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Popular wealth management house, Fisdom, started its journey in 2015 as Finwizard technology.

The company started with the objective of financial literacy through an app or online platforms. It transforms the non-tech-savvy person into a tech-savvy one.

However, the company started the sub-broking or franchise model in 2021. It opens the door to becoming a Fisdom Sub Broker or Fisdom Partner.

Their stock broking service offers exchange-traded funds, derivatives, non-convertible debentures, and many more.

Fisdom Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

Line of Business

Sub Broker

Unit / Shop Area

150 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Commission% / Revenue Sharing

50% to 70%

Total Investment

Rs.3,000 - Rs.1,00,000

ROI Timeframe

2 Month

Fisdom Tradeswift Sub Broker Review & Ratings by FranchiseByte

Revenue Sharing

3.96 / 5

Franchise Fee & Infra Investment

3.86 / 5

Support & Training

3.78 / 5

ROI Timeframe

3.92 / 5

Brand Value

3.95 / 5

Overall Ratings

3.89 / 5

Star Ratings

Overview of Fisdom Sub Broker Franchise


Finance & Money

Business Line

Sub Broker

Organization Type


Head Office



Subramanya S V & Anand Dalmia

Founded In (year)


No. of Franchise Outlets


Master Franchise Model

Not Available

Franchise Tenure


Franchise Location

All over India

Business Set-Up Time

15 days

Franchise Commencement Year


Within a short period, Subramanya S and Anand Dalmia’s dream startup makes fly high. The firm has around 300+ franchise outlets all over India in 2 years of launching.

Despite the tough time of the pandemic, people focused on savings— starting the program was challenging.

But the market brand name and word of mouth give the financial service provider an advantage.

Fisdom offers all consumers the best-in-class investing experience through a comprehensive and personalised product deal.

Despite a new entry in the market, the co-founders have a tremendous experience in financial products.

It helps the firm to make a quick brand name in the capital market. The Fisdom sub-broker model is a golden opportunity for financial enthusiasts.

The wealth management startup has an attractive and transparent Franchise model. If you join the platform as a sub-broker, you can make a larger share of revenue, 70%.

You don’t need a lumpsum investment of massive infra backup for the business.

Fisdom Franchise – Business Models

Fisdom Sub Brokership has 3 business models.

Business Models Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker 60% – 70%
Partner Flat 50% + Rs.200 per new Client
Refer and Earn Rs.300 per new Client

Fisdom Sub Broker Model

Sub-brokers become authorised persons of the brokerage firm. The PayU-backed company has a market advantage with the giant brand name.

With Fisdom, sub-broking is an excellent journey for a franchisee to launch a business with a limited budget.

In other words, Fisdom opens its sub-broking door to individuals interested in finance to pay a lower security deposit. But if they make more investments, they will get more revenue shares.

A Fisdom sub-broker can start with a minimum investment of ₹30,000 and make a revenue of 60%.

However, the investor’s net profit margin could be 39% after all operating costs. The Bengaluru-based company will expand its franchise network to 300+ within a few years.

Fisdom Partner Model

Fisdom’s franchise model is a perfect start for individuals who want to start a business with low capital.

If you are a newbie, Fisdom’s training and support program is there to keep you updated with the business model.

If you have good marketing or well-established social skills, Fisdom’s partner program is a great match for you. However, you don’t always need a degree or expert salesmanship.

As a partner, you will get a flat 50% share of the revenue. Furthermore, partners will add ₹200 to their portfolio for new traders joining.

Grab this excellent opportunity without a significant investment. So, you don’t need to stick a considerable investment in the partner program.

Fisdom Referral Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your earning potential without extra effort?

Fidsdom’s refer and earn program is here for you. You can make a simple earning by referring clients and involving them in trade.

And the best part of this is instant cash credit to your portfolio. So, an individual can earn ₹300 for each new referring client.

You can spread your affiliate link on various social media channels or recommend that relatives and friends join.

You will receive a zero brokerage month with unlimited trading as part of the refer and earn program.

For every two new customers who create accounts with the company, this bonus offer will be given.

Fisdom Franchise Cost & Fees

Sub Broker - Franchise Fee

Rs.30,000 - Rs.50,000

Partner - Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment

Zero - Rs.50,000

Fisdom has a 92,000 client base within just two years of operation. The tech-savvy platform, low investment and extensive research-based support help the firm to achieve such milestones.

Let’s check the Fisdom franchise’s cost and fees. So, what makes it better despite a new entry in the market?

