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Know everything about Rudra Shares Franchise Business Opportunity here.

New Delhi-based Rudra Shares is a stockbroking firm helping people generate a second income by making intelligent investment decisions.

Today, we will learn more about Rudra Shares Partner business, its costs, documentation, advantages, and disadvantages.

Rudra Shares Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

Line of Business

Sub Broker

Unit / Shop Area

100 - 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)

Commission% / Revenue Sharing

50% to 75%

Total Investment

Zero Investment

ROI Timeframe

1 Month

Rudra Shares Sub Broker Review & Ratings by FranchiseByte

Revenue Sharing

3.66 / 5

Franchise Fee & Infra Investment

3.56 / 5

Support & Training

3.68 / 5

ROI Timeframe

3.52 / 5

Brand Value

3.58 / 5

Overall Ratings

3.60 / 5

Star Ratings

Overview of Rudra Shares Partner Program


Finance & Money

Business Line

Sub Broker

Organization Type


Head Office

New Delhi


Kishore Kumar Vakil

Founded In (year)


No. of Franchise Outlets


Master Franchise Model

Not Available

Franchise Tenure


Franchise Location

All over India

Business Set-Up Time

15 days

Franchise Commencement Year


Rudra Shares is a brokerage house that specializes in Retail and HNI broking. Established in 2008, the company is known for its cutting-edge systems and innovative processes.

Kishore Kumar Vakil is the founder of the firm. With over 150 franchise outlets, Rudra Shares has a strong presence throughout India.

The company offers franchise opportunities with lifetime tenure, and the business set-up time is just 15 days.

This means that entrepreneurs interested in starting a Rudra Shares franchise can get their business up and running in a matter of weeks.

The fact that Rudra Shares has over 150 franchise outlets is a testament to the company’s popularity and success.

Having many franchisees means that Rudra Shares has a broad reach and can serve clients throughout the country.

Moreover, it indicates that the company has a proven business model that is attractive to entrepreneurs who are looking to start their businesses.

Rudra Shares Franchise – Business Models

Find out all about 3 business models of Rudra Shares Franchise.

Business Models Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker 65% – 75%
Partner 40% – 50%
Refer and Earn Rs.100 per new Client

Rudra Shares Sub Broker Model

A Sub Broker uses the main broker’s infrastructure to offer brokerage services to clients, including executing trades, providing investment advice, and managing client portfolios.

In the Rudra Shares Sub Broker Model, a Sub Broker gets 65% to 75% of the revenue generated by its clients.

This model also enables main brokers to expand their client base and reach more customers through the network of Sub Brokers.

Rudra Shares Partner Program

In a Sub Broking business, a Partner can be crucial in managing and growing the business.

They can bring in new clients, manage client relationships, provide guidance and support to Sub Brokers, oversee operations, and develop business strategies.

Partners can leverage their network and experience to drive growth and help ensure the success of the business by providing support to all stakeholders.

Regarding the Rudra Shares Partner Model, the revenue sharing rate is 40% – 50%.

Rudra Shares Referral Program

The firm offers a referral program as well. Individuals already associated with the firm and refer the partnership links to their contacts.

Using these links, they can join the franchise business of the firm. If you want to use the Rudra Shares Refer and Earn model, you will be able to earn Rs.100 with every successful referral.

Rudra Shares Franchise Cost & Fees

Sub Broker - Franchise Fee


Partner Fees


Infrastructure Investment

Zero - Rs.40,000

The cost and fees associated with becoming a Rudra Shares franchise typically include an initial franchise fee and ongoing revenue sharing or commission fees.

The initial franchise fee may vary based on the location and size of the franchise. The revenue sharing or commission fees are a percentage of the franchisee’s revenue paid to Rudra Shares.

These fees can vary based on Rudra Shares’ support and services to the franchisee.

As a Sub Broker, you must pay Rudra Shares Franchise Cost of Rs.25,000 and between Zero to Rs.40,000 as the infrastructure investment fee.

The Partner Model Fee is offered at no cost to interested persons.

Rudra Shares Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing / Royalty

Sub Broker Commission

60% to 75%

Stock Broker Commission

25% to 40%

Partner Commission

40% to 50% + Rs.300 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

50% to 60%

Referral Commission

Rs.500 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 100%

Rudra Shares Sub Broker commission rates are between 60% to 75%, with partner commissions ranging from 40% to 50% plus an additional Rs.300 per new client.

Additionally, Rudra Shares provides a referral commission of Rs.500 for each new client referred to them.

Rudra Shares Business Partner ROI Details

In Years

1 Month

As a business partner of Rudra Shares, you can earn a Return on Investment (ROI) in just one month.

If you decide to become a business partner with Rudra Shares, you can expect to start making money within the first month of your partnership.

The potential for a quick return on investment makes the firm’s franchise scheme highly attractive.

