is in Mumbai, with 40+ franchise outlets across India. It employs a proficient team of researchers who work towards the company’s development.

Moreover, it’s relatively selective about the Yes Securities Sub Broker and partner. This full-service broker takes approximately 30 days to activate its sub-broker code.

Furthermore, the public franchisee usually pays sub-brokers after 31 days. Yes Securities franchise has a great reputation with overall ratings of 3.75.

Yes Securities Franchise – Business Models

Find out various business models provided by Yes Invest Sub Brokership Program.

Business Models Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker 50% – 60%
Partner 20% – 30% + Rs.300 per Client
Refer and Earn Rs.300 per Client

Yes Securities Sub Broker Model

Anyone wanting to do business with Yes Securities can apply for a sub-broker business model.

Yes Securities Sub Broker must have a SEBI-issued license or Registration Certificate. Only a licensed, authorized person can deal in financial instruments available in the stock market.

On getting new clients, sub-brokers get more revenue percentage share than the franchiser.

Yes Securities pay at least 50% revenue share to its authorized person. They can also get a 60% revenue share by converting more clients for the firm.

Yes Securities Partner Model

Are you low on your budget? Still want to work with a stock broking firm? If yes, choose Yes Securities partner business model. The investment fee for this model is very low.

In addition, you can receive an attractive revenue share. Yes Securities pay 20% to 30% revenue share. Moreover, you will get a fixed amount, i.e., Rs.300, for each client.

Yes Securities Partner will be responsible for the loss that the company suffers.

Moreover, the Remisiers or representatives of the commissioned dealers can be asked to post a deposit for recovering clients’ losses.

Yes Securities Referral Program

Several sub-brokership franchises offer referral programs, allowing people to earn money without investment. Yes Securities Refer and Earn is one such program.

If you have experience dealing in the stock market, consider becoming Yes Securities franchise’s referral agent. It pays Rs. 300 for referring each client to the company.

Your task is to share Yes Securities’ trading account link with prospective clients. You can get the commission if clients revert to open the account.

Yes Securities Franchise Cost & Fees

Sub Broker - Franchise Fee

Rs.25,000 - Rs.50,000

Partner - Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment

Rs.30,000 - Rs.60,000

Yes Securities levies franchise fees from its sub-brokers and partners. Are you looking forward to becoming Yes Securities’ authorized person?

Then you will have to pay at least Rs.25,000 as a Yes Securities Franchise Cost. The maximum amount for security deposit accounts for Rs.50,000.

The franchise also asks partners to pay the franchise fee. If you want to work as Yes Securities’ Partner, you must deposit Rs. 10,000.

Apart from the franchise fee, the firm also levies infrastructure investment costs. If an authorized person and partner want their office, they must pay Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000.

Yes Securities Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing / Royalty

Sub Broker Commission

50% to 60%

Stock Broker Commission

40% to 50%

Partner Commission

20% to 30% + Rs.300 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

70% to 80%

Referral Commission

Rs.300 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 100%

Sub-Brokers / Authorized Persons: Yes Security offers maximum commission to sub-brokers than a partner or refer & earn business models.

It is because they incur more costs in terms of the franchise fee and infrastructure investment. Moreover, they perform more tasks.

A sub-broker commission rate of Yes Securities is 50% to 60%. And the stockbroker gets the remaining percentage, i.e., 40% to 50%.

Partners: Yes Securities Partner Commission falls between 20% to 30%. In addition, they also get a fixed amount, i.e., Rs. 300 per client. And the stockbroker gets 70% to 80% commission.

Referral Agents: Yes Securities pay Rs. 300 as referral commission on each client. And the stock broker receives a flat 100% commission.

Yes Securities Business Partner ROI Details

In Years

2 Month

What returns can you earn on your investment as a Yes Securities business partner? The firm offers a great opportunity for getting attractive Yes Securities Sub Broker Returns.

The duration of the break-even point for the Yes Securities sub-broker model can be 2 months. You can expect higher returns after two months.

Yes Securities Sub Broker Profits & Revenues

Here you will find out about Revenue, Expenses & Profits you can make, if you join Yes Securities Sub Broker Business.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.20%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,00,000
Sub Broker’s Share (60%) 1,20,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15,000
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
1 Dealer Cost 18,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 53,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 67,000
Profit Margin 34%

Yes Securities determines its and its sub-broker profits based on 200 active clients. To calculate the company’s brokerage revenue, it uses the following formula:

Number of Active Clients x Daily Trades per Client x Average Volume per Trade x Brokerage per Trade x Trading Days in 1 Month

The total brokerage revenue of Yes Securities is Rs. 2,00,000 (200*1*2,50,000*0.20%*2). Now that sub-broker gets a 60% share, your revenue share will be Rs. 1,20,000. The total cost is Rs. 53,000.

Thus, Yes Securities Sub Broker Profits are Rs. 67,000, and the profit margin is 34%.

