Best Edtech Franchise in India – List of Top 10 E-Learning Franchise of 2024


Check out Best Edtech Franchise in India here. Growing competition in academics has heightened the level of concern among parents.

The traditional education ecosystem will no longer support kids’ futuristic educational goals and futures.

Increasing classroom attendance is already making it tough for teachers to concentrate on a particular kid’s education. This is where the edtech franchises in India are surfacing.

These franchises not only claim to provide the best education, but through automation and tech-driven solutions, they even make education more interactive and personalized.

Not as a parent, but if you are here from an investment perspective and looking for the best e-learning franchise because you see enormous potential, this guide is here to help.

Best E-Learning Franchise in India – Top 10 Edtech Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Edtech Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brands
1 Simplilearn Franchise
2 Brainywood Franchise
3 UpGrad Franchise
4 Nava Vision Franchise
5 Toppr Franchise
6 Humming Bird Education Franchise
7 Topp Scholars Franchise
8 90+ My Tution App Franchise
9 Vedantu Franchise
10 Unacademy Franchise

India’s ed-tech market has tremendous potential to change the real meaning of schooling, universities, and courses.

Best Edtech Franchise in IndiaAccording to Forbes, India’s Ed-tech market will register over 37 million paid ed-tech users and build a market of $10.4 billion by 2025.

The growth is primarily fuelled by the amazing work of edtech brands now bringing some edtech franchises. Some good reasons clarify the whole matter.

In a country where 5G internet speed is already making rounds, buying smartphones and laptops have turned super-easy, and hence e-learning industry is automatically gaining a steep rise.

Post-pandemic, parents still find online learning to be the best approach for their kids, as they can now study at home within their comfort zones.

Academic to non-academics, especially extra courses, have risen into the popularity of some best e-learning franchise businesses.

Through these additional approaches, Ed-tech brands cater to the kid’s requirements and care about their franchise partners.

As an aspiring investor, what will be the best opportunity for you? Read on; the list has shorted the top 10 prospects running the best ed-tech franchise.

Simplilearn Franchise – Best Edtech Franchise in India

Partnered with the world’s leading universities and companies, SimpliLearn is one of the top e-learning brands in India.

Simplilearn Franchise LogoEvery month, the platform hosts 1,500+ live classes and claims to have provided 85% career benefits to those who have studied at Simplilearn.

Course categories offered at Simplilearn to students range from data and business analytics, AI and machine learning, project management, cyber security, cloud computing, software development, digital marketing, and so on.

The most popular courses Simplilearn has been in the spotlight for are Applied Data Science with Python, Data Science with R programming, Tableau Certification Training, and BI.

The Bangalore-based startup was founded in 2009 and has successfully scaled up to 100+ franchise outlets.

If you wanted to come across the best e-learning franchise in India that provides advanced courses and training, maybe you’d find SimpliLearn a good choice.

You can acquire a Simplilearn franchise by paying an upfront fee of Rs 50,000–Rs 1 lakh. With this, you will need to buy a shop with an area of at least 300–500 sq ft.

You can also take the shop on lease. Moving on, you will be asked to invest at least Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh in infrastructure.

With this, you will have to keep 3 to 5 employees in-house. The brand will provide marketing and teacher training.

But only graduate applicants are preferred. The franchise duration will be 5 years, and the ROI shared with the franchisee is 80% of the revenue.

Brainywood Franchise – Best E-Learning Franchise in India

With a legacy of training to over 10 lakh+ audiences and a franchise network of over 3000+ people, Brainywood is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing brands in the online education territory.

Brainywood Franchise LogoFor this reason, the brand rolled out its first online classes in 2018, and within a short span, it has recorded tremendous growth in its online demand.

However, heavy reliance on online operations can be referred to as the primary growth driver for the brand.

And in this list of the top 10 edtech franchises, if you are looking for a franchise program that doesn’t require infrastructure investment or operational costs from the franchisee, BrainyWood can be a great alternative.

The Rajasthan-based company is giving away its franchise for the lowest investment. Only a franchise fee of Rs 47,200 will be charged.

No infrastructure investment is needed, and owning a shop or franchise outlet is also unnecessary.

