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Know everything about Canmoney Franchise Business Opportunity here. Canmoney, a Canara Bank subsidiary, was established and accredited as a Primary Dealer in 1996.

It started its journey under the name of GSTCL with a capital of Rs.100 crores. Moreover, the Canmoney sub broker has the advantage of Canara Bank’s brand name.

Canara Bank took over the primary dealer activity in February 2007. And the company now focuses on capital market-related activities, namely equities broking and financial product distribution.

So, you can join the Mumbai-based Canomoney partner program to make a long-term income.

Canmoney Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

Line of Business

Sub Broker

Unit / Shop Area

100 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Commission% / Revenue Sharing

30% to 60%

Total Investment

Rs.30,000 - Rs.1,00,000

ROI Timeframe

3 Month

Canmoney Sub Broker Review & Ratings by FranchiseByte

Revenue Sharing

4.13 / 5

Franchise Fee & Infra Investment

3.65 / 5

Support & Training

4.50 / 5

ROI Timeframe

4.36 / 5

Brand Value

4.48 / 5

Overall Ratings

4.25 / 5

Star Ratings

Overview of Canmoney Sub Broker Franchise


Finance & Money

Business Line

Sub Broker

Organization Type


Head Office



Sanjiv Chadha

Founded In (year)


No. of Franchise Outlets


Master Franchise Model

Not Available

Franchise Tenure


Franchise Location

All over India

Business Set-Up Time

15 days

Franchise Commencement Year


Suppose you have decided to join as a Canomney Sub Broker. In that case, it’s good to understand their franchise business, benefits, and investments.

Sub brokers can make up to 60% of revenue with an investment of ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000.

The brokerage subsidiary is winning market confidence with the brand name Canara Bank. Canmoney offers various financial projects under Canara Bank Securities Ltd (CBSL).

Franchise holders can access the company’s trading platforms and resources and help their customers use them to conduct smooth trading operations.

Canara Bank Securities will pay him a percentage of the brokerage for each trade he executes.

Mr. P S Jayakumar, the founder of Canara Bank Securities, entered the mainstream Sub Brokerage of stocks in 2009.

Since its inception, the brokerage firm has had 150+ franchise outlets in various cities of India.

Canara Bank Securities Franchise – Business Models

Check out 3 business models of Canara Bank Securities Sub Brokership here.

Business Models Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker 50% – 60%
Partner Flat 30% + Rs.200 per new Client
Refer and Earn Rs.400 per new Client

Canmoney Sub Broker Model

CBSL’s CanMoney is one of India’s most trusted stock brokers, with offices in practically every major city. The customer can open a commercial account at a Canara Bank location.

A Sub Broker can make a brokerage revenue of 50-60%. If you want to join the program, invest ₹25,000 and make basic infra set up.

After becoming a verified Sub Broker of Conmoney, the primary responsibility is to provide investment guidance to clients. It helps to maximize the trade in a specific geographical area.

The Canmoney Sub Broker business model is straightforward. A Sub Broker can establish their own firm with little expenditure in infrastructure and franchisee fees.

Canmoney Partner Program

When you join as a Canmoney partner, you can start with a minimum franchise amount of ₹10,000. Partners can use the brand name of CBSL to make a sales funnel.

Despite low-figure investments, a partner can earn 30% of revenue. In addition, they will get ₹200 for each client’s involvement.

However, as you log in to Canmoney accounts, you see they are more than just brokerage accounts. It provides you  3-in-1 account that combines broking, banking, and demat accounts.

This means you can purchase and sell shares with a mouse. Also, cutting-edge technology solutions handle operations like clearing, pay-in, and pay-out automatically.

Canmoney Referral Program

Do you want instant income with the help of your social connection, friends, and relatives? Canmoney Refer and Earn program is a reward for you.

So, your customized referral link can make you ₹400 for each new client joining. At the same time, the partner will get ₹200 as a bonus for each new joining.

Canmoney offers its clients the most outstanding trading services at the lowest feasible brokerage fees.

Canmoney is an excellent option for traders seeking fantastic services, stock suggestions, and competent trade help.

Their brokerage programs are adaptable and were created with low-capital investors in mind.

Canmoney Franchise Cost & Fees

Sub Broker - Franchise Fee

Rs.25,000 - Rs.50,000

Partner - Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment

Rs.20,000 - Rs.50,000

With 27-year-long journeys in the trading market, the Mumbai-based firm has an easy franchise option for you. Canarabank securities make sure to open the door for small investors.