Their franchise cost is affordable and an easy fit for your investment capacity. To become a sub-broker, you need a security deposit of ₹30,000 – ₹50,000.

However, your revenue share is more lucrative. You can make up to 70% as a sub-broker. In the case of the partner program, they can start with merely ₹3,000 as a franchise fee.

But if you want to run the franchise operation in a professional way, you need a physical entity— an office.

As a result of the office set-up, the franchise may need to invest ₹50,000 more. However, it’s a one-time investment that returns every year.

Fisdom Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing / Royalty

Sub Broker Commission

60% to 70%

Stock Broker Commission

30% to 40%

Partner Commission

Flat 50% + Rs.200 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 50%

Referral Commission

Rs.300 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 100%

The discount broking platform offers various business models with flat brokerage shares. The Bengaluru-based firm is heavily dependent on the sub-brokers chain.

So, they offer a massive commission of 70% for sub-brokers, and the brokerage firm receives the rest 30%. You can start with a minimum of ₹30,000 with a minimum revenue goal of 60%.

Suppose, as a sub-broker, you invest ₹50,000 as a franchise fee and an additional cost of ₹50,000 for infra. So, the one lakh investment could bring ₹70,000 brokerage shares for you.

Meanwhile, Fisdom’s partner commission can see skyrocketing growth with a 50% revenue margin. In addition, they will get ₹200 bonus.

Apart from that, they have a subscription plan from 60 days to 365 days. In this plan, investors need to make a one-time payment for a fixed period to get relief from regular brokerage fees.

Depending on the client’s trading behaviour, sub-brokers can make a profit of 38% after all operation-related costs like office rent, telecaller cost etc.

Fisdom Business Partner ROI Details

In Years

2 Month

Are you worried about return on investment or RoI? Yes, that should be all investors’ main objective. Fisdom sub-brokers return is handsome enough.

You can expect your money with 60% or 70% revenue share with two months of investments. In the case of a business partner, they will get an instant amount of ₹200 for client acquisition.

However, a flat brokerage revenue of 50% will be rewarded at the end of the month. Also, a training and support program will enhance your client’s performance.

So you can maximise your return within a short period.

Fisdom Sub Broker Profits

Check out details like Fisdom Sub Broker Profits, Revenues & more here.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 175
Daily Trades per Clients 3
Brokerage per Trade 20
Trading Days in 1 Month 15
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,57,500
Sub Broker’s Share (70%) 1,10,250
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 14,000
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
1 Dealer Cost 16,000
Misc. Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 49,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 61,250
Net Profit Margin 39%

Investors should have clarity about profit and performance. The sub-brokers revenue commission and profit are also tempting.

It helps to increase business volume and brokerage revenue as well. As we see, sub-brokers need an investment of 1 lakh (₹50,000 as franchisee fee+ ₹50,000 for office set up/operation cost).

If they generate a revenue of ₹1,00,000, the revenue graph sees a sharp growth of 60% to 70%. So, the profit is almost ₹39,000 (39%) after all bills and salary payments.

The sub-broker model places the responsibility of client acquisition, activation and relationship management.

In return, the partner gets a great commission or a share of the money made by the clients.

Fisdom Partner Profits

Find out details like Fisdom Partner Profits, Expenses & more.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 175
Daily Trades per Clients 3
Brokerage per Trade 20
Trading Days in 1 Month 15
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,57,500
Partner’s Share (60%) 78,750
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecallers Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 19,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 59,750
Net Profit Margin 38%

Fisdom offers a partner program that allows individuals to make money without prior knowledge.

The main goal of Fisdom’s partner program in the brokerage industry is to assist partners in growing their companies.

It is an opportunity for clients with a wider selection of investment products and services and generating more income.

So, if you can’t go for a massive amount of money to invest, partnering with Fisdom is a fantastic choice.

Although Partners are not liable for daily operations, they make a revenue share of 50%. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to make a bonus of ₹200 for new accounts.

After all expenses, the monthly profit could hit 38%.

Master Franchise of Fisdom - Information

Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment


Commission% / Revenue Sharing


Fisdom Partner Infrastructure Requirement

Shop / Unit Area

150 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Employee Strength

Minimum 2

Research / Advisory


Trading Terminals Set-up


Telephone Lines


Computer / Internet Connectivity




CCTV Set-up


If you want to join the Fisdom franchise family, there are some fixed investments to start your office. The firm values mutual benefits, so there is enormous scope for early birds.

Franchise holders don’t need strong support for infrastructure or office set-up.

At Fisdom, they understand the business is all about research, reducing risk, creating a smooth platform and client involvement.

