Best Franchise under 50000 in India – List of Top 10 Franchise under 50k in 2024


In this article, we will learn about Best Franchise under 50000 investment in India. Compared to launching your business venture, owning a franchise is a far better option.

It provides you with the flexibility of choices, such as buying a franchise business under 50k with the potential to generate Rs.50,000 profit per month.

After all, it’s easier to expand a business that’s already successful.

The franchisor or brand running this franchise program provides a strong support system to the franchisee in addition to a ready-to-launch business model.

You can bring different thought processes, marketing tools, or business strategies. Simply, copy and paste the business model upon fulfilling the standard criteria for application.

When you have limited capital, it is worthwhile to look into the top franchise under 50,000. But who will provide you with a franchise at such a low investment? Read on to find them.

Best Franchise under 50k in India – Top 10 Franchise below 50000 Investment

Let us check the Best Franchise Business under Rs.50000 Investment in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 IIFL Franchise
2 SRL Home Collection Franchise
3 Max Home Collection Franchise
4 NJ Wealth Franchise
5 Thyrocare Home Collection Franchise
6 Zerodha Franchise
7 Upstox Franchise
8 Lupin Home Collection Franchise
9 Dr Lal Path Home Collection Franchise
10 Pathkind Home Collection Franchise

When it comes to opening a franchise with limited capital, you should aim for a budget option. Already, much investment goes into setting up a franchise unit.

Best Franchise under 50000Entering a pre-established distribution network is undoubtedly a strategic and goal-oriented move. But you can bump into financial problems if you run out of the minimum investment required for the setup.

Luckily, the list of top franchises under 50,000 doesn’t require a considerable investment. These brands operate in different sectors and industries.

Thereby, you gain even more flexibility in making a selection. The list has rounded up some promising alternatives if you want a franchise business under 50,000 with no specific choice or condition.

Each of these brands is known for its high reputation in their respective industries. However, a standard fee may be charged in addition to a minimum investment. Let’s discuss this in brief to learn more.

IIFL Franchise – Best Franchise under 50000 in India

IIFL’s partner program is one of the best franchises under 50,000 in India for folks interested in the financial niche.

IIFL Sub Broker or Franchise or Partner LogoWith a strong brand name and a huge client base, the brand has become one of the most competent names on this list.

After officially rolling out its name in the financial sector in 1995, the company never looked back.

By 2008, the growth pattern of this small financial corporation changed as they started inviting more franchisee aspirants into their network.

Today, the financial brand thrives on a vast distribution network, with over 5000 franchise outlets operating in cities and states across the country.

IIFL’s or India Infoline’s business model revolves around selling financial products and services. The company provides multiple types of loans, mutual fund services, and stock market services.

Upon acquiring the IIFL franchise, you will also be in charge of promoting and selling these products.

With more people rushing for loans and financial services, your franchise will have a fair chance to succeed.

And the best thing is that you can obtain this franchise for a franchise fee of below Rs.50,000 also.

There’s no obligation for the shop or unit area. You can set up an IIFL franchise at home as well. Some terms and conditions still apply.

SRL Home Collection Franchise – Top Franchise under 50000 in India

SRL Home Collection is basically a new business venture of SRL Diagnostic, a diagnostic company specializing in diagnostic services in radiology and pathology since 1995.

SRL Diagnostics Franchise LogoToday, SRL Diagnostic is available across 418+ locations. SRL Home Collection is one of its most recent subsidiaries – currently operating in Delhi, NCR.

The business line of this subsidiary is to provide sample collection and sample delivery services to patients at their doorstep.

Through this initiative, the brand contributes significantly to strengthening the Indian health system, which seeks more improvement and convenience. The NABL-accredited lab is looking for more aspiring medical students or franchise partners.

If we compare the top 10 franchises under 50,000 in the healthcare niche, SRL Home Collection is undoubtedly a premier choice. In a country with prominent health concerns, such franchises are strongly needed.