For example, Sub Brokers need to pay ₹25,000 to ₹50,000. So, they can earn 60% of revenue sharing.

In another case, partners must join the program with only ₹10,000; they will be rewarded with a 30% commission.

As a result, a partner can earn ₹3,000 ( 30%) as revenue commission. Partners can also get ₹200 as a bonus for new clients joining.

A minimum infrastructure investment of ₹20,000 to ₹50,000 is necessary for authorised persons or Sub Brokers.

Canmoney franchisees must have a minimum of two employees and an office space of 150-200 square feet.

However, Sub Brokers, on the other hand, are not obligated to employ AC or research services.

Canmoney Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing / Royalty

Sub Broker Commission

50% to 60%

Stock Broker Commission

30% to 40%

Partner Commission

Flat 30% + Rs.200 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 70%

Referral Commission

Rs.400 per new Client

Stock Broker Commission

Flat 100%

Despite the low investment, the Canmoney partner’s and broker’s commissions are competitive enough.

Sub Broker can make up to 60% after a moderate investment of ₹20,000 as a franchise fee and office cost.

Canara Securities, also known as Canmoney, employs 150 Sub Brokers in India. Sub-broking is thus a rewarding passive income that allows you to act as an entrepreneur.

Sub brokers might expect a 50% – 60% commission, whereas stock brokers’ commissions typically range between 30-40%.

However, a referral scheme can add ₹ 400 to your account for new clients. Sub Brokers help stockbrokers expand their businesses by purchasing and trading securities.

They also provide essential support for newbies who join the platform. But, Sub Brokers, on the other hand, are not registered with the Exchange directly.

Canmoney Business Partner ROI Details

In Years

3 Month

At Canmonry, your return on investment depends on the business model you have picked. It does not matter whether you are an expert or a newbie.

Both can make the same amount as per their franchise plan. Sub Brokers can reach their first break-even point within three months.

Canmoney sub brokers return or brokerage commission ranges from 30% to 50%. The partner’s return on investment is handsome; profit might increase by 27% after all expenses.

Canara Bank Securities Sub Broker Profits & Expenses

Check out all details of Canmoney Sub Broker profits, expenses & more.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 250
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.30%
Trading Days in 1 Month 1
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,87,500
Sub Broker’s Share (75%) 1,12,500
Monthly Expenses
Office Rent (Co-working Space) 15,000
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
1 Dealer Cost 17,000
Misc. Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 51,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 61,500
Profit Margin 33%

When you work as Camoney’s Sub Broker, your responsibility is primarily attracting business for them.

Apart from this, you have to monitor client service and activation. So, naturally, the primary responsibility comes with an attractive profit margin.

Sub brokers might earn 50% to 60% of the revenue share based on their investment. Canmoney Sub Broker profit rises in proportion to brokerage revenue.

Assume the total brokerage income is ₹100,000; the revenue sharing transfer is ₹50,000 (50%).

Finally, after deducting all expenses such as office rent, salaries, and other charges, the Canmoney Sub Broker makes a profit of 33%.

Also, Sub Brokers provide clients with essential information. They also share the latest market flow to assist them in making more profit.

Canara Bank Securities Partner Profits & Revenues

Check out all details of Canmoney Partner Profits, Expenses & more.

Monthly Revenue
No. of Active Clients 250
Daily Trades per Clients 1
Avg. Volume per Trade 2,50,000
Brokerage per Trade 0.30%
Trading Days in 1 Month 1
Total Brokerage Revenue 1,87,500
Sub Broker’s Share 56,250
Monthly Expenses
1 Telecaller Cost 15,000
Misc. Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 19,000
Monthly Profit
(Revenue – Expenses) 37,250
Profit Margin 20%

Becoming the partner of Canmoney is profitable in two ways–

  1. Affiliate link income through refer and earn ( ₹200 for a new trading account)
  2. Partner gets fix revenue share of 30%

A socially sound and active person can join this program without a significant investment. Partners help to grow the business volume by adding potential clients to the platform.

As a partner of Canmoney, your earning potential is  ₹30,000 for ₹1,00,000 brokerage revenue. In addition, the affiliate link is helpful.

However, the Canmoney partner’s profit jumps by 20% after all expenses.

Master Franchise of Canmoney - Information

Franchise Fee


Infrastructure Investment


Commission% / Revenue Sharing


Canmoney Partner Program Infrastructure Requirement

Shop / Unit Area

100 - 200 Sq. Ft.

Employee Strength

Minimum 2

Research / Advisory


Trading Terminals Set-up


Telephone Lines


Computer / Internet Connectivity




CCTV Set-up


Though the Canmoney franchise model is less expensive, you must invest in fundamental infrastructure.

