Best Pizza Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Pizza Franchise of 2024


BFind out the list of Best Pizza Franchise in India. Pizza is a favorite of kids, teens, and even adults. This savory Italian dish has attracted the attention of almost every Indian citizen.

Therefore, having a Pizza Franchise can be a profitable investment option for business owners. Pizza, though an Italian cuisine, is famous across the globe, and India is no exception.

In this article, you will find details about the Top 10 Pizza Franchises around the country, which you can opt for.

The article will help you understand how much you need to invest for Pizza Franchise in India, how much you can earn from the business, business set-up requirements, and duration, and all other details crucial for the franchise holder to know.

Best Pizza Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Pizza Franchise for Business

Find the list of Top Pizza Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Chicago Pizza Franchise
2 US Pizza Franchise
3 Smokin Joe’s Pizza Franchise
4 Real Paprika Franchise
5 RTS Pizzawala Franchise
6 Go69 Pizza Franchise
7 Laziz Pizza Franchise
8 Fusion Pizza Franchise
9 Bocs Pizza Franchise
10 Bon Pizza Franchise

A pizza shop has a huge footfall on weekends and the number of visitors on weekdays is quite impressive as well.

Best Pizza Franchise in IndiaIndians are embracing western culture steadily, which has given rise to the count of pizza outlets. Many investors are taking pizza franchises as it can assure a high return.

However, it is necessary to invest in the Best Franchise in India for the maximum profit. These Best Pizza Franchise Businesses listed in this article have been sorted based on multiple criteria.

The primary criteria include revenue sharing structure, investment requirements, i.e., franchise fees and infrastructure cost, then support offered by the franchisor, and other important details.

In this article, you will find the top 10 Pizza franchises in the country which are offered franchise opportunities.

You can learn about how profitable these businesses are, what you need to have to be one of the franchise holders, and a lot more.

The list includes popular pizza joints like Chicago Pizza, US Pizza, Real Paprika, and others.

Chicago Pizza Franchise – Best Pizza Franchise

Chicago Pizza is one of the Best Pizza Franchises in India and has its headquarters in New Delhi. There are over 180 outlets of this Pizza house around the country run by different franchisees.

Chicago Pizza Franchise LogoVishal Kapur founded Chicago Pizza in 2006 as a private limited firm. When you apply for the franchisee of Chicago Pizza, you need to wait around 30 days to start the process and set up the outlet.

The minimum investment you need is around Rs. 2 lakhs as a franchise fee and Rs. 10 lakhs for setting up the café franchise outlet.

The investment can go up to Rs. 20 lakhs, given that you spend more on the infrastructure and pay more franchisee fees for better services.

While the investment is at par with the industry, the franchisee gets a share in the revenue up to 100%, given that 90% is the minimum.

So, on the revenue front, Chicago Pizza has the upper hand as it almost shares every penny earned by the franchise holder.

With this investment-revenue ratio, you can expect to break even within 12 months to a maximum of 18 months.

When setting up the café, remember to have a mandatory kitchen and sitting area. The shop must not be smaller than 300 square feet and have 1-2 employees.

Chicago Pizza provides marketing support to all the franchisees, along with support for deciding on menus, and pricing, training them to match up the brand’s quality, and a lot more.

US Pizza Franchise – Top Pizza Franchise

US Pizza is one of the veterans in the Pizza industry and thus on our Top 10 Pizza Franchise list. This Pizza business was started in 1998 in the US, and now it’s popular across the globe.

US Pizza Franchise LogoJudy Waller founded it and now has its head office in Arkansas, USA. Around 100 franchises are in US Pizza, and the numbers are growing.

It offers a master franchise model as well, and the typical tenure for the franchise is 5 years at a time.

To set up a US Pizza outlet, you would need around a month, the average time the franchisees take.

If you are interested in starting a pizza business at US Pizza, you need to invest Rs. 2 lakhs as the minimum franchise fee, and it can go up to Rs. 5 lakhs as well.

However, a major investment is required to build the infrastructure. Here you will need around Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs.

The revenue-sharing structure of US Pizza is quite competitive as it offers 95% of the revenue to the franchise holder while it just keeps 5%.