  • So, you need a minimum of 150-200 sq ft office space but not a fancy office. Make your space more productive than a costly one. The office set-up helps to serve clients more professionally.
  • High-speed internet with a fast computer or laptop is a game-changer. The entire business depends on the trading platform. So, you can’t compromise with these types of equipment. It has a direct impact on revenue and your client interest.
  • Another important requirement is a CCTV installed with a proper view. You can ensure a night-vision, which could cost around ₹4,000. CCTV ensures the safety of the business so that you have a stress-free sleep.
  • Lastly, it’s important for franchise owners to have some helping hands with various responsibilities, including telemarketing and paperwork. Fisdom advises hiring one or two people to assist in managing these obligations. This can ensure the efficient and effective operation of your franchise.

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Support extended by Fisdom Sub Broker Franchise

Service Pricing




Client Interaction Training


Relationship Manager Support


Back-Office Support


Trading Support


Advisory Support

Available - Paid

Marketing Support

Partially Available

Business Management Software

Not Available

Website Support

Not Available

Operation Manual

Not Available

Training Manual

Not Available

Sub-brokers have to undergo several duties, from client acquisition, retention, cross-selling, promotion, etc.

That’s why the PayU-backed firm provides substantial support to the sub-brokers team.

Relationship Manager: RM can support sub-brokers in challenging circumstances and offer advice on how to look after their clientele.

So, a relationship manager is an added advantage of the training and support program.

Back office: They provide back-office support, which helps to solve problems. Sub-brokers can manage their trading operations more effectively with the aid of this resource.

The Fisdom sub-broker will get full assistance from the back office.

Trade assistance: You will get access to practice materials and guidance from an advisory team in the budding stage. It helps to understand risk management and how to increase profit.

Partial marketing support: If you are not good marketing or salesperson, Fisdom is also there for you. To grow their firm, the company arranges partial marketing training.

But you may need to spend money on advertising campaigns or events. For instance, you can enter locally using sponsored sites on social media.

Above all, you have 24/7 support with the operation manual and trading manual. So, don’t ignore the process.

Franchise of Fisdom Sub Broker - Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads


Local Advertisement


Digital Marketing

Not Available

Television Advertisement

Not Available

Prints Advertisement

Not Available


Not Available

To encourage business volume and revenue, they provide partial marketing support. However, it’s good to contact company personnel before investment.

As a newbie, you can ask for the entire marketing curriculum from them. So, it helps you to get an idea before starting the journey.

Fisdom’s authorised person will get some limited support. Along with office interior and exterior, you may get local advertisement support to get regional market leads.

However, the most significant support for digital media needs to be included in the program. The authorised person may need to invest in social media or search engines to create a sales funnel.

However, this business’s marketing strategy,” word of mouth,” goes well. Be a nice person to your community and society, and they can promote your service to potential clients.

Training provided by Fisdom Partner Program

Product Information Training


Dealers Training

Not Provided

Service Training


For Fisdom affiliate partners or franchise holder training program is essential for many reasons.

  • Product information
  • Service training
  • Sales and promotion
  • Client management

Product information and service information training are vital to support them.

Training programs typically cover the range of financial products and services the brokerage house offers.

You can request others to extend it for other products like equities, derivatives, commodities, and currencies.

The training course also includes lessons on client relationship management and how to address client inquiries confidently.

Moreover, it includes how to deal with clients’ challenges and how to deliver first-rate customer support.

Fisdom Franchise - Products & Services Offered

Equity Trading


Commodity Trading


Currency Trading






Mutual Funds








Demat Services


3 in 1 Acount


IPO Services


Stock Recommendations


Robo Advisory




Exposure or Limit


Mobile App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Basket Trading


As a Fisdom franchise holder, you have a dynamic opportunity to join other firm services. It has a very narrow product line. But the products’ depth and revenue generation ability are stunning.

  • Equity Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Mutual funds
  • IPO
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds
  • Non-Convertible Debentures

However, many popular programs like Currency Trading, PMS and Forex are absent from the product portfolio. For a fast trading experience, use their App in the Play Store or Apple Store.

Despite a narrow product line, the firm has a huge appreciation for online platforms.

