Best Barbeque Franchise in India – List of Top 10 BBQ Franchise of 2024


Know about 10 Best Barbeque Franchise in India here. As restaurant brands introduce unique Barbeque or BBQ items with delicious twists, guests also look forward to more tasty varieties.

This resulted in a boost in the nation’s BBQ market and even more exploding opportunities for BBQ franchises in India to grow by becoming more experimental with their menu and business model.

As an aspirant, if you also wish to buy a BBQ franchise in India, scouting for the best franchise alternatives that are scalable and profitable as well, get your eyes on this article.

Here’s a list of the top BBQ franchises that will exceed your expectations.

Best BBQ Franchise in India – Top 10 Barbeque Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Barbeque Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Chicken only Chicken Franchise
2 Rail BBQ Franchise
3 Grillland Franchise
4 Smoke Hub BBQ Franchise
5 Coal Barbecues Franchise
6 Grill Inn Franchise
7 Grillicious BBQ Franchise
8 Absolute Barbecues Franchise
9 The Grill Theory Franchise
10 Zwarma Franchise

BBQ is more than just a food item; it is a culinary experience gaining popularity worldwide.

Best Barbeque Franchise in IndiaBut as delicious cuisine is updating the Indian food culture quickly, visiting or ordering food at a barbeque restaurant is a rising trend among the public.

It has been fueling the growth of Barbeque franchises in the nation.

Among the many great companies doing pretty well in this niche, we have rounded up some of the ultimate choices you would like to invest in.

Each of these best barbeque franchise business models is ruling the market with its unique USP, which might influence your decision.

So without delay, let’s head straight to the topic and explore the top companies in this niche.

Chicken only Chicken Franchise – Best Barbeque Franchise in India

Being the non-vegetarian favorite, Chicken Only Chicken is building higher odds of being the best BBQ franchise in India, which will grow even bigger in the future.

Chicken only Chicken Franchise LogoThe company positions itself as a haven for anyone who enjoys a non-vegetarian feast on their plate every day.

Smoky Shawarma, BBQ Gun, BBQ Strips, and White Zombie are some of the most popular varieties of COC.

The brand does not have any vegetarian items, but it is still growing in a country where most of the population is vegetarian.

With over 15 franchise models, Chicken Only Chicken is also becoming a favorite for aspiring investors.

But, if you are greatly influenced by the business model of COC and want to join the brand, please proceed.

At an investment of Rs 50,000, you can start a food outlet under the name “Chicken Only Chicken” to benefit from the solid branding.

Aspirants will even access marketing and startup support, ensuring the business receives a big push from day one.

On-site training is also provided to new franchisees to ensure they deliver on the brand’s promises. But you must be eager to join because the revenue sharing is quite attractive.

The gross profit from the business is 50%. The franchisee will have the right to generate 90–100% of the revenue.

Rail BBQ Franchise – Top BBQ Franchise in India

Like its unique name, the Rail BBQ business model is also out of the box. Among the top 10 barbeque franchises, you would like to call it the most attractive one.

Rail BBQ Franchise LogoThe BBQ brand is famous for its cart that’s been remodeled into a lifelike train. All BBQ items are cooked on this train that never fails to attract the public while passing through funfairs and streets.

On the menu, smoky grilled chicken strips, chicken wings, slowly cooked drumsticks, chicken schezwan, and wide other tasty varieties are served at Rail BBQ.

Trigon Foods Pvt Ltd, which has been in the coffee and chocolate business for a long time, owns and manages the Restaurant Brand. Similarly, this makes the BBQ brand a trusted player in the industry.

If you want to park your money with a reliable BBQ franchise, Rail BBQ must be at the top of your list.

Besides the brand’s trust, some notable perks are offered to each franchisee connecting with this non-vegetarian business venture.

Aspiring franchisees with limited investment can start with the cart model. At an investment of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, the brand can help you generate some excellent returns on investment.

Depending on your affordability, you can rent a store or launch a franchise at your site, which requires more investment.

