Best Milkshake Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Smoothie Franchise of 2024


Know about Best Milkshake Franchise in India here. India’s milkshake market has seen exponential growth from 2015 to 2020.

The market is expected to expand at 25.3% in the coming five years. This growth is fueled by many factors like a bigger chunk of the youth population, convenience, healthy alternatives, and changing lifestyles.

Therefore entrepreneurs buy out Milkshakes Franchise in India, as the franchise has great scope and promising outcomes in the coming years.

Suppose you are looking forward to setting up your own business in the country and want a product that will have a huge demand in the future.

The milkshake franchise is the answer. You can choose one of the Best Milk Shakes Franchises and check out the response in your location.

In this article, we will learn about the various milkshake franchises quite popular in India.

Top 10 Milkshake Franchise in India

Let us check the Best Smoothie Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Lassi n Shakes Franchise
2 Shake Chili Franchise
3 Milkie Mustache Franchise
4 The Lassi Corner Franchise
5 Frozen Bottle Franchise
6 Hicsy Franchise
7 Desserts & Shakes Franchise
8 Creme Shakes Franchise
9 The London Shakes Franchise
10 RTS Cafe Express Franchise

The youth is fascinated by healthy drinks and looks forward to having quick healthy snacks now and then.

In this scenario, a milkshake franchise nearby is their stop every day to buy out drinks and leave for work or home.

Setting up Best Milkshakes Franchise Business is one of the best options to explore if you are looking forward to marking your entry into the food business.

The milkshake business will stay; if you can top your offerings with your creative and healthy alternative, you can rule the business.

We have shortlisted many Milkshakes Franchises for you to have a look at. All of them are one of the best and are rising in their businesses, have a look.

The brands we have shortlisted are based on their unique offering, franchise options, growth factors, and various other parameters. Let’s go ahead.

Lassi n Shakes Franchise – Best Milkshake Franchise in India

The outlet is best known for driving satisfaction by offering products at the best prices and in the right quantities.

Lassi n Shakes Franchise LogoLassi n Shake is best known for offering pizzas, wraps, rolls, hamburgers, waffles, smoothies, mocktails, tea, milkshakes, thick shakes, etc.

There are many reasons why Lassi n Shakes are considered one of the Best Milkshakes Franchise in India; let’s know about few of them.

Lassi n Shakes also allows the investors to operate via cloud kitchens and, if comfortable, as service cafes.

The best thing that places them apart from others is the formulation allowing them to prepare snacks and drinks quickly and preserve the flavors to deliver high-quality flavored beverages and snacks to the clients.

They aim to provide their clients with the best food at a great price. Their standard menu consists of 120 drinks and food items, and the average meal costs about INR 80, and here the margin ranges from 70% to 60%.

Lassi n Shakes tasted the flavor of success in May 2019 and are present in ten states having about 140 outlets. To open your store for the express version, the investor needs about 4.5 lakhs.

For a cafe model offering beverages and meals, an investment of 7.5 lakhs is needed. The company offers complete support, including free marketing support, training, billing software, and design services.

Shake Chili Franchise – Top Milkshake Franchise in India

Shake Chili, an Indore-based milkshake franchise, built a strong name in a highly competitive market by offering consumers special beverages and unmatched services.

Shake Chili Franchise LogoThe company’s stakeholders have maintained positive relationships, including its employees, franchisees, and clients. Included in the Top 10 Milkshakes Franchise, Shake Chili strives hard to serve everyone at their best.

In India, milkshake, one of the most popular health drinks, is also known as Smoothies, Frappes, Shakes, and other names depending on where you are.

Over 80 items with unique aromas and textures have been developed by Shake Chili, including over 21 different flavors of shakes. They work tirelessly to create and perfect great recipes every single minute.

They prioritize the quality of the food they sell, but they also recognize the responsibility to contribute to developing a better future by offering rewarding business possibilities.

Shake Chili is passionate about introducing ideas that are based on real-world principles and have the potential to change the global food service business completely.

