Best Fast Food Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Fast Food Franchise of 2024


This article will highlight the Best Fast Food Franchise in India, creating a buzz amongst investors.

India has long been regarded as having the most delicious cuisine in the world. The most popular trend in fast food is combining our continental flavors with western foods.

Regardless of the sector you intend to operate in, if you are interested in being an entrepreneur, you should know that extensive study is required before starting any firm.

It is feasible to make money running a Fast Food Franchise in India, but doing so necessitates a large financial outlay.

Top Fast Food Franchises are liable for ongoing royalties, advertising fees, and other monthly costs totaling more than 10% of overall sales.

In addition to the original launch expenditures, these expenses also exist. Despite this, there are many lucrative chances in a company that, as long as you put in the work and are determined to achieve, will undoubtedly lead to your success.

Best Fast Food Franchise in India – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise for Business

Let us have a look at the best Fast Food Franchise.

Si. No. Brands
1 Dosa Crush Franchise
2 Chatar Patar Franchise
3 Hunger Hackers Franchise
4 Momo Street Franchise
5 Jumboking Franchise
6 Urban Vada Pav Franchise
7 Wah Ji Wah Franchise
8 Honesty foods Franchise
9 Chaat Adda Franchise
10 SJE Panipuri Franchise

Many investors search for the Best Fast Food Franchise in India since these franchises have a high ROI. Fast food shops can never go out of fashion because they cater to the taste buds of a person.

Best Fast Food FranchiseTherefore, investing in a shop selling fast food items can always be a profitable option.

However, business owners should move wisely and study thoroughly about these franchises before investing in them.

Talking about the fast food franchise, we must recognize that fast food is the backbone of the food industry.

The list below represents some of the best fast-food players establishing their stores throughout the country.

The brand owners are quite ambitious and trying to motivate people to start businesses to strengthen the sector and reach out to far-flung cities.

Please look at the top 10 Best Fast Food Franchise Businesses listed below; their numbers reflect that they are rising high with every passing day.

Food business in India can be seen to reach 524 million rupees by 2025, which means that new entrants will mark their entry and establish their stores to serve people better.

Undoubtedly the industry will grow and prosper, and people will serve their creativity in the best way possible.

Dosa Crush – Best Fast Food Franchise

Founded in 2019, Dosa Crush is a leading brand in the fast food industry and is also known as one of the Best Fast Food Franchises in India.

Dosa Crush Franchise LogoIt was founded by Anchal Chourasia and had its head office in Jabalpur. To date, the company owns more than 10 outlets throughout the country. They started distributing their franchise in 2019 and just took about 30 days to set up their franchises.

To start your business with Dosa Crush, the individual must have a 500-750 sq ft unit and a kitchen space.

Dosa Crush is best known for offering an extensive south indian menu comprising Dosa, Idli, Uttapam & more.

For setting up your franchise, you need about 7-15 lakhs based upon the model chosen by you, and the company provides all the necessary training and helps run the business smoothly.

They charge a royalty fee of 10%, and their ROI timeline ranges from 12 to 18 months. It is a lucrative option for someone looking to make a career in the fast-food business.

Chatar Patar – Top Fast Food Franchise

Based out of Indore, Chatar Patar Private Ltd has a great reputation in the marketplace for serving matchless food services.

Chatar Patar Franchise LogoStarted by Mrs. Vinaya Kulakrni, and Mr. Prashant Kulkarni emphasized the freshness of the food being served and maintained throughout the kitchen.

Having their position at number two in the Top 10 Fast Food Franchises, it is establishing new daily milestones.

Their franchise was first started in Gujarat and is best known for offering more than 21+ flavors of Panipuri.

Panipuri shots, Pan shots, and Aloo Chakri are some of the exceptional products served at the store. Panipuri is one of the favorite snacks that everyone loves.

Founded in 2007, the Chatar Patar brand today has more than 240 outlets in India. The Investment required to start the franchise is approx 15 lakhs.

The best part about them is the ROI. It takes approx 30 days to recover the cost. Once you start the Chatar Patar franchise, it will take about 45 days to set up the store at your location.

The franchise tenure is five years. The store takes about 100-200 sq ft of area to build a full-fledged fast food business.

Hunger Hackers – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise

Hunger hackers are best known for offering wraps, sandwiches, shakes, garlic, pasta, pizza, and burgers at their stores.

Hunger Hackers Franchise LogoThey have been serving healthy food since 2019 and have started their operations in Chandigarh. The company has set up more than 42 stores throughout the country.

