Best Zero Investment Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Zero Cost Franchise of 2024


Check out the Best Zero Investment Franchise in India here.

The decision to own a franchise can depend on multiple factors, but budget is still the most influential.

The established system of this distribution network provides aspiring franchise partners with the convenience of starting a business.

But it can readily attract considerable investments in the initial round to gain strength in the local market in which you intend to set up a franchise outlet.

Such things can surely hamper your entrepreneurial spirit, but not when you figure out some zero cost franchise opportunity from an overwhelming range of the market.

We found some of India’s top zero investment franchise alternatives from an overwhelming range of markets. However, these franchise programs are only partially free. Read on to learn more.

Best Zero Investment Franchise in India – Top 10 Zero Cost Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Zero Investment Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Upstox Franchise
2 Zerodha Franchise
3 5Paisa Franchise
4 HDFC Securities Franchise
5 Paytm Money Franchise
6 Choice Broking Franchise
7 Alice Blue Franchise
8 Espresso Franchise
9 Stoxkart Franchise
10 Samco Franchise

The list of top zero investment franchises discusses some great companies. Each of them is running a franchise distribution program that, unlike others, doesn’t ask you to bring in considerable investment.

Best Zero Investment Franchise in IndiaBut it’s also worth noting that they aren’t free. Certain terms and conditions apply as you tap into their marketplace.

Some companies are offering zero fee franchise business opportunities, ideal for risk-averse investors.

But they are asking for a shop or an outlet arrangement that comes at an additional cost. While some charge a small franchise fee, no infrastructure investment or physical set-up is required.

However, the business models of these brands differ from one another. Still, they are building fair odds for an aspirant to build a revenue stream without risking a big or small investment capital.

If you are also short on investment capital, look at these premier companies that match your entrepreneurial needs.

Upstox Franchise – Best Zero Investment Franchise in India

The stock market is breeding some of the finest franchise opportunities these days. Upstox is one of the best examples here.

Upstox Partner or Sub Broker or FranchiseThe discounted stock broker was founded in 2011 to make the stock market available to all.

Upstox is one of the earliest online broking platforms where investors and traders can easily buy and sell securities online.

Being a discounted broker, Upstox’s service charges don’t even bother investors. As a result, it is growing in popularity—not just among the general public but among investors too.

After all, apart from being a stock brokerage firm, it is also known as the best zero cost franchise in India.

More than 3500 franchise outlets in the brand’s distribution network make it clear that Upstox is even popular among franchisee partners for good reasons.

The biggest one is Upstox’s business model, which is remotely handled. All services are provided online. Franchisees needed to send customers to Upstox’s dedicated online website or application.

The brand has two franchise programs to achieve this goal: the Upstox Partner Program and the Referral Program.

Participants of the Referral Program will direct traffic from their online profiles to the Upstox Website, providing them the right to obtain referral earnings from the broker.

But if you are willing to join the Upstox Partner Program, you’ll get 30%–50% revenue sharing.

However, the partner will make an Rs. 3000 deposit to get started. Most of this fee is paid to SEBI, with the remainder going to other fees.

Zerodha Franchise – Top Zero Investment Franchise in India

Zerodha is also a prominent name on the list of discounted brokers. The stockbroking firm has long been ruling the hearts of investors—even before Upstox.

Zerodha Franchise LogoIt was founded in 2010 with a similar vision of serving and streamlining the nation’s stock trading and investment activities.

The online broking platform gained immense traction for its services with its mobile application, Kite, which currently flags millions of installs on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

It’s also amazing to see Zerodha on this list of the top ten zero investment franchises. The brand is already successful and doesn’t need a partner’s support.

Still, Zerodha is actively looking forward to more partners. So far, the brand’s network includes over 5000 franchise outlets.

Like Upstox, Zerodha also runs two different franchise programs: the partner program and the referral program.

The referral program provides 10% + 300 points per referred client. At the same time, the partner program can generate a whopping 50% of the revenue generated per client.

However, the brand will charge a joining fee of Rs 1000 before you sign up for a business dealing with Zerodha.

There would be no infrastructure investment required, and there would be no hidden costs. Even an outlet or shop arrangement is also not necessary.