Being a subsidiary of one of India’s largest diagnostic firms, SRL Home Collection has over 350 blood tests available.

Except for a few essentials, you do not need to set up all medical equipment in your lab after purchasing the franchise.

It will only take you Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 in minimum investment to launch the franchise. However, a shop or a unit area must be arranged separately.

Max Home Collection Franchise – Top 10 Franchise under 50000 investment

Another interesting startup making healthcare services more convenient to access for patients is Max Home Collection.

Max Healthcare Franchise LogoThe brand is working hard to expand its network to make healthcare more accessible to patients at home.

However, the brand is also a subsidiary of Max Hospital. The healthcare giant is already well known for its online business venture, where patients can order desired checkups or healthcare services at home.

These services come at different charges and cover different parameters of health care. The brand owns a delivery fleet, but only in limited regions.

Max Home Collection Center is also a division of this startup. Founded in 2009, the mainstream business line of this model is to collect customer samples via testing and provide them with numerous healthcare services.

This option might exceed your expectations if you want a franchise business under 50,000. More than 50 franchise outlets are actively helping Max Home Collection expand its market coverage.

The business model doesn’t ask you for a franchise fee. But an infrastructural investment of Rs.50,000 is compulsory for all.

The revenue sharing agreed on paper with the franchisee partner is approximately 90%, which is fairly decent.

NJ Wealth Franchise – Best Franchise below 50,000 Investment

Being one of India’s largest mutual fund distributors, NJ Wealth is also a notable name on this list.

NJ Wealth Franchise LogoIt could be the best franchise business under 50,000 in India because of some good reasons that merit attention.

As mutual fund investments gain momentum across the nation, NJ Wealth’s products and services also witness increased customer satisfaction rates.

Because NJ Wealth’s services are 100% online, it eliminates customers’ need for physical visits.

NJ Wealth is well-known for providing various financial products, including PMS, bonds and FDs, loans against mutual funds, equities, etc.

Surprisingly, anyone with a basic understanding of mutual funds and financial metrics can purchase an NJ Wealth franchise for Rs.7,000 only.

Infrastructure investment is also not required. You can launch the franchise at the convenience of your home.

The company’s head office is in Surat, and has engaged over 1200 franchise outlets in its network. As an NJ Wealth distributor, you will also retain the right to earn 50% to 70% revenue sharing.

Thyrocare Home Collection Franchise – Top Franchise under 50k

Customers who seek lab testing from the comfort of their homes to address a particular health condition should call Thyrocare Home Collection.

The overall business model of this startup is also similar to other home collection brands discussed in this article. Still, it carries the vast potential to be your top franchise brand under 50,000 in 2024.

With a strong presence in over 2000 cities and towns, the brand has already established a reputable position in the healthcare sector.

Thyrocare is also regarded as India’s first fully automated diagnostic laboratory, with a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) operating in Mumbai.

The brand even earns accreditations from ISO ratings which will take your franchise only a while to attract customers.

As a franchise partner, you will only be responsible for collecting patient samples at your clinic, while the company itself will provide the basic setup.

You can obtain a Thyrocare Home Collection franchise for as little as Rs.50,000 only.

The franchisee’s commission is set at 90% under the business model. And since expenses are lowest in the healthcare sector, you can retain maximum profits.

A shop or unit area of 150-200 square feet is an additional condition that a franchisee partner must meet in addition to the required investment.

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Zerodha Franchise – Top 10 Franchise below 50k investment

The broker, which has long been building its market of customers, can’t be left unnoticed.

Zerodha Franchise LogoStarted in 2010, Zerodha hasn’t just gained prominence with its mobile trading services; it is now well known for its referrals and distribution network.

The brand has successfully built a distribution network of 5,000+ outlets nationwide. Before we get into how much it charges for franchise membership, let’s look at its products.

India’s largest stock broker provides seamless investment services in futures, options, IPOS, commodities, direct mutual funds, currency derivatives, etc.

