Best Raw Meat Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Raw Chicken Franchise of 2024


Check out some of the Best Raw Meat Franchises in India here.

Thanks to digitalization, you can now buy raw meat online. The exact variety of raw meat you crave for your evening feast will be shipped to your doorstep.

People also love this transition, as it is better and even more convenient than visiting a supermarket.

It can be a great alternative for customers but challenging for an online supplier. After all, a standardized process is stringently followed by these meat suppliers.

But some brands are truly working exceptionally well in this segment. As a result, we have our top 10 meat shop franchises in India.

These franchises help customers enjoy butcher-quality proteins from the comfort of their homes. Most are well-trusted and appreciated by real customers.

So, if you are also looking for the best raw chicken franchise for investment, this list might make your journey easier.

Best Raw Chicken Franchise in India – Top 10 Raw Meat Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Raw Meat Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Chopserve Franchise
2 Emeat Franchise
3 Meatwale Franchise
4 Taaza Meat Online Franchise
5 TenderCuts Franchise
6 Lets Meat Franchise
7 Fipola Franchise
8 Nandu’s Franchise
9 Urban Meat Franchise
10 Riyus Fresh Franchise

The list brings together some of the most promising brands for raw meat franchises.

Best Raw Meat Franchise in IndiaSome of these brands are well-known to non-veg eaters, while some offer sought-after meat varieties yet are less popular due to their small network.

But one thing is certain: these brands are ambitious and want to build valuable contacts. With a solid business model, these raw meat suppliers foster a healthy two-way relationship.

By joining these best chicken shop franchise businesses, you not just benefit their business financially but benefit your own.

The Indian Meat Market stood at 13.55 billion USD in 2022 and is recording a CAGR of 2.44% to clock 15.65 billion USD in 2028. So do franchise firms in raw market niches, which are also prospering.

If you are also looking for an opportunity to build a bright career in the raw meat industry, here’s a brief on some competent companies you might like to join.

Chopserve Franchise – Best Raw Meat Franchise in India

Bangalore-based Chopserve is one of the best-known raw meat suppliers in the nation’s south region. Set up in 2018, the company’s meat variety offers many options.

Chop Serve Franchise LogoSo, whether it is raw chicken, mutton, eggs, or fish and seafood, customers can order a wide range of non-vegetarian items in fresh quantity from Chopserve.

In addition to raw Meat, the company even sells exotic meats and a special masala to customers, making it the best raw meat franchise in India.

After all, it understands the taste requirements of non-vegetarians pretty well. In addition to B2B, the brand even facilitates a B2C line.

Customers can choose the quantity of meat they want from an array of choices and pay the price asked. Worth-noting, Chopserve doesn’t serve customers in every state and city.

Whether customers can receive their orders depends on the franchise outlet’s availability. The brand has only 22 franchise outlets, most of which are in the South.

But it looks forward to extending its franchise network by including more prospects in its business chain.

As an aspiring franchisee, if you also trust Chopserve’s business model at a zero franchise fee, you can set up one outlet in your city.

All guidance, from managerial functions to inventory handling, including education on meat, is provided. Revenue sharing with the franchisee is 90%–100%.

However, Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh might be consumed by infrastructure investment. But it can be recovered from the business profits within a few months.

Emeat Franchise – Top Raw Meat Franchise in India

Emeat has long been the richest source of protein for customers. Founded in 2016, Emeat is currently recognized for its e-services for Raw Meat.

EMeat Franchise LogoEmeat is an online raw meat ordering platform where customers can find desired meat varieties at the desired price.

The brand is widely known for offering the best price on the meat market. From fresh chicken, fish, mutton, and prawns to ready-to-fry non-vegetarian delicacies, there are tons of great items in the recommendation catalog of Emeat.

On top of raw meat, the best-quality eggs are also sold on the e-commerce platform. As a result, it earns a spot in the top 10 meat shop franchises.

But since the brand respects the food safety standards for raw meat, it may only be able to serve customers in some cities.

The brand’s head office is in Bhubaneswar, and apart from that, it supplies raw meat to four other locations, including the nearest regions where its four franchise outlets are located.

This is to preserve the juicy flavors of raw meat. E-meat has long wished to expand this network. As a result, it rolled out its first franchise program in 2021.