They focus majorly on quality and hygiene. Also, they cater to adults, children, and teenagers. Their extensive menu considers the individual’s taste and serves traditional Indian and fast food at their outlets.

Founded by Vikar Dogra, the Hungry hackers started their franchise model in 2020 and have been quite popular among the fast food brands in the country.

Hunger Hackers, Fast Food Franchise Business in India, is easy to establish as the company assists at every step.

The complete Investment required to set up the business is about ten lakhs, and it takes about a month to set up the store in working condition.

The minimum area required is 200 sq ft, and the ROI timeframe for the same is about a year. Within a short time frame, the franchisor can make great profits as taste and hygiene are best and appeal to everyone.

Fast food franchises are increasing yearly and finding new spaces every day. Hunger Hackers is one of the franchises that are doing great in a short period and aspires to spread all over the country in the coming years.

Momo Street – Best Fast Food Franchise in India

Momo’s culture started in Nepal and is one of the street foods that gained popularity quickly. Momo street offers flavorful momos that are composed of different ingredients and are prepared with the help of desi tadka.

Momo Street Franchise LogoTheir range of products is inclusive of an innovative and delightful range of momos. Teenagers and adults love to have Momos bites at any time of the day, and the response Momo Street has received from their clients is quite positive.

This is why they are considering expanding their store and menu option to cater to every genre of people. Momo street was owned by Archit Bhandula and was started in 2021.

The demand for the brand has risen since then, and its first store was opened in Indore. Right now, they have more than 25 stores all over the country.

The shop size required for Momo street is about 300-400 sqft, and the complete Investment is under 7-8 lakhs for the normal franchise.

For a master’s franchise, the Investment required is approx 20-25 lakhs. It takes about 30 days to start a store, and Momo Street offers a revenue-sharing policy.

The ROI timeframe for the Momo Street franchise ranges from 6-12 months. They don’t charge any royalty from new franchise owners.

Momo street is one of the Best Fast Food Franchise Businesses in India as people are crazy for their food and like to make repeated visits to taste their flavorful food.

Jumbo King – Top Fast Food Franchise in India

Jumbo King is undoubtedly one of the biggest chains in Western India for homegrown Quick service restaurants.

Jumboking Franchise LogoStarting its operations in 2001, the Jumbo King has more than 115+ outlets in metro cities of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, etc. Delicious and huge burgers are one of the major USPs of Jumbo King.

Apart from serving statement burgers, their menu has great soft drinks, shakes, fries, and softy options.

Having the fifth spot in the Top Fast Food Franchise Brand of 2024, the Jumbo king is taking every step cautiously to rise high on the ladder.

Their Franchise model was started in 2005, and they have 10+ years of franchise tenure for the new owners. Jumbo King has their headquarters in Mumbai and was started by Dheeraj Gupta.

It takes about 30 days to start a new business and set up a Jumbo King store. The brand provides full-fledged support in choosing the store, marketing, staff training, and guidance for operating in the market.

To open a new store, the candidate should have a unit size of 250-300 sq ft, and the ROI timeframe for the brand is 12-18 months.

To open a franchise for Jumbo King, you should have approx 25-30 lakhs for franchise and infrastructure fees.

This is when people love to eat fast food when they live for work or as an evening snack. If you are looking forward to being a part of the fast food business, then contacting Jumbo King is the right choice.

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Urban Vada Pav – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise in India

Urban Vada Pav is grabbing opportunities every minute to expand in India and mark its presence in all the major cities.

Urban Vada Pav Franchise LogoThe brand is owned by MR foods Enterprises, which tends to invite individuals and entrepreneurs to be an important part of the incredible journey.

By opting for the franchise model for Urban Vada Pav, you can be a part of their journey, especially if you want to expand in the fast food business.

The company offers a strong market presence and brand value which is very much required by any businessman looking forward to starting a new business in the market.

They are included in the Top 10 Fast Food Franchises of 2024. Starting in 2018, Urban Vada pav has already marked its presence in the market by opening 17 outlets.

The company has its headquarters in Kanpur and was founded by Ramnesh Pratap Singh. The franchise tenure is three years, and the business set-up time is about 15 days.

To set up your business, entrepreneurs need approx 7-20 lakhs. There are two franchise models; the individuals can decide depending on their priorities and budget.

The ROI timeframe for the business is about a year. Also, the space required to set up ranges from 200-300 sq ft.