5Paisa Franchise – Top 10 Zero Cost Franchise in India

5Paisa is another competent name on this list, and it is popular for being the perfect no cost franchise business because it is genuinely free to start here.

5Paisa Franchise or Sub Broker or Partner LogoThe online share and stock trading platform was founded in 2016, becoming popular for being India’s first listed discounted broker.

It is a trusted company in India, listed on the NSE as 5Paisa Capital Ltd. for a long time. The financial company is even popular for its product range because, in addition to stock, derivatives, commodity, and currency trading, loan facilities are also offered by 5Paisa.

Over the past few years, many interesting things have also been rolled out in the 5Paisa product range. As a result, it is constantly luring customers.

The brand has only 600+ franchise outlets. But its reputation is wider and more expansive. Like its mother online stock broker, 5Paisa also runs a dual partner program.

The first is the referral program, in which you retain the right to earn Rs 300 per client as you send them from your platform to the broker’s platform through a unique link.

The second is the partner program, in which you retain the right to earn 30% to 50% plus Rs. 555 per new client acquired.

Furthermore, neither a franchise fee nor an investment in infrastructure will be required. Starting at 5Paisa is completely free.

HDFC Securities Franchise – Best Zero Investment Franchise

HDFC Securities is also a reputed name in the stock market industry. And even among investors and aspiring franchise partners, the brand is making a solid presence.

HDFC Securities Franchise LogoPeople trust HDFC securities because they are a subsidiary of India’s largest private sector bank, HDFC.

As soon as a new offer from the brand kicks in, aspiring investors and traders jump straight to the broking subsidiary of HDFC.

However, the subsidiary was founded recently, in 2000, but its parent company, HDFC Ltd., has been a well-established name since 1994.

But in terms of the franchise network, the subsidiary is doing a great job. HDFC Securities has over 750 franchise outlets across the nation.

You can enter for free if you are also excited to partner with HDFC Securities. It is one of the best zero fee franchise businesses in India that doesn’t demand a considerable investment or a franchise fee.

The only thing required is your interest and awareness of the stock market.

Like most other stock brokerage firms, HDFC Securities also runs two franchise programs: the partner program, which gets you 20%–30% revenue sharing, and the referral program, in which you make Rs.250 per new client.

Paytm Money Franchise – Top Zero Cost Franchise

Paytm Money is also a well-known name in the financial industry. Being a subsidiary of India’s largest digital payment and financial service company, Paytm Money will also take time to make your first customer and sales.

Paytm Money Franchise LogoFounded in 2009, Paytm Money is mainly a business venture of Paytm. The platform provides stock trading and investment services on its advanced platform, which customers have widely loved and accepted.

Besides stock trading and investment, one can even invest in IPOs, mutual funds, and retirement funds using Paytm Money. Among the top no cost franchise brands in 2024, Paytm Money also deserves your attention.

With over 14 million+ users trusting the brand, it is already towering over its image in the stock market industry.

However, its growth in the franchise market is quite stable, as Paytm Money has started inviting partners to join its business network in 2022.

So far, Paytm Money has extended its business network chain to more than 100 franchise outlets.

If you are also interested in the Paytm Money business model, go ahead. Paytm Money is looking forward to having more interested folks join its distribution network.

You can either join the partner program, which entitles you to a revenue share of 30%-40% per client plus Rs 250 per new client or opt-out.

Otherwise, you can participate in the referral program and earn Rs 500 for each new client. And the best thing is, there’s no franchise fee or hidden investment.

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Choice Broking Franchise – Top 10 Zero Fees Franchise

Choice India (formerly Choice Broking) is also a big name in the stock brokerage industry. Founded in 1992, the financial firm is also known for providing investment and trading services to clients.

Choice Broking Franchise LogoAfter its recent update, the platform aims to make trading easier and more convenient for investors.

To meet the everyday financial activities of clients, the online broker has streamlined its dashboard and overall features. As a result, you can now buy and sell various stocks, cryptocurrency, bonds, etc.

In addition, loans, NPS, mutual funds, and even cryptocurrency investments are also on the list of products offered by Choice Broking.

