Successful Marketing Strategies for Stock Broker Franchise Business


Check out this blog to know about various successful marketing strategies that can be used by sub brokers to grow their stock broker franchise business in India.

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years. Nowadays, it is more about online or digital marketing that helps boost any business, and sub broker business is no exception.

That said, the traditional marketing strategies still hold for many in this country, as it is still a long way to go to achieve a fully digitalize nation.

So, in this article, we will talk about different marketing strategies that you, as a sub broker, can implement to grow your business.

Successful Marketing Strategies to Grow your Stock Broker Franchise Business

Marketing Strategies for Stock Broker Franchise Business

Have a look at the amazing & innovative marketing strategies among which many are available for free to grow a successful stock broking franchise business in India.

Digital Marketing

The first and foremost marketing strategy or technique in today’s time has to be Digital Marketing.

It has different aspects, and you can use any of them as per your business goals and your marketing budget.


To start with, you can do blogging to spread the knowledge of your services along with different stock market investment and trading information.

You can create your website for the services you provide as a sub broker, and there you can create a section for blogs.

There you can regularly put up trending topics on investments and trading, the economy, businesses, and other relevant topics that would interest your prospective clients.

Social Media Posts

While blogging is the first step towards making your footstep in the digital marketing arena, the next step to making your services popular is social media.

You can post small, crisp pieces of information, along with highlights of your services, on different social media platforms.

You can share the same with your acquaintances and also make the posts public so that anyone can share and see the same.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Whether it’s blogs, vlogs, or social media posts, they are only worth something with the right SEO strategies.

So, you can hire an SEO expert who can help you build the SEO strategies for your website. Search Engine Optimization helps your blogs and websites to rank on google.

If your website can get onto the first page or first few ages of google, then the chances of getting more viewers to increase.

Hence, this increases chances of getting more leads and ultimately the conversion of the leads depends on your pitch and quality of services and goodwill.

Search Engine Marketing

The next marketing strategy for your sub brokership business can be search engine marketing.

This is also a digital marketing strategy that is used to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results.

Search Engine Marketing includes both organic and paid search results and is thus very crucial for making your network grow faster.

With this, you only need to pay for the number of visitors to your website. Thus, it is quite reasonable as well.

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Communities and Forum

For generating leads, you can use social media communities and forums, which are for traders and investors.

There you can find a huge number of traders and investors, and thus, it will become easy to acquire clients from there.

If you become active on some of these communities, you can also stay updated about the market, and that will help your clients and in your pitch too.

YouTube Promotions

Another digital platform which is one of the most used platforms, is YouTube, that you can use for promoting your business.

Newbie traders and investors watch many videos for learning on this platform.

So, if you advertise your services on these YouTube channels, you can also get leads from there.

Moreover, these advertisements are cheaper than traditional advertisements.

Television Advertisements

Television advertisement is one of the most important marketing strategies for ages. Even when the world is shifting to OTT, advertisements have retained their value.

So, if you want to make your business popular locally and people know that you are offering sub broker’s services, you can get leads from there too.

However, as sub brokers, you must contact the local cable service provider to run your advertisement on the local channels.

Local Advertisements

Other forms of local advertisement besides television ads can be newspaper ads or posters and banners around public places.

These marketing strategies are very relevant in town and rural areas where people still need to get used to internet facilities.

You can make physical banners or distribute brochures, then run advertisements for the services you are offering in the local newspapers.

Unit Display – Interior & exterior

Another way of attracting prospective clients is by making your office in such a way that you can put banners in the interior and, most importantly, on the exterior of the office.

This will help attract people as well who are looking for a sub broker in your area.

Events and Webinars

Finally, again you can go back to the online marketing strategy, and this time you can use events and webinars.

While the main brokerage house you are associated with must be doing some events and webinars.

You can ask your existing clients to share the link and details of these events with their families, friends, colleagues, and others who are interested in investments.

This way also, you can get many leads. You can also conduct seminars in your locality to spread awareness about investments.

This way, you can get many people coming to you for helping them out with their investments.

Why Promote your Sub Broker Business?

You may wonder if the main stock broker has multiple marketing programs and they are promoting the business on a national and international level, then why do you also need to promote the same?

The reason is simple, and that is, as a sub broker, you need to make direct communication with the client.

The main broker will get clients from you, and thus, you need to make efforts to attract the clients. Also you must retain them for a long so that your commission keeps coming in.

What Marketing Support you can expect from Stock Broker?

Most of the stock brokerage houses in India offer full marketing support to their sub brokers.

Whether digital or traditional marketing, the stock brokers offer all kinds of support to make the sub broker’s business grow and expand.

The main brokerage house supports everything from website design to unit display, local advertisements, events, and webinars.

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Marketing Strategies for Stock Broker Franchise – Conclusion

So, there are multiple marketing strategies for making your business a successful one.

You can easily adapt to any of the tactics mentioned above. You can also use all of these strategies to promote your business.


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