Strategies & Skills required to build a Successful Sub Broker Business in India


This blog will teach you about How to Build a successful Sub Broker Business in India. You will learn about Successful Sub Broker Business Strategies & Skills.

Sub-broker business is one of the most lucrative businesses, but only if you know how to make it work.

The eligibility criteria for becoming a sub-broker may be moderate. Still, to make the business run for long and successfully, you need to adopt certain strategies and grow and enhance some of the skills.

This article will help you understand how to make your sub-broker business successful. Here you will read about the strategies and skills you need to incorporate to run the business.

Sub Broker Business Strategies

Successful Sub Broker Business Strategies

Check out various strategies to become a successful sub broker in India.

Get your Registration Done

The very first Sub Broker business strategy is business registration. Registration is one crucial thing that affects the sub-brokers business.

While the sub-brokers must register themselves with the SEBI as per stock exchanges that are BSE and NSE, this registration also helps establish that the sub-broker is genuine and can handle the role of the sub-broker.

Without registration, clients cannot put their faith in you; thus, you wouldn’t have enough business.

Thus, the first step towards building a successful sub-broker business is registering yourself with the stock exchanges and getting the licenses.

Make your Office Space Count

One of the major Sub Broker Business Strategies is to make most of your office space. The office space you take to start your business needs to make an impression on prospective clients.

It should be in a popular place so that people can see it and come in to enquire and open an account, and this way, you can get good publicity.

The office must have all the amenities to make sure that the clients are happy.

It would help if you had all the facilities like trading terminals, internet connectivity, phone connections, research desk, reception area, and others so that the clients can get all the facilities and services promised to them.

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Market your Business

Businesses can only survive with proper marketing. Even the brands which are widely popular need to market themselves.

So, it would help if you made the necessary efforts, including online and offline marketing strategies.

From developing your website and blog and popularizing the services you are providing to doing offline marketing, such as putting on banners at the most popular places in the city and also decorating your office with the list of services you provide.

Then you can also opt for local advertisements, television advertisements, and other forms of marketing strategies so that you can reach out to the maximum number of people in your area.

Building a Client Base

The most important strategy in running a successful sub broker business in the stock market is to have a solid loyal client base. You can follow the tips given below to build a strong clientele –

Friends & Family Accounts – You need to have a list of prospective clients whom you can approach easily, and family and friends come top of this list.

However, you also need to include colleagues, neighbors, and others who are in your proximity and easily approachable to build a clientele initially.

Once you are popular, you can approach other people and eventually get leads from your existing clients, provided you offer them the best of services.

Cold Calling – Make cold pitches to prospective clients to acquire new ones

Offer Great Service – Offer the clients the best of the services and keep them updated with information and news about the market and stock broker, so they get all the benefits.

This will help you keep them happy and satisfied, which can help you get more clients.

Keep in touch with Clients – Schedule regular client meetings to help them with their investment portfolio and sort their issues regarding trading and others, if any.

Again, this will keep the clients happy and help build the loyal clientele you want.

Regular Updates – Keep the clients updated and informed through social media as well and remain well connected with them.

Learn and Update Yourself

There are a lot of knowledge resources on SEBI’s website, NSE and BSE, and your stock broker, whom you are working for, must be offering a lot of knowledge resources that you can use for free.

To expand your business as a sub-broker, you must continuously learn and update yourself.

Though stock market education is vast, and no one can learn anything and everything at a time, you can do it slowly and steadily.

Enhance your Research Skills

As sub-brokers, you need to advise and suggest to your clients about their portfolios, and for that, you need research and analysis skills. You can learn the same by enrolling in some of the courses.

You need to analyze the research reports for the clients most of the time if they do not want to or need to learn how to use read and analyze the research reports.

Then your research skills can be used to suggest stocks and other assets to the clients.

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Sharpen your Management Skills

A sub-broker does not only have the acquire clients or suggest stocks but also needs to have great management skills.

As a sub-broker, you need to manage the employees, and take care business, and a lot more.

So, management skills are mandatory to have for the sub-brokers.

Gain Technical Knowledge

Another important Sub Broker Business Strategy is to keep enhancing your technical skills. For a sub-broker, the most important knowledge is technical knowledge.

While you can learn about different trading strategies and ideas from books and online resources, you need technical knowledge to implement them in real life.

Also, learn technical analysis for short-term trading so that you can help the traders who are looking for the same.

Put all-in

Finally, one of the most important things limiting the growth of the sub-brokers is that they must put themselves all into the business most of the time.

To build a successful sub-broker business in India, you must do it with all your heart and mind. You can only expect to run it successfully when you are committed to the business full-time.


So, starting a sub-broker business may be easy, but the requirements for making it a success are many that you need to achieve to make your sub-brokership business successful.


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