Best Franchise under 1 Lakh in India – List of Top 10 Franchise under 100,000 in 2024


Know everything about Best Franchise under 1 lakh investment here. Franchise business is one of the oldest forms of business across the country.

Best Franchise under 1 LakhHowever, there is a myth around franchise businesses that to do the same, and entrepreneurs require huge capital.

At the same time, the truth is entirely different, and this article will testify the same. You will read this article about the ten Top Franchises under 1 Lakh.

Yes, you read that right Franchises under 1 Lakh, and this a truth, not a myth. There are several franchises you can start even with just Rs.1 lakh as an initial investment, and we have picked the top ten out of all those franchise businesses.

The article will give you insights into these businesses, their franchise offer, franchise revenue sharing structure, infrastructure, and other requirements, and much more.

Best Franchise under 1 Lakh in India – Top 10 Franchise below 100,000 Investment

Let us check the Best Franchise Business under Rs.100,000 Investment in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Angel Broking Franchise
2 Sharekhan Franchise
3 Kotak Securities Franchise
4 Max Home Collection Franchise
5 Dr Lal Path Home Collection Franchise
6 SRL Diagnostics Franchise
7 Study n Learn Franchise
8 Talent Corner Franchise
9 ICICI Direct Franchise
10 Geojit Franchise

To name some of the Top franchises under 1 Lakh, we have Angel Broking, the oldest and largest stock brokerage house in the country, offering franchise opportunities within Rs.1 lakh of the initial investment.

Then you can become a franchisee of Sharekhan, another reputed share broker, followed by Kotak Securities, and the list follows.

The list has been created keeping in mind a few basic aspects that every franchisee looks for when they are looking for a franchise opportunity, and they are –

  • How much do they need to invest in acquiring franchise rights?
  • How much can they earn from the franchise business?
  • What are the eligibility/ infrastructure requirements?
  • The average duration for breakeven
  • Support offered by the franchise

So, we have analyzed these factors and certain other factors to come up with the top ten best franchise businesses under Rs.1 lakh of the initial investment.

Angel Broking Franchise – Best Franchise under 1 Lakh in India

Angel Broking needs no introduction, especially if you are in stock trading or finance. This is one of the Best Franchises under 1 Lakh in India, which has been in the market for over 35 years and still going strong.

Angel Broking Franchise LogoIt has its head office in Mumbai, founded by Dinesh Thakkar, and curr, only the number of franchise outlets is more than 12000, one of the highest amongst any franchise business.

While it offers different business models, its sub-brokers business model and partners’ model can be started with a capital of less than Rs.1 lakh only.

To be precise, for the sub-brokers business model, you would need around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh, while the partners’ model can start with just Rs.3000 investments.

If you opt for the sub-brokers model, you will get a 50% to 70% share in the revenue, while a partner gets around 20% to 40% of the revenue share. According to these investment–return ratios, it takes hardly 3 months for the franchises to break even.

To start as a partner, you do not need any infrastructure. However, the sub-brokers can opt for an office of around 300 square feet, with a minimum of two employees.

There must be trading terminals, internet, telephones, and other office amenities like ACs, CCTVs, etc. The sub-brokers need to offer research and advisory services to the clients too.

On the support front, the sub-brokers get relationship manager support, trading support, advisory support, marketing support, website support, client interaction training, and much more.

Sharekhan Franchise – Top Franchise under 1 Lakh in India

Sharekhan is another Top 10 Franchise under 1 Lakh, a stock broking company like the previous one.

Sharekhan Sub Broker or Franchise or Partner Program LogoIt is also based out of Mumbai and was founded by Jaideep Arora in 2000. It has more than seven thousand franchise outlets across the country.

Sharekhan offers a sub-brokership business model and a partners’ model, and you can choose the one that suits your business goals the best.

While the sub-brokership business model can fetch you a share of 60% to 70% of the revenue you generate at your end for Sharekhan, the partner’s model will fetch you between 20% and 30%.