However, convenience is also important for an aspiring franchise partner. Choice Broking positions itself in this list of the top 10 zero investment franchises in 2024 because it charges no registration fee from aspiring joiners.

Sign up for the Choice Broking Partner Program and start providing services to your clients under one roof.

At zero investment, Choice Broking gives us lifetime earning potential by bringing clients to the broker’s platform.

The brand runs three kinds of partner programs: the first is a sub-broker program that assures a commission of 60%–70% per client, and a considerable investment may be required.

But there are free alternatives as well. Such a partner program is free to join and exposes you to a flat 50% commission. Similarly, in the referral program, you can earn Rs 100 per client.

Alice Blue Franchise – Best Zero Cost Franchise to Start

Alice Blue, one of the zero cost franchise businesses, has a large potential to match your selection.

If you are interested in the stock market, you will be interested in Alice Blue. Founded in 2006, Alice Blue is also paving the way to digitalize the stock market ecosystem for investors.

Alice Blue Franchise LogoThe online broker platform is known for providing a convenient workstation to investors and traders in the Indian market.

Unlike other platforms, Alice Blue provides a minimalistic interface to its clients that omits errors and confusion at the same time. In short, it simplifies the investing process.

The brand is already growing in popularity. More than 100,000 clients are active users of Alice Blue today. Still, online stock brokers want to connect with more people to expand their distribution network.

If you are also interested in this Bangalore-based company, feel free to join any of its three partner programs.

As such, you can become a sub-broker of Alice Blue and retain the right to make 50%–60% commission per client. However, an initial franchise fee of Rs 3000 will be charged.

But some other business programs, like the Partner Program and the Referral Program, are free to join.

As a joiner, you can retain 30% to 40% commission and Rs 500 in referral commission by simply sending customers to the Alice Blue platform.

Espresso Franchise – Top Zero Investment Franchise to Start

Among the people’s favorite discounted brokers, Espresso is also a prominent one. With a slogan like “pay only when you profit,” the broker has long drawn the attention of investors and traders.

Espresso Franchise LogoThis resulted in huge traffic at Espresso. But originally, Espresso was a financial giant, a Sharekhan company founded in 2020.

Clients can trade and invest in equity assets, trade currencies, options, and commodities, and can even invest in mutual funds and IPOs.

Espresso may outperform other prominent stock-broking players in a zero cost franchise business comparison. After all, the brand accepts requests from aspiring franchisees at a zero fee.

Espresso has two franchise programs: the partner program and the referral program, both free to join.

You retain the right to earn 40% to 50% plus Rs 300 in commissions per client as a partner program member.

Similarly, as a referral program participant, you can earn Rs 300 per new client. No set-up fee is charged to aspiring partners. Bring in your contact details to get started.

But make sure you have a website or a well-established online presence. As a member of the Espresso Partner Program, you will bring customers to the Espresso platform online.

Staxkart Franchise – Top 10 No Cost Franchise to Start

Stoxkart is gradually but progressively gaining popularity in the stock market trading sector.

Stoxkart Franchise LogoFounded in 2015, the Hyderabad-based firm is a full-service broker offering investment and trading services in commodities, currencies, equity, mutual funds, and IPOs.

With a well-established presence on the web, Stoxkart brings convenience and flexibility to buying and selling securities online. The platform is accessible in mobile applications, a web version, and even a software version.

On the list of the best zero investment franchises in India, it could be a promising alternative because the Hyderabad-based corporation has numerous tools, features, and offers that aid in a positive client experience.

As a partner, you can market these notable things about Stoxkart to customers without being afraid of whether they will be interested in your recommendation.

You can become a Stoxkart franchise partner in two ways: via the basic partner program or the sub-broker program.

However, these programs aren’t a franchise, but they may provide you with similar benefits. Such as a Stoxkart franchise partner, with whom you can earn 40% to 50% commission per client.

A partner franchise fee of Rs. 3000 is necessary to be submitted. Alternatively, you can try your luck in the sub-broker program.

The commission from this program is 65% to 80%, but it comes with the condition of making an infrastructure investment that costs anything from zero to Rs 20,000.

