Best Burger Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Burger Franchise of 2024


This article has detailed analysis of Best Burger Franchise in India. As India’s vibrant eating-out culture gains momentum, the burger market is growing.

Most Made-in-India burger brands are becoming the toughest competitors to some of the existing big players in this niche.

Some entrepreneurs are taking over the fast Burger industry with the top burger franchise network.

With so many fast-Burger lovers, the burger franchise in India is bringing some of the golden days to investors interested in teens’ and kids’ favorite burgers.

India’s appetite has become more intense than ever, influenced by this new Burger trend.

It makes sense to set up a burger franchise in your city. And what are the most trusted alternatives? This is explained below.

Best Burger Franchise in India – Top 10 Burger Franchise for Business

Let us check the Top Burger Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Biggies Franchise
2 Burger Singh Franchise
3 Fatburger Franchise
4 Jumboking Franchise
5 Wat a Burger Franchise
6 Burger Hut Franchise
7 RJ Crispy 09 Franchise
8 Funbytes Franchise
9 Burger Nation Franchise
10 Burger King Franchise

India’s burger industry is one of the fastest-growing segments. But the creativity of restaurants induced in these burgers is also a key.

Best Burger Franchise in IndiaThe modern Indian snack has been ruling hearts ever since brands have launched some unique varieties that stick well with Indian taste buds.

As a result, we now have some of the best burger franchise businesses.

Some of the best brands you may be interested in purchasing a burger franchise from are described below.

These brands have been shortlisted based on their tremendous growth, unique varieties, options for the franchise, and other great parameters. Here’s a detailed brief on each.

Biggies Franchise – Best Burger Franchise in India

Since its launch in 2011, Biggies has emerged as the best burger franchise in India.

Biggies Burger Franchise LogoOriginally, the brand was a subsidiary of Beamer Food & Beverages, a registered food company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, well-known for its diverse menu offerings.

However, the company’s Biggies Burger subsidiary specializes solely in burgers. The exotic burger menu at the subsidiary comprises both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

Some of its most popular varieties include the original chicken, original lamb, and smoked whole wheat burger.

In addition to the main courses, the company offers a variety of shakes and beverages to satisfy customers.

Today, the brand has grown into an internationally recognized burger company. By the time you are reading this article, Biggies Burger is managing 76+ outlets spread across different locations.

As an aspiring franchise partner, you can also help the company by extending this network. In short, you can purchase one of Biggie’s franchises that promises you 90%–100% revenue sharing.

However, certain conditions must be met by the franchisee. For example, the food and beverage company has requested between Rs 20 lakh and Rs 30 lakh for infra investments.

A franchise fee may be charged in addition. The shop/unit area must be arranged before launching the franchise.

Burger Singh Franchise – Top Burger Franchise in India

Burger Singh, influenced by a globally recognized burger brand, is also making a name for itself among the top ten burger franchises.

Burger Singh Franchise LogoBut instead of targeting international clients, the brand’s cuisines aim to suit the tastes of Indians. One of the most appropriate examples is the Big Punjabi Burger.

Instead of keeping it western-inspired, Burger Singh gives the burger some local tastes and spiciness that Indians love. Customers can order additional sauce toppings, fries, and sauces along with the mains.

Not only does the burger brand meet the distinct taste preferences of Indians for burgers, but they also keep an eye out for additional elements that may retain customers.

Besides burgers, the brand’s menu features beverages, desserts, fries, momos, and sides. Interested folks influenced by the Burger Singh business model can purchase a franchise of this made-in-India brand.

Burger Singh claims 90% profitability for its franchise outlets. The brand already generates Rs 14 lakhs in sales per year and hopes to attract more entrepreneurs to its business model.

Interested folks can set up Burger Singh franchises in their cities. But investment amounts can vary. Food cart model aspirants are charged up to Rs 25 lakhs.

Dine-in restaurants bill Rs 44 lakhs. Similarly, the drive-thru model costs Rs. 59 lakhs.