Similarly, the investment or franchise fee you must pay to get these franchises also vary per the business models.

While you can get a sub-brokership for Rs.70,000 to Rs.1 lakh, the partners must pay only Rs.10,000. It takes around three months to break even.

For the sub-brokership model, you will require certain infrastructure, including an office of at least 150 to 200 square feet, where you need to have all the trading facilities like trading terminals, internet connectivity, phone lines, and other amenities for offering the best facilities to the clients.

The support that both sub-brokers and partners get from Sharekhan includes support from a relationship manager, back office, trading support, marketing, advisory support, and much more.

Kotak Securities Franchise – Top 10 Franchise under 1 lakh investment

Kotak Securities is again one of the top Franchise Businesses under 1 Lakh, also from the stock broker community.

Kotak Securities Franchise or Sub Broker or Partner LogoThis franchise business was started in 1994 by Uday Raj Kotak in Mumbai and currently has more than 2000 franchise outlets across the country. It offers franchise opportunities for a lifetime.

The two top business models of Kotak Securities include Sub-brokership and Partner model.

If you opt for the sub-brokership, you will be entitled to a share of 60% to 70% of the revenue generated from your franchise for the broker, while the partners get 30% to 40% of the revenue they generate.

Both these business models are available under an Rs.1 lakh franchise fee. For the sub-brokership model, you need to pay around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh, while for becoming a partner, you need to put in Rs.20,000.

With this revenue sharing and investment requirements structure, the franchises take up to a maximum of 3 months to break even.

The sub-brokers need to set up an office with at least 200 to 500 square feet of area with at least two employees.

Then trading terminals, internet facilities, and phone lines are a must. Apart from these requirements, it would be best to have the basic amenities for the clients’ comfort, like ACs.

Kotak Securities offer support facilities like all other stock broker franchises. You will also receive back-office, trading, marketing, RM, and advisory support.

Then there will be training for developing marketing, client pitching skills, and product knowledge.

Max Home Collection Franchise – Best Franchise below 100,000 Investment

Max Home Collection is the next Best Franchise Business under Rs.1 Lakh in India. It is a healthcare company that offers home collection services for different medical tests.

Max Healthcare Franchise LogoThis was started in 2009 by Vinod Thakur, and now it has more than 50 franchises across the country.

The best part of this franchise is that they do not charge any franchise fee. The only investment you need to make is in the infrastructure, which is also very minimal. It costs up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh.

The revenue you will get is around 90%, while the franchisor keeps 10% of the same. With this investment and return ratio, it takes only 2 to 3 months to break even.

The infrastructure requirement of the Max Home Collection franchise includes a 150 to 200 square feet office with a billing counter, and few employees, and basic amenities like ACs, CCTVs, and an internet facility. You can have a doctor’s chamber, but that is your call.

The Max home collection franchisees’ support from the franchisor includes relationship manager support, business management software, online tie-ups for collection, and online orders and training.

Dr. Lal Path Home Collection Franchise – Top Franchise under 1 Lakh

This may be one of the oldest yet one of the Top Franchise brands under 1 Lakh in 2024.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise LogoDr. Lal Path has been in the market for pathology tests and home collection since 1949, with hundreds of franchises across the country. However, it was started in Delhi by Sushil Shah.

The franchise fee that it charges is Rs.50,000, while the infrastructure cost varies between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh.

The revenue that the franchisee of Dr. Lal Path will be entitled to is 90% of the revenue generated in the franchise outlet. It takes only 2-3 months to break even for the franchisees of Dr. Lal Path.

Coming to the infrastructure requirements for setting up the Dr. Lal Path home collection franchise outlet, you would need a space of around 150-200 square feet at the least.

You need 2-3 employees and a collection person who will visit the patient’s home and collect the samples. The billing counter is compulsory so are amenities like air conditioning and CCTVs.