Grillland Franchise – Top 10 Barbeque Franchise in India

The piquant and spicy flavors of BBQs are well-liked by eaters. Influenced by this analysis of people, Grillland is ensuring an effective run of its business model.

Grillland Franchise LogoSet up in 2018, today, the brand is the proud owner of more than 100 franchises nationwide.

One of the most notable aspects is that the brand is growing in popularity for its non-vegetarian options and its vegetarian cuisines, which are equally popular.

In addition to the basics of cuisine, Grillland’s outlets serve seafood. However, some may be unable to serve seafood due to geographic limitations.

The variety covers some delicious combo offers, rolls, and mocktails. Altogether, the brand manages to have a great influence on people. It can be a great BBQ franchise business in India that you would like to invest in.

Despite building a network of 100+ outlets, the brand is actively accepting franchise partners from across the nation.

If you are a passionate entrepreneur seeking an investment opportunity that yields attractive returns, a Grillland franchise can be a perfect pick.

You can launch the franchise with an investment capital of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The franchise term is five years, with a revenue share of approximately 90%.

Smoke Hub BBQ Franchise – Best Barbeque Franchise to Invest

Being the most casual restaurant, Smoke HUB BBQ is one of the best-known brands among millennials. Headquartered in Chennai, the company started its first business operation in 2018.

Smoke Hub BBQ Franchise LogoSmoke Hub BBQ has successfully built a network of over ten franchise outlets nationwide. In the south, the brand has long served delicious and smoked North Indian and Barbecue cuisines.

But it’s worth noting that the restaurant isn’t entirely non-vegetarian. The exquisite menu varieties at Smoke Hub BBQ accommodate vegetarian delicacies as well.

Nonetheless, the brand is well-known for its non-veg and BBQ offerings. Among the best barbeque franchise businesses in India you have reviewed so far, Smoke Hub BBQ seeks your attention.

For an infrastructure investment of Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs, you can acquire one of the Smoke Hub BBQ franchises and become an active franchisee partner of the business.

With approx. 90% of revenue sharing, Smoke Hub BBQ is a great opportunity for investors.

The company has already established a strong presence in the national food and beverage market and plans to expand further.

For goal accomplishment, marketing and franchise training with active support are given to the franchisee partners individually.

Coal Barbecues Franchise – Top Barbecue Franchise to Invest

Coal Barbecues is a full-service family restaurant that caters to the specific needs of each family member, from infants to the elderly, with some delectable menu options.

Coal Barbecues Franchise LogoAfter all, the brand’s menu features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

The starter range has paneer malai tikka, grilled veggies, BBQ fruits, cheesy potatoes, and much more in the vegetable section.

Similarly, the non-vegetarian starter menu has Korean spicy prawns, chili garlic fish, honey garlic chicken wings, and so on. Dips and soups are also popular side dishes at coal barbecues.

Following the tasty varieties are salads of various sizes and main courses in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The dessert menu is also endless.

In a nutshell, the brand dupes customers by using the Barbecue name in its branding. But in reality, Coal Barbecue serves a complete restaurant-like experience.

If you are scouting for the top barbeque franchise brand of 2024, where customers receive almost everything that appeases their appetite for something tasty, Coal Barbecues could be a good choice.

In addition to offering foreign and Indian food varieties, the brand even has its delivery fleet service in some cities, which is a plus.

A Coal Barbeque franchise can be purchased for between Rs. 20 and Rs. 25 lakhs. The revenue sharing agreed upon in writing is 90%. However, you can also contact the brand for more information.

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Grill Inn Franchise – Top 10 Barbeque Franchise to Invest

The fast-food chain Grill Inn is also on the verge of being named one of the Top 10 BBQ franchises in 2024. However, BBQ isn’t the mainstream specialty of the restaurant brand.

Still, grilled food has long been an attention grabber for customers at Grill Inn. The food variety served in the exquisite delicacies at Grill Inn includes burgers, pizzas, pasta, wraps, sandwiches, desserts, and much more.