And that’s why the commission rate has been kept at 50% for the franchisee. Franchisor and franchisee both will share half-half the revenue from the business.

The franchise agreement will last up to 3.5 years, after which you will have to consider renewal.

Educational support, training, and marketing support will be provided, including local advertising. Any graduate student age above 24 years can apply.

UpGrad Franchise – Top Edtech Franchise in India

After providing quality education and online courses to more than 70,000 students, UpGrad is towering over its name in the edtech market.

UpGrad-min Franchise LogoOver the past few years, vigorous investment by the online brand has led Upgrade to become one of the fastest-growing online course-providing companies.

The brand partners with top universities worldwide and has alumni working at Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Visa, Tata, Microsoft, and many other big brands that most students now dream of landing during their career-building journey.

As the e-learning franchise business in India is booming quickly, Upgrad is one of those few brands providing premium and career-focused courses.

But from the perspective of an investor or an aspiring franchise partner, Upgrad carries the vast potential for fulfilling a wealthy goal.

So, before you acquire an UpGrad franchise, let’s give you a glimpse of the basic conditions to be met.

The brand requires a shop or unit area of not less than 400–500 square feet where the franchise outlet will be set up.

Subsequently, an infrastructure investment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh will be required. But before, an upfront Rs 2 lakhs – Rs 5 lakhs will be charged from the franchisee.

The franchise tenure will stay active for 3 years; after that, you will have to consider renewals.

Revenue-sharing terms will provide 60%–70% commission to the franchisee, and the franchisor will draw 30%–40% royalty from the business. Training and marketing support will be offered.

Nava Vision Franchise – Top Online Education Franchise to Invest

Compared to other ed-tech brands with diversified courses and educational programs, Nava Vision’s courses are segmented into some specialized programs. Students can pursue academic and non-academic courses.

Nava Vision Franchise LogoTeacher training and development programs, computer coding, skill testing, IT students, and Olympiad are the few notable programs provided by Nava Vision. More than 22,000 students have completed their courses on the platform.

In addition to online classes, Nava Vision even runs coaching institutes, and 43 are active nationwide. Founded in 2015, the Bangalore-based brand is looking forward to expanding its franchise network.

As an interested person, you can buy a Nava Vision franchise by paying a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.

Hereafter, you must arrange a shop or a unit area of 1000–1500 sq ft. The condition will be followed by Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh in infrastructure investment.

This best online learning franchise business in India will even provide training to franchise partners, and the franchise’s tenure will last up to 5 years.

But since the franchise model will be more about running a coaching institute, a minimum of 20 employees will be required.

The revenue from the franchise will be split between the franchisee and the franchisor. The franchisor receives 40% royalty from the business, with the remainder going to the franchisee.

Toppr Franchise – Top 10 Edtech Franchise to Invest

The e-learning platform was founded in 2013 and took some time to make a mark in the educational industry. But eventually, it has grown into a nationwide popular brand in the e-learning segment.

Toppr Franchise LogoThe platform summarises itself as “one platform for all learning needs” because, unlike other platforms, you can access a complete range of courses with certifications.

Such as, the platform provides complete school and exam coaching for 5th to 12th students.

With this, complete coding classes for young learners, masterclasses to crack JEE and NEET, and dedicated programs for aptitude and reasoning are also available.

This top e-learning franchise brand of 2024 has over 30+ franchise outlets because, in addition to online, it wants to scale through offline presence. So if you are also interested in partnering with Toppr, make sure you have read the terms carefully.

The joining fee will stay between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1 lakh for the franchise partner. With this, the franchisee partner will arrange a shop or unit area of not less than 300–500 sq ft.

An amount of Rs 1 lakhs – Rs 2 lakhs will go on the overall setup process of the outlet. After that, you can start supporting the brand by making its services more accessible to a wider audience.

The franchisee will keep approximately 90% of the business’s revenue. The franchisor will only keep 10% as royalties. The duration of the franchise will last up to 5 years.