Dr. Lal Path Home collection offers product pricing support, service pricing support, different offers, marketing support, relationship manager support, business management software, and back office support.

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SRL Home Collection Franchise – Top 10 Franchise below 1 Lakh investment

Another home collection franchise forms part of our Top 10 Franchise under 1 Lakh in 2024, and this is SRL Diagnostic.

SRL Diagnostics Franchise LogoHardly will there be anyone who hasn’t heard of or seen this diagnostic center, as this is that famous. It was started in 1995 by Anand K and now has hundreds of franchise outlets across the country.

SRL Diagnostic charges no franchise fee from the franchisees, which is a great relief for people looking to start franchise outlets. The only investment that will be required includes the infrastructure cost.

It varies between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh. The revenue you will receive is around 90%, while the franchisor keeps 10% of the same. This setup takes around 2-3 months to break even.

To set up the SRL Diagnostic franchise outlet, you need to buy or rent a space with at least 150 to 200 square feet of area. You must appoint a minimum of two employees and have a collection person.

There needs to be a billing desk where the customers can generate the bills and get details. The doctors’ chamber is optional, but you need to maintain the basic amenities at the center.

The support the SRL Diagnostic renders include RM support, support for marketing to some extent, and client interaction training for dealing with the patient parties in the right manner.

Then basic medic training is offered to handle the test ordered by the patients and other training.

Study & Learn Franchise – Franchise under 100000 in India

In this List of Franchise Businesses under 1 Lakh, Study & Learn is one of the e-learning franchises that has recently become popular in the country.

Study n Learn Franchise LogoIt was started by Mukul Dhall in 2011 and had its head office in Noida. It has now become popular across the country and has over 600 franchises nationwide.

The brand offers franchise opportunities for 3 years for approximately a franchise fee of Rs.1 lakh and shares 80% of the revenue with the franchisees.

The infrastructure cost can go up to another Rs.1 lakh, which would include a space of around 100 to 500 square feet of area, with 4 to 10 employees or teachers. There has to be a reception area, counseling desk, ACs, CCTVs, and internet facility.

Since the classes are conducted online, so, classrooms are optional in these franchise outlets. The franchisees usually break even within 6 months from the commencement.

Study & Learn franchise offers course fee and pricing support, marketing and interaction training, client acquisition training, RM support, and back office support.

Talent Corner Franchise – Franchise under 100000 investment

Talent Cornet is a recruitment firm that sources the best talents across the country and is one of the Franchise Business Comparison under 1 Lakh.

Talent Corner Franchise LogoIt was started in 2002 by Rajesh Doshi in Mumbai, the head office at present. It has 65 franchise outlets at present in different parts of the country.

While the franchise fee is a bit higher and within the bracket of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs, the franchise agreement is drawn for 3 years.

Thus, the initial investment, on average, comes down to Rs.1 lakh and below. While the franchise fee is high, there are no infrastructure requirements, and thus, overall investments are low for this franchise.

Talent Corner shares 70% to 80% of the revenue generated by the franchisees with them while it keeps 20% to 30% of the same. It takes 6 months to a maximum of 1 year for the franchises to break even in this given structure.

Talent Cornet franchisees need no physical office. The work can be carried on from home. You can have your team for talent sourcing and interviews for other facilities you want to offer.

To some extent, you can expect support from Talent Cornet, which is back office and business management support, RM support, and marketing support. Apart from that, there will be initial training and other facilities.

ICICI Direct Franchise – Franchise Business under 1 lakh

Again we are back to the stock brokers to find the Best Franchise under 1 Lakh in India, and now it is ICICI Direct.

It is, of course, a part of ICICI Group, founded in 1994 by MK Sharma. It has over 2500 franchise outlets in all the cities of the country.

ICICI Direct Franchise or Partner or Sub Broker LogoICICI Direct offers a franchise opportunity for a lifetime for a franchise fee of Rs.75,000 to Rs.1 lakh. While if you want to enroll as a partner, you do not have to pay any franchise fee.

