Best Courier Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Delivery Franchise of 2024


Know about Best Courier Franchise in India here. The pandemic has transformed buying behavior of consumers.

People are now more interested in shopping online as it has enabled a convenient and stress-free delivery of their products right to their doorstep.

This behavioral shift has led to a surge of delivery franchises in India. And it’s interesting to see that not only B2C brands but even B2B enterprises are not far from appreciating these franchises.

They are making door-to-door pickup and delivery a breeze. From an investor’s point of view, a great opportunity is visible in the sector.

The list brings you the best courier franchise offering a quality return on investment. In case you’re interested, find the best match.

Best Delivery Franchise in India – Top 10 Courier Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Courier Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Shadowfax  Franchise
2 Ecom Express Franchise
3 Trackon Courier Franchise
4 Max Courier Franchise
5 Gati Franchise
6 DHL Franchise
7 Inxpress Franchise
8 DTDC Franchise
9 BlueDart Franchise
10 Delhivery Courier Franchise

With security, speed, timely delivery, and tracking feature combined, courier companies are classifying how important a role they play in the day-to-day operations of the general public and industries.

Best Courier Franchise in IndiaThese companies not only eliminate the gap between parcel sender and receiver, but they are even contributing to employment in the nation via their logistics franchise.

The advent of e-commerce platforms is fuelling further progression for these franchises, as digitizing them enables a smooth adaptation to new market dynamics.

As a result, some of the best courier franchise business plans are coming to the fore.

One thing is certain: some of these business models have a long way to go because franchisees play a major role in the individual and industry supply and demand.

Just like the prospective names covered in this list that keep pace with the new changes and swiftly adapt to the current demand of the logistic market.

But what is the best franchise? Find out through a detailed summary of each.

Shadowfax Franchise – Best Courier Franchise in India

Shadowfax has been a trusted delivery partner to most e-commerce platforms in the nation since 2015.

Shadowfax Franchise LogoThe global boom influenced the origin of the delivery company in the logistics sector, and today it proudly partners with some famous brands, be it Zomato, Swiggy, Myntra, Flipkart, Dominos, Reliance, or Nykaa.

The company’s well-managed courier services are segmented into hyperlocal, e-commerce, and quick commerce and boast a giant network of delivery partners.

Each person in the Shadowfax delivery network is well-trained and has significantly contributed to making the brand the best courier franchise in India.

Its strong network covers 500+ cities and 7000+ pin codes, and each franchise has access to APIs, which empower a smooth logistical solution by Shadowfax.

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru and is looking forward to covering more cities and locations still untouched by Shadowfax delivery solutions.

If the brand matches your interest level, you can purchase a Shadowfax franchise and acquire the necessary licensing and trademarks to start providing courier services in your city under the name Shadowfax.

The only requirement is that a unit or shop area of not less than 200 sq. ft. is arranged by the franchisee. Subsequently, an infrastructure investment of Rs 50,000–Rs 1 lakh would go into the process.

However, the joining fee will be Rs 2 lakhs–Rs 3 lakhs. Upon fulfilling the basic criteria, you will start attracting 90% of the business revenue from your franchise outlet.

Ecom Express Franchise – Best Delivery Franchise in India

Another logistics company, Ecom Express, also makes e-commerce delivery easy. Incorporated in 2012, Ecom Express has a presence across 25+ states of the country and has more than 27000+ pin codes in its coverage area, where it has actively been providing delivery services.

Ecom Express Franchise LogoAmong the top 10 logistics franchises, Ecom Express is noteworthy, as the company claims to have the capability of delivering to over 1.2 billion people in India.

If we break down all the logistic solutions provided by the company in more detail, the e-commerce service includes forward shipments, reverse shipments, and express delivery solutions.

Similarly, hyperlocal services include delivery service to local marketplaces, store-based delivery service, and a customer app.

With a dedicated fleet network, expansive reach through 3000+ delivery centers, and a technology-enabled work culture, the brand ensures faster and more reliable delivery of couriers.

You can also become an Ecom Express franchise partner by owning or leasing a 300-400 sq ft shop. The process would necessitate an infrastructure investment of between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh.

