Best Salon Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Beauty Parlour Franchise of 2024


In this article, you will know about Best Salon Franchise in India.

With the increasing number of people realizing self-care and the need to stay on top of their game, the number of salons is also growing.

Earlier, if you remember, there were hardly one or two names of salon business chains that everyone knew, but now, there are many.

We have shortlisted ten Beauty Salon Franchises in India, offering the best opportunities to partner with them.

The beauty salons and spas market is growing at a CAGR of 6%, while the cosmetic market is growing around a CAGR of 25% and is expected to hit $20 billion as market value by 2025.

These statistics say a lot about the prospect of the beauty salon industry, and thus if you are looking for Top Salon Franchise, you are at the right place.

Here we will discuss the top ten Best Salon franchises in the country and the details you need to know to buy the franchise rights.

Best Beauty Parlour Franchise in India – Top 10 Salon Franchise for Business

Let us check the Best Salon Franchise in India.

Si. No. Brand
1 Be U Salons Franchise
2 Juice Salons Franchise
3 Green Trends Franchise
4 VLCC Franchise
5 Jawed Habib Franchise
6 Lakme Parlour Franchise
7 Femina Flaunt Franchise
8 Looks Salon Franchise
9 Studio99 Franchise
10 Bblunt Franchise

However, before we dig into the list of Beauty Parlour Franchises, let us understand the factors we have taken into consideration for choosing these Best Salon Franchise Businesses.

Best Salon Franchise in IndiaThe investment requirement will help you screen the franchises in the first place.

Then it comes to the revenue sharing structure and then the infrastructure requirements, and finally, you also need to consider the kind of support to expect from the franchisor.

After scrutinizing all these criteria, you need to pick the Salon franchise, and here we have done the same.

Per our research and analysis, we have found the ten salons mentioned above: Be U Salons, Juice Salons, Green Trends, VLCC, Jawed Habib, and others.

Let’s see the details of these ten salons individually to have a better idea.

Be U Salons Franchise – Best Salon Franchise in India

From the city of Delhi, Be U Salons started holding the hands of Mr. Vikas Johari in 2016.

Within these 6 years of operations, this Best Salon Franchise in India has become a network of more than 200 franchises across the country.

Be U Salons Franchise LogoBe U Salons offer a five-year franchise agreement for Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs, while for infrastructure, you will require another Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs.

Talking about the infrastructure requirements, they have mandated a few things. The salon needs to be built in at least 200 square feet and above.

Then some employees are needed to be appointed, and you need to appoint at least three to five employees.

Now, the reception area, sitting area, massage rooms, ACs, and internet facilities are mandatory for the salon.

Apart from these, it would help if you had a billing counter as well, and you may have a product display area too, but that is optional.

More on Be U Salon Franchise

At Be U Salon, you will receive 90% of the revenue generated at your franchise, and the franchise holder will keep the reaming 10% share of the revenue.

So, for instance, if you are a franchisee of Be U Salon and generate Rs. 50 lakhs as revenue, then you will get Rs. 45 lakhs, while the franchisor will get Rs. 5 lakhs of the same.

In this setup, it takes only around 1.5 years to a maximum of 2 years for franchisees to recover their cost.

Be U Salons offer a wide range of training to make the staff of each franchise prudent enough to keep the goodwill intact of their brand.

Apart from training, the franchisor offers marketing and online support. You can also get help with the salon’s interior design from the franchisor, and RM support is always there.

Juice Salons Franchise – Best Beauty Parlour Franchise in India

Jheel Premal Kacharia founded Juice Salon in Mumbai two decades back in 2001. There are around 37 outlets of Juice Saloon across the country and regarded as one of the Top 10 Beauty Parlour Franchises.

Juice Salons Franchise LogoFor buying the franchise rights of Juice Salon, you need to pay Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs. This is the franchise fee you need to pay.

The franchise fee is higher, but the brand value justifies the same. The revenue shared by the franchisor is 90%, while it keeps 10% of the revenue generated at each franchise.

For the salon, you would need a space of around 1000 to 1500 square feet. You must employ around  12 to 20 employees to attend to the customers.

The salon must have a sitting or lounge area for customers waiting, and the entire salon needs to be air-conditioned. Then there must be a reception area and billing counters.

