Best Chinese Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Chinese Franchise of 2024


Check out the Best Chinese Franchise in India here. Chinese food consumed in India is more than what is consumed across the globe. However, India has modified Chinese, and we all got it.

Best Chinese Franchise in IndiaWhile pizza, momos, and burgers are newbies in the food industry, Chinese food has always been the first go-to food for many.

While most of the restaurants in India offer Chinese items, some Chinese Franchise in India are the most popular ones and have their brand value regarding authentic Chinese cuisine.

In this article, you will read about these Top Chinese Franchise and their details like how much they charge for offering franchise rights, how much you can earn by opening a Chinese franchise, support offers, infrastructure requirements, and much more.

Top 10 Chinese Food Franchise in India

Let us check the Best Chinese Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Mainland China Franchise
2 Big Wong Franchise
3 Wok on Fire Franchise
4 Amigos Burrito Franchise
5 China Gate Franchise
6 Shanghai Franchise
7 Golden Dragon Franchise
8 Mainland China Franchise
9 The China Kitchen Franchise
10 Bercos Franchise

The Chinese Franchise that we have picked are considered based on the –

  • Revenue sharing structure of the franchises
  • Initial investment requirements for infrastructure
  • Franchise fee
  • Support and facilities offered by the franchisor
  • Experience and brand value

We have handpicked the 10 Best Chinese Franchise Businesses you consider if you are considering starting a Chinese food franchise.

This list includes Mainland China, Big Wong, Shanghai, Mainland China, and others.

Mainland China Franchise – Best Chinese Franchise in India

Mainland China, a Kolkata based Best Chinese Franchise in India, has been offering franchise opportunities across the country.

Mainland China Franchise LogoIt presently has over 100+ franchises and offers franchise opportunities for a tenure of 5 years. The franchise fee they charge for giving franchise rights varies from Rs.2 lakhs to around Rs.5 lakhs.

Apart from the franchise fee, you need to consider the infrastructures in which you need to invest another Rs.15 lakhs on the lower side, while for a more decorated or bigger outlet, your investment may go up to Rs.20 lakhs as well.

The infrastructure required to set up the Mainland China franchise outlet includes a 800 to 1200 square feet outlet with 3-5 employees.

The kitchen area has to be there, which goes without saying. Then there is a sitting area which can be optional, but delivery services have to be there.

The outlet must have CCTVs, ACs and other facilities. For setting up the outlet, along with all legalities, takes around 30 days which is quite a short tenure for setting up an entire franchise outlet.

Suppose you are opting for a Mainland China franchise. In that case, you can expect to receive 90% of the revenue as commission or revenue share from the total revenue generated by your franchise outlet.

The franchisor keeps only 10%, which helps in breakeven in 12 to 18 months. Mainland China offers multiple support, like marketing support for making out franchise outlets reputed in the locality.

Then there are online delivery systems and online order placement facilities as well. The franchisees also get RM support and a lot more.

Big Wong Franchise – Top Chinese Franchise in India

Big Wong is one of the most popular names regarding Chinese food franchises, and it is, of course, one of the Top 10 Chinese Franchises.

Big Wong Franchise LogoRajan Chanana started it in 2016 in Bengaluru, and it still has its head office in the city. However, in these 6 years, it has grown to close to hundreds of outlets across India.

Big Wong offers 1-year master franchise for a fee of Rs.2 lakhs. While the franchise fee is less, the infrastructure cost of Big Wong ranges from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.75 lakhs.

The requirements for infrastructure are also quite huge. For setting up the Big Wong Chinese franchise outlet, you need a shop of around 1000 to 2000 square feet.

There must be 2 to 4 employees which you need to employ to attend to the customers, and there must be chefs and other helpers to prepare the food.

The outlet has to be fully air-conditioned and under CCTV surveillance. The kitchen area, sitting space, internet connectivity, and a delivery facility must be there.

While the infrastructure expense is too high for this franchise, the revenue share is comparatively lower at 65% for the franchisee, and the franchisor retains the remaining 35%.

However, due to the exponential brand value of Big Wong, the franchisees break even within 1 year.

Big Wong may offer a little lower revenue share, but they offer exceptional support to the franchise holders.

From online support for order placement to business management software to customer support representatives, and a lot of training and other offers to attract customers for the franchise holders.

Wok on Fire Franchise – Top 10 Chinese Franchise in India

Wok on Fire is a decade-old Chinese Franchise Business in India that Sohil Panjwani started in 2012. It has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, and currently, there are around 30 franchise outlets in the country.

Wok on Fire Franchise LogoIt offers a franchise of its business for 9 years tenure for a price of Rs. 2 lakhs. For 9 years franchise agreement, this franchise fee is comparatively quite lower.

That said, the infrastructure cost of Wok on Fire goes up to even Rs. 75 lakhs as it has extraordinary standards for its outlets.

The outlet must be built in at least a space of 1200 to 1500 square feet with all the amenities like ACs, CCTVs, and internet/ WiFi connections.

There must be abundant sitting space, and the kitchen must have all the required facilities and amenities. Moreover, this business’s franchise outlets must also have delivery services.