In the list of the top 10 franchises under 50,000 in 2024, Zerodha is undoubtedly a competent name.

Since its inception, the brand has built a solid brand profile and customer base. As a result, your franchise will have a fair chance to make profits.

The stockbroker has two options for its franchise program: the Zerodha Partner Program and the Referral Program.

A referral program could be a passive income source if you have a website or social media platform. Alternatively, you can obtain a Zerodha franchise for a fee of Rs.1000.

Since there’s almost no investment requirement, the broker partner’s commission is only 30%–50% of the program.

Upstox Franchise – Franchise under 50000 in India

Zerodha and Upstox have been each other’s strongest rivals in the stock brokerage market.

Both are discounted brokers with a substantial client base. But rather than comparing both, we would like to highlight the specs of Upstox.

Founded in 2011, Upstox has also grown into a well-known brand in the stock market. And also, in this list of franchise businesses under 50,000, Upstox is a fairly awesome choice.

The stock broker is known for its mutual funds, IPOs, equity trading, options trading, futures, and services in many other financial products.

With a well-established web and mobile platform, Upstox manages to build a solid user base. Still, it’s looking forward to more franchise partners to strengthen its distribution network.

Like Zerodha, Upstox also runs a partner program and referral program. As an aspiring person, you can either pick one or join both. A franchisee fee of Rs 3000 is charged to obtain a Upstox franchise.

Each client’s profits will entitle the partner to a royalty of 30% to 50%. You can make even more if your referred client is capital-intensive.

Lupin Home Collection Franchise – Franchise under 50000 investment

Lupin Home Collection is one of the best options deserving of a franchise business comparison under 50,000.

Lupin Diagnostics Franchise LogoThe brand is a business venture of an India-based multinational pharmaceutical company, Lupin Ltd., working since 1968.

With such an old history, Lupin Home Collection also deserves your focus. The business venture works under one of Lupin’s subsidiaries, Lupin Diagnostics, which is also spread worldwide.

This particular business venture is being loved the most by patients. It makes lab testing readily accessible from the patient’s home. Already, more than 300 centers are up and running nationwide.

But still, the company is looking forward to expanding to the northern regions and the nation’s center. If you are an aspirant from Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, or Himachal Pradesh, Lupin Home Collection is waiting for you.

The asking price for infra investment is around Rs 50,000 only. However, no franchise fee is charged to the partner.

If we talk about revenue, the franchisee will retain 90%, while the franchisor only takes 10% as a commission.

Dr. Lal Path Home Collection Franchise – Franchise Business under 50000

As health issues continue to soar, demand for health checkups and lab tests is gaining momentum. Today’s generation is more concerned about their health and overall well-being.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise LogoThey believe in taking preventative steps rather than seeking treatment. That’s why people get regular lab tests to determine what’s wrong with their bodies. Some brands are striving to give these patients the best value.

As a result, we are seeing some of the best franchises under 50,000 in India, with business models solely based on health and lab testing.

Such as Dr. Lal Path Home Collection, where patients can approach for lab testing concerning allergies, diabetes, HIV, anemia, viral infection, fever, heart disease, and much more.

Already, more than 250 Dr. Lal Path Home Collection centers are operational across the nation.

In addition to basic testing, some specialized healthcare treatment is also offered to patients. But franchisees need not stress over anything.

You can start with a minimum investment of Rs.50,000 only, and you are only required to collect patient samples after completing the basic training.

The main centre will generate a report, and there’s no need for a vigorous lab setup. Revenue sharing from the business goes 90% to the franchisee partner.

Pathkind Home Collection Franchise – Best Franchise under 50000 in 2024

Pathkind Home Collection is also a reputed top franchise under 50,000 in India.

Pathkind Lab Franchise LogoThe brand is building a solid business foundation on its fastest-growing network of diagnostic laboratories. Pathkind Home Collection has treated over one million patients.