If you are wondering how US Pizza makes money from the franchise model, it is by supplying the raw materials to the franchisees.

Usually, it has been observed that the franchisees start seeing profits within 1.5 years to a maximum of 2 years.

US Pizza outlets need to be cozy and well-planned. You can rent or buy a shop with at least 300 to 400 square feet of area with complete CCTV surveillance and air-conditioning. In this franchise, the kitchen, sitting area, and delivery services are mandatory.

US Pizza offers a wide range of support to its franchise holders. Continuous marketing and branding support help the business grow and reach the inner parts of the cities.

Smokin Joe’s Franchise – Top 10 Pizza Franchise

Regarding pizzas, Smokin’ Joe’s is a name that everyone reckons with. This Pizza Franchise Business in India heads back to 1993 when Navroz and Rashid Billimoria started it.

Smokin Joe's Pizza Franchise LogoIt has over 60 franchise outlets in the country, and the head office is in Mumbai. Smokin’ Joe’s offers lifetime franchise rights at one go which is a big benefit for people looking for their franchise.

It usually takes around a month to set up the outlet of Smokin’ Joe’s franchise. When it comes to investments, you need a fixed franchise fee that is a one-time payment of Rs. 2 lakhs.

However, the main expense goes into the set-up of the store. On average, franchise holders spend around Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs in setting up the stores.

While the franchise fee is low compared to other pizza franchise businesses, the investment in infrastructure is a little high.

If you opt for the Smokin’ Joe’s franchise, you will be getting 65% of the share in the revenue while the franchisor will keep the remaining 35%.

This is comparatively lower than its peers. However, you can break even within a year, as observed.

The shop or the store needs to be at least 200 to 400 square feet with all the facilities like air-conditioning, CCTV surveillance, delivery system and lot more.

You also need to have a good base of employees and staff so that no customer goes unattended.

From marketing support to deciding which pizza to keep in the menu cards and the prices, you will get support from the franchisor.

Apart from these, there is RM support, branding, and website support.

Real Paprika Franchise – Best Pizza Franchise in India

Real Paprika is one of the Best Pizza Franchise Businesses in India for all the right reasons. It was founded in 2010 by Laxman Singh Chauhan in Gandhinagar in Gujrat.

Real Paprika Franchise LogoNow it has franchise outlets across the country and has been recognized as one of the best pizza outlets.

If you purchase the franchise rights of this business, you will get it for 9 years, and then again, you will have to renew. On average, your business set-up should be ready in 1 month, as observed with most franchisees.

The investment requirement for setting up a Real Paprika franchise outlet includes the franchise fee of Rs. 2.6 lakhs and infrastructure expenses of around Rs. 13 lakhs.

Real Paprika shares 85% of the revenue with its franchise holders while it retains 15%. This is slightly lower than most of the pizza franchise outlets.

However, as the investment requirement is also low compared to the peers, the breakeven usually happens within 12 months.

Real Paprika stores need to be a bit bigger. For instance, they have kept 800 square feet area as the minimum space required in the store.

Then there must be 3-6 employees with sitting and kitchen area must. Even though it’s a pizza outlet, delivery needs to be there.

Real Paprika offers partial marketing support. However, there is full back-office support, RM support, and website support for receiving orders and tracking.

RTS Pizzawala Franchise – Top Pizza Franchise in India

RTS Pizzawala is another Top Pizza Franchise Brand of 2024 that you can consider. This pizza business was incorporated in 2012 by Vivek in Pune, and now it has a presence mainly in southern parts of India.

RTS Pizzawala Franchise LogoIt has around 24 franchise outlets at present. RTS Pizzawala offers a master franchise model with lifetime validity. Setting up the franchise and starting the business takes around a month.

RTS Pizzawala offers franchises at a very competitive cost. The investment requirement is way lower than its peers.

It charges Rs. 3 lakh flat as a franchise fee, while the investment required for infrastructure change the game as it is only around Rs. 2 lakhs.

Franchise holders of RTS Pizzawala recover their investments within a few months of starting the business. As observed to date, the revenue sharing is also exceptional regarding RTS Pizzawala.

The franchisor keeps nothing out of the revenue and shares 100% with the franchisor holder.