Fatburger Franchise – Top 10 Burger Franchise in India

If you want to compare the burger franchise business between companies that sell a heavy diet and have hundreds of franchise outlets across the country, Fat Burger might impress you.

Fatburger Franchise LogoThe restaurant brand has over 150 franchise outlets in its network. Founded in 1952, the company’s head office is in Los Angeles, which isn’t an Indian-origin company.

But it has been looking forward to aspiring franchise partners interested in the Fatburger business model and willing to join.

By launching more new outlets in India, the brand aims to stretch its 60+ years of business history even further.

Given the company’s well-established profile in the international market, you can find some excellent opportunities by becoming one of Fat Burger’s franchise partners.

On the other hand, the request for infrastructure investment ranges between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1 crore.

But the revenue sharing from the business is approximately 94%. On paper, the franchisor will receive only 6% of your total sales.

But it’s worth noting that it is revenue and not net profit. Gross and net profits depend on business expenditures. Therefore, you are advised to do proper math on profits and losses.

Jumbo King Franchise – Best Burger Franchise to Invest

Jumbo king, an Indian-origin burger company, provides online ordering and dine-in facilities.

The brand has 100+ outlets operating nationwide, helping the company become the best burger franchise business in India.

Jumboking Franchise LogoFounded on August 23, 2001, the brand has grown in popularity for its hygienic street food. The company even collaborates with aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy, generating revenue in the millions of rupees.

The brand has seven popular burger varieties that grab back-to-back orders from customers. Jumbo names these burgers the Hero Burgers.

Besides its basic burgers, the brand is known for its combo offers, meals, sides, and beverages.

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Thane, Lucknow, and Hyderabad are a few cities where the brand has been ruling the hearts of burger lovers.

Still, many cities and states in the country are untouched by Jumbo king’s delicious menu varieties.

So step forward and assist Jumbo King in becoming one of the largest homegrown brands in the burger niche. Jumbo king franchises are available for a minimum investment of Rs 25 lakhs.

For a successful start, the brand provides marketing support and specialized training to each franchisee. This reduces the possibility of new employees making mistakes or becoming confused.

Wat-a-Burger Franchise – Top Burger Franchise to Invest

If you want to start a great entrepreneurial journey with the top burger franchise brand of 2024, Wat-a-Burger might be a good fit.

Wat-a-Burger Franchise LogoSince its inception, the company has been bringing burgers with Indian fusion that are well-suited to Indian palates.

With the highest emphasis on local cuisines, pudina chutney, Achari flavor, Makhani sauce, and spicy chilly have grown into some of the brand’s key offerings.

For all of these reasons, Wat-a-Burger’s national expansion is accelerating. Founded in 2016, Wat-a-burger today is the proud owner of more than 65 outlets in India.

However, most franchises are located in Mumbai and surrounding areas. If you are from India’s northern or eastern regions, Wat-A-Burger will warmly welcome you as a franchisee partner.

Some of the brand’s mainstream menu varieties are burgers, wraps, sandwiches, sides, desserts, and beverages.

As a franchisee partner of the brand, you will be responsible for selling and popularising these menu items in your city.

However, the brand will also assist you in the marketing and business model, so don’t worry. The asking price for a Wat-a-burger franchise is between Rs 20 and 30 lakhs.

It is a sum of money invested entirely in the business infrastructure.

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Burger Hut Franchise – Top 10 Burger Franchise to Invest

Burger Hut, the name might sound quite familiar. But it is an independent burger company launched by Gurjant Singh in 2015.

Burger Hut Franchise LogoThe brand is working hard to position itself in the top 10 burger franchises of 2024. So far, Burger Hut has built a network of 15+ outlets spread across the nation.

The company’s head office is in Amritsar, and most of its franchisees currently serve in this region. On the menu, Burger Hut offers delicious veggie burgers.

