Best Stock Broker Referral Program in India – Best Refer and Earn Demat Account


In this article, you will know about the best stock broker referral program in India.

A new generation of investors is no longer forced to use bank-run brokerage firms. With the advent of online stock trading platforms, the stock market is going through an extraordinary evolution.

The change is primarily the result of digitalization. As a result, modern traders are no longer casual investors in the financial market.

Still, a large section of the audience is untouched by the growth potential of the stock market.

This is where brands are launching stock broking refer & earn programs to spread awareness.

Best Stock Broker Referral Program in India - Top 10 Demat Account Refer and Earn

List of Top 10 Stock Broker Refer & Earn of 2024

Check out the list of Best Demat Account Referral Program in India.

Si. No. Stock Broker
1 Angel Broking Refer & Earn
2 IIFL Referral Program
3 Zerodha Refer & Earn
4 Upstox Referral Program
5 Motilal Oswal Refer & Earn
6 Kotak Securities Referral Program
7 Sharekhan Refer & Earn
8 HDFC Securities Referral Program
9 5paisa Refer & Earn
10 Groww Referral Program

For multiple reasons, if you are also drawn to the sparkling potential of the stock market and want to figure out your fortune by investing zero amounts in securities, you have undoubtedly landed in the right place.

Apart from direct market investing, the second-best approach to creating a passive income source in the stock market is by enrolling in a stock market referral program.

All you need to do is create a connection with them and convert them into a customer of a brand that pays you a significant commission each time a customer purchases their services.

It is like referring an Amazon product to someone and extracting income through sales of that product.

But the right broker selection is also a must-have consideration, so without further ado, let us identify the best stock brokerage firms.

Angel Broking – Best Refer and Earn Demat Account

Incorporated in 1996, the financial services company has recently renamed itself Angel One” because its causes are well-known to most investors.

Angel Broking Franchise LogoThe online discounted broker has stayed famous among traders and investors for its simplified services contributing to fast decision-making in the financial market.

The company is publicly listed and has been known for effectively serving millions of customers, which include both mobile and desktop users.

Demat accounts, trading accounts, stock trading, commodities trading, futures, and options trading, are all these services provided by the broker, and based on its advancement in technology, it continues to rule the broking sector.

As an aspiring franchisee, you can also participate in this best stock broking referral program in India.

All you need is a dedicated website or a social media profile where you can market Angel’s services.

On each converted client, you will make Rs.150 – Rs.300 in commission. Promotional support will be provided.

IIFL – Top Stock Broker Referral Program

One of the pioneering names in the online stock brokerage market belongs to IIFL. Besides its banking and loan services, India Infoline is also progressing in the stock investment market.

IIFL Sub Broker or Franchise or Partner LogoFounded in 1999, IIFL is drawing attention with its banking-integrated investment market solution.

Unlike other discounted stock brokers, the brand has some exclusive offers for financial market investors.

That’s why the IIFL Referral Program might fulfill your revenue goals slightly better than most.

The referral commission per single client you convert for the financial company is Rs.1000.

And it will not be wrong to call it the top stock broker refer and earn program. No franchise fee will be charged.

Zerodha – Best Demat Account Referral Program

Another prominent name is Zerodha, the discounted broker that has continued to build a prestigious spot in the online stock brokerage market since its founding in 2010.

Zerodha Franchise LogoHowever, compared to all other brands, the broking platform gained more prominence through its mobile trading and investment solution, “Kite,” which is a perfect example of evolution in the trading sector.

Customers can now readily invest and trade in their desired investment market through the app.

However, with time, more competitors and replicas have surfaced in the market, but Zerodha seems to pinpoint the user’s requirements pretty well compared to others in the market.

That is why it can get you the best stock broking referral program in India. Not just Zerodha’s popularity an advantage, but its attractive commissions are equally noteworthy.

Partners can extract 10% + Rs.300 Zerodha Points as a commission per client.

Upstox – Best Stock Broker Refer and Earn

The online stockbroking platform commenced its operation in 2009 and is gradually building a reputation in customers’ hearts.

Upstox Partner or Sub Broker or FranchiseAfter Angel One and Zerodha types of discounted broking platforms, Upstox also builds a prominent place in this list of the best stock market refer and earn programs in India.

Despite a well-established brand, Upstox is still looking for the support of referrals and franchise partners who could market its services and bring in more new customers.

That’s why the brand offers partners a commission of up to Rs.700 on each new client they bring to Upstox.

The online stocking platform has even fixed Rs.400, which means you will make at least Rs.400 if you convince a customer to open an account with Upstox.

Most importantly, there will be no upfront fees; joining a referral program is completely free.

Motilal Oswal – Best Demat Account Refer and Earn

Motilal Oswal Franchise can be a promising name in this regard.

Motilal Oswal Franchise or Sub Broker or Partner LogoFounded in 1987, the financial company offers a range of financial products and services to customers, and like most other brands, it is equipped with technology and automation.

Most big traders and investors prefer to use Motilal Oswal, which is publicly listed on the National Stock Exchange of India.

But for a long time now, the brand has stayed popular among the upper category of customers, which simultaneously enables Motilal Oswal to be called the top stock broking referral program of 2024.

You can become a referral partner of Motilal Oswal for a zero franchise fee, which will get you a commission worth Rs.1000 Amazon voucher per client.

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Kotak Securities – Best Stock App Refer and Earn

The banking institution-backed online stock broking platform Kotak Securities is well-recognized for its range of features and services to customers.

Kotak Securities Franchise or Sub Broker or Partner LogoFounded in 1994, the financial service provider is a proud India-based stock broker company where traders and investors access banking-integrated stock trading and investment services.

In the list of the top 10 referral programs in India, you can assume Kotak Securities is a trusted name for certain cool reasons.