You can also partner with Emeat by submitting a franchisee fee of Rs 2 lakh – Rs 5 lakh. An infrastructure investment of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh is also worth considering.

The franchisee receives 70%-80% of the revenue generated by the business.

Meatwale Franchise – Top 10 Raw Chicken Franchise in India

Set up in 2012, Meatwale has become an icon of the Indian online food market. The brand runs one of India’s most powerful seafood shop franchise businesses.

Meatwale Franchise LogoWith over 70 franchise outlets in its network, Meatwale proudly towers over its name in the non-vegetarian industry. Already, the brand has a huge market grasp in the north of India.

However, the biggest reason Meatwale is gaining prominence among non-vegetarians is because of its serving style. The brand offers raw meat in the traditional Indian style and packaged products.

From an exquisite range of chicken and raw mutton to other non-vegetarian snacks, Meatwale has many great items to put in your cart.

Aside from quantity, Meatwale has placed a premium on quality. It should be served exactly as customers’ demands, which is the brand’s core vision.

The company’s head office is in Ghaziabad, and it has been rolling out its franchise program since 2014. Interested franchisee partners will retain the right to 90%–100% revenue sharing.

The franchise setup will cost you Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. A franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh will be charged separately.

Taaza Meat Online Franchise – Best Meat Shop Franchise to Invest

Taaza Meat Online is well known for its meat varieties, but apart from that, it is also well known for its extra-special meat varieties.

Taaza Meat Online Franchise LogoSet up in 2016, the Hyderabad-based firm earned fame for supplying meat varieties in addition to the basics.

Simply put, the exquisite range of raw meat found at the Taaza Meat online shop belongs to the rabbit, pork, duck, quail, etc., easily found on any platform.

Apart from that, the company even supplies dry fish and ready-to-cook non-vegetarian items widely enjoyed by eaters across the nation.

By supplying a variety of spices, herbs, and ingredients for non-vegetarian feasts, the brand even caters to the cooking requirements of customers.

As the best raw chicken franchise business in India, the brand also provides you with numerous opportunities to thrive through its network.

Despite being a big name in the non-vegetarian food market, Taaza Meat Online is still looking for more franchise partners to join its business model.

You can also open and operate a Taaza Meat franchise outlet in your city for as little as Rs 2 lakh.

In addition to the minimum investment, the franchisor charges around Rs 30,000, which is lower than the industry average.

The franchisee partner receives approximately 70% of the business’s revenue.

TenderCuts Franchise – Top Raw Chicken Franchise to Invest

With an array of non-vegetarian items on the menu, TenderCuts always satisfies non-vegetarian appetites.

TenderCuts Franchise LogoFounded in 2016, the Chennai-based corporation has been ruling the hearts of meat lovers in south India.

In the list of the top chicken shop franchise brand of 2024, TenderCuts positions itself with pride because instead of selling just Meat, the brand sells a cuisine or a complete non-vegetarian solution adored by non-vegetarians.

As ready-to-cook meat, meat combos, snacks, dry fish, dry meat, seafood, herbs, and spices, without which non-vegetarian delicacies are supposed to be incomplete, are served by TenderCuts.

Biryani specials, Party Pack, pickles, and dressing items are a few other things brand names try to lure customers. The company already has over 25 franchise outlets in its network.

For a franchise fee of Rs 2–3 lakhs, you can also own the right to sell Tender Cuts products by becoming its supply partner. The infrastructure investment of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh is also a consideration.

What do you make? So it is a 90%–100% revenue-sharing arrangement offered by the franchisor to the franchisee partner. You will retain 90% to 100% of whatever comes after expense and tax deductions.

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Let’s Meat Franchise – Top 10 Chicken Shop Franchise to Invest

Another apt name on this list of the top 10 raw meat franchises of 2024 is Let’s Meat. The brand is known for its natural and fresh Meat that’s never treated with dyes, artificial preservatives, or hormones.

Let's Meat Franchise LogoFounded in 2021, Let’s Meat is working with a kind intent to serve only authentic meat pieces to customers rather than flashy food items.

The range of non-vegetarian eateries served at LetsMeat to customers includes mutton, seafood, chicken, exotic Meat, and frozen food.

