Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Chicken Franchise of 2024


You can find out Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India here. The non-vegetarian food that is most often consumed worldwide is chicken. Chicken is well-liked by everyone across the globe.

Chefs from all over the world have added their special spin to conventional fried chicken to suit the preferences of the locals.

The widespread public’s preference for chicken and a successful business model are two elements that have helped the sector grow.

The fried chicken franchise in India has seen the entry of new brands and new recipes in the category.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top 10 fried chicken franchises in India and the other details required for budding entrepreneurs looking forward to making a career in the sector.

Top 10 Fried Chicken Franchise in India

Let us check the Best Crispy Chicken Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Chicken Adda Franchise
2 Chawla Chicken Franchise
3 Chick Blast Franchise
4 AFC Alaska Franchise
5 FunChick Fried Chicken Franchise
6 Five Star Chicken Franchise
7 Indian Fried Chicken Franchise
8 BigChick India Franchise
9 Chicking Franchise
10 Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise

Fried chicken is becoming a more popular option for people who are short on time and want a quick supper alternative they can pick up on their way home from work because it is convenient, full-filling, and reasonably priced.

The primary market for this model is urban dwellers, a growing urban population, and individuals who consume food while commuting larger distances domestically, contributing to the popularity of chicken.

Nowadays, people looking for a snack in the evening love to consume fried chicken, which has also become an essential dish at parties.

As its popularity is increasing, more and more people are seeking a fried chicken franchises and opening their shops.

The below-listed brands have all the necessary elements to succeed in the business ecosystem and attract people to buy their offerings.

Whether you are a food lover or a potential businessman, the fried chicken franchise holds a huge scope for existing and new entrants.

Here is the list of the top fried chicken franchise businesses for you.

Chicken Adda Franchise – Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India

Chicken Adda is a place where you can hang out with your family and friends. Since its inception in 2014, the Chicken Adda has approx 70 outlets so far.

Chicken Adda Franchise LogoChicken Adda, known as the Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India, offers an interactive experience for the clients visiting the store and offers product and operational excellence for their visitors.

Their competitive pricing and flavorful dishes allow them to stand out. Chicken Adda was founded by Teena Yogi and held its head office in Indore.

Their franchise tenure is three years, and it takes about 45 days to set up the complete store. The brand provides continuous training and marketing support to franchise owners.

Also, they assist in selecting the site for starting the store. The minimum requirement for opening a Chicken Adda store is to have a space of 300 sq ft and an investment of 8-10 lakhs.

Any new franchise owner can expect a return within a year.

Chawla Chicken Franchise – Top Fried Chicken Franchise in India

Started in 1960, Chawla Chicken is one of the country’s biggest and reputed north India food chains.

Chawla Chicken Franchise LogoPlaced at number 2 in the Top 10 Fried Chicken Franchises, the brand has been operating for 59 years and has offered its best recipes to millions of people.

Their established training centers in Ludhiana and Delhi offer extensive training to chefs at regular intervals.

All over the country, the brand owns more than 150 franchise outlets and is a renowned name in kabab, sizzlers, biryani, and fried chicken dishes.

The brand’s turnover is approx 18 million INR. The company has expanded in other countries like Europe, Australia, the UK, the USA, the Middle East, etc.

Started by Attar Singh Chawla, the brand holds its head office in Ludhiana. It requires the brand to set up its business in about 90 days.

Also, a business owner has to have a space of 750 sq ft, and a minimum investment of 20-25 lakh is required to open your own Chawla Chicken restaurant.

Although it is completely based on your location, you can expect your return on investment in about 18 to 24 months.

Chawal Chicken is undoubtedly one of the best options to mark your entry in the fried chicken domain if you want a reputed brand to try your hands on.

Chick Blast Franchise – Best Hot Wings Franchise in India

They are known to be one of the Quick service restaurants or QSR, providing healthy and signature dishes to customers with speedy delivery.

Chick Black Franchise LogoChick blast is best known for its great quality, taste, and freshly prepared food. Since its inception in 2006, they are best known for delivering fast, healthiest and value-priced food.

The brand has opened about 125+ branches till now and started giving their franchise in 2009. Founded by Arun Kumar, Chick blast has its head office in Chennai.

The franchise tenure is about five years, and it takes about 15 days to set up the store. Entering the Fried Chicken Franchise Business in India with Chick Blast is a great option to explore if you want to make your name in the food industry.

The best part about Chick blast is that there is no royalty charged to them. Starting your store takes approximately 30 lakhs and 200-300 sq ft of space.

The return on investment time frame with the Chick Blast is about six months to a year. The brand provides site selection and marketing assistance to all franchise owners.

Chick blast is a brand that has lived up to people’s expectations, and everyone considers it the best place to buy grilled and fried chicken today.

If you are looking for an option to mark your entry in quick service restaurants, Chick blast can be your first resort, as people know the brand and will love to reach you.

They know a franchisee of Chick blast is nearby their doorstep.

AFC Alaska Franchise – Top Fried Chicken Franchise in India

AFC Alaska was founded in 2020. Amidst the pandemic, the brand did very well and served people with its amazing chicken dishes.