The primary reason is that more people are likely to accept your proposal to join Kotak Securities because the brand is widespread.

By becoming a referral partner, you can draw 10% + Rs.500 commission per client. There will be no joining fee.

But you can create passive income if the customer maintains a position in a Kotak Securities account and trades assets.

Sharekhan – Best Stock Trading Referral Program

Another smart refer-and-earn opportunity can be found in Sharekhan.

Sharekhan Sub Broker or Franchise or Partner Program LogoFounded in 2000, Sharekhan is currently the 8th largest stock broker in India, actively serving over 16 lakh happy customers.

The company has over 4800+ employees, each dedicated to making the brand more desirable for customers.

For all these reasons, you won’t encounter any trouble related to marketing and promoting Sharekhan to customers.

In the list of stock broking refer and earn, Sharekhan is offering attractive commissions on every single client you send to the broker.

In numerical terms, you may make Rs.400 per client as a referral commission.

HDFC Securities – Best Referral Demat Account

HDFC Securities is another prestigious name on this list. Again, the reputation of the stockbroking platform is backed by its banking services.

HDFC Securities Franchise LogoBeing the world’s 10th largest bank by market capitalization, people might take less time to select HDFC as their next stockbroking platform.

As a referral partner, you can market HDFC broking services to existing customers who use the banking services of the HDFC bank.

As a result, you will spend less time building trust. If we talk about a numerical figure, HDFC offers Rs.250 per new client you send to the financial institution.

Until the end of a client’s lifetime, or until a client is operating as a customer with HDFC Securities, you will keep extracting a commission of 20% to 30% per dollar of revenue the client generates for HDFC.

5Paisa – Top Stock Broking Referral Program

5Paisa is also recognized for being the best refer and earn firm in stock brokerage.

5Paisa Franchise or Sub Broker or Partner LogoThe stockbroking platform has carefully invested in the right technology set and business system so that it can keep catering to the dynamic needs of the traders and investors in the stock market.

IPOs, mutual funds, and direct stock market investment, along with this, there are tonnes of things to watch within the 5Paisa platform.

If we talk about a commission, referral partners can retain the right to make Rs.300 per new client acquired.

There will be no franchise fee; it will be entirely free to become a partner. But make sure you have a website or a social media platform where you will be sharing the link for conversion ready.

Groww – Top 10 Stock Broker Refer and Earn

Now, lets discuss about last but the best demat account referral program in India.

Groww Referral program is gradually but progressively gaining recognition because of the recent updates and tweaks on its mobile app, which is the largest contributor to Groww’s success.

Groww is a discounted broker offering free services to customers. It is, however, the least favorite of referral partners. But consumers are non-stop enjoying the services provided by the company.

To better sum up the commission rate of the top stock broking refer-and-earn in India, users can be rewarded with Rs.300 for every referral.

The referred person will download the Groww app, and as long as they successfully meet the criteria, a commission will be transferred to your bank account.

Best Stock Broker Referral Program in India – Conclusion

The list of the best stock broker referral programs finally ends here. It comes as no surprise that opportunities are endless in the stock market.

Referral programs are one of the quick and clever ways of creating a side hustle.

But unfortunately, only a few industries can get you some sky-high returns, and stockbroking is at the top here.

But referral programs are the risk-free alternative, which you can either assume as a side hustle or do your main business.

So choose the stock broker that you like the most and start promoting it today and have an attractive payout.

FAQs on Stock Broking Refer and Earn Program in India

Check out various FAQs on the Best Stock Broker Referral Program of 2024.

What is Stock Trading Referral Program?

A Stock Trading Referral Program is a business model in which you market the services of a stockbroker to your audience and attempt to convert them into a brand customer who is willing to pay you a certain commission for this initiative.

Which Share Market Refer and Earn is the most successful?

The most successful share market refer-and-earn program can be found at HDFC Securities, Zerodha, and Angel One.

Each of these offers makes passive income online possible, which you can’t ignore.

How do I start Best Referral Demat Account?

You can start your Best Referral Demat Account by first establishing yourself in the industry.

After the due diligence, you must have a few loyal customers, and then you can ask someone to bring customers to your brand against some commission.

Are Best Refer and Earn Demat Account profitable?

Best Refer and Earn Demat Account are the most profitable opportunities on the financial market because more people want to make money, and the stock market is irresistible because it is a treasure trove of wealth.

What is the monthly income in Stock Broker Referral Program?

The monthly income in the Stock Broker Referral Program business can vary, ideally for two reasons.

The primary is how well you can market products and create sales, and the second is how well-known or great the brand is.

Which Share Broker Referral Program is the most profitable?

The most profitable Share Broker Referral Program that can help you attract great commissions are Upstox. The Brand offers upto Rs.700 plus referral commission and other great perks.

Which is the Best Demat Account Referral Program?

The above-mentioned 10 stock brokers are providing Best Demat Account Referral Program that are offering great services and have a high success rate.

Almost every referral program in the stock market is working and helping millions of partners create a solid income base.

Does Demat Account Refer and Earn Program requires any investment?

No. The Best Demat Account Refer and Earn program doesn’t require any investment.

But if you don’t have a website presence with a substantial audience, the need of the hour is broker referral program.

Which Stock App Refer and Earn is free in India?

Most Stock App Refer and Earn programs are free in India, ranging from Upstox, Zerodha, Sharekhan, etc. So go ahead and join as soon as possible.

Which is the fastest-growing Refer and Earn Demat Account?

The fastest-growing Refer and Earn Demat Account are Angel One, IIFL, and Zerodha. These three brands are unbeatable in terms of income potential.

The ranking is followed by HDFC Bank and Motilal Oswal for offering more attractive payouts.


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