You can also obtain a Let’s Meat franchise for a franchise fee of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. An investment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh onwards might also go toward the shop’s infrastructure.

For all these reasons, the brand is widely loved by non-vegetarians. The revenue sharing from the business model to the franchise partner is 80% to 90%, respectively.

The franchisor will only receive 10% of this revenue. Let’s Meat, on the other hand, operates in both the wholesale and retail markets.

The company’s head office is in Allahabad, and it is looking forward to finding franchise partners in the nearby location for now to facilitate the easy transition of raw meat items.

More information about the business model and transactions can be found on the LetsMeat official website.

Fipola Franchise – Best Raw Chicken Franchise to buy

In the list of meat shop franchise businesses, Fipola is one of the reputed companies known for its wide range of non-vegetarian dishes.

Fipola Franchise LogoThe firm is engaged in the business of selling chicken, goats, and lambs. Founded in 2016, the Chennai-based business line largely serves customers fresh Meat.

With a 5-star rating, Fipola is also rocking the app stores through its dedicated mobile app that’s exclusively designed to provide a great experience to users.

The Fipola app always manages to lure customers with unlimited Meat and seafood choices. However, more tasty varieties can be seen flashing on the menu.

If we review the business profile of Fipola, So far, the brand has built a network of over 55 franchise outlets.

The Chennai-based corporation is planning to spread all across the nation. By paying a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh, you can also gain the right to sell Fipola products and services.

And the best thing is, unlike other raw meat franchises, it will only take your additional investment of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh for infrastructure.

Training and other support will be initiated as soon as you pass the standard criteria for application.

Nandu’s Franchise – Top Raw Meat Franchise to buy

In the raw meat category, Nandu’s franchise can be a great choice. We can learn a lot from a raw chicken franchise business comparison of many large companies with Nandu in this niche.

Nandu's Franchise LogoFirstly, the raw meat supplier has been in this business for 60+ years. Some individuals, most notably Narendra Pasuparthy, trace the origins of this firm back to 1963.

However, the first retail outlet for the raw meat supplier rolled out in 2016. Since 2017-2018, the company has been increasing its presence in Bangalore and cities.

Upon further business expansion, Nandu’s proudly built a business chain of 50+ stores nearby states too. For a franchise fee of Rs 2-3 lakhs, you can also join Nandu’s business.

The infrastructure investment will cost between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 6 lakh. Any South Indian location is preferred.

The company’s current goal is to establish a firm grip on the south Indian non-vegetarian market.

A shop or unit area of 200 to 300 square feet will be necessary as well. Business training and marketing assistance will be provided.

The brand’s main servings are fresh mutton, fresh fish and seafood, eggs, ready-to-cook non-vegetarian items, fresh chicken, and even pet food is available.

Urban Meat Franchise – Top 10 Raw Meat Franchise to buy

Urban Meat is another apt name on the list. The brand is among the best chicken shop franchises in India that rule the urban market of meat lovers.

Urban Meat Franchise LogoThe raw meat supplier supplies chicken and other meat varieties in small, medium, and large pieces.

There’s an exotic range of raw meat delicacies served by the company. But the main line of business for the brand is the supply of raw chicken.

A specially treated meat variety is also famous as “Urban Meat.” As a result, most events and functions prefer to contact Urban Meat for their non-vegetarian delicacy needs. In addition to B2C segments, the brand also operates in B2B segments.

Simultaneously, the brand has built outstanding growth opportunities for its franchise partners. You can open an Urban Meat franchise in your city for between Rs 10 and Rs 15 lakhs.

Surprisingly, the Mumbai-based corporation rolled out its first business operation in 2020. However, within a few years, it has expanded its business network to over ten franchise outlets.

For a tenure of 5 years, you can also obtain an Urban Meat Franchise to benefit from its expansive business model in the industry.

The franchise partner must submit a franchisee fee of Rs 2-3 lakh to start. The deal will provide you direct access to approximately 90% of the revenue sharing from the business model.

Riyus Fresh Franchise – Best Chicken Shop Franchise in 2024

Riyus Fresh is also a remarkable brand in this niche. Again, the raw meat distribution company is young enough.