AFC Alaska Franchise LogoFounded by Haneef Baithan has opened more than 50 stores all over the country and is aspiring to move to every corner to allow the country.

Once you purchase the franchise, you can enjoy it for a lifetime. The brand has its headquarters in Wyoming, USA, and controls its work across borders.

The minimum requirement of space to set up your own AFC Alaska store ranges from 500-750 sq ft, and it requires approx 30-40 lakhs of investment to begin with.

As part of the list for the Best Fried Chicken Franchise Business in India, AFC Alaska is best at serving flavorful and quality fried chicken dishes.

With a foreign name to start with, AFC Alaska has always delivered what they have promised its clients.

They have been striving hard to maintain their quality and come through to their customer’s expectations.

The return on investment is about a year. The brand provides support in marketing, training, and site selection.

Once you are with AFC Alaska, be ready to succeed, as the brand is quite stable and has been flourishing since its inception.

FunChick Fried Chicken Franchise – Best Chicken Franchise to Invest

The food industry is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and growing sectors, but due to stiff competition and to succeed in a small amount of time, every business needs a perfect model to get through.

FunChick Fried Chicken Franchise LogoFunChick Fried Chicken is one of the tested models and has an experience of about 15 years to help you achieve success the way you want.

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Harpreet Singh Kukreja, the brand has about 50 outlets across the country.

Once taken, the new owner can enjoy a lifetime tenure of the franchise, and it takes about 30 days to set up your store.

Having their head office in Indore, the FunChick fried chicken allows you to enjoy a lifetime tenure for the franchise.

Placed at number five for Top Fried Chicken Franchise Brand of 2024, the brand is implementing every possible strategy to increase its revenue.

To open your shop for FunChick fried chicken, you should have a minimum of 200-300 sq ft of space and approximately 20 lakhs of investment to own the franchise.

The return for investment tenure ranges from 6-12 months. Offering great opportunities, FunChick Fried chicken is the best franchise to try your luck to enter the food industry.

The investment is nominal, and the brand has big plans to expand. Visit them to learn about their menu and the career opportunity they are offering you.

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Five Star Chicken Franchise – Top 10 Fried Chicken Franchise to Invest

One of the Quick service restaurants offering great chicken at their store, Five Star Chicken has become a great stop for fried chick lovers.

Five Star Chicken Franchise LogoStarting its operations in 1985, the brand owns 300 stores across the country and stores in more than nine countries.

They entered India in 2012 and started their stores in Karnataka. The brand is owned by Charoen Pokphand Foods, also known as CP foods.

The main USP of Five Star Chicken is “Farm to fork.” They take care of everything from breeding chickens to bringing them to the store.

They stress providing antibiotic-free food and nutritional value in a single place. Spotted at number six in the Top 10 Fried Chicken Franchises of 2024, Five-star chicken is a trusted brand for its quality-based offerings.

In India, they are based in Bangalore and provide franchise tenure for a decade once purchased.

The space required to open a store is about 200-300 sq ft, and apart from the same, the return on investment will depend upon the commercialization of the location too.

Usually, it takes 12 months for the return on investment. The Five Star Chicken franchise is a good option for entrepreneurs looking to make a great start in the food industry and is determined to bring nutritious and chemical-free food to the table.

It is a great franchise with great marketing strategies and has already made a name in the international market.

Indian Fried Chicken Franchise – Best Crispy Chicken Franchise to buy

Indian Fried Chicken, also known as IFC, is a good brand that delivers fried chicken and other fast foods.

Indian Fried Chicken Franchise LogoThey have been experimenting with Indian spices since they started their business in 2012 and have delivered amazing food.

List of Crispy Chicken Franchise Business places IFC at number six and hopes that in 2024 the brand will reach out to more people and serve them amazing recipes.

They are known for their amazing Indian cuisine and unforgettable flavors. Sahil Sethi started IFC and opted for a franchise business model in 2018.

The brand has headquarters in Nagpur and more than 50 outlets in the country. The franchise tenure is five years, and it takes about 30 days to set up the store.

A standard franchise takes about ten lakhs to start a business with IFC. The minimum space required to set up the store is 150-300 sq ft.

The return on investment timeframe for the brand is approx 12 months. IFC is a popular brand among Indians; people love to munch around and are fond of its offering.

They are quite famous for their fried chicken and other chicken delicacies. The brand offers ongoing advertising support and also assists in marketing.

Being a part of one of the fastest growing industries, the IFC offers periodic menu changes per the local taste and preferences.

BigChick India Franchise – Top Hot Wings Franchise to buy

Being a quick-service restaurant, the place offers amazing fried chicken burgers, wedges, nuggets, fries, etc. BigChick India franchise provides an opportunity to earn a high income with minimal investment.

BigChick India Franchise LogoThe franchise was founded by Akshay Sharma and has opened 10+ outlets till now. Starting in 2020, the brand has its headquarters in Mumbai.

The tenure for the franchise is about five years, and it takes 30 days to set up your store. To set up your BigChick India store, the owner should have a space of 150-300 sq ft.

The return on investment will be within a year. The investment required to own a BigChick India franchise is ten lakhs.