And are committed to improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods around us. The Shake Chili brand is rapidly growing throughout India, focusing on growing in foreign markets.

Milkie Mustache Franchise – Best Smoothies Franchise in India

Known for their amazing interiors and variety of Milkshakes, they are one of the best franchises that anyone can opt for setting up their own business in the beverage sector.

Milkie Mustache Franchise LogoFounded in 2018, and having its headquarters in Chennai, Milkie Mustache has come a long way in distributing smiles among milk lovers.

They are best known for offering innovative drinks and snack bites. To set up franchise with Milkie Mustache, investors had to invest about 2-3 lakhs.

The royalty charged by the brand is in the range of 7% to 10%, this number is negotiable. According to their 20+ franchise outlets, the ROI timeline is between 6 to 8 months only.

The Frappe Franchise requires 200 – 300 sq. ft. area to setup the outlet & requires 2 to 3 employees to run the business on day to day basis.

Milkie Mustache provides varieties of Ice Creams & milkshakes in its menu. The cost per menu item ranges between Rs.10 to Rs.300 only.

The Lassi Corner Franchise – Top Frappe Franchise in India

In just four years of business, The Lassi Corner has grown to include more than 228 Ootlets in 47 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

The Lassi Corner Franchise LogoCarpeted floor space starts at 90 square feet and goes up in our currently operational stores, which come in various sizes and configurations from square feet to 1,500 square feet.

Being a part of the Best Milkshakes Franchise Business in India, the Lassi corner is a renowned name in the industry.

Not only does The Lassi Corner encourage and welcome passionate entrepreneurs to establish their outlets worldwide, but it also acts as a catalyst in their journey toward healthy earnings and success.

They promote and welcome enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch their outlets around the world. It’s great when passionate individuals start their businesses in different parts of the world and encourage them to do so.

Our marketing team’s hardworking individuals are committed to boosting sales and promoting the firm to achieve its set goals.

The Lassi Corner develops a comprehensive marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and robust, considering the most recent trends in culinary arts, the tastes of our customers, and the specific demographics of our target audience.

Their strategy improves the brand’s exposure and acceptability and the quality of our relationships with our customers, resulting in higher revenue and income.

Frozen Bottle Franchise – Best Milkshake Franchise to Invest

Frozen bottles are one of the renowned brands of beverages in India. They have more than 50 outlets across the country and plan to increase to 200 in the next two years.

Frozen Bottle Franchise LogoThe company focuses on expanding its business and creating a change in the frozen candy industry.

Frozen Bottles is famous among its clients for Stone jars, Naughty, kiddle, middle and retro milkshakes, ice cream scoops, and ice cream jars.

Their unique concept of selling stone jars and milkshakes guarantees that the consumer will have a great experience and feel satisfied with his money being well spent.

The business opportunity with Frozen bottles is great and offers great potential for capital invested. To start a business, you can invest 30-40 lakhs in a franchise.

The royalty fee is 8% for them. Also, the Frozen Bottle franchise is one of the best for investors looking for small investments.

Frozen Bottle is at number five of the Top Milk Shakes Franchise Brand of 2024 and aspires to climb further in the coming years.

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Hicsy Franchise – Top 10 Milkshake Franchise to Invest

Founded in 2014, the Hicsy is one of the Top 10 Milkshakes Franchises of 2024. The organization started offering franchises in 2017 and has about seven outlets in south India.

Hicsy Franchise LogoThey also aspire to expand further and try to adapt to changing demographics. They allow the investor to set up his business in just 30 days.

For starting the business with the Hicsy brand, the individual should have about 100-200 sq ft area.

Also, two more employees are required along with the infrastructure like kitchen area, CCTV set up, delivery service or internet connectivity.

Hicsy provides in-house training to the budding investor and assists in menu pricing, planning, and marketing support is also provided.

The investor must invest 2-3 lacs for franchise fees and infrastructure investment. The Franchisor needs to share about 10% of revenue with the company.