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Franchise for Fisdom - Revenue per Customer


Rs.20 per Order


Rs.20 per Order

Equity Options

Rs.20 per Order

Equity Futures

Rs.20 per Order


Rs.20 per Order

Currency options


Currency Futures


Franchisee Qualification required by Fisdom Sub Broker

Age Limit

21 & above

Business Experience


Academic Qualification

No Restriction

Documents Required to Start Fisdom Partner Program

Franchise Agreement


Proprietor Aadhaar Copy


Proprietor Photo


Proprietor / Business PAN Copy


Business TAN Copy


GST Registration Certificate


Proprietor / Business Address Proof


Unit / Shop Address Proof


NOC of Unit / Shop


Fisdom Sub Broker or Partner Dashboard

Here is the link to Fisdom Franchise Dashboard.

Sub Broker / Partner Dashboard Link

From day 1, the company builds its image as a digital platform to spread financial awareness. As a  result, they have advanced web systems and apps to serve clients.

  • Top-class trading experience
  • Trade without any error/ limited error
  • Insider’s Data to make more competent trade

The Fisdom partner’s dashboard appears with facilities for microeconomic data, global indices, calculators and whatnot.

You will access advanced real-time charts and a fast user interface. Moreover, heat maps and screener analytics help you make a quick decision.

For a seamless and fast experience, you can use their App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The firm’s App has 1 million downloads on the Android platform with huge client claps.

Fisdom Franchise Login

You need a trader’s account or a demat account to log in to the system. After a successful email and password entry, the dashboard will appear with all data, transactions, and current market analysis.

The same process is necessary for the Fisdom franchise’s login from apps. However, it is good to use apps than a webpage, as clients feel it is more user-friendly.

Fisdom Sub Broker Benefits

The PayU-backed wealth management company’s sub-brokers get some benefits after joining the platform.

The organised platform ensures not only monetary benefits but also franchise holders get an advantage in the financial market.

Some more benefits are as follows—

  • Advanced trading platform with back-office support
  • Training support with a total review of the business
  • A collection of solid products
  • Low investment with high profit

If you ask the top few names in the field of digital wealth management, Fisdom is one of them.

So, building relationships with existing customers and luring new ones is easy by associating yourself with a famous brand.

Fisdom Franchise Drawbacks

Whether a productive franchise or partner, you may have to take some hiccups in the journey. Fisdom franchise holders could face some drawbacks in marketing.

The firm is not solely responsible for the franchise’s marketing activity. It is not possible with such a small investment. So, you need to invest in digital marketing or online promotion.

Fisdom Partner Program – Conclusion

The company has had healthy signs in the recent financial year also. Apart from a financial partner program or franchise program, it boosts the core business also.

According to industry data, the company made a gross commission of Rs 15.5 crore in FY 21-22. The startup also holds stock brokering and registered investment advisor license’s.

Moreover, the firm has no pending cases in FY 22-23. They have settled all 25 cases filed by stock market regulators.

So, your journey in the Fisdom partner program is going to be full of excitement with handsome earnings.

Moreover, the brokerage provides tax services, portfolio management services, alternative investment funds, and other investment products.

FAQs on Fisdom Franchise Business

Check out various FAQs on Fisdom Affiliate Partner program.

Does Fisdom have an Authorised person?

Yes, it will launch in 2021; the company has 300+ franchise outlets in major Indian cities. Sub-brokers are authorised persons of Fisdom.

How many Affiliate Partners does Fisdom have?

There are 300+ authorised offices running in India. Within 45 days of launching, the brokerage model gets 1,00,000 customers from the brand name.

The company has a 20-cr customer base in the core business.

What are the Fisdom Referral Agents?

If you have a good sales channel from social media or a friend circle, you can work as a referral agent. Thus, you will get ₹300 for each new joining.

How can I become a Fisdom Associate Partner?

The wealth-tech company has a business set-up time of 15 days. Individuals need to apply to the platform to make a partner account or franchise account.

You need to submit scan copy of primary identity-related documents and a PAN card.

How much can I earn as Fisdom Partner or Dealership?

A partner of Fisdom will get a flat 50%. In addition, ₹200 will be rewarded for new clients joining.

Am I eligible to start a Fisdom Partnership Agency?

There is no education or age-related barriers. You can start anytime. But many platforms allow 21+ with basic education.

Do I need to have a Fisdom trading account?

Yes, you need an account to run the operation.

How much do I need to invest in becoming Fisdom’s authorised partner?

You need to invest a maximum of ₹50,000 as a security deposit. Additionally, you have to add ₹50,000 for office set up.

How can I track my earnings with Fisdom?

You will get access to the webpage and their advanced apps— from tracking to the transaction.

Is Fisdom safe to become a partner?

Absolutely yes, Fisdom is safe and secure. There is no restriction from regulators for the platform.


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