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Humming Bird Education Franchise – Top 10 E-Learning Franchise to Invest

Founded in 2010, the Delhi-based company Humming Bird Education is known as the world’s only Olympiad organization listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Humming Bird Education Franchise LogoWith a presence in over 11+ countries and more than 10,000+ schools in the network, the e-learning brand has impacted the lives of more than 10 lakh students worldwide.

Humming Bird’s courses include Sanskrit Olympiad, IIT, Commerce, Aptitude & Reasoning, Cyber Olympiad, General Knowledge, and so on.

For all these reasons, Humming Bird Education can be a good choice on the list of the top 10 online learning franchises of 2024.

In addition to its online presence, the brand is physically available through more than 23 franchise outlets. And the best thing is that a Humming Bird franchise can be obtained for zero investment.

There will be no franchise fee charged to the joiner because operations will be handled online. Still, you will attract 80% of the total revenue from the franchise program.

Franchise tenure will stay active for up to 2 years. After that, you will have to consider renewal terms.

Humming Bird Education will provide marketing, course training, support, and other offers. Any 24-year-old graduate can own this franchise.

Topp Scholars Franchise – Best Online Learning Franchise

Topp Scholars is gaining fame in the online education market through personalized learning for the younger generation of this age.

Topp Scholars Franchise LogoThe platform offers schooling education to children beginning with kindergarten and continuing with personalized education to students in the ninth and twelfth grades.

In addition, competitive exam courses like engineering, medicine, and other higher study entrance exams are also provided.

The brand conducts banking, insurance, railroads, and other job exams. Brand’s learning model is fully adaptive to the Indian education market.

Therefore, in this list of e-learning franchise businesses, you can view Topp Scholars as one of the leading e-learning brands.

Founded in 2018, the Mumbai-based firm has more than ten physical locations. Still, it hopes to collaborate with more partners to make itself physically accessible across multiple states and regions.

So, join the Topp Scholars team. The aspiring joiner is charged an upfront fee of Rs 1-2 lakh. The franchise partners will arrange a shop/unit area of at least 300 – 500 sq ft.

Rs 3-5 lakhs would also be invested in the infrastructure and setup. The franchise tenure is 5 years, but revenue sharing is the best part.

90% of the business revenue will be taken home by the franchisee. At the same time, the franchisor will only receive 10% as a royalty.

90+ My Tuition App Franchise – Top Edtech Franchise to buy

90+ My Tuition App is a Bangalore-based startup that provides Indian parents relief by providing the best tuition classes for their kids.

90+ My Tution App Franchise LogoThe brand is entirely working on the virtual tuition concept and is being loved by many students and parents across the nation.

The online tuition app specializes in CBSE and state school syllabuses, providing education to students from 8th to 12th standards.

The edtech franchise business comparison would be a great thing; the brand has a unique business model.

Despite being an online tuition platform, the brand is physically accessible in over 10 locations through its franchise distribution network.

You can also acquire a 90+ My Tuition App Franchise by paying a franchise fee of Rs 2 lakh – Rs 5 lakhs only.

The condition is followed by an expense of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh that goes toward the overall setup at the physical location.

A shop or unit area of 150–250 sq ft would be necessary. The duration of the franchise is five years.

The franchisee will keep 90% of the business revenue if we discuss revenue sharing. Similarly, the franchisor will draw a 10% royalty from the business.

Vedantu Franchise – Top 10 E-Learning Franchise to buy

Among the most popular online educational brands making headlines in the e-learning sector, Vedantu is undoubtedly a notable name.

Vedantu Franchise LogoFounded in 2014, the India-origin brand educates students in over 57+ countries. The ed-tech brand has remained popular on YouTube, with over 10 lakh monthly views.

In this particular segment, the brand has grown into a tough competitor for most other companies because, apart from free live classes, Vedantu even makes free study material available to its students.

If we discuss educational programs and courses, Vedantu provides JEE crash courses, NEET courses, CBSE classes, and other specialized classes.

You can also partner with the best online learning franchise in India. The conditions will be simple.

You must have a shop or a unit area minimum of 300 – 500 sq ft. Before, an upfront Rs 2 lakhs – Rs 3 lakhs will be paid by the franchisee.

But Rs 5 lakh – Rs 10 lakhs will be required further on the overall setup and infrastructure. Franchisees will keep 100% of their total business revenue, which is a great thing.