Yes Securities Partner Profits & Expenses

Find out Yes Securities Partner Profits here. Know how much revenue you can make with this business.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.20%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 2,00,000
Sub Broker’s Share (30%) 60,000
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 5,000
Total Cost 20,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 40,000
Profit Margin 20%

Yes Securities determines its and its partner’s profits based on 200 active clients. To calculate the company’s brokerage revenue, it uses the following formula:

Number of Active Clients x Daily Trades per Client x Average Volume per Trade x Brokerage per Trade x Trading Days in 1 Month

The total brokerage revenue of Yes Securities is Rs. 2,00,000 (200*1*2,50,000*0.20%*2). Now that partners get a 30% share, your revenue share will be Rs. 60,000. The total cost is Rs. 40,000.

Thus, Yes Securities Partner Profits are Rs. 40,000, and the profit margin is 20%.

Master Franchise of Yes Securities - Information

Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment


Commission% / Revenue Sharing


Yes Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

Shop / Unit Area

150 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Employee Strength

Minimum 2

Research / Advisory


Trading Terminals Set-up


Telephone Lines


Computer / Internet Connectivity




CCTV Set-up


Yes Securities Franchise has a reputed name in the stock market industry. The company will want its business partners to maintain its reputation.

Therefore, some franchise infrastructure requirements exist for business partners to open their offices.

  • Setting up a decent, hygienic office with an area of 150 to 200 sq. ft.
  • The office must have 2 employees or more.
  • A computer and internet connection is a must to help clients trade in the stock market.
  • CCTV Set-up is compulsory for smooth and safe business operations.
  • You can equip your office with research / Advisory, trading terminals set-up, air conditioner, and telephone lines according to your budget.

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Support extended by Yes Securities Sub Broker Franchise

Service Pricing




Client Interaction Training

Occasionally Available

Relationship Manager Support


Back-Office Support


Trading Support


Advisory Support

Available - Paid

Marketing Support

Partially Available

Business Management Software

Not Available

Website Support

Not Available

Operation Manual


Training Manual


Yes Securities team specifies several support facilities for its business partners. They try to render every possible support facility to the Yes Securities Sub Broker.

The following mentioned is the Support that the franchise extends to the authorized person:

  • Service Pricing and Offers
  • Client Interaction Training is available occasionally
  • Relationship Manager Support for establishing better relationships with clients
  • Back-Office and Trading Support for profitable trading in different stock market financial products
  • Business partners can access Advisory Support after paying for it.
  • Partial Marketing Support
  • Operational and Training Manual

All these support facilities help sub-brokers easily grow and expand their business.

Franchise of Yes Securities Sub Broker - Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads


Local Advertisement


Digital Marketing

Not Available

Television Advertisement

Not Available

Prints Advertisement

Not Available


Not Available

Yes Securities very well understands the significance of marketing business in today’s competitive age. Therefore, the company provides partial marketing support to its business partners.

Yes Securities Authorized Person can leverage unit interior and exterior advertisement support. They can display ads inside or outside their premises.

Moreover, sub-brokers can advertise their business locally with the franchise’s local advertisement support.

Training provided by Yes Securities Partner Program

Product Information Training


Dealers Training


Service Training


As a Yes Securities Affiliate Partner, you can join the company’s following three training programs:

  • Product Information Training: Although the franchise offers many products, how can sub-brokers know about them? It is why the firm organizes product information training programs.
  • Dealers Training: Do you want to deal as a Yes Securities sub-broker in the stock market? Or do you want to assist the company’s clients in trading? If yes, ask for dealers training at the company.
  • Service Training: You can’t work as Yes Securities’ business partner until you know the company’s services. Service training will make you capable of offering franchise services professionally.

Yes Securities Franchise - Products & Services Offered

Equity Trading


Commodity Trading


Currency Trading






Mutual Funds








Demat Services


3 in 1 Acount


IPO Services


Stock Recommendations


Robo Advisory




Exposure or Limit


Mobile App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Basket Trading


Yes Securities Franchise is a young stockbroker but offers several financial products. Here is the list of the franchise’s product offerings:

  • Equity Trading and Commodity Trading for clients and business partners
  • Options, Futures, and Mutual Funds for those who don’t want to invest in equity securities
  • Insurance Products for earning extra money
  • Demat Services and IPO Services to open a Demat account and make the company public, respectively.
  • Stock Recommendations and Exposure or Limit
  • Mobile App, Web Trading Platform, and Trading Terminal for trading online in this digital age.

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Franchise for Yes Securities - Revenue per Customer





Equity Options

Rs.25 Per lot

Equity Futures




Currency options


Currency Futures


Franchisee Qualification required by Yes Securities Sub Broker

Age Limit

21 & above

Business Experience


Academic Qualification

No Restriction

Documents Required to Start Yes Securities Partner Program

Franchise Agreement


Proprietor Aadhaar Copy


Proprietor Photo


Proprietor / Business PAN Copy


Business TAN Copy


GST Registration Certificate


Proprietor / Business Address Proof


Unit / Shop Address Proof


NOC of Unit / Shop


Yes Securities Sub Broker or Partner Dashboard

Check out the link of Yes Securities Franchise Dashboard here.