A 300 square feet store will work fine for RTS Pizzawala and all the amenities like AC, CCTVs, and others. There needs to be kitchen space, sitting arrangements, and other facilities.

RTS Pizzawala offers all types of support, whether it is RM support, back-office support, website support, training support, and others.

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Go69 Pizza Franchise – Top 10 Pizza Franchise in India

Go69 Pizza is one of the most popular pizza franchises and one of our Top 10 Pizza Franchises of 2024.

Go69 Pizza Franchise LogoThis pizza business was started in 2014 by Amit Srivastava and had its headquarters in Lucknow. Go69 Pizza has around 67 outlets at present across the country.

Go69 Pizza offers a franchise business model with lifetime validity against a franchise fee of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs. It takes around 30 days to set up the whole store and get the business rolling.

It costs around Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 lakhs to set up the infrastructure of the franchise outlet. The investment requirements for infrastructure are lower than the average investment requirements in the industry.

However, the revenue shared by the franchisor is also lower than all other market peers. The franchisee of Go69 Pizza gets only 20% of the share in the revenue while the franchisor itself retains the remaining.

Given this revenue and investment ratio, it takes around 6 to 12 months to break even, as observed with the current franchisees.

The shop you rent or buy should be around 200 to 300 square feet. There is no need for a huge store. However, you need to employ 3-5 staff to care for the customers.

Go69 Pizza has kept the sitting area optional while the kitchen area should be there. Go69 Pizza offers multiple offers to support the franchisee and boost sales.

It also offers marketing support to quite some extent, along with other facilities like RM and different types of training.

Laziz Pizza Franchise – Best Pizza Franchise Business

Laziz Pizza started in 2013 in Kolhapur, is also one of the top pizza franchises in this List of Pizza Franchise Businesses.

Laziz Pizza Franchise LogoKerrion J Patil founded this pizza franchise, and it is now one of the country’s most popular pizza franchise outlets. It has over 200 franchise outlets, one of the highest amongst its peers.

Laziz Pizza offers a franchise model with 5 years of validity at a franchise fee of Rs. 2.5 lakhs only.

So, every 5 years, you need to revenue the franchise agreement to continue with the franchise outlet; however, if you feel you do not want to continue, you can cancel or not renew the agreement.

While the franchise fee is on the lower end of the scale, the infrastructure cost ranges between Rs. 7.5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs.

Even when the investment requirements are at par with the market and even on the lower side, the franchisee gets the entire revenue without paying any portion to the franchisor.

This enables the franchisees to break even within a year or a little more. For setting up the pizza store, you need to buy or rent a place that has at least 200 to 500 square feet of area.

You must employ around 4 to 5 employees with top-notch kitchen space, sitting area, and delivery facilities.

Laziz Pizza helps the franchisees market their products, branding, and complete website and online support.

The franchisor also renders relationship manager support to help the franchisees. Apart from these, you get different training to upskill yourself and your staff to impact the business better.

Fusion Pizza Franchise – Top Pizza Franchise Business

Fusion Pizza is also in this Pizza Franchise Business Comparison is a newly founded pizza franchise business.

Fusion Pizza Franchise LogoThis was founded in 2018, and now it has around 7 outlets in the country. The franchise base is in Ahmedabad, and Patel Vimal founded it.

You can get master franchise rights by paying only Rs. 2 lakhs to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs as a franchisee fee.

They offer franchises with a validity of 5 years, so post the duration, you need to renew the agreement.

While the franchise fee is comparatively lower, the infrastructure cost is quite expensive. It costs around Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs to set up the pizza store.

However, the franchisor shares a minimum of 90% of revenue with the franchisees, sometimes up to 100%. Given this revenue-sharing structure, most franchisees break even within 1.5 -2 years.

To match up the infrastructure requirements of Fusion Pizza, you need to have a store with an area of not less than 300 to 400 square feet.

Then you need employees around 2 to 5 to attend to the guests/ customers. The sitting area and kitchen space are mandatory, and the franchisee must also have delivery services.

From relationship manager support to website support, branding, and marketing support, everything is provided by Fusion Pizza to the franchisees.

Bocs Pizza Franchise – Best Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Bocs Pizza is another Best Pizza Franchise in India from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It was incorporated by Mr. Arun Kumar in 2005 and currently has around ten franchise outlets around the country.