The brand, since its starting, has been providing complete marketing assistance, advertising support, great returns on minimal investments, etc.

Most importantly, having your own BigChick India allows you to reach your dreams and bring them to reality.

The Fried Chicken Franchise Business Comparison with other similar kinds of businesses makes them a better option as demand increases.

With the new doorstep delivery option, people are ordering more. If you are looking ahead to make your name in the fried chicken industry, the reasonably priced Big Chick India franchise can be one of the options for you.

Chicking Franchise – Top 10 Fried Chicken Franchise to buy

Started in 2000, the first outlet of Chicking was started in Dubai, UAE. Since then, the brand has established stores in more than 20+ countries worldwide and over 150 outlets.

Chicking Franchise LogoIn India, the brand has more than 50 outlets in various states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Their growth in the short period was achieved because the brand knows the taste of local food and serves in the geographies accordingly.

Chicking brand started giving their franchise in 2005 and was founded by A.K. Mansoor. The time frame for setting up the franchise is about a month.

The return on investment can be achieved in a year. The minimum space required to start your Chicking brand is 400 to 2000 sq ft.

The investment required ranges from 50 lakhs to a crore. Spreading out all over, Chickling is one of the leading stores offering fried chicken items.

If you are looking forward to entering the sector, the Chicking brand is easy to notice.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Franchise – Best Crispy Chicken Franchise in 2024

Started in 1991, Kenny Rogers Roasters, also known as KRR, is one of the franchises known for its quality offerings.

Kenny Rogers roasters Franchise LogoStarted by Kenny Rogers and John Y. Brown, the store has its headquarters in Florida. The brand has more than five stores in the country, yet they can make a mark and have entered the Top Fried Chicken Franchises list in India.

They have a big name in the restaurant industry and take approximately 30 days to set up a full-fledged restaurant offering the brand’s signature dishes.

KRR is considered to offer one of the best chicken dishes, and their hot and cold side dish makes them a perfect place to enjoy a wholesome meal.

The brand has an extensive menu offering value for money, and its quality food ensures every customer returns to experience the place again.

To start your KRR franchise, the individual should have a space of 1000-2000 sq ft. It also requires an initial investment of 1 cr -2 cr to set up the franchise at the dedicated location.

If you are looking for a well-established brand in the food industry, KRR is a great option.

Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India – Conclusion

If you are still looking for the perfect brand for the Best Fried Chicken Franchise, the above list can help you find some of the best options.

You can start your franchise with an investment of just 10-15 lakhs. Although some brands will require more investment as they have extensive menus and standards to adhere to.

You can decide based on your priorities; it will help you earn a good experience and revenue per your preferences.

FAQs on Top Fried Chicken Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Chicken Franchise Brands here –

What is a Fried Chicken Franchise?

Fried Chicken franchise refers to the business model in which the franchisor or the brands sell off the sales and marketing rights to those interested in the brand.

The individual who purchases the franchise has the right to sell the items he was authorized as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

Which is the most successful Fried Chicken franchise?

The three most successful fried chicken franchises are Chicken Adda, AFC Chicken, and Chawla Chicken.

Their well-defined business model gives the new franchise owners a strong foundation and earns great revenue within a year of establishment.

How do I start my Chicken Franchise?

Chicken is one of the favorite non-vegetarian foods for Indians. Yet opening a store and running it requires a bit of experience.

Any individual can reach out to the brands as per his budget, interest, and location he has in mind. Most brands assist from the first day until the store starts running independently.

Are Fried Chicken Franchises Profitable?

Yes! Most of the franchises reach their break-even within a year. The income differs as per the location and the offering of the store. Many people like fried chicken, which is why the demand is always high.

What is the monthly income in the Fried Chicken franchise business?

The monthly income in the food business depends on the store’s location. It earns great revenue if the store attracts a young crowd or is nearby to the residential or commercial society.

In the beginning, the monthly revenue of the Fried chicken franchise ranged from 1-5 lakhs.

Which is the most profitable Chicken franchise?

The most profitable franchises are Chicken Adda, Chawla Chicken, Chick blast, etc. These brands are old and have a reputation to live for.

They offer great revenues and are well known in the country’s metro cities.

Which franchise is best for Fried Chicken?

To choose among various brands, the investor should shortlist his priorities. Most of the brands offer reasonable terms as per industry standards.

An individual has to decide based on the location and local flavor he is catering to.

How much investment is required to start a Crispy Chicken Franchise?

Although every brand has different fees, it will always be different. Starting your store takes about 8-10 lakhs for infrastructure and franchise fees.

But as stated earlier, it depends upon which brand is chosen and their requirements.

Which Fried Chicken Franchise is the cheapest in India?

Five-star chicken and IFC are the cheapest franchise you can opt for in India. The eligible investor or individual can start their business within ten lakhs and earn great revenues quickly.

Which is the fastest-growing Crispy chicken franchise?

IFC, Chickling, and Big Chick India are some of the fastest-growing franchises that can be opted for.

These franchises are trying to make a hold in the Indian market and will be climbing the positions shortly as the brands put all the necessary efforts to be at the top.

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