Best Franchise under 10 Lakh in India – List of Top 10 Franchise under 1 Million in 2024


Check out the list of Best Franchise under 10 Lakh investment in India here.

Opening a business is always a challenging option to explore. It takes time to start and establish any new brand in the market; sometimes, it takes decades too.

But what if you can opt for a franchise of any brand that already has made a great reputation in the industry? It’s great. Finding franchises under 10 lakhs is relatively easy in India.

Any business starts with the courage and idea of experimentation, risk-taking abilities, exploration, and adventure of all possibilities for bringing new technologies, methodologies, and techniques into your business model for earning great profits and boosting sales.

In this article, we will review the Franchise that costs under 10 lakhs and still has a great scope to help you make a great living.

Here we are listing the Top 10 franchises under 1 million to help you out with readymade options to look ahead.

All of these brands are doing great and the credentials mentioned will allow you to decide on the best one.

Best Franchise under 10 Lakh in India – Top 10 Franchise below 1 million Investment

Let us check the Best Franchise Business under Rs.10,00,000 Investment in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Belgian Street Franchise
2 Momo Street Franchise
3 Smartkidz Franchise
4 Sanjog Pharmacy Franchise
5 Barcelona Club Franchise
6 Chicken Adda Franchise
7 Upgrad Franchise
8 The Bake Shop Franchise
9 Go Waterless Franchise
10 DHL Franchise

The franchise business offers many benefits for franchisees and franchisors. Seeking a well-established business franchise with low investment is best for high-end and quick returns.

Best Franchise under 10 LakhThis is why franchises under ten lakhs are one of the best options to opt for in India.

The brands listed below for Franchise Businesses under 10 Lakh are for the people who do not want to invest much money at once to minimize the risk and gain experience.

We have shortlisted Top Franchises under 10 Lakh, and have assessed them based on various parameters like franchise fees, ROI, space required, shared revenue, etc.

The credentials mentioned will allow you to compare the one desired by you or the brand that is per your expectations.

The Belgian Street Franchise – Best Franchise under 10 Lakh in India

The Belgian Street holds the first position in Best Franchise under 10 lakh in India, as the Franchise gives higher returns with minimal investment.

The Belgian Street Franchise LogoWaffle brand has more than 30 outlets across the country. The USP of the brand has always been its affordability and great taste.

Starting our journey in 2017, our founder Manju GR has a great vision to explore innovative options to deliver waffles to customers.

They started providing the Franchise in 2019 and have established their headquarters in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Starting a Belgian Street store requires the client to have a space of 120-400 sq ft, and the store can attract less footfall initially, but it gradually grows with time and reputation.

The location also plays a great role in analyzing the success rate of the Franchise along with the service and food quality. The location should be in a busy locality.

The Belgian Street outlet can be opted nearby to corporates, colleges, hang-out areas, and colleges to reach out to young people.

Within 5-7 lakhs, you can have a classic franchise and earn great money within a year.

Although waffles are famous among youth in their recent years of launch in India, it is also gaining momentum in other age group customers.

Momo Street Franchise – Top Franchise under 10 Lakh in India

Momo Street is a well-known brand for offering authentic momos crafted by hand by passionate and experienced chefs.

Momo Street Franchise LogoIt offers many products at their store, like rolls, burgers, Momo Hot Dogs, etc. They stress providing high-quality food and ingredients to the customers.

Also, they have been adding new products continuously to their list. Positioned at seconder number in Franchise Business under 10 lakh, Momo Street has catered to the young crowd and offers fast food and healthy alternatives.

Momo Street was founded in 2021 by Archit Bhandula and has more than 25 outlets in the country.

They have catered to many cities quickly, and their marketing efforts are allowing them to penetrate the fast food industry deeply.

It takes 30 days to set up the full-fledged store on Momo Street, and it has its headquarters in Indore.

The best part of buying out the Momo Street franchise is that the franchisor can enjoy lifetime access once he has purchased the Franchise.

The user needs an infrastructural investment of 2-5 lakhs, a shop size of 300-400 sq ft, and a franchise fee of one or two lakhs.