Vada Pav is a great snack and is liked by people of all age groups. If you are fond of selling the local cuisine of Maharashtra, then it is an ideal choice to start your business.

Wah Ji Wah – Best Fast Food Franchise Business

Wah Ji Wah is one of the favorite stores for Indian foods. This brand is at the seventh spot in the List of Fast Food Franchise Businesses and aspires to be a top brand.

Wah Ji Wah Franchise LogoIts franchise has more than 60 outlets in India, and the Delhi NCR has about 35 outlets. One of the favorite cuisines they have been serving is Soya Chaap.

People reach out to them from many places to taste their preparations. The brand was started in 1986 and was founded by Mr. Rajender Khare.

By 2020 they started franchising to people looking to enter the fast food business and establish their mark in the sector.

Having their Headquarters in Delhi, the Wah Ji Wah provides the franchise for five years of tenure. To open a store in your location, you need to have space in the range of 200-300 sq ft.

It takes just five days to set up your store. There are two franchise models as per the agreed revenue sharing.

The individual had to invest 10-30 lakhs in starting the fast food store, depending on the type of franchise they chose.

The ROI timeframe for the Wah Ji Wah franchise is 6-12 months. If you are looking forward to establishing a fast food store serving traditional Indian dishes, then Wah Ji Wah can be one of the options for you to explore. List of Fast Food Franchise Businesses

Honesty Foods – Top Fast Food Franchise Business

Started in 2010 by Bala Saheb Jadhav, Honesty foods is one of the country’s uprisings of fast food outlets.

Honesty Foods Franchise LogoFor Fast Food Franchise Business Comparison with other, Honesty food only emphasizes quality and hygiene to bring authentic food to the people.

To date, they have had about 18 outlets throughout the country. Having their headquarters in Pune, they started giving their franchise in 2010 to eligible candidates.

Honesty Foods is one of the fast food outlets that is famous for its non-vegetarian kebabs. People order their food from far-flung places to taste their chicken.

Their menu is filled up with innovative chicken and pork food items. They also take bulk orders for raw meat.

Honesty foods are best known for its quality and have been serving its clients at its best since the store’s inception.

To start your Honesty food store, you need to have a space of 300-400 sq ft. It requires about 15 lakhs of money to establish your store in 30 days.

Also, the tenure for the franchise is about five years. The ROI timeframe for the franchise is about a year, and they have been reaching out to the corners of the country to spread their word and serve people authentic and raw meat.

In case you are looking for an opportunity to enter the fast food business and can handle a non-vegetarian menu, then Honesty food is the right option for you.

Chaat Adda – Best Fast Food Franchise Opportunities

Chaat Adda is said to be inspired by the Indo-Western models. They are known for their food preparation in a standardized and hygienic way.

They offer a wide range of products like Dahi puri, Pani Puri, pasta, corn varieties, bhel, etc. Started in 2012 by Teena Yogi, the Chaat Adda is one of the opportunities that will give you high returns on low investments.

Till now, they have about 68 outlets throughout the country and have their head office in Indore.

They pursue a franchise-based business model and offer three years of franchise tenure, taking just 30 days to start their own business.

Chaat Adda offers a 100% revenue or commission franchise model. To Start your business with them, you need to have a 200-300 sq ft space, and employing one or two employees is enough to handle the store.

You can take up the business by investing 20 lakhs for the franchise and infrastructure and start your wholly-owned business forever.

The ROI timeframe for the franchise is about a year. In India, Chaat always goes in fashion. Once you have a store like this, you can make money every season.

Do reach out to Chaat Adda, the Best Fast Food Franchise in India, if you are interested in investing and making a career in the fast food business.

SJE Panipuri – Top Fast Food Franchise Opportunities

The SJE Panipuri is a golden opportunity to encash in the fast food business. The franchise owners had to pay one-time fees to the provider, and he could enjoy 100% of the profit for a lifetime.

SJE Panipuri Franchise LogoThe franchise began in 2018, and they have established approx 40+ outlets throughout the country and carry a positive rating of 4+.

The company requires the franchise owner to have a 200-300 sq ft space. The space is required for the kitchen as well to accommodate diners.

The company provides their needed support to the new franchise owners. SJE Panipuri, the Top Fast Food Franchise in India, started giving their franchise in 2018, and their head office is established in Indore.

Founded by Praveen Makode, SJE Panipuri allows the new owners to establish their full-fledged business in 45 days.

The individuals had to invest 10-15 lakhs depending upon the franchise model they selected, and the ROI timeframe for the same is about a year.