In this salon, product display is compulsory, while product delivery service is not required. Considering all these requirements, it will cost around Rs. 30-40 lakhs on average to set up the salon.

So, if your budget is around Rs. 50 lakhs and higher, then you can pick this salon franchise. Juice Salon offers interior designing support for setting up the entire franchise too.

Apart from the interior designing support, as a Juice Salon franchisee, you will receive support for the training of your employees, RM support, market support, website and online support for online bookings, and business management support.

Green Trends Franchise – Top Salon Franchise in India

Green Trends was founded in 2001 by C.K. Ranganathan in Chennai, and now it has over 270 franchise outlets across the country.

Green Trends Franchise LogoThis Salon Franchise Business in India has been offering franchise opportunities for a fee of Rs. 6 lakhs approximately and shares 85% of the revenue generated at the franchise outlet.

So, if you generate Rs. 20 lakhs in any month as revenue, you will get Rs. 17 lakhs out of it, while the franchisor will keep Rs. 3 lakhs.

Usually, franchisees of Green Trends take around 2 to 3 years at the max to recover their investments.

While the above investment was the franchise fee, there is a major investment to be made into the infrastructure requirements of the salon, which you need to keep in mind.

The average investment cost is Rs. 45 lakhs, including 1200 to 1400 square feet of space for the salon.

In the Green Trends franchise store, reception area, sitting area, massage rooms, billing counters, and product display area are mandatory.

You need to employ a minimum of 10 employees as well so that no customer goes without good service and attention.

While the above requirements need to be fulfilled by the franchisees, here is the support that the franchisor will render.

Green Trends will help you with the interior design of your franchise outlet. Then they will help with the marketing of the salon outlet and offer online support for bookings and queries.

Apart from these, training will be there for you and your employees.

VLCC Franchise – Top Beauty Salon Franchise to Invest

VLCC is a name that hardly anybody wouldn’t know about, isn’t it? It is, of course, one of the Best Unisex Salon Franchise Businesses in India for all the right reasons.

VLCC Franchise LogoFirst of all, VLCC’s experience is of more than 30 years in this industry. It is not just a salon but a place for all your beauty and wellness needs.

Mrs. Vandana Luthra started this business in 1989 from Gurgaon, the brand’s head office of the brand, and the network has been filled with over 250 franchise outlets across the country, especially in the west and the south.

To buy the franchise rights, you need to pay Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs, while the infrastructure costs around Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 80 lakhs.

As the franchise holder, you will get around 85% of the total revenue generated at your end, and VLCC keeps 15% of the same. This setup takes a maximum of two years to break even.

The infrastructure requirements include 500 to 2000 square feet of space for setting up the salon. The salon must have massage rooms, a spa zone, a sitting area, reception, and billing counters.

For VLCC, the product display area is also mandatory, while product delivery can be optional. The salons need to have CCTV surveillance, ACs, and internet facilities.

VLCC offers online support to all franchises for online booking and query resolution; for this, they offer relationship manager support.

Apart from these, there is marketing support to some extent that you can expect from the franchisor.

Last but not least, VLCC trains all franchise holders and their employees continuously to match the standard of services.

Jawed Habib Franchise – Top 10 Salon Franchise to Invest

Jawed Habib is not only one of the Top Salon Franchise Brands of 2024 but has been there since no one took salon businesses seriously.

Jawed Habib Franchise LogoThis brand can be called the revolutionary of this industry who changed how people looked at salons.

Jawed Habib has become a brand, and so have his salons, mainly known for hair care, hair cutting, and treatments.

In 2000, Jawed Habib embarked on this venture, and at present, it has over 400 franchises in India. The head office is in Mumbai, where the journey started.

Jawed Habib offers franchise rights for a fee of Rs. 6 lakhs on average, while it shares only 65% of the revenue that the franchisees generate at their end.

The investment required for the infrastructure is around Rs. 20-30 lakhs. Given this setup, the franchisees take around 1 year at the max to break even.

Suppose you are wondering how even after sharing only 65% of revenue with the franchisees, the breakeven time is so short.

In that case, the brand value of Jawed Habib fetches revenue more than any other salon franchise.