Canmoney believes in building long-term partnerships with its Sub Brokers, so a professional setup is required.

The following are some basic requirements:

  • A functional workspace or office unit of 100 or 200 square feet. (Franchise should select a workplace with basic amenities and good communication.)
  • An air conditioner or cooling unit is not mandatory.
  • High-speed Internet access and CCTV monitoring are essential requirements.
  • At least two people must work in the office. (You can discuss their mandatory qualification or other requirements with company personnel. In general, there are no fixed criteria by SEBI)
  • The trading terminal setup and installation are optional.
  • It is optional to seek research guidance or advisor support. ( But Franchise should be aware clients of the development of the market)

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Support extended by Canmoney Sub Broker Franchise

Service Pricing




Client Interaction Training


Relationship Manager Support


Back-Office Support


Trading Support


Advisory Support


Marketing Support

Partially Available

Business Management Software

Not Available

Website Support

Not Available

Operation Manual


Training Manual


Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, Canmoney Sub Brokers have to go through a line of training and support events.

It enhances your ability and the growth of the brokerage house. So, these services include training for client interaction, back-office help, trading guidance, relationship manager’s assistance, and advisory support.

The operation and training manuals help to understand the process step by step. A franchise or authorised person can access service pricing information.

It helps Sub Brokers to track their expenses without a personal notebook. But, they have a short program for marketing support.

Canmoney’s support and training program also excludes business management software. However, Sub Brokers can go for third-party software support.

Finally, we can conclude that Canmoney offers its Sub Broker franchisees extensive support services. It helps franchisees start confidently and build businesses while making long-term cooperation.

Franchise of Canmoney Sub Broker - Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads


Local Advertisement


Digital Marketing

Occasionally Available

Television Advertisement

Not Available

Prints Advertisement

Not Available


Not Available

As a leading brokerage firm, Canmoney depends too much on the Sub Brokers network. As a result, they support franchise holders with partial marketing support.

Local advertisement is the firm’s essential marketing support to Canmoney’s authorized persons. Local ads help reach a wider audience, primarily those absent online.

Canmoney gives its Sub Brokers unit inside and exterior advertisements. This entails displaying advertisements inside and outside the sub-office brokers to promote Canmoney’s services.

The Sub Brokers can also benefit from the sporadic digital promotion. However, they don’t offer product events, seminars, or webinars.

It is a setback for franchises that need more resources to organize such events. These initiatives help to create a marketing buzz.

Training provided by Canmoney Partner Program

Product Information Training


Dealers Training


Service Training


If you are a Canmoney affiliate partner or Sub Broker, proper training can help you understand the product and services.

Product training session helps to solve clients’ query as well. After this training session, Sub Brokers can even explain clumsy financial products to their grandmother!

The training session also includes service training. It covers significant aspects like effective communication, relationship, and problem-solving ability.

It develops the customer service skill of authorised franchisees.

Canmoney Franchise - Products & Services Offered

Equity Trading


Commodity Trading


Currency Trading






Mutual Funds








Demat Services


3 in 1 Acount


IPO Services


Stock Recommendations


Robo Advisory




Exposure or Limit


Mobile App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Basket Trading


If you hold a Canmoney franchise, they will present other financial products and opportunities to access financial products. As a franchise of Canmoney, you can find—

Currency Futures and Options (CDS): All registered clients can access online trading in Currency Futures and Options, a standardized currency derivative instrument.

BITSOT: BITSOT is a facility that allows customers to sell the shares they have purchased before they get delivered from the Exchange.

Cash & Carry (CNC): Cash and carry is a product where users can only buy a stock with accessible cash.

Trading during the day (IDT): This product will function based on allowing customers to Buy or Sell against the available margin (exposure).

However, Canmoney also offers popular products like Mutual Funds, Demat Services, IPO Services, and Options.

For a smooth user experience, Sub Brokers can use their mobile apps and web page. But a franchise or Sub broker can NOT involve algo and basket trading.

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Franchise for Canmoney - Revenue per Customer





Equity Options

Rs.30 Per lot

Equity Futures




Currency options


Currency Futures


Franchisee Qualification required by Canmoney Sub Broker

Age Limit

21 & above

Business Experience


Academic Qualification

No Restriction

Documents Required to Start Canmoney Sub Broker Program

Franchise Agreement


Proprietor Aadhaar Copy


Proprietor Photo


Proprietor / Business PAN Copy


Business TAN Copy


GST Registration Certificate


Proprietor / Business Address Proof


Unit / Shop Address Proof


NOC of Unit / Shop


Canmoney Sub Broker or Partner Dashboard

Here is the link to Canara Bank Securities Franchise Dashboard.