People love to reach the SJE panipuri to taste their amazing chaat and enjoy the best day with family and friends.

If you are looking to make a difference in the fast food industry, then starting with the lips-smacking pani puri can be your first step.

Do look to establish your store for SJE Panipuri and be a business wonder today.

Apart from these 10 Fast Food brands, we are also sharing some of the most well known franchise below.

Although these franchise are very expensive & difficult to get but still you can look into their details.

McDonalds – Best Fast Food Franchise in India

McDonalds is a favorite of everyone, starting from five to fifty and above. It is one of the Best Fast Food Franchise in India, founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

This fast food joint has over 250 franchise outlets across the nation. Investors need to pay ₹ 30 lacs as the franchise fee and ₹ 6.6 crores to ₹ 16 crores for infrastructural development.

A franchise owner will have to share 4% of his profit with McDonalds. He will need an area of 750 to 1500 sq. ft. to open the fast food shop.

A franchise outlet of McDonalds should have 2 to 6 staff members along with a kitchen area and sitting space (not needed if a drive in franchise is taken).

Other compulsory requirements include CCTV, AC, and internet connection.

Subway – Top Fast Food Franchise in India

Subway is one of the Top Fast Food Franchise in India with 600 outlets in different parts of the nation.

It was founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in 1965 and today offers a wide range of delicious food items loved by all food lovers.

Subway offers franchise for 20 years for a franchise fee of around ₹ 625000. The infrastructural investment involved is ₹ 60 lacs to ₹ 80 lacs.

Franchises have to share 35% of their total earnings with the franchisor. An investor can get this franchise if he/she owns or rents an area of 500 to 1000 sq. ft. along with 30 staff members.

Franchisee will also require a kitchen area, sitting area, CCTV, AC, and internet connectivity and provide home delivery services.

Sbarro – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise in India

The third name in the list of the Top 10 Fast Food Franchise in India is Sbarro. This fast food joint was founded by Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro in 1970 and is based in Ohio, the United States.

It has over 20 franchise outlets in India and also offers a master franchise model. Sbarro franchise is available for the tenure of 10 years with a franchise fee of ₹ 50,000 to 1 lacs.

Investors have to invest ₹ 35 lacs to 70 lacs in the infrastructure of Sbarro. The franchisor claims a share of 9% from the total profit revenue by the franchisee.

Franchisee should own or rent an area of 400 to 1500 sq. ft. to open a Sbarro outlet and employ 2 to 5 staff members in it.

Other compulsory requirements are a kitchen, sitting area, AC, CCTV and internet facility.

The J Cafe – Best Fast Food Franchise to Invest

The J Café is a popular fast food joint established by Mr. Jai Vaswani in 2012. It is one of the Best Fast Food Franchise to Invest in at present and has over ten outlets all over India.

This food joint franchise is available for 3 years for a franchise fee of ₹ 2 lacs. The infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 15 lacs and 20 lacs.

This franchisor claims a profit of 35% from the franchise owners. An area of 300 to 500 sq. ft. is required for opening an outlet of The J Café.

Business owners should have a team of 10 staff members to run this fast food joint. They should also have a kitchen area, sitting space, AC, CCTV, internet facility, and home delivery services.

Taco Bell – Top Fast Food Franchise to Invest

Taco Bell is a California-based fast food chain that has become one of the Top Fast Food Franchise to Invest in a short time.

It was established by Glen Bell in 1962 and currently has over 50 outlets in India. Investors can get this franchise for 25 years, and the company also has a master franchise model.

The infrastructural investment required for setting up this fast food joint is between ₹ 1.5 crores and 3 crores.

The franchisee has to share 10% of his revenue with the franchisor. He/she will have to own or rent an area of 300 to 1000 sq. ft. and employ 2 to 5 staff members for opening an outlet of Taco Bell.

Other requirements include sitting space, kitchen, CCTV, AC, and internet facility.

WOW Vadapav – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise to Invest

WOW Vadapav is an Indore-based fast food chain founded by Mr. Venkatesh Iyer in 2004. It is counted amongst the Top 10 Fast Food Franchise to Invest at present.

WOW Vadapav has 20 franchise outlets across the nation and shares a master franchise model. Investors have to pay a franchise fee of ₹ 2 lacs approximately to get this fast food joint’s franchise.

An investment of ₹ 5 lacs to 10 lacs is required for setting up an outlet of WOW Vadapav. This franchisor claims 35% of the total revenue made by franchisee.