But initially, a franchisee fee of Rs.50,000 is paid by the franchise partner.

To summarise the revenue sharing, the franchisor will receive a 10% royalty from the business, while the franchisee will keep approximately 90% of the revenue.

Trackon Courier Franchise – Top Courier Franchise in India

Founded in 2010, Trackon Courier is effectively scaling its logistic chain across 5000 zip codes daily.

Trackon Courier Franchise LogoIn 2018–2019, the company registered a turnover of 240 crores and has become a growing family of 10,000 diverse employees.

But in addition to India, the brand also provides international courier services.

To illustrate the mainstream services Trackon Courier offers customers, the first is Prime Track, providing delivery across all metros and cities in India.

The second is Express Standard delivery, which provides delivery services by air, rail, and roads. The air express cargo service provides delivery across India for more than 100 kg shipments.

Surface express cargo solutions carry out all heavy shipments. Combined with these, it has become a great courier franchise business in India with a turnover of millions of rupees.

To obtain the Trackon Courier franchise, you must pay a franchise fee of Rs 10,000 as an aspiring franchise partner.

The setup and overall infrastructure would cost between Rs 10,000 and Rs 50,000, which is less than the rest.

A Trackon Courier Franchise would require 100-300 square feet of space. And the best thing is that the franchise agreement would be signed for a lifetime. There’s no renewal headache.

The franchisor will take 10% of the business’s revenue as royalties, while the franchisee will receive 90% of the business’s revenue.

Max Courier Franchise – Top Logistics Franchise to Invest

Max Courier & Cargo also built a reputation for being the fastest-growing Indian Express cargo distribution company and the best delivery franchise business in India.

Max Courier Franchise LogoIncorporated in 2010, the Mumbai-based firm has branch offices in major air and sea ports across the nation. The company’s main business line is providing cross-border courier services.

For this reason, the brand is partnered with many exporters, industries, and corporations that heavily rely on courier and cargo facilities.

If we illustrate the types of courier and cargo services provided by Max Courier, these include air cargo, train cargo, and surface cargo service. Similarly, warehousing, full-truckload, and Max Same Day services are available.

The company’s delivery solution has nationwide coverage but wants to make services even more accessible through its franchise network.

So if you are interested in the Max Courier business model, you can take up the franchise at Rs 50,000 – Rs 2 lakhs of investment which would go entirely into the franchise setup.

But before, a franchisee fee of Rs 10,000 must be paid by the franchisee. Similarly, a shop or unit area of not less than 200 to 250 sq ft is a basic condition.

The franchisor will draw 5% in royalty, while the franchisee will receive 95% of the business’s commission. Renewal is done after three years.

Gati Franchise – Top 10 Courier Franchise to Invest

Among the top courier franchise brands of 2024, Gati Courier could be a great deal of thought for most aspiring franchisor partners looking for a company with a strong foundation.

Gati Courier Franchise LogoFounded in 1980, Gati is classified as one of the oldest known Indian courier service providers. Gati’s coverage spans the whole of India, providing excellent courier services to over 19,800 pin codes.

The company provides a full range of express distribution services, including the safe and timely delivery of heavy-duty items, primarily for industrial purposes.

In addition, the delivery service provider even meets the standard shipping requirements of individuals. The company also handles additional services, such as transportation and end-to-end logistics.

Gati’s dedicated online platform will determine how much a particular shipment will cost, including GST solutions.

A franchise fee of Rs 500,000 is required for prospective franchise partners to acquire Gati’s franchise.

Similarly, Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh would be spent on infrastructure development. Even before that, a shop or unit area of 500 to 1,500 square feet is required.

The franchisor retains a 10% royalty on franchise business revenue, while the franchisee receives 90% of franchise business revenue.

The employee headcount will be 10–15, and all basic assistance will be provided.

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DHL Franchise – Top 10 Delivery Franchise to Invest

DHL is also a well-known brand in the courier and delivery industry sectors. But the history of the brand is also a highly influential factor.

DHL Franchise LogoThe company was founded in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Hill Blom, and Robert Lynn and is said to be one of the oldest logistics companies actively operating on a large scale.