Fried Chicken is very popular among non-vegetarians. Customers even have the option to select between non-vegetarian and vegetarian stuffing.

The food and beverage restaurant has over 230+ outlets across the nation. Grill Inn has already built a reputation in more than 140 cities and 22+ states.

As an aspiring franchisee, you can join the business model of Grill Inn by simply passing the basic terms. A location search is preferred before setting up the franchise outlet.

The company will help you set up and launch your store. The minimum investment amount is Rs 10 lakh, and Rs 30 lakh is the highest.

The franchise owner himself will arrange the space. Grill Inn will only provide training, marketing, and support on how to run its business model.

Aside from 90% revenue sharing, the brand has also launched a sales incentive program.

Grillicious BBQs Franchise – Best Barbeque Franchise to buy

Grillicious BBQs is another attractive brand in the list of BBQ franchise businesses.

Grillicious BBQ Franchise LogoAnish Bhanwadia founded the company in 2016 and quickly gained fame for its delicious barbeques and grilled food.

So far, the brand has extended its network to over 30 franchise outlets. The company’s main head office is in Mumbai, and it has a history of impressing BBQ lovers with its exclusive range of food items.

But in addition to that, the company serves soups, sandwiches, burgers, beverages, and many delicious cuisines and desserts.

Interested individuals can acquire a Grillicious BBQ franchise for an investment of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, respectively.

The investment will provide you access to approximately 90% of revenue sharing, which leaves 10% in the franchisor’s pocket.

However, information regarding whether or not the company provides marketing and other support isn’t available. Therefore, you can consult with the brand for more details.

But before you think about setting up the franchise outlet in your city, a shop area of 500 to 1000 sq ft must be arranged.

The food and beverage brand has signed a franchise agreement for over five years.

Absolute Barbecues Franchise – Top Barbecue Franchise to buy

Set up in 2013, Absolute Barbecues has grown into the proud owner of over 50 franchise outlets across the nation so far.

Absolute Barbecues Franchise LogoThe BBQ-specialised brand runs a delivery and takeaway business model, which makes it well-known to travelers.

Absolute Barbecues has a reputable reputation in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurugram, Chennai, Noida, Pune, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and a few other cities.

The brand has effectively used its digital portfolio to direct AB users to which cities they will find their favorite or unique food variety at a specific branch.

It is worth noting that since Absolute Barbecue’s franchise also provides takeaway services, it has manifolds of sub-branches.

In short, it is even bigger than what is being seen in this review. The menu covers grills, kababs, beverages, and wide outstanding varieties in the main course.

If you are looking for a barbeque franchise business comparison that’s popular in the real world, then Absolute Barbecues could be a good choice.

You can acquire AB’s franchise for infrastructure investment of Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs. The revenue sharing from the business model is 90% to the franchisee and 10% to the franchisor.

Gross profit and net profit must be calculated earlier.

The Grill Theory Franchise – Top 10 BBQ Franchise to buy

Among the Best BBQ franchises in India, Grill Theory is also capturing fame for its consistent growth in the industry. The food and beverage brand has over 240+ outlets across the nation.

The Grill Theory Franchise LogoIn more than eight states, the brand is effectively running its business and is looking forward to expanding to more places and regions.

Surprisingly, the restaurant brand started it all in 2018 from its head office in Chennai and gained much more quicker.

But we believe that the brand’s strategic approach is hidden in its menu, which made it so popular in the food market in such a short time.

The brand features 90+ menu variants personalized to suit the regional tastes of eaters across different cities and states.

You can also acquire The Grill Theory franchise for an investment of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The revenue sharing in the business model is approximately 90%, which leaves 10% for the franchisor.

Aspirants are requested to select between the basic franchise model and the classic franchise model before proceeding.

Most of the brand’s best menu features BBQ items, which suits the company appropriately for this list. You can get more details on it by contacting the brand’s representative.