More on Jawed Habib Franchise

To set up the Jawed Habib franchise, you need to have a space of at least 800 to 1500 square feet and employ at least 5-10, staff.

The lounge area for sitting, reception desk, billing desk, and massage rooms are compulsory in the Jawed Habib outlets.

Even the product display zone is mandatory, while other facilities like product delivery are optional.

Jawed Habib offers the best training in the world for the franchisee’s employees, and that’s why the brand has been holding its goodwill for ages.

Apart from the training, there is full support for marketing, interior designing, business management/ back office, RM support, and online support for bookings and offers.

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Lakme Parlour Franchise – Top 10 Beauty Parlour Franchise to Invest

Lakme has a legacy of over seventy years in the beauty business, and it is a name that every generation at present reckons with.

Lakme Beauty Parlour Franchise LogoIt is undoubtedly one of the Top 10 Unisex Salon Franchises of 2024. Simone Tata and J.R. D Tata in Mumbai in 1952 found it.

The Lakme Parlour franchise business started in 2011, and in just 12 years, they have become a network of more than 400 outlets across the nation.

For a franchise fee of Rs. 8 lakhs approximately, they offer five-year franchise rights, and for setting up their franchise outlet, you need infrastructure worth Rs. 60-65 lakhs.

The revenue they share is similar to Jawed Habib, who is 65% for the franchisee and 35% for the franchisor.

The franchises of Lakme Parlour also break even within a year, given the huge popularity of Lakme.

The infrastructure requirements include a space for the salon, which needs to be at least 900 to 1200 square feet, while the employee strength needs to be 5-10 at least.

The reception area, sitting area, massage rooms, and spa zone are compulsory, along with the product display zone and billing counters. The entire salon needs to be centrally air-conditioned and has CCTV coverage.

As Lakme Parlours have a wide range of products of Lakme available, so, the franchisor offers inventory planning as a support facility.

Lakme Parlour franchises also get support for marketing their stores and interior designing as well as development support too.

Then, for online orders, there are business management software support, online support, and website support.

Femina Flaunt Franchise – Best Unisex Salon Franchise

Femina Flaunt is quite a new one amongst the others on this List of Salon Franchise Businesses.

Femina Flaunt Franchise LogoIt was started by Mr. Vineet Jain in 2020 in Bangalore and currently has around ten franchise outlets across the country.

Femina Flaunt is offering five years of franchise rights for a fee of Rs. 2-5 lakhs, while the amount required to set up the outlet for this franchise is around Rs. 30-40 lakhs.

So, your total investment would be around Rs. 32-45 lakhs, and the revenue shares you will be entitled to be 80%-90%, while the remaining will go to the franchisor.

Given this setup, it takes around 2-3 years for the Femina Flaunt franchises to break even. For the franchise outlet, you need to have a space of around 500-750 square feet.

However, you can have a bigger space, too, depending on your budget. The salon must have 3-7 employees working at any given time.

The salon, reception area, spa zone, massage rooms, and lounge are compulsory. The compulsory amenities are ACs, CCTVs, internet connectivity, and a product display area.

Femina Flaunt supports the franchises with their employees’ training, then provides them with relationship manager support, marketing support, and interior support.

Then there is complete online support offered for online bookings and orders.

Looks Salon Franchise – Top Salon Franchise to buy

It looks salon has a history of around three decades. It embarked on its journey in 1989. Mr. Sanjay Dutta founded Looks Salon in Delhi, which is now the brand’s head office.

Looks Salon Franchise LogoIt is undoubtedly one of the most important franchises in this Beauty Parlour Franchise Business Comparison. The current number of franchise outlets that Looks salon has is around 200.

For a franchise fee of Rs. 5 lakhs, Look Salon offer 1-year franchise rights. While the franchise fee is comparatively higher as the tenure for the franchise agreement is less than is only one year, the infrastructure cost is reasonable and lesser than many of its peers.

Infrastructure expenditures vary from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs at the most. The salon franchisor shares 65% of the revenue with the franchisees while retaining 35%.

However, since the investment is low, the time required to recover it is around one year. For setting up the Look Salon franchise, you would need 700-1200 square feet of space.

You need a reception area, sitting area, spa area, billing counters compulsorily, and a product display area. Massage rooms are not compulsory and are the product delivery facility for all the franchisees.