Today, the company has a presence in over 220 countries, with more than 380,000 people working at DHL to make the company big and expansive.

But the pre-established business empire is already bigger. Simply put, DHL has multiple divisions that it runs its business through.

These divisions are DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DGL Freight, DHL Supply Chain, and DHL eCommerce Solutions.

Each of these divisions fulfills the particular shipment requirement of an individual or industry to streamline the overall process of the respective shipment project.

Similarly, the franchise joining process has been kept simple for the franchise partner.

In this list of top 10 delivery franchises of 2024, if you find DHL the right choice from an investment perspective, you can acquire its franchise by paying a franchise fee of Rs 50,000.

The required infrastructure investment capital is between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. The franchisor will earn 10% of the business’s revenue, while the franchisee will keep 90%.

The franchise’s tenure will be 5 years, and all needed facilities and support will be provided on-site.

Inxpress Franchise – Best Logistics Franchise

Inxpress is a global shipping solution provider building its business empire on competitive pricing. The company provides SMEs with heavy discounts on bulk-buying items.

Inxpress Franchise LogoBut in addition to this, Express Shipping Solutions covers multiple carriers’ services.

The company provides a well-managed solution in this list of courier franchise businesses, whether international shipping by air, road, sea, or domestic.

Inxpress is a UK-based shipping platform founded in 1999 as a small business. But today, they have been providing shipping solutions across 14 countries, with over 440 franchises in their distribution network.

Interested parties can purchase an Inxpress franchise for Rs 2 lakhs upfront. After that, a shop or unit area of not less than 250 to 400 square feet will be necessary to arrange.

The infrastructure would also cost between Rs 5 and Rs 10 lakhs. The franchisee will receive approximately 90% of the business from the franchise, while the franchisor will receive only 10% of the business.

The franchise lasts 5 years, after which you will have to connect for the renewal. 10–15 employees will need to be hired in the business, and a truck and vehicle facility will need to be arranged by the franchisee himself.

DTDC Franchise – Top Courier Franchise to buy

DTDC is one of India’s leading integrated express logistics providers and could be an ideal option for a logistics franchise business comparison.

Dtdc Franchise LogoThe company has been in business since 1990, with delivery solutions for over 14,000 zip codes.

The service verticals of the DTDC shipment company are diversified into express parcels, international shipments, and integrated e-commerce logistics.

And to avoid any errors or confusion in the process, it provides clients with a detailed report of services and respective charges.

With 30+ years of experience, a wide-spread network, modern technology, and a customized solution for the brand, DTDC is already simplifying the whole process for customers.

Even acquiring the franchise is simple. You can acquire the franchise by paying an upfront fee of Rs. 10,000. A total investment of Rs 50,000-Rs 2 lakhs would be made in the overall setup.

The franchisor would receive approximately 20% of the revenue, while the franchisee would receive 80% of whatever comes from the business.

A franchisee must have a 250–300 square foot shop area where all business-related activities will be performed.

The duration of the franchise will be 2 years, and truck and vehicle arrangements will be necessary. 10–15 employees will be hired by the franchisee partner upon taking up the franchise.

BlueDart Franchise – Top 10 Delivery Franchise to buy

Blue Dart Express Ltd. is one of the popular names in India’s distribution and transportation market. Currently, the delivery company has wide coverage in over 55,400 locations in India.

Bluedart Franchise LogoBut since it is partnered with an internationally recognized DHL delivery service provider, international services can also be accessed through Blue Dart.

People looking for the best delivery franchise in India that provides access to other great services so that a comprehensive experience can be delivered to clients would love to acquire a BlueDart franchise.

The conditions for getting started are also quite basic. You’ll need a shop or unit that’s 200-500 square feet.

With this, an infrastructure investment of Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs would also go into the process. The franchise partners will be charged an upfront franchise fee of Rs 50,000.

The franchisor would receive a 10% royalty from the business, while the franchisee would retain 90% of the revenue generated by the franchise outlet.