However, the franchise duration is 5 years; after that, you will have to check out for the renewal.

Unacademy Franchise – Best Edtech Franchise in 2024

Like Vedantu, Unacademy is also a pioneering name in this list of top e-learning franchises in India.

Unacademy Franchise LogoThe India-based learning platform specializes in UPSC, CSE, IIT JEE, NEET UG, CAT, and MBA and is readily accessible to users via mobile application and website.

With over 14000 educators on its team, 1500 daily live classes, 1 million+ lesson, and 3.2 billion watch times, Unacademy is establishing itself as the most reputed online educational brand.

Founded in 2015, the brand is physically available in 100+ locations via its franchise distribution network.

You can also become part of the Unacademy network and enjoy the benefits of a 90% revenue share from the popular business model of the brand.

The business requirements are simple. You will need a shop or unit area of 300–500 sq ft.

Similarly, an amount of Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs will be required for infrastructure installation. An initial fee of Rs 2-3 lakhs is charged.

The franchise tenure expires after 5 years. The brand will provide all training, marketing support, resources, and fundamental management set as you purchase the franchise.

Best Edtech Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

The demand for e-learning platforms gained momentum in recent years. But post-pandemic, the growth pattern and the edtech market are still in the green.

It’s the best time to buy the best e-learning franchise, so make a decision today. Find the best option from the list that is more adaptive to your requirements and wishes.

Vedantu, Unacademy, and Upgrad are some of the more popular brands. However, you can also invest in some of the other fantastic options on the list, as they all have the potential to change the history of education technology.

FAQs on Top Edtech Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best E-Learning Franchise Brands here –

What Is the Definition of an E-Learning Franchise?

An E-learning franchise is a business model in which one ed-tech brand invites investors to acquire its franchise so that it could be physically available to their locations.

The business model gives a fixed revenue-sharing percentage to the franchisee.

Which Is The Most Successful Online Learning Franchise?

The most successful online learning franchises are Vedantu, Upgrad, Unacadmy, and Toppr.

All these companies are popular not only in India but in other countries as well. The credit goes to fine learning and terrific marketing techniques.

How Do I Start My E-Learning Franchise?

You can start your e-learning franchise by establishing yourself as a brand. From the beginning, focus on the basics and gradually shift to the advanced stages.

Create a network and win the trust of teachers and parents first so that it is easy to scale.

Are e-learning and online learning franchises profitable?

E-learning and online learning franchises are profitable businesses. This industry enjoyed massive growth potential during and after the pandemic and is still on an uptrend.

With going outside turning risky for kids, parents are searching for the nearest alternative to educate kids. As a result, these e-learning platforms are becoming profitable.

What Is Monthly Income In Edtech Franchise Business?

The monthly income in the ed-tech franchise business varies. If the franchisor’s business model is truly strong, you can expect a monthly income of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 10 lakh to come into your pocket.

Which is the Most Profitable Online Learning Franchise?

The most profitable online learning franchise is anything that offers 80% or higher revenue sharing to its franchisee partners.

But consider the brand value. It would help if you connected with a trusted brand to see an increase in your business revenue from day one.

Which franchise is best for e-learning?

It depends on your requirements. If you have less investment capital, you can use internet-powered franchise opportunities, such as the Brainywood e-learning franchise.

But it will give you 50% of the business’s revenue for zero investment. Alternatively, you can choose other alternatives that offer 90% revenue sharing.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start An Edtech Franchise?

The minimum investment required to start an ed-tech franchise is Rs 1–2 lakh, and the highest can go above Rs 15 lakh. However, the upfront fee and employee salary are additional expenses.

Which Online Learning Franchise Is the Most Affordable in India?

Simplilearn and BrainyWood are the cheapest e-learning franchises in India, as you can launch them with a minimum of Rs 50,000–RRs 1,000,000 in investment capital.

Which E-Learning Franchise Is Growing the Fastest?

BrainyWood is one of the fastest-growing e-learning franchises, celebrating a big success by educating over 10 lakh students.

The company was founded in 2018 and competed with most big ed-tech brands.

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