It looks salon offers complete support for setting up the franchise outlet. They offer interior design and development.

Then there is marketing support and online support available for the franchisees. Training is rendered to develop the skills required to work at this franchise.

Studio 99 Franchise – Top 10 Beauty Salon Franchise to buy

Studio 99 started its journey in 2018, and with a network of more than thirty franchise outlets these five years, it has made it to the Best Unisex Salon Franchise in India.

Studio 99 Salon Franchise LogoIt offers a franchise opportunity for five years for a fee of Rs. 3-5 lakhs while the infrastructure would cost another Rs. 20 lakhs at the least while the expenditure can go up to Rs. 50 lakhs as well.

The revenue shared with the franchises is 90% of the revenue generated at the franchise outlets. This setup takes around 2-3 years for the franchises to break even and start generating profits.

You need to open this franchise in a space of around 1000-2000 square feet where you need to build a sitting lounge, reception area, spa area, centrally ACs and CCTVs, and other amenities for the customers’ benefit.

From website support to business management software to marketing support, Studio 99 offers all to the franchises.

You will also receive support for interior designing, relationship manager, and different training for franchise holders and their employees.

Bblunt Franchise – Best Unisex Salon Franchise in 2024

Bblunt is another Top Salon Franchise in India that has an experience in the industry for around 20 years.

B Blunt Salon Franchise LogoIt was started in 2004 in Mumbai by Adhuna Bhabni, and now it has become a network of more than fifty franchise outlets across the country.

It offers five years of franchise rights for a fee of Rs. 3-5 lakhs, and the investment in the infrastructure varies between Rs. 20-30 lakhs.

The revenue shared by the franchisor is 90% which is on the higher side, and thus it takes around two years, or a maximum of three, to break even.

The outlet must be opened in a 1000 square feet space at least. You need to employ at least three to five staff in the salon.

The outlet must have a sitting or waiting area, reception, billing counter, spa facilities, ACs, CCTVs, and other amenities and facilities.

BBlunt offers training to all the employees of the franchises and then also helps them with marketing needs.

Apart from these, online orders and bookings support is rendered by the franchise itself. It also helps the franchises in the interior designing of the outlet and a lot more.

Best Salon Franchise in India 2024 – Conclusion

From the above ten Best Salon Franchises, you can choose the one that suits your investment budget and revenue sharing expectation the most.

However, it would help if you didn’t forget to consider the support rendered by the salons.

We hope you can easily find the best Franchise beauty salons for your business venture using the details given above.

FAQs on Top Salon Franchise Business in India

Check out various FAQs on Best Beauty Parlour Franchise Brands here –

What is Salon Franchise?

Salon franchises can be described as partners of any salon offering its name and brand value to be used by its partners.

For the same, it charges a franchise fee, and the franchise holder also offers a share in the revenue to the franchisor.

Which is the most successful Unisex Salon Franchise?

Lakme Parlour franchise can be considered the most successful franchise if you go by the number of franchise outlets which is more than 470, and also if you consider the years spent in the industry.

How do I start my Beauty Salon Franchise?

You need first to understand the business, learn the skills, purchase the franchise rights of any of these franchises, set up the outlet, and start your journey.

Are Salon & Unisex Salon Franchises profitable?

Salon businesses are growing at a CAGR of 6% every year; thus, it is one of the right times to invest in this business to generate profits.

What is the monthly income in Beauty Parlour Franchise business?

The monthly income of the beauty parlor franchise business varies between 65% and 90% of the revenue they generate in the franchise.

Which is the most profitable Unisex Salon Franchise?

Be U Salons franchises, BBlunt is considered the most profitable salon business franchise at the moment.

Which franchise is best for a salon?

VLCC and Jawed Habib are two of the best salon franchises you can opt for.

How much investment is required to start a Beauty Parlour Franchise?

The investment requirement varies from Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs on average for these salon franchise businesses.

Which Unisex Salon Franchise is the cheapest in India?

The cheapest unisex salon franchise in India can be BBLunt, as it charges comparatively lower franchise fees.

Which is the fastest-growing Beauty Salon Franchise?

The fastest-growing beauty salon franchise in the country has to be studio 99. In just five years of operation, it is a network of more than thirty franchise outlets.

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