The Momo Street franchise is seamless, and just about 30 days to completion of the store. The Momo Street franchise offers a revenue-sharing policy and also offers 100% shares in the profits.

Smartkidz Franchise – Top 10 Franchise under 10 Lakh investment

Started in 2007, Smartkidz has come a long way and is one of the established brands of schools in India.

Smartkidz Franchise LogoSmartkidz were founded by Sudhir karkha and have established one of the most respected educational networks in the past 15 years.

Today there are more than 285 centers of the Smartkidz across India. This is why they are placed in third position in the Top 10 Franchises under 10 lakh in 2024.

Smartkidz is a growing network and offers a wide spectrum of brands inclusive of secondary, primary, and pre-primary options, teacher training courses, part-time courses, and junior college.

Their success in establishing their schools is their structured curriculum and commitment to delivering quality high-level education standards.

To start your own Smartkidz center, a person should have a space of about 1500-2500 sq ft. The total investment is about 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs inclusive of franchise fees, and a 15% revenue sharing needs to be paid to Franchise annually.

It takes approx two years to recover the investment and depends upon the location and quality of teachers recruited.

Being associated with Smartkidz is the biggest honor as the brand has received recognition pan India.

If you are looking forward to opening a playgroup, then Smartkidz is a sure-shot option to help you out. Go ahead and make your name in the education industry.

Sanjog Pharmacy Franchise – Best Franchise below 1 million Investment

Since its inception in 2020, Sanjog Pharmacy has been one of the emerging retail companies opening their outlet across the country.

Sanjog Pharmacy Franchise LogoBeing one of the Best Franchise Businesses under 10 lakh in India, Sanjog Pharmacy is one of the best in serving people and making their life easier.

They are best in offering products inclusive of FMCG, Ayurvedic medicines, Allopathy, and surgical products.

Sanjay Pharmacy tries to suffice the requirements of a modern pharmacy and provides the best experience along with its exceptional products and services.

Rajesh Mirchandani founded the Sanjog Pharmacy, and within two years, the company had more than 15 outlets across India.

To start their store, a minimum area of approx 200-300 sq ft is required, and the applicant should be a graduate and possess knowledge about the business.

Sanjog Pharmacy also offers delivery services. However, it’s not compulsory but is advisable as per the current scenario.

Sanjog Pharmacy is in the industry to provide the right medicine to patients. Their team at the store is composed of professional staff knowledgeable about medicines and tries to address every client’s queries at the shopfront.

Sanjog Pharmacy is a great option for people trying to enter the pharmaceutical business. You can be a businessman and serve many people around you by making a minimal investment of under ten lakhs.

Barcelona Club Franchise – Top Franchise under 10 Lakh

Barcelona is known to be one of India’s fastest and largest-growing apparel brands. Being an initiative of the famous Stitched Textiles Private Limited enables Indian buyers to feel the global fashion within their country.

Barcelona Club Franchise LogoHaving their headquarters in Ahmedabad, Jamin Gupta started Barcelone in India. Now the brand has more than 60 stores across the country.

Any investor with close to 10 lac can start their own Barcelona Club. The time taken to start the full-fledged business is about 30 days, and the Franchise helps with every single thing required to start a new store in any location.

Barcelona Club management understands the requirement of youth and aspiring high to make the brand one of the Top Franchise brands under 10 lakh in 2024.

To start your Barcelona Club store, the individual must have at least 400-500 sq feet of space, and the revenue sharing is about 80-90%.

The brand offers a standard as well as a master franchise. The fee, as well as the revenue structure, are different for both.

The products stored at Barcelona Club attract hundreds of people every month who love to dress up in trendy attires and idolize international fashion.

If you are looking for an option to enter the clothing industry, At minimal fees, the Barcelona Club is a great option to start your journey in the clothing industry.

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Chicken Adda Franchise – Top 10 Franchise below 10 Lakh investment

Chicken Adda offers a perfect place for families to dine, have lunch, or munch wherever they are delicious and craving chicken.

Chicken Adda Franchise LogoThe restaurant focuses on providing quality food via its chain across the country and offers an amazing in-store experience to its clients.