Apart from the classic franchise, the company has an option for the master franchise. And the best part of opting for a master franchise is that you can have more control over your business.

Your investment also increases upto five lakhs. In low investment, it is undoubtedly Hicsy that is one of the best bets for people looking for a business opportunity in South India.

Desserts & Shakes Franchise – Best Smoothies Franchise to buy

Desserts N Shakes makes high-end, all-natural ice creams and shakes, including delicious popsicles, thick, creamy shakes, hand-made chocolate bars, faloodas, and more.

Desserts Shakes Franchise LogoPlaced at number seven in the List of Milkshakes Franchise Businesses, Desert & Shakes is best in everything it serves.

Our shop only sells shakes and ice creams devoid of animal products. Standard operating procedures have been specified for every stage and the training program for employees and franchisees.

The company has made it a top goal to improve the standard of its franchise programs, administrative practices, and product choices.

The customers most likely to buy our product are those in the top, upper-middle, and medium-class groups.

The ideal customer for our milkshakes is looking for a unique, high-quality product made from just the finest ingredients and who is not unduly concerned with price.

They are looking for entrepreneurs interested in working with us as we expand across India and abroad. Individuals who are willing to adhere to our franchise policies and processes and have the time, resources, and goal to do so.

Desserts N Shakes always creates and serves drinks and food with a pinch of freshness. The products, therefore, remain in their fresh state when the customers consume them.

Additionally, we ensure that our retail sites are well maintained and have state-of-the-art architectural design since we know that customers who are worried about their health are equally particular about the conditions under which the products they purchase are created.

Additionally, it is kept hygienically clean to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Creme Shakes Franchise – Top Frappe Franchise to buy

Hyderabad has made it a tradition to sate foodies’ cravings with delectable treats. Creme Shakes have worked arduously to create great products in healthy beverages to meet our clients’ demands.

Creme Shakes Franchise LogoTo enhance your general well-being, Creme Shakes have created a special health drink that can be incorporated into your daily diet.

They offer a drink that is both flavorful and packed with energy to raise and improve your mood in this day and age of hurried lifestyles when it can be challenging to find the ideal combination of a nutritious snack and a drink.

Currently, the only milkshake company on the market that specializes in making drinks with a healthy emphasis.

Their broad menu offers a few well-researched and thoroughly prepared dry fruit blends to make milkshakes easier and more nutritious.

Telling someone to get a creamy shake will demonstrate your concern for their well-being. Creme Shakes is the only milkshake brand with smaller-than-average serving sizes.

On numerous occasions, we have seen one of our customers wish they could get a smaller milkshake to go with their dinner, but they were still looking for such a milkshake.

However, we were able to find a solution for them here at Cream Shakes. the sole milkshake offered in India in individual servings.

The Creme Shakes franchise requires an investment of upto 15 lakhs for franchise and infrastructure fees.

The London Shakes Franchise – Top 10 Milkshake Franchise to buy

Having its roots in London, The London Shakes is spreading its wings throughout the globe.

The London Shakes Franchise LogoThey are best known for their innovative procedures and ways they have re-invented one of the popular drinks available in every household called “Milk”.

They manufacture all of their ingredients and offer a huge variety of shakes along with flavorful snacks.

The goal behind setting up The London Shakes outlets for milkshakes is to restore the value of milk and motivate people to drink healthily.

The company executives strive hard to bring the best drinks for everyone with unique tastes and keep in mind their dietary benefits.

Their in-house marketing team is responsible for spreading their word and putting in all the possible efforts to help its outlets generate greater revenue.

Their franchise cost is 7-8 lakhs, and they don’t charge royalty fees. It is the Best Milkshakes Franchise in India for entrepreneurs looking forward to making their name in the sector.

They provide in-house training to their employees and help them in their initial days setting up their store.

Currently, the franchise holds more than a hundred outlets throughout the country. Their major USP is their thick shakes that tend to target youthful clients.

RTS Cafe Express Franchise – Best Milkshake Franchise in 2024

Started in 2013 by two youngsters, the RTS Cafe Express is best known for chilled thick shakes.