Rudra Shares Sub Broker Profits

Know about Rudra Shares Sub Broker Profits, Revenues & more here.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,00,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.16%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,28,000
Sub Broker’s Share (75%) 96,000
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 12,000
1 Telecaller Cost 14,000
1 Dealer Cost 16,000
Misc. Expenses 3,000
Total Cost 45,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 51,000
Profit Margin 40%

Sub Brokers can expect to earn a 40% profit margin on their Rudra Shares franchise program investments.

It’s important to note that this profit margin is not fixed and can vary based on various factors, such as market conditions, the number of clients they can bring in, and the commission rates offered by Rudra Shares.

Even then, the Rudra Shares Sub Broker Profit margin of 40% is a significant return on investment and may make the Rudra Shares franchise program an appealing choice for individuals seeking to invest in the financial services sector.

Rudra Shares Partner Profits

Find out all details about Rudra Shares Partner Profits, Expenses, Profit Margin & more here.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 200
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,00,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.16%
Trading Days in 1 Month 2
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,28,000
Sub Broker’s Share (50%) 64,000
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecaller Cost 14,000
Misc. Expenses 3,000
Total Cost 17,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 47,000
Profit Margin 37%

Like the Sub Broker profits are the Partner profits, and the Partner profit margin for this firm is 37%. Making profits is essential for the long-term sustainability of any sub-broking firm.

Profits allow the firm to invest in new technologies, hire more staff, and expand its operations, leading to increased revenue and earnings for the partner.

Master Franchise of Rudra Shares - Information

Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment


Commission% / Revenue Sharing


Rudra Shares Partner Program Infrastructure Requirement

Shop / Unit Area

100 - 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)

Employee Strength

1 to 2 (Optional)

Research / Advisory


Trading Terminals Set-up


Telephone Lines


Computer / Internet Connectivity




CCTV Set-up


If you choose to join the Rudra Shares Franchise, you must invest in items like internet and telephone connectivity.

If your budget suits it, you may also invest in getting a shop area, 1 or 2 employees, research support, trading terminals, and CCTVs.

For Sub Brokers who buy and sell securities on behalf of clients, internet connectivity is crucial.

It allows them to access real-time market information, execute trades quickly, communicate efficiently with clients, and access online trading platforms.

Sub Brokers need to stay updated with the latest market trends, and a stable internet connection helps them do that.

They must also execute trades quickly and efficiently, which is only possible with a fast and reliable internet connection.

In addition, Sub Brokers need to communicate with their clients regularly, and the Internet enables them to do so through various channels.

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Support extended by Rudra Shares Sub Broker Franchise

Service Pricing




Client Interaction Training


Relationship Manager Support

Occasionally Available

Back-Office Support


Trading Support


Advisory Support

Occasionally Available

Marketing Support

Partially Available

Business Management Software


Website Support

Not Available

Operation Manual


Training Manual


Operation & Training manuals, service pricing, client interaction training, back-office support, trading support, and business management software are some of the amenities offered by the Rudra Shares Sub Broker program.

In a Sub Broker franchise program, back-office support can offer several benefits:

  • It can help Sub Brokers streamline operations by providing administrative and operational support. This can include assistance with account opening, client onboarding, trade execution, and settlement.
  • It can help Sub brokers focus on their core business activities, such as client acquisition and relationship management, by taking care of their back-end functions.
  • Providing clients with professional and efficient service can enhance the Sub broker’s credibility and reputation.

Franchise of Rudra Shares Sub Broker - Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads


Local Advertisement


Digital Marketing

Occasionally Available

Television Advertisement

Not Available

Prints Advertisement

Not Available


Not Available

Marketing involves understanding customer needs and wants, identifying target audiences, developing a marketing strategy, creating and distributing marketing materials, and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Rudra Shares Authorized Persons (also called Sub Brokers) get occasional digital marketing, full-time interior-exterior advertising, and local ads marketing support.

Digital marketing can be a powerful tool for Sub Brokers to promote their services, reach new clients, and grow their businesses.

By leveraging digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and content marketing, Sub Brokers can improve their online visibility, engage with their target audience, and build brand awareness.

Email marketing can be used to send newsletters, market updates, and other valuable information to clients.

Training provided by Rudra Shares Partner Program

Product Information Training


Dealers Training


Service Training


Rudra Shares affiliate partners receive specific training around services, dealers, and product information.

Dealer’s training can help Sub Brokers provide clients with better service by ensuring the timely execution of trades, addressing client queries promptly, and offering relevant market insights and investment advice.

A trained dealer can help Sub Brokers identify potential risks and mitigate them through proper risk management techniques, minimizing the likelihood of losses.

Overall, dealer training combined with the services and product info training can be a good investment in the success and growth of a Sub Broker’s business.

Rudra Shares Franchise - Products & Services Offered

Equity Trading


Commodity Trading


Currency Trading






Mutual Funds








Demat Services


3 in 1 Acount


IPO Services


Stock Recommendations


Robo Advisory




Exposure or Limit


Mobile App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Basket Trading


Rudra Shares franchise program offers a plethora of products to its Partners and Sub brokers, such as options, futures, mutual funds, demat and IPO services, stock recommendations, mobile app, and web trading platform among others.