Riyu's Fresh Franchise LogoThe company started its business in 2020, marked an achievement within a few years, and scaled its progress to over 15 franchise outlets.

As India’s top seafood shop franchise, Riyus Fresh is slowly but progressively moving its name up the list.

The company’s head office is in Hyderabad, but it is desirous of inviting aspiring franchisee partners from other states and cities.

Chicken, mutton, and seafood are available in the fresh non-vegetarian supply range at Riyus Fresh.

If you are also influenced by the instant growth of Riyu’s Fresh in the raw meat market, you can obtain the brand’s franchisee for Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs only.

However, an additional amount of at least Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh might be needed for the business’s overall setup and smooth operations.

The revenue sharing from the business model to the franchisee is 60% to 70%, while the franchise makes 30% to 40% from the business.

A shop or a unit area will be arranged in all of these franchises, and the cost must be considered separately.

You can take space on lease or own a brand new one as per the brand’s requirements.

Best Raw Meat Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The list of the best raw meat franchises ends here. Some brands have been engaged in the raw meat distributorship network for a while.

But some are astonishingly doing an outstanding job even though their years of commencement aren’t older than 2020. Non-vegetarian food items are in high demand in the industry.

With an exquisite variety, brands are discovering more great alternatives to upgrade their menu and subsequently expand their business line in the industry.

So make a choice. If you have experience in this business or believe you have a great market of non-vegetarian eaters, select a franchise network from the list given above.

FAQs on Top Raw Meat Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Raw Chicken Franchise Brands here –

What is the Raw Meat Franchise?

A Raw Meat Franchise is a raw meat food distribution business network.

A brand encourages people to invest and obtain the right to sell the brand’s products and services to benefit from marketing and a well-established business model.

Most brands use this strategy to expand globally and internationally.

Which is the most successful meat shop franchise?

Meatwale and Emeat are the most successful meat shop franchises we’ve found. Each of these franchises has built a giant distribution network.

Based on it, they are enjoying sustainable growth. Also, these brands have a well-established business model that aspiring franchise partners love.

How do I start my raw chicken franchise?

You can also start your raw chicken franchise by first working on the licensing and legalization of the business.

Raw meat businesses must obtain food certification as required by the relevant authority and government.

Upon passing the criteria, campaigns can be run to attract franchise partners to join your business model.

Are chicken shop franchises profitable?

As India’s non-vegetarian market continues to soar, chicken shop franchises are emerging as the most profitable business model.

Some brands make raw Meat available at the customer’s doorstep by combining an e-commerce solution into their business line. While some are operating in both B2C and B2B segments,

What is the monthly income of the Seafood Shop franchise business?

The monthly income in the Seafood Shop franchise business is still being determined. If you have more fish food and seafood demand, you can make anything above Rs 3 lakh per month.

Which is the most profitable fish shop franchise?

The most profitable fish shop franchise is anything that understands its customers. Not all non-vegetarian foodies enjoy seafood.

Therefore, only some brands are successful in southern and coastal areas where demand for seafood is always high.

Which franchise is best for raw Meat?

Riyu’s Fresh and Urban Meat are the best raw meat franchises to give some new brands an opportunity.

Alternatively, you can invest in Meatwale or Emeat, which build a solid business profile in the meat industry.

How much money is needed to start a Meat Shop Franchise?

The initial investment for a meat shop franchise can be as low as Rs 2 lakh. But the ultimate investment amount will depend on the franchisee’s requirements.

If investing in some things is mandatory, expect anything above Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.

Which Fish Shop franchise is the cheapest in India?

Meatwale is the cheapest franchisee in India that is doing a great job in the raw meat distributorship business model, offering a franchise outlet for a Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh investment.

Similarly, it takes Rs 10 lakh in investment to set up an Emeat outlet. Taaza Meat’s asking price is Rs 2 lakh, and Fipola’s asking price is Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh, respectively.

Which is the fastest-growing seafood shop franchise?

The two fastest-growing franchisees in India are Emeat and Taaza Meat. Because of their low-cost franchise programs, both brands are gaining popularity.

But the growth of Urban Meat and Riyus Fresh is notable, as both brands have entered the industry recently (in 2020) and have accommodated more than 10 franchise outlets in their network.

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