Partner / Sub Broker Dashboard Link

The company provides access to Yes Trader- the mobile trading app. In addition, you can use Yes Securities’ Web Trading Platform and Trading Terminal to trade in the stock market.

Yes Securities Partner Dashboard enables clients and sub-brokers to trade across several financial instruments at NSE and BSE.

This stable, secure, and fast dashboard offers a great trading experience. Here are a few vital features:

  • Single trading dashboard to trade in equity instruments, currencies, and derivatives.
  • Real-time stock quotes
  • Place orders for financial instruments in a few taps
  • Accessing BSE and NSE securities offerings
  • View Demat Holdings
  • Get alerts and notifications about stock market updates

Yes Securities Franchise Login

Both clients and business partners must pay Rs.400 to open the trading and Demat account with Yes Securities.

Upon providing the required details and completing the paperwork, your account will be opened.

The firm’s representative sends credentials- username and password to your e-mail or phone number. For Yes Securities Franchise Login, you must enter those credentials.

Yes Securities Sub Broker Benefits

Here are some key Yes Securities Sub Broker Benefits:

  • Yes Securities offer three business models to people- sub-broker, partner, and refer & earn models. Anyone can choose one of these models according to their budget and convenience. For instance, an individual with a low budget can become a partner or referral agent.
  • Yes Group is a renowned organization, along with Yes Securities, having good goodwill in the industry. You can easily expand your business by doing sub-brokership business with the franchise.
  • The company offers an attractive revenue-sharing model for sub-brokers. The commission for them can go up to 60%.
  • An authorized person and partner can avail of the firm’s top-notch support facilities.

Yes Securities Franchise Drawbacks

Talking about Yes Securities Franchise Drawbacks, it offers partial marketing support. Moreover, the franchise lays strict infrastructure requirements.

Yes Securities ask business partners and clients to pay annual maintenance charges to open trading and Demat account.

Another drawback is that you can’t trade in foreign exchange with the firm.

Yes Securities Partner Program – Conclusion

Yes Securities is a young, passionate full-service stock brokerage house in India.

The franchise boasts significant achievements just within 10 years of existence. Experts believe that the firm features all the right business aspects.

You can participate in the Yes Securities Partner Program with low investment and earn an attractive commission.

Moreover, the company prefers establishing and maintaining transparent business relationships. All these reasons, facilities, and revenue sharing model make Yes Securities a trustworthy franchise.

FAQs on Yes Securities Franchise Business

Find out various FAQs on Yes Securities Affiliate Partner Program.

Does Yes Securities have an Authorized Person?

Yes Securities offer a sub-brokership business model. You can become Yes Securities’ authorized person if you have enough budget to pay the franchise fee and infrastructure investment.

Moreover, the firm pays the authorized person 50% to 60% commission.

How many Affiliate Partners does Yes Securities have?

Even though it’s short since Yes Securities was established as a franchise, it has been affiliated with reputed partners. The franchise has 30+30 affiliate partners.

What are the Yes Securities Referral Agents?

Referral agents of Yes Securities refer the company to prospects and encourage them to trade with the firm. The firm pays Rs. 300 for getting each client.

How can I become a Yes Securities Associate Partner?

Yes Securities specify a process for individuals to become associate partners. Fill out the form on the company’s site, and an appointment is fixed after verification.

Post necessary discussion, the candidate can sign the agreement and have the associate partner ID.

How much can I earn as Yes Securities Partner or Dealership?

You can get a 20% to 30% commission as a Yes Securities partner or dealership. In addition, a partner receives a fixed amount of Rs. 300 for getting new clients.

Am I eligible to start a Yes Securities Partnership Agency?

A candidate must be 21 or older to work at Yes Securities partnership agency. It doesn’t matter what your qualification is or do you have business experience.

Do I need to have a Yes Securities trading account?

Opening a trading account is a must if you want to become a Yes Securities business partner.

The company’s representative will ask you to fill out a form on the site and verify the details to open your trading account.

How much must I invest to become Yes Securities’ authorized partner?

You must pay at least Rs. 25,000 to do business with Yes Securities as an authorized partner. A sub-broker can also pay a maximum of Rs. 50,000 to earn more revenue.

How can I track my earnings with Yes Securities?

You can track your stock market trade earnings with Yes Securities by logging in to its dashboard. Log in to Yes Trade or a web trading platform to view your earnings.

Is Yes Securities safe to become a partner?

Yes Securities is registered with SEBI, which means it’s legal to trade in the stock market with the franchise. Therefore, it’s safe to work as a partner of Yes Securities.


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