All these take around 1 month to set up. However, the share of revenue they offer to the franchisees can concern you.

It is 65% of the total revenue generated at your outlet in a given period, say a month. The remaining 35% goes into the franchisor account only.

While the investment is huge, and the revenue share is lower than other Chinese franchises. Usually, most of the Wok on Fire franchise breakeven within a year.

On the support front, franchisees of Wok on Fire offer training for cooking, food preparation, multiple offers, online support, and much more.

Amigos Burrito Franchise – Best Chinese Franchise to Invest

Amigos Burrito is a pan India Best Chinese Franchise Business in India that was founded in 2019 by Vishal Mehra and Sanchit Sahni.

Amigos Burrito franchise logoIt is based out of Gurugram and has multiple franchises across the country. It offers a five-year franchise fee of Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs.

The infrastructure cost usually varies between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs, and it takes around 1 to 3 months to set up the whole franchise outlet with all the documentation and other requirements.

The infrastructure requirements include 200 to 800 square feet of space with a kitchen area and sitting space.

All amenities like ACs, CCTVs, and others must be included. You need to employ at least 3 to 6 employees for cooking to attending customers.

Amigos Burrito shares 95% of the revenue generated by the franchisee and keeps only 5% of the same with them. This way, the franchises break even within a maximum duration of 2 years.

Amigos Burrito offers additional support for training the franchisees’ owners and staff. From cooking to food presentation and handling customers, all kinds of training are given to franchise holders.

There is online support as well for delivery and online food ordering. There is also support for marketing and interiors, and other facilities.

China Gate Franchise – Top Chinese Food Franchise to Invest

China Gate is another Top Chinese Franchise Brand of 2024, which started its journey in 1993. It is one of the oldest Chinese food business chains that has captured the entire market across the country.

China Gate Franchise LogoIt has over hundreds of franchise outlets in different parts of the country. The franchise agreement is drawn for five years, renewable post the period. China Gate charges Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs for the same.

The infrastructure set-up is quite expensive for this franchise as there is an average cost of Rs.30 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs. The infrastructure should include 800 sqft space to 1200 sqft space.

It must have a kitchen area, sitting, and delivery services. There have to be all amenities for providing the customer with the most comfortable experience in the outlet.

If you are going for the China Gate franchise, your infrastructure expense may be high, but you will get 90% of the revenue you generate, and it takes hardly 1.5 years to 2 years to equate the investments. Then you can see profits which is the case for most of the franchises of China Gate.

The support that China Gate renders to the franchises includes RM support, online tie-ups for delivery services, website support for food ordering, marketing and training facilities, and much more.

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Shanghai Restaurant Franchise – Top 10 Chinese Franchise to Invest

Shanghai is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants and the top choice of franchisees regarding the Top 10 Chinese Franchises of 2024.

Shanghai Franchise LogoIt was started in 2011 by Subrata Roy in Kolkata and still rules the China Town of Kolkata. It has over thirty outlets of different franchise holders across the country.

Shanghai offers a franchise for 5 years against a franchise fee of Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. You can renew the franchise agreement every five years.

The expenditure for infrastructure ranges between Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs which are at par with the market.

It offers 90% of the revenue to the franchise holder, while Shanghai retains only 10% of the revenue from each franchise.

With this investment and return structure, it takes around a year to two for the franchisees to recover the amount they have invested in the franchise outlet. Then they can earn profits depending on the revenue generated at the franchise outlet.

The infrastructure criteria set by Shanghai include an 800-1200 square feet store area with 3 to 5 employees.

The kitchen and sitting space is necessary; thus, you must create the same. Shanghai outlets need to be traditionally decorated and loaded with amenities.

Shanghai is one of the oldest Chinese cuisine restaurant franchises and offers the best support to franchise holders.

Basic support like food preparation training, setting up the outlets, menu pricing, and similar support is rendered.

While these are there, there is also advanced support which is online support for online food ordering and delivery facilities.

Golden Dragon Franchise – Best Chinese Cuisine Franchise to buy

This List of Chinese Franchise Businesses includes Golden Dragon, which is another gem for Chinese cuisine food businesses.

Golden Dragon Franchise LogoIt was started in 1995 by Marzy Bhai in Mumbai, where the head office is now. It has grown over 50 franchise outlets across the country, and it takes hardly forty-five days to set up the outlet entirely and completes all legal formalities of the franchise agreement.

The investment you would require to start the franchise of Golden Dragon ranges between Rs.17 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs.

While the franchise fee is Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs for Golden Dragon, the infrastructure expenditure shoots up the total cost.

The franchisee will get a 90% share in the revenue generated by the franchise outlet run by them, and the remaining 10% will be retained by Golden Dragon itself.

With this set-up for investments and revenue-sharing structure, you will recover your investments within one to two years, as observed with most franchisees.

The infrastructure requirements include a space that is at least 800 square feet in area or more. There have to be three to five employees to take care of the whole set-up. The kitchen area, sitting area, CCTVs, and other facilities have to be there, which goes without saying.

Being a veteran in the Chinese food chain business, Golden Dragon offers the best support to franchisees.