Sub Broker / Partner Dashboard Link

Canara Bank Securities Limited introduces a CanMoney mobile App– an exclusive stock trading mobile-based application for your phone. You have a web platform, also.

Track live stock markets (NSE & BSE); monitor your stocks and trade on the move. Also, converted clients to revenue commission can be observed.

Some advantages are —

  • Fully customized display
  • Market depth window
  • Weekly charts
  • Personalised stock quote lists

However, the website with an Applet-based system explicitly created for Active Traders. So, clients can also trade in locations with access to live-streaming quotes.

It allows them to monitor real-time price changes.

Canmoney Franchise Login

Canmoney’s trading platform comprises several modules: Web-Based Trading, Dial2Trade, Canmoney App, and CANROYAL.

The web-based module is available to all clients. But the CANROYAL module is only available to Active Traders.

Canmoney Franchises will get login access after the primary procedure. With several market watches, customers may track particular stocks and execute timely trades when investing online.

In addition, they will get message windows and trading windows all on one screen.

Canmoney Sub Broker Benefits

As an authorised person of Canara bank securities, Sub Brokers get some virtual profits, including monetary ones—

  • Firstly, Canmoney Sub Brokers get benefits from the advanced trading platform. The advanced platform ensures easy trading and makes new client engagement interesting.
  • Secondly, there are no entry-level barriers, and you don’t need a fat amount to start. Partners can join the platform with a nominal franchise fee. After that, they can enjoy 30% of revenue.
  • Thirdly, infrastructure requirement is not strict. As we see, they have the optional choice of office setup with a minimum setup.
  • Fourthly, training and support programs help you to join another brokerage firm without confusion. Moreover, the big house name Canara Bank Securities help you with easy entry.

Canmoney Franchise Drawbacks

Pros and cons are both sides of the same coin. Despite an almost win-win situation, Canmoney Franchise could face drawbacks like —

  • Marketing support is partial, so newbies have to arrange a seminar or webinar for client acquisition.
  • Brokerage calculator may create some errors. In that case, you can ask the back-office support.
  • Partner program profit is lower than other rivals.

Canmoney Partner Program – Conclusion

Canara Bank securities are an incredible opportunity for low investors. So, partners or authorised persons can leverage the growth and do a stable business without a huge investment.

They provide a strong foundation with backing from a reputed banking group, advanced tech, and proper training.

As we see, the Canmoney partner program is the easiest way to make 30% of revenue.

Furthermore, the growing participation of retail investors in Dalal Street makes it the best time to join the financial service.

FAQs on Canmoney Franchise Business

Here are the FAQs on Canmoney Affiliate Partner Program.

Does Canmoney have an Authorised person?

Yes, the Sub Brokers are authorised persons of Canmoney.

How many Affiliate Partners does Canmoney have?

Canmoney has 150+ franchise outlets all over the nation.

What are the Canmoney Referral Agents?

A person with good marketing and sales skill can join the Canmoney referral program. Canmoney provides ₹400 for each new login.

How can I become a Canmoney Associate Partner?

Download the CANROYAL app or go to the webpage. Provide basic info on the partner page, and after confirming all relevant documents with the franchise fee, you can start. It could take 15 days.

How much can I earn as Canmoney Partner or Dealership?

For the partner program, you will get a flat 30% of revenue with ₹200 for new client acquisition.

Am I eligible to start a Canmoney Partnership Agency?

Yes, you can! The partnership program does not have any restrictions. However, generally 21 years old are required by other firms.

Do I need to have a Canmoney trading account?

Yes, you need a trading account. Download the CANROYAL app and pdf of the manual from the web page for easy access. The Manual consists of step by step process.

How much do I need to invest in becoming Canmoney’s authorized partner?

Canara bank securities open the door for low or mid-level investors. As a result, Sub Brokers need ₹25,000 to ₹50,000, and partners can start only with ₹10,000.

Office setup or infrastructure costs could reach up to ₹50,000.

How can I track my earnings with Canmoney?

You can use the app Canroyal or the web page. The dashboard appears with every detail of brokerage, transaction, clients, live streaming quotes, real-time price changes, and many more.

Is Canmoney safe to become a partner?

Yes, backed by Canara Bank group, and the glorious journey of 27 years make it trustworthy for clients, Sub Brokers, and partners.


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