Zwarma Franchise – Best Barbeque Franchise in 2024

You can also discover some of the most amazing business opportunities in Zwarma.

Zwarma Franchise LogoBeing the top barbecue franchise in India, it also has a few great features to impress its aspiring franchise partners.

Set up in 2017, Zwarma has built more than 25 outlets alone in Tamilnadu (Chennai, Pondy, Madurai, Cuddalore, Trichy, Coimbatore, Vellore, Tirupur, Nagercoil, Salem, and more).

The brand has grown in popularity with its 25 varieties of Shawarmas, which is believed to be one of its greatest achievements.

In addition, Zwarma has a track record of serving over 30,000 customers per day. After all, the BBQ giant is available in six states and effectively handles its outlet network of 150+.

Starting in 2017, the brand has connected many franchisee partners to its team with its lowest investment amount.

At an infrastructure investment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, you can acquire a Zwarma franchise and flourish with one of the most successful businesses of the age.

Best BBQ Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The list of the Best BBQ franchises doing well in the BBQ space ends here.

Some of these brands have more potential to do even better in the years ahead. But the ultimate choice is yours. Most barbecue brands allow you to start with a food cart.

Thus, purchasing or renting a store isn’t necessary. But if you see vast potential in a brand and its business, go for it.

Most franchisee partners extract all their expenses and investment from sales and revenue generated within the first six months of launching.

It depends on you; if you run a good franchise, it will work out.

FAQs on Top Barbeque Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best BBQ Franchise Brands here –

What is a Barbeque franchise?

Barbecue or BBQ franchises are among the most successful business models in the non-vegetarian niche.

You acquire a pre-built business model from a company and operate it independently. However, it will take considerable investment and training before starting.

Which is the most successful BBQ franchise?

In terms of profits and continuous growth, the most successful BBQ franchises are Chicken Only Chicken, Rail BBQ, and Grillland.

In addition, Absolute Barbecues and Grill Theory are the runners-up on the list.

How do I start my Barbecue franchise?

You can start your Barbecue franchise by incorporating BBQ into your specialized menu varieties.

Upon standardizing and legalizing your business model, you can launch advertisements announcing that you are launching a franchise opportunity to attract aspirants.

Are Barbeque franchises profitable?

Barbeque franchises are profitable in any nation, city, or state where non-vegetarian food items are relentlessly enjoyed.

In India, there are millions of BBQ lovers, raising the odds for a BBQ franchise to thrive.

What Is the Average Monthly Income in the BBQ Franchise Industry?

The BBQ franchise business model’s monthly income can be between Rs 4.3 lakhs and Rs 4.3 lakhs per unit.

Most privileged folks are even making more. But it also depends on how successful a franchise brand is.

Which is the most profitable Barbecue franchise?

Chicken Only Chicken, Rail BBQ, Gilliland, and Smoke Hub BBQ are some of the most profitable Barbecue franchises.

The tally even counts Absolute Barbecues and Grill Theory, which allows you to make more with a relatively small investment.

Which franchise is best for Barbeque?

Any franchise with a standardized business model is the best. But to list some of the best options are Absolute Barbecues, Rail BBQ, Chicken Only Chicken, and Grill Theory.

These brands have been building a reputation for themselves in the Barbeque niche.

How Much Investment Is Required to Start a BBQ Franchise?

The minimum investment required to start a BBQ franchise can vary from one brand to another.

However, the average investment ranges from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs and above. Most brands even provide the option of starting with a Rs 50,000 food card.

Which Barbecue Franchise in India Is the Most Affordable?

Barbecue franchise brands like Chicken Only Chicken and RailBBQ are yielding some of India’s cheapest franchise business opportunities.

Both companies allow you to start a franchise with a Rs 50,000 investment.

Which Barbeque Franchise Is Growing the Fastest?

Grillicious BBQ, Grill Theory, and, most notably, Zwarma are the fastest-growing Barbeque franchises in the nation.

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