There is basic support like numerous training, menu deciding, pricing, and others. That said, there is online support, too, which includes online food delivery applications and set up with online food ordering and others.

Chicky Wok Franchise – Top Chinese Franchise to buy

Chicky Wok requires no introduction as everyone knows about these Chinese restaurants whether they love Chinese or not.

Chicky Wok Franchise LogoIn this Chinese Franchise Business Comparison, Chicky Wok is one of the most important as it has the country’s largest franchise outlets.

It was started in 2010 in Bahrain and now has more than hundreds of outlets in different cities of the country.

To set up the franchise, you need around Rs.37 lakhs to Rs.57 lakhs. This includes franchise fees and infrastructure expenditures.

The franchise fee for the 5-year franchise is Rs.7 lakhs, while the infrastructure cost varies from Rs.30 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs.

The infrastructure you need to set up includes an 400 – 1500 square feet shop with ACs, CCTVs, and internet connectivity. There has to be kitchen space, a sitting area, and delivery service.

Chicky Wok’s franchisees get 92% of their revenue, while the franchisor keeps only 8%. This makes the franchisees break even within 12 months to 24 months.

All kinds of support are available from Chicky Wok to its franchisees. Whether marketing support, interior designing support for the outlet or food preparation training, online delivery, and order placement support, everything is offered by Chicky Wok to the franchise holders.

The China Kitchen Franchise – Top 10 Chinese Franchise to buy

The China Kitchen is an authentic Chinese restaurant offering the Best Chinese Franchise in India.

The China Kitchen Franchise LogoIt was founded in 2002 by Zhang Hong Sheng in Mumbai, now the franchise’s base. It has over 30 franchise outlets across the nation.

The China Kitchen offers a franchise opportunity for 5 years for a franchise fee of Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs, and the infrastructure ranges between Rs.15 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs.

The revenue share that franchisees of this Chinese restaurant get is 90%, and it takes around 1 to 2 years to break even.

The infrastructure should have an 800-1200 square feet area with space for a kitchen and sitting area.

The air-conditioner and security cameras all need to be there. As a franchisee, you must also arrange delivery service independently, apart from other tie-ups.

The China Kitchen offers online tie-up with delivery partners and website support for online order placement and business management software.

Apart from technological support, there are different training offers, marketing support, and a lot more offered by the franchisor.

Bercos Franchise – Best Chinese Franchise in 2024

Bercos is the final pick in our Top Chinese Franchise in India list. This is also a veteran in the Chinese food chain business.

Bercos Franchise LogoIt was founded in 1982 and currently have more than hundreds of outlets. Kabir Advani founded it in Delhi.

Bercos offers 5 years franchise agreement for Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs while the infrastructure cost is around Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs.

They share 90% of the revenue generated by the franchisee with the franchise holder and retain only 10%. It takes a maximum of a year to recover the amount you invest in the franchise.

The infrastructure requirements include around 1000 square feet of space with kitchen and sitting facilities.

Then there must be all the amenities to provide the customers with the best experience and environment.

Bercos offers a marketing facility to make your franchise popular in your area and online. It offers online order placement support and has delivery services tie-ups.

Apart from these, there are multiple training sessions offered to the franchisees along with multiple offers to attract customers and many more similar support facilities.

Best Chinese Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

So, to find the Best Chinese Franchise, you can check out those mentioned above ten and compare them to find the one that best suits your requirements.

You should always consider the revenue, investments, and other requirements like infrastructure and facilities.

FAQs on Top Chinese Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Chinese Franchise Brands here –

What is a Chinese Franchise?

Franchise business opportunities for Chinese restaurants can be referred to as Chinese franchises. Popular Chinese restaurants offer franchise opportunities to grow and expand their business.

Which is the most successful Chinese Franchise?

Mainland China can be considered the most successful Chinese franchise as it has the widest network of franchise outlets and is popular across the country.

How do I start my Chinese Franchise?

You must contact any popular Chinese business chains to start your Chinese franchise and buy franchise rights. Then set up the infrastructures required and get started.

Are Chinese Franchises profitable?

Yes, Chinese cuisine is the most loved; thus, most Chinese restaurants run smoothly. These franchises are the most popular ones, so you can expect to churn out profits from these franchises.

What is the monthly income in the Chinese Franchise business?

The monthly income varies from one franchise to another. However, the average revenue shared by the Chinese franchises is around 90%.

Which is the most profitable Chinese Franchise?

As per the revenue share, the most profitable franchise can be Mainland China. It shares 95% of the revenue with the franchisees.

Which Franchise is best for the Chinese?

Big Wong, China Gate, Mainland China, and Bercos can be the most popular and best Chinese franchises as per their customer base, popularity, and profit margins.

How much investment is required to start a Chinese Franchise?

The usual investment varies from Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs. It includes franchise fees and infrastructure expenditures.

Which Chinese Franchise is the cheapest in India?

Beyond Temptation is the cheapest franchise as it charges the usual franchise fee, but its infrastructure expenditure is comparatively lower.

Which is the fastest-growing Chinese Franchise?

Big Wong is the fastest-growing Chinese franchise as, in just 8 years, it has a network of more than 100 franchise outlets.

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