The brand is the proud owner of more than 2,000 collection centers with 75+ advanced labs for addressing patients’ health issues with deep testing. Customers can even schedule home collections of various tests.

Alternatively, they can use the PathKind site and purchase the test online. Through its tech-enabled network, the brand tries to make its services accessible to almost every customer.

Despite being so large, most patients are still untouched by the convenient at-home lab testing services of Pathkind.

If you are interested in the medical field, then at Rs. 50k of investment, you can obtain a Pathkind Home Collection franchise.

By opening an outlet in your city, you will not just gain exposure to 90% revenue sharing but will even get a chance to improve your society’s overall health and well-being.

Still, one thing is certain: the business will have no end because lab testing is in continuous demand.

Best Franchise under 50,000 in India 2024 – Conclusion

This list of the best franchises under 50,000 might have ended here, but not your journey. With limited capital, you can set up a franchise and make profits from day one.

However, your market research is also required before you make a plan. These franchisors operate in different market segments, working for unique demand fulfillment.

Therefore, it’s vital to learn your audience. A correct identification of the key and their interest may assist you in making a decision.

If more people are health conscious, a lab testing franchise may work. Alternatively, you can go with a financial or investment franchise program.

FAQs on Top Franchise below 50000 in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Franchise Brands under 50k investment here –

What is a franchise business under 50,000?

A franchise business model refers to a distribution network in which people purchase the right to sell a brand’s products on an outlet set up upon the agreement between both parties.

However, the minimum investment required to enter any franchise business starts at Rs. 50,000, but it also depends on the franchisor.

Which is the most successful franchise under 50,000?

IIFL, NJ Wealth, Zerodha, and Upstox are some of the most successful franchises in the financial sector that can be obtained for under 50,000.

Thyrocare, Max Home, and Lupin Home Collection are also quite successful in the lab testing niche.

How do I start my franchise for below 50,000?

If you plan to start your own franchise for under 50,000, then start with a product or service that costs less.

Most startups were tech-intensive and are now million-dollar companies. You can start under 50k if you are also techy. But focus on establishing a solid business model first before promoting.

Are franchises under 50,000 profitable?

Yes. Most franchise partner programs like Zerodha, Upstox, and IIFL expose franchisee partners to immense profitability.

And the incredible thing is that the initial investment is only Rs 50,000.

What is the monthly income of a franchise business?

The monthly income of a franchise business can vary. If your franchise business model is more demanding, it will contribute to continuous sales in the business.

As a result, there are more profits. But business expenses should be carefully addressed.

Which is the most profitable franchise under 50,000?

Zerodha, Upstox, and IIFL are the most promising franchises with immense profit potential.

Alternatively, you can enter the healthcare industry for less than 50,000. The demand for healthcare service providers is enduring with no end in sight.

Which franchise is the best for less than 50,000?

Franchises in the finance and healthcare sectors guarantee more profit with limited inventory or expenses.

So if you are looking for a franchise opportunity with a 50,000 or less investment requirement, you can jump into the financial or health niche.

Is a 50,000 investment good for a franchise business?

Rs. 50,000 is the minimum investment for a franchise business and the outlet and shop arrangements.

Most franchise business models can be started with this small investment. Still, you should be prepared with an extra budget to meet unexpected charges.

Which franchise in India is the cheapest for less than Rs 50k?

Upstox and Zerodha offer one of the cheapest franchises in India for less than Rs 50,000. Both platforms charge a franchise fee of as little as Rs 3000–Rs 7000. No infrastructural investment is required.

Which is the fastest-growing franchise under 50,000?

IIFL, Upstox, Zerodha, Thyrocare, Max Home, and Lupin Home Collection are some of the fastest-growing franchises in India.

Because the minimum investment requirement is less than Rs 50,000, these franchise brands and programs are expanding exponentially. Most brands charge Rs 1 lakh or more.

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