Chicken is one of the favorite meals in the Non-vegetarian diet and is enjoyed in the North and other parts of the country.

Chicken Adda was started in 2014 by Teena Yogi and has had more than 70 outlets. Having its head office in Indore, the brand has offered Franchises for about three years.

Chicken Adda does not charge any royalty, and the applicant needs to have a space of 200-400 sq ft to start your business.

It takes 45 days to initiate your store and approx 7-8 lakhs of investment. Chicken Adda is a great option for people trying their hands on the food business.

It can be opted for being a Franchise Business under 10 lakh, and the return on investment is expected within a year.

Upgrad Franchise – Franchise under 500000 in India

UpGrad is India’s best online education provider. Placed at the seventh spot in the List of Franchise Businesses under 10 lakh, UpGrad has been established to serve people better with high education standards.

UpGrad-min Franchise LogoStarted in 2015 by IIT alumnus Ronnie Screwvala UpGrad is known to be one of the leading and reputed Edtech companies in a short period.

The brand is known for offering higher education and learning programs and has onboarded more than 30,000 learners.

It has influenced more than half a million students to pursue higher education in their subject of interest.

The brand has also established a strong network with premium institutions such as MICA and BITS-Pilani and has partnered with industry leaders such as PayTM, Uber, etc.

Having its headquarters in Mumbai, UpGrad started its franchise program in 2020. The company has more than 40 centers all around the country, and it takes just a month to start your center.

The franchise tenure provided is just three years, and the space required to open your center is about 400-500 sq ft. The best part about the Education industry is that they have no downtime.

If you are looking forward to entering the education industry, look at the UpGrad commercials and their brand value.

The Bake Shop Franchise – Franchise under 10,00,000 investment

Once Cakes and bread were only available to wealthy people, but nowadays, a celebration is only complete with serving flavorful cakes.

The Bake Shop Franchise LogoThe Indian Bakery market now makes more than Rs 3,295 Crore, and the expectations are high in the coming years. Founded in 2011, The Bake Shop has more than 26 outlets nationwide.

Founded by Wilson, The Bake Shop has its headquarters in Mumbai. To set up your business, the applicant must have a space of 180-200 sq ft and 7-10 lakhs to invest in infrastructure and franchise fees.

Owing to the other brands for Franchise Business Comparison under 10 lakh, the Bake Shop is the best resort because the demand for bakery products is increasing every day, and their products are quality-based and have earned trust at their establishments.

The Bake Shop is one of the premium brands offering quality products and services to visitors. They are said to be established on the principles of efficiency and quality.

Their leadership team is taking all the possible actions to improve at every front and to expand in various cities of India.

Since their inception, their products have been based upon local references, and they have been one of the brands well known for their exceptional offerings.

If you want to mark your presence in the food, especially in the bakery sector, then The Bake shop can be one of the brands to start up with.

It just takes 15 days for them to establish the store at your location and provides all types of necessary support to start your store at a new location.

Go Waterless Franchise – Franchise Business under 10 Lakh

Undoubtedly, Go Waterless is included as one of the Best Franchises under 10 lakh in India. It is because of its unique business model and the way its revolutionary idea is helping people in cleaning their vehicles effectively.

Go Waterless Franchise LogoGo Waterless uses 100% natural products derived from plant extracts. The spray liquid has high lubricity and is sprayed on the surface of your vehicle to uplift the dust particles and prevent scratches.

Once applied, the car surface is wiped off with a microfiber towel. The unique concept involves applied chemistry and deep physics to clean up the car.

The revolutionary process allows the service provider to clean the car without using a single drop of water.

The scope is quite big, and the time is right if you want to make a minimal investment and enter a business. In 2019, Mr. Nitin Sharma founded the brand and had their first outlet in Pune.

The best part of the Go waterless franchise is that there is no requirement for investment in infrastructure; users need to pay the franchise fee.

This is why Go Waterless is gaining much popularity nowadays and, to date, has more than 75 outlets all over India.

The user can also enjoy one more advantage with the association with the brand, i.e., lifetime validity.