RTS Cafe Express Franchise LogoThey aim to revolutionize the segment with their aggressive research in the sector to bring innovative thick shakes and bites sets apart from the rest.

RTS cafe is growing and finding its own pace with its unique shakes and bites The RTS cafe Express has in-house manufacturing for all of its ingredients.

Their desserts, like fried chocolate balls and ice creams, are very much appreciated by visitors.

All the outlets of RTS cafe Express follow the no-wastage policy, and all their ingredients are said to have a shelf life of at least six months.

Being with them is an amazing experience as they help you not only with their franchise and equipment, but you can also rely on them for the store interiors and marketing efforts.

Although they are in the tenth position for the Top Milkshakes Franchise in India, their promising market position and continuous efforts will allow them to climb up the ladder soon.

RTS Cafe is an emerging brand and has about twenty cafes all over the country. The investment starts with five lakhs for franchise fees and the cost of equipment, and you are good to go.

Best Milkshake Franchise in India – Conclusion

So, the list of best milkshakes franchises ends here. The above-listed brands offer a great deal to franchise partners and budding investors looking to enter the beverage business.

Milkshakes are an important segment of healthy drinking and are liked by young kids.

By offering great varieties, the Milkshake brands help retain users and attract other segments by offering new innovative products.

The above-listed brands are the best in the industry and compete with each other at various parameters.

At last, it is who has to choose. There are cheapest as well as expensive investments. Shortlist your criteria, and they will choose the best one for you.

FAQs on Top Milkshake Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Milkshake Franchise Brands here –

What is the MilkShake Franchise?

The Milkshake franchise is one of the business models followed by the Milkshake brands for inviting budding investors to buy out the franchise for the investment.

Here both sides will be in agreement as per the agreed conditions.

Which is the most successful Milkshake Franchise?

The most successful Milkshake franchise has maximum outlets, offers flavourful beverages, and continuously improves as per the changing individual choices. As per the listing, Lassinshakes is a renowned brand.

How do I launch a Milkshake Franchise?

To launch your milkshake franchise, anyone must prepare a robust business plan. Speak to your partners and explain your business model.

Anyone who has to succeed in the business should know how to make healthy and flavorful drinks.

Are Milkshake franchises that profitable?

Milkshakes are one of the popular beverages available in every corner of the country.

At the same time bringing flavourful and healthy drinks makes them a perfect meal for morning breakfast or evening drinks.

Their demand always stays in fashion; in other words, the Milkshake franchise will be profitable.

What is the monthly revenue of the Milkshake Franchise?

Monthly revenue for the Milkshake Franchise business depends upon the franchise terms and conditions.

For some franchises, it depends upon the revenue-sharing model, while for some, it is a one-time fee. The revenue sharing may vary between 20-30%.

Which is the most profitable Milkshake franchise?

The Milkshake franchise follows one of the unique business models. However, it depends upon the location where the shop is located.

If it is located near the college market, surely it will attract many crowds, and people would love to taste the innovative milkshakes offered.

 Which franchise is best for Milkshakes?

Lassi n Shakes, Hicsy, Shake Chilli, and The Lassi Corner are some of the best Milkshakes franchises considering the beverage segment.

These brands are best known for strengthening their business model and offering healthy, quality milkshakes.

How much money is needed to start a Milkshake Franchise?

Starting a Milkshake franchise can take anything from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 40 lakh. Some franchise brands even ask for Rs 30 to 40 lakhs for sharing their secret ingredients and business rights.

Which burger franchise is the most affordable in India?

RTS Cafe, The London express, and Creme Shakes are some of the good franchises in India and can be established for under 10 lakhs.

They have great revenue schemes and offer much needed support to their investors.

Which is the fastest-growing Milkshake franchise?

The Lassi corner is one of the fastest growing Milkshake franchises. People reaching out to the shop find a connection with the name and consider them authentic for offering MIlkshakes at their stores.

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