Bocs Pizza Franchise LogoBocs Pizza offers a franchise opportunity for 3 years tenure for a franchise fee of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs. The infrastructure expenses usually vary between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs.

The good part is that you get the total revenue share as a franchisee of Bocs Pizza. There is nothing that the franchisor keeps with them. The usual time taken for breakeven is around 12 months to 18 months.

For setting up the store for the Bocs Pizza outlet, you need to rent or buy a store having 400-500 square feet of area.

Then you need to install ACs, CCTVs, and internet facilities to provide the customers best time.

The kitchen space needs to be there compulsorily, while the sitting area can be optional along with delivery service.

Bocs Pizza trains all franchise holders and offers marketing support, back-office, and RM support.

Bon Pizza Franchise – Top Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Finally, we have Bon Pizza, another Top Pizza Franchise in India. Randheer Bhardwaj started this business in 2013 in Mumbai, and it’s the head office.

Bon Pizza Franchise LogoThis pizza store franchise has flourished across the country and has more than thirty outlets.

Bon Pizza offers this business model with 5 years validity, and it takes around 30 days to finalize everything and get the business rolling.

The franchise fee charged by Bon Pizza for providing the franchise rights is Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs.

The infrastructure set-up costs vary from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. Franchisees get around 90% of the total monthly revenue, while the franchisor keeps only 10% of the same. Given this setup, it takes around 1.5 years to 2 years to break even.

The Bon Pizza franchise store needs at least 300 square feet to 500 square feet with AC, CCTVs, and other similar facilities. Both kitchen and sitting are compulsory and delivery service too.

Bon Pizza offers website support to take care of online orders. There is RM support and back office support as well.

The franchisor offer branding and marketing support along with other training facilities.

Domino’s – Best Pizza Franchise to Buy

Domino’s is a world-famous pizza brand with its origin in Michigan, the United States. It was founded by Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan in 1960.

Domino’s is one of the Best Franchise in India, running over 1200 franchise outlets across the nation.

It has a master franchise model, and investors can get this franchise for 10 years with a one time fee of ₹ 3 to 5 Lacs. Also, they need to spend ₹ 30 lacs to 50 lacs to set up this pizza shop.

The franchisor claims 5% of the total revenue from the franchise outlets. An area of 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. is needed to accommodate this pizza restaurant.

Besides, an average of 6 employees, a kitchen area, sitting space, AC, CCTV and internet connectivity, are mandatory.

The franchise outlet of Domino’s should offer home delivery services.

Pizza Hut – Top Pizza Franchise to Buy

The name ‘Pizza Hut’ is familiar with every pizza lover around the globe. It is one of the Top Pizza Franchise in India, with over 1500 outlets in different cities.

Texas-based businessmen Dan and Frank Carney founded Pizza Hut in 1958, and investors can get this franchise for the tenure of 5 years.

The franchise fee is ₹ 3 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is between ₹ 20 lacs and 30 lacs.

Franchise stores of Pizza Hut will have to share 6% of the entire revenue with the franchisor. These stores can be opened in an area of 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. They should have at least 6 employees.

A outlet of this pizza store should also have a kitchen, sitting area, CCTV, AC, internet connectivity and home delivery facilities.

La PinozPizza – Top 10 Pizza Franchise in India

The third name among the Top 10 Pizza Franchise in India is La Pinoz Pizza. It is a venture of SonamKapoor, who opened the first outlet in 2011.

Today, this brand has over 300 franchise outlets across the nation.

Investors can get this franchise for 3 years for a fee of ₹ 3 lacs to 5 lacs. They will have to invest ₹ 20 lacs to 30 lacs in developing the infrastructure of the outlet.

La Pinoz Pizza claims 5% of its franchise owners’ revenue. Business owners will have to own or rent an area of 250 to 500 sq. ft. and employ around 6 staff members to run this franchise.

They also need to maintain cooking space, sitting area, AC, CCTV, internet connection, and home delivery services.

Grill Inn – Best Pizza Franchise to Invest

Grill Inn is a venture of Maxwell Food and Beverages India and has its head office in Bangalore. It was established in 2007 and presently has over 25 franchise outlets across India.