They need to pay less than ten lakhs if they opt for the standard Franchise, and the revenue sharing is 30%.

While with the master franchise, the user must pay approximately 50-75 lakhs and can keep 90% of the revenue with them.

Undoubtedly revolutionary franchises like Go Waterless are the country’s future and will bring more people under their umbrella who want to make it big.

DHL Franchise – Best Franchise under 1 Million in 2024

DHL is one of the e-commerce logistics specialists best known for connecting sellers to buyers worldwide.

DHL Franchise LogoIt is included in the Top Franchise under 10 lakh in India, which states that the brand is paving new ways to climb further.

They are best known for picking up parcels from international and domestic pick-up points. Also, they are very much into e-commerce logistics and providing their esteemed services in selected markets like the Middle East, America, and Asia Pacific.

DHL having its headquarter in Germany has regional offices all over Singapore and the U.S. and does have a great presence in Asia Pacific countries.

They strive hard to make cross-border shipping methods affordable and simple. Their robust global network allows them to connect with people and improve their services from various ends.

Starting in 1959, DHL has more than 1000 franchises right now. Founded by Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn, and Larry Hillblom, they started their franchise model in 1995.

It requires about 200-400 sq ft of space to start a store. It takes just a month to establish a full-fledged business in the city. The franchise tenure provided by them is for five years.

If you are exploring a career opportunity in logistics or trying your luck in e-commerce logistics services which will gain momentum in the coming years, then DHL is the right answer.

The investment is a little, and you can recover it in about two years.

Best Franchise under 10 Lakh in India 2024 – Conclusion

The above-listed brands are the best franchises under 10 lakhs. They have been able to set up their brand and have earned a good reputation in the market.

If you are looking forward to making minimum investment and higher returns, these brands are worth looking at.

These franchises are the best resort if you are a newbie trying your hands on business for the first time.

FAQs on Top Franchise below 1 million in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Franchise Brands under 10 Lakh investment here –

What is a Franchise Business under 10 lakh?

A franchise business under ten lakhs refers to a business model where the applicant has to pay under ten lakhs for infrastructure and franchise fees and can open a credible brand.

This business model has done wonders for many people and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Which is the most successful Franchise under 10 lakh?

Some of the most successful franchises under ten lakhs are Belgian Street, UpGrad, and Chicken Adda.

These franchises have a well-defined reputation and offer amazing possibilities to new franchise owners.

How do I start my Franchise for under 10 lakhs?

Having a successful business is a dream of many. To start the Franchise under 10 lakhs, you need to look for the space to start with.

On finalizing space, look for the certification or licenses if any of them are required to start your own business.

Are franchises under ten lakhs profitable?

These franchises’ average profit margin ranges from 50-60%. Some of them have even greater profit margins as well.

The profit margin depends upon many factors like location, availability of raw materials, etc.

What is the monthly income in a Franchise business?

The monthly income from a franchise business can range from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.

Still, there are a few deciding factors like supplies, location, and franchise margin, all of which significantly impact income.

Which is the most profitable Franchise under 10 lakh?

The most profitable Franchise belongs to Go Waterless, Momo Street, Belgian Street, etc.

These franchises have established their potential in the past. We hope they will do much better in the upcoming years.

Which Franchise is best for under ten lakhs?

The franchises listed above are one of the best. It depends upon the individual’s interest in the business he wants to start.

All franchises can be compared at various parameters before finalizing the best one.

Is 10 Lakh Investment good for Franchise Business?

Yes, ten lakhs is a good amount to start a franchise business. The above-listed franchises and the required fees show that you can successfully open any business and invest ten lakhs.

Which Franchise is cheapest in India, under 10 lakh?

One of the cheapest franchises in India is Momo Street. It does not require much infrastructure and gives higher returns in a short period.

It just takes about 3-5 lakhs to set up the Franchise and start the full-fledged business.

Which is the fastest-growing Franchise under 10 lakh?

The fastest-growing franchises under ten lakhs are Momo street, Smartkidz, Upgrad, etc.

These franchises are growing to their full potential and are growing at a faster pace with minimum investment.

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