Apart from the burgers, the menu even features veg snacks, pasta, sandwiches, veg pizza, veg combos, veg wraps, and much more.

Burger Hut’s menu also includes non-vegetarian options. In other words, Burger Hut is more than a burger-specialized restaurant; it is a fast food-specialized restaurant brand.

Even though the company has been operating since 2015, its franchise commencement year was 2020, and it’s quite surprising that within a few years, it has successfully earned 15 franchise outlets.

However, Burger Hut’s low-cost franchise model could be one of the reasons. The brand’s request for infra investment is only Rs. 1-2 lakhs.

The revenue sharing from the business is 90%–100% with the franchise partner, and the remainder is reserved for the franchisor.

RJ Crispy 09 Franchise – Best Burger Franchise to buy

In the list of burger franchise businesses, RJ Crispy 09 is just a startup that rolled out its franchise news not too long ago but recently in 2018.

RJ Crispy 09 Franchise LogoSo far, the company has built a small business empire with only 15+ outlets across different states and cities.

The company is headquartered in Gomtinagar, Uttar Pradesh, and is looking forward to more interested aspirants joining them.

RJ Crispy 09 menu items comprise various kinds of chicken snacks, veggie snacks, and mocktails.

Aside from burgers, fries, pizza, beverages, and a wide variety of fast food items, a wide variety of fast food is available.

Even though the brand doesn’t run a burger-specialized business exactly, its overall business model is still quite popular.

The brand’s menu includes all the standard menu options at restaurants. However, RJ Crisply 09’s reasonable pricing for each culinary can be considered a key to customer retention.

The best part is that you can get an RJ Crisply 09 franchise for as little as Rs 1-2 lakhs. All franchisee partners are offered approximately 90% of the revenue sharing, leaving 10% to the franchisor.

However, the aspirant must arrange a shop or unit area before signing up for the franchise program.

Funbytes Franchise – Top Burger Franchise to buy

Founded in 2008, Funbytes is one of the fastest-growing burger chains in the nation.

Funbytes Franchise LogoGiven its standardized business model, the brand is featured among India’s top burger franchise businesses.

Eaters have loved and appreciated Funbytes franchise outlets since their inception. In its early days, the brand received much appreciation from university students in the nation’s northern regions.

Even today, many Funbytes outlets (40 in total) operate in northern Indian states. On the menu, in addition to a basic burger, the brand produces a variety of other fast-food favorites as well.

Such as potato grilled sandwiches, paneer wraps, and red sauce pasta, are the most notable. The food served at the restaurant is of reasonably excellent quality.

The brand has already built a huge market for its products. Interested folks can acquire a Funbytes franchise simply by qualifying for the standard eligibility criteria.

Franchisee partners can choose between the Funbytes Express, Funbytes Casual Dine, and Funbytes Lounge business models.

Each of these franchise models suits the dynamic needs and affordability of the new franchisees. Aspirants with limited investment can go with the Funbytes Express business model.

You can shake hands with the Funbytes Lounge franchise if you have more to invest.

Burger Nation Franchise – Top 10 Burger Franchise to buy

The Delhi-based startup, Burger Nation, has been making its name among India’s most popular yet best burger franchises since 2016.

Burger Nation Franchise LogoThe Burger Nation menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. But, the brand is remarkably working above the rest in the burger segment.

The brand has been bringing a diverse range of burgers, some of which are juicy and some crunchy, exactly what fast food fans want.

Some signature burgers of the brand are popular among fast-food lovers in Delhi. However, the brand’s franchise network is small.

The company is still seeking the support of interested franchisee partners to expand its burger chain to more cities and states.

For the time being, the revenue sharing agreed upon with partners is approximately 65%. But in the future, it can be increased by the brand.

The brand is currently asking franchisee partners the investment amount they are comfortable investing. How much do you want to invest? It will be your choice.

But much information in this regard is yet to come. Until then, infrastructure investment will likely range between Rs. 13 lakh and Rs. 15 lakh.