The duration of the franchise will be 5 years. A master franchise is also available, and the investment capital requirement will be Rs 2 lakhs for the franchise fee and Rs 40 lakhs–Rs 50 lakhs for infrastructure investment.

Delhivery Franchise – Best Courier Franchise in 2024

Delhivery Courier is also building its name as India’s largest fully integrated logistics provider.

Delhivery Courier Franchise LogoThe company caters to customers’ delivery and logistical requirements across 18,400 pin codes and has over 56,500 people on its team.

By investing in the Delhivery Courier franchise, you will have access to the top courier franchise in India.

Delhivery Courier caters to sectors including FMCG, consumer durables, consumer electronics, lifestyle, retail, automotive, and manufacturing.

If we talk about the range of services, Delhivery Courier mainly includes express parcel, partial truckload freight, truckload freight, cross-border delivery, and supply chain services.

You can acquire franchise licensing from the brand by paying a franchise fee of Rs. 10,000 in advance. But in the subsequent step, an infrastructure investment of Rs 50,000–Rs 1 lakh will be required.

The condition is followed by arranging a 400-500-square-foot space and hiring 10-15 employees in a team.

A pickup and truck facility is also compulsory. Training will be provided to the franchisee, and a support system will also be issued.

If we talk about financial numbers, The franchisor will keep 10% of the commission as royalty, while the franchisee will keep 90% of the total revenue. The franchise period is only one year.

Best Courier Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

After finally coming across the best courier franchise program on this list, it’s worth considering certain conditions that must be fulfilled in all these franchise opportunities.

As such, you will need stable Internet connectivity. Similarly, all franchise programs also require pickup facilities, trucks, and vehicles.

Employees will be hired as per the brand’s recommendation. So make sure you have done the math on these extra-cost-adding factors in addition to the upfront fee, infrastructure investment, and space arrangement.

FAQs on Top Courier Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Delivery Franchise Brands here –

What is a courier franchise?

A courier franchise is a business model in which you will be involved in the transportation operations of a brand.

With a franchise, you will invest in the brand’s business and operate as its outlet in a particular place, providing services to a particular region. In return, brands charge a royalty fee.

Which is the most successful delivery franchise?

The most successful delivery franchises are DHL, Ecom Express, Gati, and Trackon.

Each of these logistic platforms is doing a turnover of crores per annum by simply solving the most common challenge of the Indian and international market, transportation or logistics.

How do I start my courier franchise?

Make sure you have extensive capital because it would be a capital-intensive business. You can also start on a smaller scale by hiring delivery riders to cater to a small region.

You can start marketing the franchise model by following due diligence and fulfilling the legal criteria.

Are courier and delivery franchises profitable?

Courier and delivery franchises are profitable because the business model plays a large role in every industry and its enterprises.

Still, it would help to reconsider whether a franchise is niche-focused or provides a comprehensive logistical solution.

What is the monthly income in the logistics franchise business?

The logistics franchise business’s monthly income varies from brand to brand.

Some franchisees earn anywhere from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.3 lakhs per month. However, the most fortunate individual earns Rs 6 lakhs.

Which is the most profitable delivery franchise?

In the current market scenario, tech-enabled logistic service providers profit more than their competitors.

Top it off with a dedicated and well-managed operational culture, which will make a logistics franchise more successful.

Which franchise is best for couriers?

A courier company that’s been around for years with a tech-enabled infrastructure and systematized workflow is the best from a franchisee’s perspective. It provides you with assurance about your job.

How much investment is required to start a logistics franchise?

A logistic franchise can be started with as little as Rs 10,000. If you choose a master franchise, the price can rise to Rs 40 lakh.

However, pickup and truck facilities, including employee salaries, are an additional investment area.

Which delivery franchise is the cheapest in India?

Trackon courier charges a franchise fee of Rs 10,000 and an infrastructure investment of Rs 10,000–Rs 50,000, making it one of India’s cheapest delivery franchises.

Which is the fastest-growing courier franchise?

Incorporated in 2012, Ecom Express is one of the fastest-growing courier franchises in India.

Its services cater to 25,000+ pin codes and aim to remain available to over 94.5% of India’s population via its giant distribution network.

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