Offering mutual fund services can benefit Sub Brokers in a broking company by diversifying their product offerings and revenue streams, providing clients with access to professional investment management, and allowing for lower investment minimums.

By giving mutual fund services, Sub Brokers at the Rudra Shares franchise can cater to clients’ diverse investment needs, offer a more comprehensive investment portfolio, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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Franchise for Rudra Shares - Revenue per Customer





Equity Options

Rs.15 Per lot

Equity Futures




Currency options

Rs.15 Per lot

Currency Futures


Franchisee Qualification required by Rudra Shares Sub Broker

Age Limit

21 & above

Business Experience


Academic Qualification

No Restriction

Documents Required to Start Rudra Shares Sub Broker Program

Franchise Agreement


Proprietor Aadhaar Copy


Proprietor Photo


Proprietor / Business PAN Copy


Business TAN Copy


GST Registration Certificate


Proprietor / Business Address Proof


Unit / Shop Address Proof


NOC of Unit / Shop


Rudra Shares Sub Broker or Partner Dashboard

Find the link to Rudra Shares Franchise Dashboard here.

Sub Broker Dashboard Link

Rudra Shares enables Partners to log in to their accounts and view relevant information through the Partner Dashboard, which functions like a traditional dashboard.

Login credentials are provided once the signing up process by the Sub Broker is completed.

Rudra Shares Franchise Login

The Rudra Shares Franchise Login webpage helps Sub Brokers monitor their clients’ earnings, data, performance metrics, and other relevant information.

The login page has been designed in a way to provide franchisees with easy and secure access to their account and other meaningful insights.

Rudra Shares Sub Broker Benefits

The Rudra Shares sub-broking franchise offers numerous benefits to individuals looking to establish themselves in the broking industry.

Some of the Rudra Shares Sub broker benefits are:

  • One of the critical benefits of the Rudra Shares franchise program is that it offers a fast return on investment (ROI). In fact, partners can expect to see a return on their investment in just one month, which is an excellent advantage for those looking to start generating income quickly.
  • Rudra Shares franchise program provides a high revenue sharing rate for Sub Brokers, which means that sub-brokers can earn a significant income from the business.
  • Another benefit of the Rudra Shares franchise program is that it does not charge a franchise fee for Partners. This eliminates an upfront cost and makes it easier for individuals to start their own Sub broking business with Rudra Shares.

Rudra Shares Franchise Drawbacks

Sub Brokers cannot offer their clients insurance products, which could limit their ability to compete with other brokers who do offer these services.

However, it’s important to note that this may not be a significant concern for all Sub Brokers, and Rudra Shares may provide other advantages that outweigh the absence of insurance services.

Rudra Shares Partner Program – Conclusion

Joining the Rudra Shares Franchise program would be a wise decision for those seeking a trustworthy and transparent business partner.

With over 25 years of experience, Rudra has established a reputation for ethical and clean dealings with clients and associates.

The company’s emphasis on building long-term relationships and providing personalized attention to each investor sets it apart from competitors.

At Rudra, tradition inspires innovation, and professionalism, skill, and transparency are key principles.

Joining Rudra’s franchise program offers the opportunity to benefit from this rich heritage and establish a successful and rewarding partnership.

FAQs on Rudra Shares Franchise Business

Find out various FAQs on Rudra Shares Affiliate Partner Program.

What do you mean by Authorized Persons?

By Authorized Persons, we mean Sub brokers here.

How many affiliate partners are linked to Rudra Shares?

The number of affiliate partners linked to Rudra Shares is 50+.

Who are the firm’s members who carry out the refer and earn program?

Referral agents are people who execute the refer and earn programs at Rudra Shares. They share unique codes or referral links with people they know and receive Rs. 100 on every fruitful referral.

What should I do in order to become a part of the Rudra Shares Franchise?

To become a member of the Rudra Shares Franchise, first, send your application with the correct set of documents.

The team will process your application, and once accepted; your account will be opened!

Rudra Shares Franchise offers what revenue sharing rate for its Partners?

A Partner can earn 40% – 50% of the income generated through their clients.

What should be the minimum age for a person to join the firm’s franchise program?

You should be a minimum of 21 years to participate in the Rudra Shares franchise scheme.

Is it compulsory to have a trading account with Rudra Shares?

No, it is not compulsory, but if you do, it would be great.

Investment costs involved in the Rudra Shares Sub broker model?

A Sub Broker needs to invest zero – Rs.40,000.

Can I track how much I have earned over a period with the franchise program?

Yes, you can keep track of your earnings from time to time with the help of a webpage that consists of a dashboard having these and similar other features.

Is the Rudra Shares franchise brand reputable and good to be associated with?

Yes, their vast roster of clients and presence in the financial services industry is a witness to the fact that they are reputed. There is no harm in joining their franchise business.


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