Investors require an area of 250 to 500 sq. ft. and 10 employees to run this fast food shop. They should also have a kitchen, sitting area, AC, CCTV, home delivery services and internet connectivity.

Paratha Express – Top Fast Food Franchise to buy

Paratha Express is the 8th name among the Top Fast Food Franchise to buy. It is a venture of Dr. Harindu Vyas and has its head office in Vadodara.

Paratha Express was founded in 2013 and now has 4 to 5 outlets in different parts of India.

Investors can get this franchise for 10 years by investing ₹ 10 lacs to 15 lacs for infrastructural purposes.

Franchisee will have to share 5% of their revenue with the Paratha Express franchisor. They require an area of 200 to 500 sq. ft. and 2 to 4 staff members.

Other requirements involved with this franchise are kitchen space, sitting space, AC, CCTV, and internet facility.

Al Baik – Top 10 Fast Food Franchise to buy

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Syed Bilal, Al Baik is one of the Top 10 Fast Food Franchise to buy. It is a Lucknow-based fast food joint with over 50 outlets across the nation.

This company offers a franchise for 2 years, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 8 lacs and 12 lacs.

Al Baik franchises can retain 93% of the total revenue, and they have to pay the rest 3% to the franchisor. An area of 300 to 500 sq. ft. is required along with 1 to 3 employees.

Franchise outlets should also have CCTV, AC, sitting pace, cooking area, and internet connection.

Knight Bite – Best Fast Food Franchise

Knight Bite is amongst the Best Fast Food Franchise with 30 outlets in India. It is a Bangalore-based fast food chain running since 2017.

Investors need to pay a franchise fee of approximately ₹ 5 lacs to get this franchise for 5 years. The infrastructural investment required is ₹ 10 lacs to 20 lacs.

A franchise outlet should be 200 to 300 sq. ft. with a kitchen area, sitting space, CCTV, AC, internet facility, and home service options.

Franchise owners should employ 10 staff members in their outlet.

Best Fast Food Franchise in India – Conclusion

These were the names and details of the top10 Fast Food Franchise to buy in this country. Investors planning to invest in a fast food joint should

pick up the best Fast Food Franchise in India after going through this article thoroughly.

FAQs on Fast Food Franchise Business in India

Check out various important FAQs on Best Fast Food Franchise Opportunities.

What is the Fast food Franchise?

A fast food franchise refers to the people preparing and selling fast food preparation under a well-known brand name.

The brand provides assistance and training to start the business as per company standards.

Which is the most successful fast food shop franchise?

Chatar Patar, Momo street, Wah Ji Wah, etc., are quite successful. All of the franchises listed above have different audiences and are quite successful in reaching out and serving great food to the people.

How do I start my fast-food franchise?

To start your fast food franchise, you need to reach out to the brands in a similar business you want to get in.

Establish a budget and have options before reaching out to various fast-food brands. Reach out to the brands and know their business model so that you can shortlist the best one for you.

Are fast food franchises profitable?

Fast food franchises are an emerging opportunity for people looking forward to establishing their businesses in the food industry.

In a year, most of the franchises are profitable. They are making great revenues as they keep updating their food menu and the options to reach out to people in various geographical locations.

What is the monthly income in the Fast Food Franchise business?

The monthly income in the Fast Food Franchise business is still being determined. You can earn 3-5 lakhs every month, but everything depends upon the location and reachability of the customers.

Which is the most profitable Fast Food Franchise?

The most profitable fast-food franchise understands the taste buds of its dedicated customers.

Only some clients like the same food, so cater to the local business and know what people around you like to eat.

Which Franchise is Best for Fast Food?

Dosa Crush, Jumbo King, and Urban Vada Pav are some of the best franchises for fast food. If you are considering entering the fast food industry, this is the right time for you.

How much Investment is required to start a Fast Food Franchise?

The initial Investment for a fast food franchise can be as low as Rs 5-7 lakh. But the ultimate investment amount will depend on the franchisee’s requirements.

Which Fast Food Franchise is the cheapest in India?

As per our research, Chat Adda and Honesty foods franchises are the cheapest as it is a one-time opportunity and does not require paying any royalty for a lifetime.

Which is the Fastest growing Fast Food Franchise?

Momo street and Chatar Patar are the two fastest-growing franchises. They have extensive menus, and both brands are gaining popularity.

Their last year’s revenue is remarkable and is meant to grow in the upcoming years.

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