The brand provides marketing, training, and set-up support. Franchisee partners are even allowed to bring their suggestions.

Burger King Franchise – Best Burger Franchise in 2024

In this list of the top burger franchises in India, Burger King is unarguably one of the best-known brands. There’s hardly anyone on the globe who isn’t familiar with the Burger King company.

Burger King Franchise LogoFounded in 1954, the American-based startup has grown into a multi-national chain of hamburger restaurants popular worldwide. The brand has over 200 franchise outlets in India alone.

Despite being a tough competitor to most other burger brands, it is still progressively expanding its franchise networks nationwide.

But it has a little demerit that might hamper your dream of acquiring a Burger King franchise.

The brand is asking for an infra investment of between Rs 2 and Rs 3 crores, which is undoubtedly quite high for the average Indian investor. But the brand offers 95% revenue sharing.

Being the most popular burger company, the brand has a vast potential to succeed in every area, region, and city it will operate in. The franchisor receives only 5% of the revenue.

Training, the secret ingredient of Burger King, and overall marketing network benefits are provided by the brand to the franchisee.

In short, returns from the business cover your investment within a quarter.

Best Burger Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The list of the best burger franchises ends here. These top brands can make fortunes for aspiring investors or franchise partners interested in the fast food business.

Burgers are one of the most popular segments of fast food. By bringing unique varieties, brands attempt to retain users and rule this particular food market niche.

The brands given in the list are already competing with one another across multiple parameters. But the ultimate choice is yours.

Brands like RJ Crispy 09 and Burger Hut are bringing some of the cheapest investment opportunities, while demand for big brands like Burger King is high.

FAQs on Top Burger Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Burger Franchise Brands here –

What exactly is a Burger Franchise?

A burger franchise is a business model in which a burger brand invites aspiring investors to purchase its franchise in exchange for a significant investment. Both parties agreed in writing to split the revenue.

Which is the most successful burger franchise?

The most successful burger franchises maintain a consistent taste, work standard, and uniformity in what they do and serve customers.

For example, the globally recognized brand Burger King is a burger expert.

How do I launch a Burger Franchise?

You can launch your burger franchise by first creating a solid business plan.

Launch campaigns announcing that you are looking for franchise partners and expanding once your cuisine has become well-known.

To shine in the burger niche, you should introduce new flavors that seduce burger lovers.

Are burger franchises that profitable?

Burgers are the most popular fast food item and continue to grow in popularity.

As a result, each burger franchise is making a fortune by simply bringing some unique flavors and providing value to customers.

In short, burger franchises are the most profitable business model.

What is the monthly revenue of the Burger Franchise?

The monthly income in the Burger franchise business is variable. It is even dependent on the brand’s revenue sharing with franchisee partners.

Most brands offer 65% revenue sharing, while some offer 95% to 100% revenue sharing. Therefore, it is always an uncertain subject.

Which is the most profitable burger franchise?

The most profitable burger franchise is anything that has a unique business model. It doesn’t matter if you are selling basic burgers.

You can even sell experience, service, and other great items that wow buyers. Similarly, it will boost your business, and further growth will be exponential.

Which franchise is best for burgers?

Biggies, Burger Singh, Burger King, RJ Crispy 09, and Burger Hut are some of the best franchises in the burger segment.

These brands are strengthening their business profiles with every passing month and year.

How much money is needed to start a Burger Franchise?

Starting a burger franchise can take anything from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 40 lakh. Some franchise brands even ask for Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore to share their business rights and secret ingredients.

Which burger franchise is the most affordable in India?

RJ Crispy 09 and Burger Hut are some of the cheapest franchises in India, available for between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh.

If you have limited investment capital, this franchise undoubtedly fits your plan.

Which is the fastest-growing burger franchise?

Burger Hut and Wat a Burger are some of the fastest-growing burger franchises.

These brands have newly commenced their franchise program and are growing popular daily among aspiring investors.

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