Samco Franchise – Best Zero Investment Franchise of 2024

Samco Partners is also a top zero cost franchise in India. Set up in 1993, the mainstream business line of the financial firm is to provide trading and investment services to customers.

Samco Franchise LogoIn short, Samco is also a broking platform known for its simplified solution for traders and investors. The online broker has been trusted by more than 3,000 investors worldwide.

If we talk about the types of assets offered at Samco, these include stocks and IPOs, futures and options, commodities and currency derivatives, etc.

Clients come, invest for the long term, or trade for a short period using Samco’s state-of-the-art dashboards.

In addition to the direct market investment, a mutual fund facility is also available at Samco. Similarly, drawing clients will be easier if you also have the ambition to join the Samco Partner Program.

You can’t resist the decision, though, because the Samco franchise program is free to join. No commission is charged from Samco partners for joining; it is free.

You only need to send a client to the Samco platforms online via a unique link to earn a substantial commission.

Partners can earn 40% to 50% commission plus Rs 250 per new client. Partners in the referral program can earn 10%+ Rs.500 commission on each new client.

Best Zero Investment Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

Now that you have obtained the best zero investment franchise opportunities from the list above, it’s time to act.

Partnering with these alternatives isn’t worthwhile until you have a dedicated team or are an influencer agency.

You can start with the specific one that doesn’t charge you a joining fee. You can switch to other alternatives as you progress in marketing activities and learn how to attract sales.

Make the best choice and then progress to other options to maximize your fortune.

FAQs on Top Zero Investment Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Zero Cost Franchise Brands here –

What is a zero cost franchise business?

A zero cost franchise business is an opportunity to sell someone else’s product to earn a special commission or profit without investing anything.

After signing the deal agreement, the person who acquires the franchise is only needed to bring customers to the franchisor’s platform.

These franchise business models mostly operate online; therefore, the investment requirement is NIL to very low.

Which is the most successful zero investment franchise?

The most successful zero investment franchises are Upstox, Zerodha, and 5Paisa. With a well-established brand identity, these companies make it easier for a franchise partner to attract customers.

Simply put forward an offer provided exclusively by these brands, and customers will act on your recommendation.

How do I start my zero fee franchise business?

You can start your own zero fee franchise business by eliminating the need for a large investment.

Simply put, you can work on a refer-and-earn business model and pay your partner for every customer they send to your online platform.

Are no-cost franchises profitable?

There’s no surprise that some low-cost franchise opportunities are profitable. Zerodha, Upstox, and 5Paisa are some of the most appropriate examples.

You earn a sizable commission when you refer a customer to these platforms.

What is the monthly income from the Zero Cost Franchise?

In zero cost franchise businesses, the monthly income is largely determined by the niche and brand.

If it is a finance, stock market, or tech niche, you can undoubtedly make great figures. If the brand offers a good rate, great earning potential can be seen.

Which of the franchise is the most profitable no-cost franchise?

Zerodha, Paytm Money, Upstox, HDFC Securities, and 5 Paisa are some of the most profitable franchise opportunities. You can become a partner in these financial firms with zero investment.

Which Zerodha Investment Franchise is the best?

Zerodha is one of India’s most popular discount brokerage platforms. But it even offers some of the most exciting franchise programs, and the most remarkable is the partner program.

It can generate 50% of the revenue generated per client. But it isn’t free. A joining fee of Rs 1000 will be charged during the application process.

Is zero investment good for franchise businesses?

Zero investment can be a great initiative in a franchise business line once it doesn’t affect brand-owned inventory and investment.

In this regard, online franchises or partner programs are safer, as the brand will have nothing to lose or spend.

Which franchise is the cheapest in India?

Zerodha, Paytm Money, Upstox, HDFC Securities, and 5 Paisa are some prominent brands in the stock brokerage industry offering the cheapest franchise opportunity in India.

However, these prospective names don’t offer real franchise programs; they are partner programs.

Which is the fastest-growing zero cost franchise?

The three fastest-growing zero cost franchises in India are Zerodha, Paytm Money, and Upstox. Each of these brands was founded recently. Surprisingly, they are doing well within a short time.

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