Sub-brokers / franchises’ revenue varies between 60% and 70%, while the partners get between 30% and 50% of the revenue.

It takes only 3 months to break even, given this investment and revenue-sharing structure of ICICI Direct.

For the franchisees/ sub-brokers, it is necessary to have an office of at least 200-500 square feet with at least 2 employees.

There must be trading terminals, telephone lines, internet connectivity, ACs, CCTVs, and a research desk.

From the ICICI Direct team, you will get RM support, client interaction training, and back office and training support.

They also help in advisory and marketing of the franchise and many training sessions to understand their products well and for client acquisition.

Geojit Franchise – Best Franchise under 100000 in 2024

Last but not least Top Franchise under 1 Lakh in India is Geojit, again a stock broker franchise.

Geojit Franchise LogoIt was started from Kochi, the present head office of the company, holding the hands of Balakrishnan A in 2000.

Geojit has over 1500 franchise outlets in the country and growing strong every day.

It offers a sub-brokers business model where you can earn between 50% and 60% of the revenue and a partnership model where the earning potential is 20% of the revenue plus Rs. 200 for each successful client referral.

However, the best part about this franchise is the investment required which is only Rs.25,000, while for the partners’ model, it is free.

With this setup, it takes hardly 2 months for the franchises to break even. The infrastructure requirement is minimal and only for franchises rather than partners.

It includes a 100-300 square feet office with 2 employees, a research desk, trading terminals, and basic amenities like internet, phone connections, ACs, and others.

Geojit offers additional support to the franchises, from marketing support to different offers, training, trading support, advisory support, and back office support. However, it doesn’t offer RM support at present.

Best Franchise under 1 lakh in India 2024 – Conclusion

So, if you are looking for the Best Franchise under 1 Lakh, this article can help you in your search.

We have curated all the information according to the things looked at by the franchisees. You can use the information to choose the best franchises for your business goals.

FAQs on Top Franchise below 100000 in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Franchise Brands under 1 Lakh investment here –

What is Franchise Business under 1 Lakh?

Any business that offers a franchise opportunity with 1 lakh can be considered a franchise business under 1 lakh.

Which is the most successful Franchise under 1 Lakh?

The most successful franchise under 1 lakh has to be Angel Broking. It has the widest network of franchise outlets in the country.

How do I start my Franchise under 1 Lakh?

To start the franchise business, when you have Rs.1 lakh to invest, you must first pick the franchise business you want to enter.

Then contact the team and send your details and business plan. Once they approve, you can sign the franchise agreement, pay the required franchise fee, and start the franchise outlet after setting up the infrastructure.

Is a Franchise under 1 Lakh profitable?

Yes, all these franchises are highly profitable, and the growing number of franchise outlets of these business houses can understand that.

What is the monthly income in the Franchise business?

The monthly income varies from one franchise to another. It depends on the revenue share you are entitled to receive.

Usually, all these franchises under Rs.1 lakh of investment share between 60% and 90% of the revenue.

Which is the most profitable Franchise under 100,000?

The most profitable franchise under Rs.1 lakh investment can be Dr. Lal Path or SRL Diagnostic. They share 90% of the revenue with their franchises.

Which Franchise is best under 1 Lakh?

Angel Broking can be considered the best franchise as it has the country’s highest number of franchise outlets.

Is 1 Lakh Investment good for Franchise Business?

For starting a franchise business, you need to idea and intent, as there are many great franchise opportunities under Rs.1 lakh, even like the ten mentioned above, where you can grow and prosper.

Which Franchise is cheapest in India, under 100,000?

Geojit franchise can be referred to as the cheapest as it offers franchise opportunity only for a franchisee fee of Rs.25,000.

Which is the fastest-growing Franchise under 1 Lakh?

Angel Broking can be considered the fastest growing as it has over 15000 franchise outlets in the country.

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