Grill Inn is one of the Best Pizza Franchise to Invest in. Business owners can get this franchise for 9 years by paying a fee of ₹ 5 lacs to 8 lacs.

They will also have to invest ₹ 10 lacs to 30 lacs for infrastructural purposes. This franchisor takes 8% of the total revenue from its franchise owners.

Investors require an area of 100 to 2400 sq. ft. and 3 to 7 employees for this pizza store. A kitchen area, sitting space, air conditioners, CCTV, and internet connection are other requirements.

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta – Top 10 Pizza Franchise to Invest

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is the joint venture of Nasser Talib Ibrahim Nasser, Taha Mohammed Sayed Ahmad S Salman Al Ha, and Subhrabaran Chakraborty.

This Kolkata-based pizza joint was founded in 2011 and presently has over 100 franchise outlets across the nation. It is one of the Top 10 Pizza Franchise to Invest in a master franchise model.

The restaurant offers a franchise for 5 years for a fee of ₹ 5 lacs, and the infrastructural investment involved is ₹ 30 lacs to 50 lacs.

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta claims 5% of the total revenue made by franchise owners. An area of 500 to 700 sq. ft. and around 5 employees are required to run this pizza joint.

Besides, a kitchen, sitting area, AC, CCTV, internet connectivity, and home delivery services are mandatory.

Oyalo Pizza – Best Pizza Franchise to buy

Established by Mr. R. G. Chandramogan in 1970, Oyalo Pizza is the Best Pizza Franchise to buy. It is a popular pizza restaurant with over 90 outlets in various cities of the nation.

Investors can get this franchise by paying a fee of ₹ 2 lacs. Besides the fee, franchise owners also need to invest ₹ 5 lacs to 10 lacs for setting up the infrastructure.

Each outlet has to share 35% of the total revenue with the franchisor of Oyalo Pizza. These outlets can be set up in an area of 200 to 400 sq. ft. and a minimum of 3 employees are required to run them.

Each franchise owner should maintain a kitchen, sitting area, CCTV, AC, internet connection, and home delivery services.

Best Pizza Franchise to Buy – Conclusion

The Best Pizza Franchise business can be one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the present scenario. Pizza has become one of the favorite go-to foods for youngsters and adults.

This is helping these pizza outlets and businesses to thrive. If you want to open a pizza franchise outlet, go through the top ten pizza franchises to pick the most suitable one.

FAQs on Best Pizza Franchise in India

Check out various FAQs on the Top 10 Pizza Franchise Businesses here.

What is Pizza Franchise?

A pizza franchise is a franchise business model offered by pizza stores. Simply put, a pizza store that offers franchise rights to others to sell their products and take a portion of the revenue.

Which is the most successful Pizza Business?

The most successful pizza business can be referred to as Chicago Pizza and US Pizza. They have years of experience and are most popular in the country.

How do I start my Pizza Franchise?

You need first to select the franchise which you want to associate with. Then approach them with your business plan, pay the franchise fee, set up the infrastructure, and get started with the franchise business.

Is Pizza Franchise profitable?

Pizza franchises are among the most profitable businesses due to the high demand for pizzas.

What is the monthly income in the Pizza business?

There is no monthly income bar or a fixed amount. Depending on your outlet’s sales, you can earn as much as you want. Usually, all Pizza business shares 90% of the revenue with the franchisees.

Which is the most profitable Pizza Business?

While all the pizza franchises can turn profitable within a year or two, Go69 Pizza and Laziz Pizza break even within 1 year.

Which Franchise is best for Pizza?

All the ten above are best for the pizza franchise business; however, if you want to go by the years of experience, then US Pizza has the highest experience.

How much investment is required to start a Pizza Business?

The average investment required varies from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs. It includes the franchise fee you pay for acquiring the franchise rights from the franchisor, and then there is infrastructure cost.

Which Pizza Business is the cheapest in India?

Go69 Pizza is the cheapest pizza franchise in India. This is due to very low infrastructure requirements.

Which is the fastest-growing Pizza Business?

Laziz Pizza can be considered the fastest-growing pizza franchise as it was founded in 2013, and this 9 years, it has over 200 franchise outlets.

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